tom's trash

both the finales, storm the castle vs. starcrushed parallels (I hope nobody did this already lmao)

help I drew a meme (this was 100% inspired by starlysmilesa on insta)


Honestly same tho

Tord: hallo old friends!

Edd: Tord!

Tord: ahh~

Edd: did you just side step me?

Tord: how I’ve missed you~ my little friend

Tom: omg what??

Edd: TORD!?

*Kissy noises*

Edd: well, I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not even mad.
Really fucking relived actually…


i feel like this is an accurate representation of Tords character

Edd: Hey, are you two ok? you’ve been in here a long time-

Tord: Oh? Hello Edd

Tom: Help.

Edd: uhh hi

Tord: Goodbye Edd!

Edd:PFFF yeah, omg

Pop punk problem #44

When bands tour literally everywhere but near you


And here’s Edd having a friendly conversation with a Mumintrollen

Tord: so pretty like waifu~

Edd: do you think that They are together or something?

Tom: Geez I don’t know Edd-

Edd: oh, nevermind, I guess the question never really
MATTORD anyway ~

Get it?
Get it??