tom hiddleston x oc

Imagine you walk into a bar where Tom Hiddleston is and he sees you and walks up to you like in the gif.

Credits: @hannakata

Being In A Long Term Relationship With Tom Hiddleston Would Include


A long term relationship with Tom Hiddleston includes….

  • Him constantly trying to get you out of the press’s attention.
  • Calling you “Darling” or “Sweetheart” really slowly when he’s frustrated with you.
  • Him thinking you’re going to parties and banquets with him without actually inviting you.
  • You making new dinners to keep things interesting but always ruining them in some way but Tom will give you a white lie saying he loves it and wants you to make it again.
  • Him coming home late and finding you on the couch passed out in only his shirt.
  • Him sending you little love gestures while on camera.
  • He’ll always ask for your opinion before making a decision.
  • Every time you see some girl looking at Tom you’ll grab his hand, kiss his cheek or even lean closer to him even though you two are in a committed relationship.
  • And Tom won’t realize girls are staring at him but he’ll automatically notice your affectionate actions and return the favor with a kiss on the forehead, tug of your hair or holding you by the waist.
  • Tom will tickle your feet sometimes in the morning when you’re still asleep and he wants attention.
  • You’ll get into a fight with someone and he’ll have to literally drag you away so the police don’t have to hang cuff you.
  • If Tom’s about to get into a fight you would stand closely in front of him and whisper begging words for him to come home with you. He’ll of course go and take his anger out on you in a more enjoyable way. ;)
  • He’ll talk highly of you at all times.
  • You’ll talk romantically about him all the time.
  • You family asking for you to get his autograph for them.
  • His parents will keep bugging Tom about a certain question.
  • Tom would nod to his lap and you straddle him instantly knowing he likes you irrationally close.
  • You will make rude but funny England jokes around him, you do it so much that he gets all sad and starts pouting. Then you would spend the rest of the day being a lovey-dovey girlfriend.

This is my first time going something like this so tell me… good… bad? Should I do it again or no? Let me know! If you want me to do another one give me some ideas!

Blind Side - Chapter 2

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

You sat on the balcony of your Manhattan apartment, a glass of chilled rosé in your hand. It was a warm summer night, and you had come out to watch the sun set. Not your usual cup of tea, but you had to do something. It had been a week since your encounter in his office, and you still couldn’t get Mr. Thomas W. Hiddleston off your mind.

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Requested by Anon: Is it possible for you to do a Tom Hiddleston x reader where you scold him for not wearing his glasses (like when he’s reading or something like that) like a pretty fluffy little thing It doesn’t have to be too long or anything like that Thank you!!

A/N: OOooh I like this! Another Tom fluffy goodness. Enjoy

Warnings: none

*gif not mine

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He peaked at you, raising his previously furrowed brows with a totally inconspicuous look on his face. He was sitting on the grey couch wearing sweat pants and a cardigan that made him look like a God. A book was propped in his lap, his thumb scratching the rugged sides of the pages. 

“Yes love?” he hollered. 

You were putting on your earrings, ready to go to work, but you couldn’t find your watch. You were running late, and if you didn’t have your watch, you might as well incinerate. 

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Admit it (Loki X Reader)

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PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson X Reader
WARNINGS: Cussing, violence & PDA
REQUEST: Imagine Loki hearing you let out a held back sob and instantly turn to you in concern.

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Cabin by the lake - Tom Hiddleston Smut

Paring: Tome Hiddleston x reader

Words: 1071

Rating: 18+ - unprotected sex, oral (male/female receiving). 

request: Hello, just wondered if you were still taking requests? If you are would it be possibly to have a Tom hiddleston smut imagine. Thank you.

requests are open! 

Together with Tom, Y/N is sitting naked on the blanket in front of the lake.

The pair had rented a cabin near the lake to spend some time together, alone. There is no one near the lake so they can do things they normally can’t. Like hanging out by a lake without clothing.

Tom walks out of the water, completely naked, his body dripping water when he walks over to the woman he loves.

She can’t keep her eyes of him, he looks like god walking out of the water all wet.

He sits down on the blanket almost against Y/N while looking at her with a big grin on his face, thinking about how lucky he is to call her his.

He pulls her in for a kiss and when he lets her go, one of his fingers flicks over her nipple.

Tom pushes her down on the blanket and moves himself on top of her. He bends over and kisses her again while his hands wonder all over her naked body.

She feels him getting hard against her body and she smirks into their kiss knowing exactly where this is going.

Her hands move towards his hips and with a soft push he falls next to her and before he can protest she is already on top of him while taking a hold of his cock.

