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Requested by @peter–man (Love you darling): So, Peter Parker with 2, 3, 53, 48, 59

2.“Be Honest with me, did you write the letter?”

3.“You had this planned all along, didn’t you, you little shit.”

48. “Hey–don’t you sass me! That’s my job around here!”

53.“Heyy did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “No but I scraped my knee crawling out of hell.”

59. “Kiss my sass”

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You walked into the building and started scanning the crowd while standing on your toes, before finding Peter, Mj, and Ned crowded around Peter’s locker, you grinned happily before jumping up and down and waving at them, Peter noticed your jumping figure and smiled at you before shyly waving back, you pulled your backpack on before making your way towards them, “Hey guys! Hi Peter.” “Hey Y/n!” You smiled and looked over at Peter who ran a hand through his hair and gave you a shy smile, “Hey, we didn’t hear from you last night, what happened?” asked Ned, “Oh, yeah. Sorry, I had a lot of homework. Speaking of which can we stop by my locker, I need drop some papers off?” Peters eyes widened, “Um, actually we should probably head to class or we’ll be late.” You looked at him confused as Mj rolled her eyes, “Peter, class doesn’t start for ten minutes. And you could spare two minutes to walk your best friend to her locker.” he looked down at his feet as he mumbled something under his breath, you looked at him as you thought about what could be causing your best friend to act to weird, but you pushed those thoughts aside as you all made your way towards your locker, your eyebrows knit together in confusion as a piece of paper floated out of your locker and onto the floor, “Ooo, Y/n got a secret admire!” said Ned as he playfully nudged your shoulder, as Peter fiddled with his fingers. You picked up the paper and started reading it.

Dear, Y/n

I didn’t know how else to tell you, so I wrote this, I might be really stupid for writing this I’ve made a lot of stupid choices and this may or may not be one of them. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I really like you and I have for a long time I just didn’t know how to tell you, this is stupid, maybe I should just start over?

P.s  Sorry for rambling

You smiled slightly to yourself before turning back to your friends who were trying to look over your shoulder and read the letter,  “We should probably head to class.” they all smiled and nodded as you’ll made your way down the hall, “Hey Peter can I talk to you for a second?” he looked up at you with his brown puppy eyes and nodded, you both walked over to an empty space near some lockers, “Be Honest with me, did you write the letter?” “No, not everyone’s life revolves around you Y/n.” he said playfully rolling his eyes, you gasped as if you were offended and gently punched his shoulder,  “Hey–don’t you sass me! That’s my job around here!” you both giggled causing butterflies to erupt in Peter’s stomach, the bell then rang through the whole school, you both gave one last look to each other before smiling and heading to your classes.

After the final bell rang,  you waited near to entrance for Peter, you both always walked home together since you lived very close. You smiled when you saw Peter quickly jog through the crowd to reach you, “Hey sorry for being late.” you said nervously while smiling and rubbing the back of his neck, “No, probably Peter” you both smiled and started making your way home, “So what’s up with the letter that you found?” “Oh, nothing much. I haven’t heard anything from anyone.” you sighed before looking up at him to see his reaction, “Heyy did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” he asked in a squeaky mocking tone, “No but I scraped my knee crawling out of hell.” his eyes widened as he turned to see your totally serious expression before you both erupted into laughter, “You know I like you too Parker?” he stopped laughing, eyes widened he looked at you to see if you were being serious, “I know you wrote the letter, no one is as awkward as you.” you laughed “Ok, maybe I did write it.” he said running a hand through his hair, “You had this planned all along, didn’t you, you little shit.” you both laughed causing Peter to look at you and admire how you laughed causing the butterflies to come back. “I guess I was wrong Y/n, my world does revolve around you.” “Oh, Kiss my sass” you said laughing again, “No, I can’t, but can I kiss you?” he asked nervously looking down at the ground, you froze and looked at him with pink cheeks, “Yeah, you can.” you said still frozen, his head snapped up meeting your eyes before slowing pulling you into a kiss, a kiss that you two dreamed of having with each other for years, a kiss much needed. 

