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The guy on the right with Tom here is his ‘publicist’ and alleged boyfriend Luke Windsor.  Notice the bracelet on Luke’s left wrist right next to his watch:

Here is a close up of it:

Compare it to the bracelet on the left wrist of the person Tom was hugging in the now deleted IG video of Harley Gusman (the left hand is the top hand and the bottom hand is the right hand):

Here is the full size picture from the video:

I am pretty damn sure that this is Luke Windsor and his bracelet at Taylor’s 4th of July party. And that is why that IG video was removed from Harley’s Instagram page as soon as people noticed and started discussing Tom in the background hugging a mysterious man. 💅

It was a couple’s weekend alright. Taylor and Karlie, Luke and Tom. Josh most likely brought his BF too. 

Credit to @aaaalegna who submitted the top picture to me with her bracelet discovery! 

These Are The Hands of Fate | Chapter 4


  • Timeframe: Tuesday AM, May 3 to Friday, May 20 midday (2016)
  • Characters: Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Austin Swift
  • Word count: about 6,100 at last edit
  • Please read prior chapters first:  Chap. 1 | Chap. 2 | Chap. 3
  • Sorry this took so long. Aside from all the recent TS drama, this was terribly hard to write (plot & interactions) plus I’ve been busy. I hope you like it as it is a critical chapter in the Tayvin / Hiddleswift story! Please let me know what you think. 


Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting

Tuesday morning, May 3

At the top of her phone’s lock screen is a message from Adam. It’s short, and simple.  Just a single word. In all caps.

Taylor reads it again.

It makes her heart beat a little faster.

He saw.

He must have.

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Tom Hiddleston's publicist must be having a field day about Taylor Swift
I have to admit it: I feel betrayed. I feel betrayed by Tom Hiddleston, the man who the BBC flaunted in front of our Adrian Turner-deprived eyes in The Night Manager. The next Bond, they cheered; the epitome of the British gentleman, they cried. Alas, this is no more.

This article make me laugh so much :D  . She’s critical of Taylor, but also salutes her at the end for becoming the metaphorical pimp  of the british male lol.

May I feel, said he - Ch2

FIC SUMMARY: The flame of Tom’s marriage is out, there is no denying. After the divorce, he struggles to let himself love again.
CHAPTER SUMMARY: Tom has locked himself in his apartment for a week now, and Luke is worried.

Chapter 2 - Feelings in a bunker

The bell buzzed again. Just ignore it, he’ll go away, he thought. Buzzed, again. Five seconds later again. Grunting, Tom pushed the covers away and got up, huffing and puffing as his patience ran thinner. He looked through the peephole and saw Luke standing in the hallway.

“Go away, Luke.” He said through the closed door.

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anonymous asked:

jezebel*com/ask-a-publicist-is-taylor-swift-and-tom-hiddlestons-re-1783144899 Publicist #3 is the best: "I’m sure there are more fake relationships that the public is unaware of. I don’t think they are always the easiest to spot, nor do I think we really know to look for fake relationships. I think the public wants to believe in the “true love” story... Jordin Sparks & Sage the Gemini post-Jason DeRulo. Selena Gomez and Zedd. I’m not even totally sold on Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne."

Well well well

I need to be fucked - the sex scene.

TITLE: I need to be fucked - the sex scene.


AUTHOR: skinnylittlered

WHICH TOM: Actor!Tom

GENRE: Erotica (a bit humorous, though?)

FIC SUMMARY: Tom fucks his publicist (no, not Luke. Don’t get excited) in the car on their way home to fuck.

RATING: M (penis goes into vagina action)


The fact that Luke has given him a lift a couple of hours prior to the present moment does not, on a more assertive mental study of the situation, provide him with any sound reasoning on why he’s riding shotgun in his other publicist’s car

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Admin Post - WUH?!?

We never tell you all how awesome you are! We posted about being 5 readers short of 25000 yesterday. You all answered our call, and we are now above and beyond that. We reached 25038 followers overnight, and that’s simply extraordinary.

This is in time for our upcoming anniversary celebration! That’s right, the THF admin team are in full plan mode for our 3 year anniversary. Can you believe it? We’ve been here for 3 years, 17,837 posts, and survived Tom as Loki at SDCC, Nerd HQ Tom, Wet T-Shirt Tom, Exercising Tom, Jaguar Tom, and we’re gearing up for the next: Crimson Peak Tom, SKULL ISLAND TOM, and I Saw the Light Tom. (Fingers crossed, this will be Oscar/Awards Circuit Tom, yes?)

To keep you all entertained, we bring you the fics that have been updated or posted to the blog SINCE March 16. We are current as of this posting, except loading these into the archive. (That takes a lot of time and patience because tumblr hates the size of our pages. We have a plan for that, and we’re hoping to combine that with our anniversary celebration!)

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-THF Admin Team

All updates below the cut: March 16 through April 4

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Say My Name - One Shot


Say My Name (Tom x Reader) One-Shot

GENRE:fluff,a teeny weeny little mention towards the end
FIC SUMMARY:Tom does not like being called by his real name, but OC decides to annoy him
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: references towards the end of the story

I lay on my queen-sized bed on lazy afternoon as I admired my georgeous boyfriend Tom, speaking to his publicist Luke on the verandah.The way he always managed to speak so calmly, the way he behaved like a gentleman not only to me but also to the rest, baffled me. I do have issues controling my temper at times and always end-up bombarding the hell out of the ones who annoyed me without thinking twice.

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