She moves her hand over his dick in a slow and soft manner, massaging Tom’s balls with her other hand while looking down at him.

Tom’s eyes are closed and his breathing is turning heavy while is cock is twitching a bit in her hand.

Her hands let’s go of his cock and balls before she gets lower so her face is right in front of it.

He pops himself up on his elbows looking at the woman who is slowing licking a stripe on his cock from the head to the base.

A soft groan comes out his chest when Y/N takes his whole cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down.

‘Love’ Tom manages to say when she starts sucking harshly on him. His mouth is open and soft pants escape his lips.

The sounds he makes turn her on and she can feel herself getting wetter by the second. Happy that she isn’t wearing any panty’s now that she ruins with her juices.

She can feel the pre-cum already in her mouth and it makes her pussy tingle with desire for him.

Y/N can feel him getting close to orgasm and right before he gets there she removes her mouth from him, earning a soft whine from the man before her.

Tom sits up straight and turns them around again, so he is hovering above her. Quick he moves himself lower so his face is right in front of her already dripping core.

Before Y/N can do anything, he is already licking and sucking her most sensitive bits.

Soft moans fall from her lips when he sucks harshly on her enlarged clit.

He watches her movements through his eyelashes.  

He loves it when she is withering in front of him with pleasure he is giving her.

When he feels her getting close to orgasm he pushes in two fingers hitting her g-spot with every movement.

It doesn’t take long after that before she comes around his fingers and in his mouth.

‘Damn’ she says giggling when Tom moves back up on her body kissing her roughly. She can taste herself all over his mouth and a shiver runs down her spine.

Y/N pushes Tom of her when he stops kissing her so she is back on top of him.

She places sweet, gently kisses all over his chest before lining herself above his cock slowly sinking down on him.

A low hiss escapes his throat when he feels her warm walls around him.

Tom moves his hand to her body and take a hold of her boobs while is bouncing up and down on his cock. He feels her wetness coting his cock.

Y/N throws her head back while moving up and down on him, feeling her nipples harden by the second while Tom is playing with them.

He moves to sit up so his chest is against hers, his mouth taking over hers. Their tongues fight for dominance, and of course Tom wins the fight.

‘You feel so good’ he moans when the kiss ends. He buries his head in her neck and puts his hands on her hips helping her bounce on him.

‘Tom’ she whines when he bites her neck in soft manner, but hard enough to leave a mark.

One of his hand leaves her hip to start rubbing figure eights on her clit.

‘Tom’ she yells when he pinches the bundle of nerves between his fingers.

When he lets go he turns their bodies around so he is back on top of her, thrusting in and out of her in a soft manner.

Y/N warps her legs around his waist so he gets deeper inside of her with every thrust.
She can’t stop the moans falling from her lips when he hits her g-spot with every thrust.

His long, slender fingers start rubbing her clit in a harsh manner.

‘I… I…’ Y/N manages to get out.

‘Let it go’ Tom commands. The words haven’t even left his mouth, and she comes all around him.

Her pussy tightens around him triggering his own orgasm.

They ride out their orgasms together, feeling their juices mix inside of Y/N her cunt, not even caring about the possibility of her getting pregnant.

He rolls of her when he has pulled out and lies next to her. Her heart is beating fast in her chest and soft pants escape both their lips.

‘Damn, love’ he laughs when he caught his breath and is standing up.

Y/N is still laying down looking at the towering man above her while smiling at him. He bends down and picks her up in his arms.

When he has a good hold of her, he runs into the lake with her in his arms.

The water is cool around their hot sweaty bodies. Tom lowers her down and she clings to his body by wrapping her legs around him.

‘I love you’ he tells her before kissing her nose in a sweet manner.

‘I love you too’



Sherlock x reader: What if Sherrinford had been actually a brother?

And played by Hiddleston.

Summary: You and Sherlock are friends. One day, you show up to 221B like usual and find a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Sherrinford shows an interest in you, which annoys Sherlock. And he doesn’t know why that happens. 

You opened the door and climbed up the stairs to go to see your friends Sherlock and John. It had been a long and boring day at work. You suddenly stopped when you saw a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Was he a client? Clients don’t sit there. And where were Sherlock and John?

The man looked at you from head to toes. He liked what he saw. 

“Are you a client?” you asked innocently.

The man laughed softly.

“No, dear. My little brother can only dream of the cases I couldn’t be able to solve on my own.”

“Brother?” You turned to see Sherlock who had just stepped into the room. “You have a secret brother you never told me about?” 

“Not so secret now” Sherlock whispered. 

“Where are your manners, little brother? Won’t you introduce me?” the man teased.

Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Stay away from her, Sherrinford. Mycroft will be here any minute.”

Sherrinford?” you questioned “Someone with that name has to be a Holmes”

Sherrinford laughed softly. His laugh was perfect for your ears.

“Funny and pretty” he told you. 

You felt your cheeks turned red. 

You knew that if Sherlock didn’t like him, you probable wouldn’t like him either. But you did. Maybe it was his perfect face. Or those cheekbones. You never thought someone could have better cheekbones than Sherlock’s. It was a family thing apparently. 

“Tell me something I don’t know” you answered confidently. Sherrinford smirked. He was probably expecting that you felt intimidated by his “compliments”.

Sherlock looked at you wide-eyed. Why weren’t you being rude to him? You were always rude to people Sherlock didn’t like.

Sherrinford had his eyes set on you only. His brother was such an idiot. You were clearly so in love with Sherlock, but he hadn’t made any move. And he loved you back, in his way. Sherrinford could see through everyone. He always knew both of his brothers were stupid, they both have rejected human contact or emotions in order to focus on their brains and knowledge. Sherrinford was even better than them, but he also knew how to use his charms. He could play with people’s feelings and minds in order to get what he wanted. 

And now he wanted you. Only to tease Sherlock.

You’ve always been a very flirty girl, you’ve even flirted with Sherlock thousand of times, or at Sherlock, to better say it. You just loved the way he got uncomfortable, it made him look so adorable.

But now you were flirting with Sherrinford. He was saying things that were only meant to make you answer in a more intimate manner. However, you were tough to conquer. Sherrinford accepted the challenge. He smirked.

Sherlock couldn’t stand it. Why was he feeling like that? Was it because everyone, absolutely everyone that met his brother always felt like that? Like if they were all under his spell? Sherlock expected you not to be one of those. 

Mycroft finally arrived. You knew it was your time to leave as this would probably become pure family drama. You said bye and gave Sherrinford a last glance and a smile. Both Sherlock and Mycroft were in shock. For God’s sake, not her too.

Sherlock stopped you just when you were at the door.

“(Y/N)!” he called. You looked at him. “I’ve never been able to read you, but I have noticed you were quite interested in Sherrinford,

“He seems…nice” you responded.

“He’s not” Sherlock replied inmediately “Just don’t fall for whatever-it-is he does to people. He can seem very… interesting

“He’s not bad” you whispered. Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows.

“Do you like him?” Sherlock sounded disgusted.

“Are you jealous?” you giggled.

“Of course not. Answer me.”

“Why? Has he told you anything?” you sounded curious now. 

“No. What would he tell me?”

“You just tell me if he says anything about me” you smirked at Sherlock, waved goodbye and then left.

Sherlock sighed. What was he going to do now? Was he going to lose you too to his brother’s charms? 

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A Little Too Short

Requested by Anon: Hellooo :))) Can you do an imagine where Loki (or Tom if you do actors) loves teasing the reader whenever he gets the chance because she’s so short (like 5'3" or something) but he’s still super cute about it

A/N: Tiny little drabble to add to the queue. 

Warnings: Fluff darlings

*gif not mine

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You stood on your tip toes, struggling in vain to attain the highest shelf of glasses. Your fingers barely skimmed the wooden surface, the ache in your legs making you tremble slightly. 

“Oh, you short little thing.”

You swirled on your toes, glaring at Tom, who stood in all his six-foot-twoinches glory. A wide wolfish grin was splitting his face as you were genuinely angered by his teasing. 

“That’s not funny,” you grumbled. 

He snorted. “True,” he agreed with a smug shake of his head. “The funny thing is how you have to stand on your tip toes to reach the top shelf.” He came to stand inches from you and you, of course, had to strain your neck to be able to look him in the eye. “What’s also funny is that I almost always have to sweep you off your feet to kiss you.”

Before you could retort, his arm wrapped around your waist and scooped you up. A yelp whisked by your lips before he crushed you into his chest, capturing your lips with his. A squeal was trapped in your mouth as you began to laugh through the kiss, your feet effectively dangling in mid air. 

He set you on your feet before releasing your lips, burying his fingers into your hair. “Don’t be mad,” he chuckled. “I love you, you short little thing.”

You swooned, smiling at his goofiness. “And I you, you tall beast.”

He laughed loudly, embracing you in his arms before kissing the top of your head. 

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The Crown: Chapter One

Genre: Angst + Fantasy + Fluff + Smut.

Pairing: Loki x Original Character.