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domestic things w/ tom holland

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Originally posted by parkersstark

  • tom would be the best boyfriend in the world
  • like it’s not even an exaggeration; he’s just always so kind & forgiving
  • & so so so goofy
  • he’d always be pulling (harmless) pranks on you
  • tom is all about making you smile and/or laugh, like the boy can’t go a day without saying or doing something funny towards you
  • & he’d love how goofy you are too
  • you love teasing in interviews/or whatever about how you “despise this new spider-man” 😉
  • tom is always doing hand stands & back flips which you are always warning him to be damn careful p l e a s e
  • he gets so excited when you agree to let him teach how to do them (if you don’t already know how)
  • going to london every so often to visit his adoring family 
  • spending time with his brothers when they come to visit; you are practically part of the family
  • actually you’re even in a group chat with his brothers where you all just roast the shit out of tom
  • tom is the first one to even mention marriage in the future
  • & he is constantly talking about your future kids’ names so randomly
  • the boy really is lovesick when it comes to you
  • tom is super polite around the paparazzi but the minute they start harassing you a little too much, he gets f*cking pissed 
  • always holding your hand during premieres & whatnot to make sure you’re taking it all okay
  • fans absolutely idolize you two & call tom a disney prince & you a disney princess
  • it becomes a meme
  • whenever tom posts a picture of you on his instagram his mom comments “my beautiful daughter in law”
  • laughing hysterically when you see rumors that you are stuck in a love triangle between tom & harrison
  • & retweeting it on twitter, tagging them both, & writing “how did they find out…”
  • decorating for christmas together is a huge event
  • playing just dance together & getting so mad because tom always wins
  • he loves surprising you with romantic getaways
  • whenever tom is away & someone flirts with him, he always replies “sorry but i am happily taken. and she can kick your ass.”
  • using each other as furniture
  • he loves it when you scratch his head
  • you & tom are so damn close that when you speak to each other in non-human noises, you both know e x a c t l y what the other is saying
  • snuggle sessions
  • saying “i love you” like a million times a day
  • dancing like weirdos in the kitchen while making breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • sending each other funny but sad memes about missing each other
  • hanging out with harrison while tom is away & harrison telling him on the phone how grumpy you are without him. 
  • also harrison posting a picture of you & him hanging out & tom commenting “😭😭😭”
  • tom congratulating you when you burp massively
  • telling tom all the gossip from work/school & he is REALLY into it
  • pull very ugly faces at each other, even if you’re on both ends of the couch
  • just because
  • wearing toms hoodies & hats (which he finds so freaking hot)
  • Tom being gone for work & he texts you saying he has something “sexy” to show you, but it’s just a video of him playing the kazoo (SEE ABOVE GIF)

to be continued…

Actors are not yours.

I’ve seen a lot of bullshit going around in fandom, and I think it’s time that we cleared some things up. The touching without permission(!!!!!), the asking of inappropriate and uncomfortable questions - it’s wrong and it’s got to stop.

Imagine if you were at work and a customer who you didn’t know came up and touched your face while making a sexual innuendo. Imagine how embarrassed and violated you would feel. Now imagine that this happens on a regular basis, and you might have some idea how this behaviour impacts the people you’re accosting.

Actors at cons and press conferences are just trying to do their job, and while, granted, part of that job is to entertain, it is only within the confines of a film that has been written and directed (often) by someone else. Getting angry at them about their characters actions? Wrong. Touching them without their permission? Wrong (and I can’t believe I need to write this!!!). Asking them questions that make them feel uncomfortable and objectified? Wrong, wrong, a thousand times wrong!

Outside of their film, it is not their job to entertain you. It is certainly not their job to entertain your harassment, sexualisation and objectification. You do not have the right to touch them, to ask inappropriate and often sexual questions, or to get angry with them about their characters or their opinions of these characters. You do not have a right to these people and their bodies! 

Full stop, period, end of fucking discussion.

going to disney world with tom holland & co.

