‘The people that are coming to Comic Con, they’re there because they’re true fans. They love these characters. They want to see what’s new. What’s next. What are you going to show us? So, wouldn’t it be great to have Tom Hiddleston come out as Loki? We called Tom up. We explained what we wanted to do. He was completely on board: he loves that type of thing. And from there, we figured out how do we get him on stage.’ 

MCU creatives Louis Esposito, Kevin Feige and Craig Kyle, along with Tom Hiddleston, describe THAT epic Hall H moment at San Diego Comic Con, 20th July 2013


“The best thing about Loki is, if he is afraid, he won’t show it. He’s been highly trained through the experience of his slightly traumatic life to shield his fear.” — Tom Hiddleston