Summary: Born into a royal family of ancient lineage, the eldest of four daughters feels the heavy burden of being the heiress of a huge power falling on her shoulders. In the midst of so many problems, suddenly everything changes when a mysterious stranger enters her life. But the king’s last words, her father, were marked in her mind to haunt: the crown must always win.

Word Count: 1.4k. 


ㅤ                              Chapter 1 - Long live the queen.

ㅤㅤ You took a deep breath, trying to contain your own emotions as you walked the long corridor towards the sound of music. With every step you took, the more you felt like running away. Suddenly, you felt your sister’s hand holding your forearm and giving it a small squeeze. Glancing at her, you saw her beautiful smile, but you didn’t smile back. You just couldn’t.

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Tom Hiddleston x reader

This is my first one-shot x reader that gets published. Sorry for the mistakes. Also, English is not my first language, so sorry again. 

Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: None.

Summary: Tom finds out he’s in love with you. Lots of fluff, I guess. 

“I was an idiot” he said. He stepped closer to you.

You were in shock. What had he just said? You were still processing.

A year ago you have showed him how you felt for him. You almost kissed him, but he had turned you down, very gently and softly, but it was still a no.

You were still friends, and though he’d thought you’d probably put some distance between the two of you, you have remained very good friends, you even got closer. You have been there for his best and worst moments, and he has been there to see you grow as an artist.

And a year later he was in front of you door saying he’d realized he had feelings for you.

“But you said no” you reminded him in a shy whisper.

“I was an idiot” he repeated. “I didn’t see how important you were for me, how incredibly important you are now. (Y/N), please…”

“I just…” you whispered.

Your brain was working fast. Fast and slowly at the same time. It was processing lots of memories of you and Tom together trough the years. Since you were eighteen you’ve had a crush on that man. You first saw him in the Thor movie. Now, six years later, you got to actually meet him, to actually become friends, really close friends. All those memories just because half of your brain wanted you to say yes to that man.

The other half was listing the reason why saying yes would be a problem. He was already famous, you were just starting; people saying you’d be just the rebound girl after his last relationship, people in your country saying how you’d be just using him… All the criticism. But did it really matter?

“Oh” Tom expression turned serious. “I’m sorry. I think I… I am an idiot

You looked at him confused.

“I’m such a jerk… “ Tom sighed.

“You are” you agreed. Apparently, you were not really over for what happened a year ago. “But why this time?”

“I just assumed you still had the same feeling from a year ago” he stated.

You looked away. Did you? Did you felt the same?

No, of course not.

You were even more in love with him than before.

“I have changed my mind, Tom” you looked right into his eyes. It seemed like if something had broken inside him when he heard that.

“What I felt a year ago was still teenage-celebrity crush feels” you continued “I’ve got to know you more now and…”

“And you’re disappointed” he completed.

“Well, I don’t believe you’re perfect anymore…”

Tom looked down.

“And that’s why I love you more now” you completed.

You looked away. Your cheeks turning red.

Tom looked at you with surprise in his eyes. He smiled brightly.

“Oh God, you were playing me” Tom laughed and then walked towards you to hold you and kiss you. “You’re impossible”

“You had it coming for a year ago” you laughed and kissed him again.

“Fair enough” he kissed you again.

His lips moved softly against yours. He was touching every part of your body and your hands were in his face and in his hair.

“If you think we’re sleeping together tonight, you’re very wrong” you said when you pulled back for some air.

“Too bad” he complained and then went back to kiss you. 

Apparently, he had other plans for the night.

Hope you like it. Requests are open! :)

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On Set

Requested by Anon: may I request an imagine where Tom Hiddleston is on set of Kong: Skull Island and he defends the reader after seeing her getting harassed by a crew member? maybe they’re on a lunch break or something? thank you!

A/N: OOOOHHH I really like this request. It’s been a long time since I’ve written Tom. Since Gate Keeper! Hope you like?? *sweats nervously*

Warnings: none

*gif not mine

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You were reading over the script for the hundredth time as you bit down into your sandwich. The hot and harsh sun overhead was cooking your exposed skin, making you sweat and scrunch up your face. Your meal was getting soggy and your water was warm, not ice cold like you liked it. 

“Excuse me ma’am.” A man appeared in front of your table. One of the camera crew members. His name was…

“Ivar hey,” you greeted, eyes squinted in the sun. He was a middle-aged divorcee with really bad teeth hygiene. Despite his weird and bitter self, sometimes, he was nice. 

“May I sit?” he asked. 

“Yes, of course,” you answered. “I’m just going over the script to see when they’ll need me.” He sat down slowly, looking over the stuff on the picnic table, brows furrowed. 

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Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

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I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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