Originally posted by dcnbrough

  • ok so you’ve been really good friends with tom & harrison for a while
  • but you and tom definitely like each other way more than just as friends
  • as a birthday surprise, he decides to take you to disney world for a whole week
  • you nearly cry of happiness when he tells you 
  • tom won’t quit smiling at your sweet reaction
  • on the trip its basically just you & three boys: tom, harrison & of course paddy!
  • you make tom watch every single disney movie before leaving for disney
  • he acts all huffy about it
  • but secretly loves it
  • especially when you start singing along
  • oh man does his heart do a somersault
  • you sit with paddy on the plane ride & get him all excited about the parks & rides
  • getting a family suite at a disney resort & the boys letting you have the master bedroom since its your birthday week & you’re the only girl
  • watching a movie with tom in the master bedroom & you both fall asleep
  • resulting in you two sharing the bed for the night
  • harrison whistling in the morning afterwards even though nothing happened
  • toms ears still got all red tho
  • you & paddy are the first ones awake & ready every morning so you two go down to the cafeteria for breakfast & talk about all the exciting things you want to do at the parks
  • tom loves how sweet & close you and his little brother are 
  • going to the pool & taking selfies
  • tom gets all moody at all the guys commenting on your pictures
  • but he can’t say anything because you don’t know how he feels which only gets him even MORE moodier 
  • the weather is BEAUTIFUL
  • some fans recognize you all & literally GUSH about you & tom being their otp
  • but for the most part, not many people come up to tom to interfere with his vacation

animal kingdom

  • going on the safari & taking billions of pictures of the animals
  • meanwhile tom is pointing out every single animal
  • “oh shit is that a lion??”
  • “yes, tom. this IS a safari you know…”
  • “this place is amazing.”

hollywood studios

  • tom laughing HYSTERICALLY at your screaming on the tower of terror
  • being on paddys team on the toy story mania team & beating tom & harrison
  • “you cheated”
  • “awww, is someone a little mad that they lost?”
  • “only because you lot cheated! that game is hard..”
  • *snorts* “it was SO easy.”
  • “shut it paddy!”
  • getting excited over all the star wars stuff & tom not knowing any of it because the boy has never seen star wars before
  • which you tell him you will change ASAP
  • & he makes you promise that you will


  • immediately everyone arguing over what country to head to first
  • because there are SO many & it’s a bit overwhelming
  • you & harrison deciding to eat & drink around the world
  • getting a bit tipsy
  • & flirting a little with tom 
  • “oh my god, you look SO cute in that shirt, tommy.”
  • *anxious laugh* “i think you’ve had a bit too much to drink, maybe you should stop y/n”
  • “what?? i still have like five more countries! harrison is fine!”
  • “harrison just said he wants to work here as donald duck in the sombrero hat so….”
  • tom is the only one willing to wait with you for over an hour to meet Mulan
  • and Belle
  • AND Mary Poppins
  • he just loves how excited & giddy you get to meet them
  • he could never say no to you
  • paddy & harrison laughing at the pictures afterwards cause you & tom are so incredibly goofy
  • arguing again over what country to eat in just to go to an ‘England’ restaurant & get fish & chips
  • watching the illuminations & tom & harrison get so pumped up over it that they pull their phones out to video it & themselves (see above gif)

magic kingdom

  • you immediately buy matching mickey ears for you & tom to wear because you love to embarrass the boy
  • but he happily wears it around
  • taking a group photo in front of the castle
  • & one with just you & tom
  • the photographer saying you make a beautiful couple
  • you get all flustered
  • tom literally flashes a smile and says “thank you!”
  • forcing tom on its a small world
  • he wont stop singing that blasted song for the rest of the day
  • sharing a mickey pretzel
  • tom & harrison going to the bathroom so you & paddy decide to just go on a ride together instead of waiting
  • paddy being the little brother he is & tells you how tom won’t stop looking at you
  • being surprised with a reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant
  • ‘cause tom knows how badly you wanted to eat there & the reservations are difficult so he pulled some strings
  • & he gets you a GINORMOUS stuffed doll of your favorite disney animal character for your birthday
  • & he of course carries it around for the rest of the day with zero complaints
  • you could cry because he is the sweetest
  • watching the fireworks & being so amazed
  • something about the music & fireworks just kind of pulls you & tom closer together
  • he pulls you closer by the waist
  • kisses the back of your head
  • and you turn around to find him smiling so freaking adorably
  • it truly is the most magical & happiest place on earth

i hope you guys like this one!! i am feeling super depressed about not being at disney world & thought this would be super cute. let me know what you guys think??

Reminder to non-Marvel fans:

Hug your nearest Marvel fan, they’ll need it after watching Infinity war