tom's pants


wellirving, In light of this STUNNING revelation (not kidding or over-exaggerating), I would just like to remind the world exactly what we’re talking about here:

It’s THIS guy’s pants we’re talking.  Not Thor-Loki, not TTDW-Loki, AVENGERS-Loki. Who has the best costume out of the three because of…

…those GOD DAMNED STRAPPY STRAPS.  You know what they do to me.  Also, look how those straps rest upon that beautifully leathered-up thigh.  If I look at this one too long today I won’t be able to leave the house today.  I have to leave the house today.

Look, here’s Action Tom walking around in his Loki pants in natural lighting.  You can see the detailing on the inside of the left thigh as well as the boots in all their glorious purpose.  Plus, check out the texture on the exterior of the lower half of his jacket.  And how that tunic drapes over the left thigh…..  WAIT, this is supposed to be about the pants.  That he STOLE.  THAT ARE LIKELY IN HIS CLOSET AS WE SPEAK.  *ahem* Moving on….

Guess what we never get to see?  The Loki costume from a ¾ turn rear view.  The metal grommet work on the outside of the thigh ALONE makes me want to do bad things.  A rear shot of those boots!  The detailing on all edges of the jacket…..  FUCK – pants, focus on the pants!

Peek-a-boo!  It’s the OTHER leg from a side shot.  Good to know they’re identical (they didn’t have to be).  I included this shot for the conformation.  ALSO FOR REASONS. And to call attention to the gold leather insert on the jacket.   And how the fabric on the biceps match the overlap pattern of the leather on his tunic/chest plate.  The detail work of the forearm armor…..I bet those are cold if they’re pressed to one’s bare flesh….. FOCUS, DAMNIT!

Now we come full circle and see those pants, from mostly the front, in a real-life scenario (you know how this kills me).  Now we know that the grommet work on the lower right side of his tunic matches the outside of both pant legs.  Look how soft and pliant that leather looks.  AND WAIT, are we seeing a little peep-show that involves both inner thighs and a bit of the crotch…? And that smile  AND THOSE HANDS. You know I can go on and on and on about that jacket, tunic, and breastplate (ohhhhhh that breastplate) but I’ll leave it all here for your perusal.

Just know, that when this shot was initially shared, these pants deserved, no NEEDED to be deconstructed more than they were.  This photo does bring to the table that the leather pattern below the knee matches both the fabric work on the jacket bicep as well as the pattern on the torso/low chest of the tunic.  


I just included this one because he’s touching his own leather and calling attention to the slightness of his waist.  Just gratuitous hotness.  Sorry, not sorry.

P-to-the-S, I think this post is far more deserving than Meh-g’s Doctorate.  I know it’s sure as fuck more useful….

  • Tom: Someone wanted this to be seen.
  • Harry: Yes, but that just raises a bigger question.
  • Tom: Oh, and what is that?
  • Harry: Why do you even care?
  • Tom: I'm sorry, are you asking me why I care that a woman was killed?
  • Harry: No, I'm asking why YOU care that a woman was killed.
  • Tom: Forgive me, but I don't follow.
  • Harry: Well, let's see, most people would (charitably) refer to you as the crown prince of douchebags, long making reign. Your usual reaction to human suffering is to pull up a chair and crack out the popcorn. What's your angle?
  • Tom: Harry! I am shocked and appalled that that is your opinion of me. All I want is to see justice served and to bring that poor boy some closure.
  • Harry: Really? You care that much, huh? What's his name.
  • Tom: I'm sorry, what?
  • Harry: The guys name. What. Was. It.
  • Tom: Well, um, you know, it was, um, sta- uh, starts with an A-
  • Harry: S.
  • Tom: S, of course, of course. That's close, I mean they're basically neighbors, you can understand my mistake.
  • Harry: Of course.
  • Tom: It's uh, s- sna- snasna- uh- snack cakes?
  • Harry: Snape!
  • Tom: Alright, fine, God, I just wanted to prove I was right. There's no way that girl's really dead. There's something else going on here, and I'm gonna prove it.
  • Harry: Wow, how noble of you.
  • Tom: Oh, spare me, Wonder Boy. You're only doing this to prove me wrong.
  • Harry: Hey, at least I pretend to be nice to people!
  • Tom: Yeah, whatever- wait. Pretend?