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What will happen in the next episode....probably


StarCo fans :“cries in the corner ”

JanStar fans :Star and Janna bassicly went out on a date so don’t say a thing.It was for summoning but it still counts,right ?

TomCo fans :Welp “poker face ”.

Pop punk problem #44

When bands tour literally everywhere but near you


“Scared, Potter ?”

Harry stalked towards the grey-eyed boy who had been the bane of his life from the day he had stepped in Hogwarts. With his usual parade of lackeys standing behind him, he looked like the pure-blood prince that he claimed himself to be.
But the chosen one had had enough.

Harry stopped a hairsbreadth from him.
Their noses touching. Almost.
Their breath mingling together.
Harry could feel the waves of anger rolling from him and crashing into his body. His heady scent scrambled whatever was left of his sanity.
Harry’s brain provided the rationale that he could blame this on the moment of insanity.
The insanity in what he was about to do.

He was a little bit taller, but Harry had no problem in raising himself.
Harry grabbed the back of his head and slammed his lips to his cold ones. They didn’t remain cold for long. After a moment of stunned silence the blond haired grabbed him too.

And from then on it was a bloody fucking war !
The kiss was everything.

It was frustrating.
It was angry.
It was confusing.
It was … exhilarating.
It was as if something inside him was set free.

They broke apart when their lungs screamed for air. Their gasps were the only sound in the silence that had fallen in the now crowded corridor.

He didn’t know who was more stunned out of both of them….

He wasn’t ready for the kiss to be so explosive.

He wasn’t ready for his own body’s response to it. Nonetheless he gave a smirk of his own.

“And the answer is no, not really … Malfoy.”