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Ouch, that’s wet.

Request: Hiiiii you’re amazing soooo can I request a lil thing like tom x reader are washing their hands and their hands keep bumping into each other and they battle to get under the water and there’s like tons of soap and tom pulls the reader’s hands out of the sink and they like “hand fight” and then it gets serious and he like intertwines their hands and then a kiss or something ??? ahhhh sorry lmao the things I think of super randommmm

Summary: You’re spending time with your best friend Tom, and your original plan was to bake together, but things took a minor detour. 

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“You are not touching anything until you wash your dirty Tessa hands,” You exclaimed at Tom while jabbing a finger at him. 

Tom looked at you preposterously, then at his hands, before gazing down at Tessa who was looking up at him expectantly at his feet, “She didn’t mean it Tess, no, you’re a good clean girl,” he sweet talked her. 

You rolled your eyes and proceeded to gather all the ingredients for sugar cookies, “Wait a minute,” Tom returned, “you were all over Tessa when you showed up, and I didn’t see you wash your hands.” He pointed out. You thought for a minute and knew that he was true, so you walked over to the bathroom, butting in front of your best friend, “Ladies first,” you reasoned.

“Pfft, I’d hardy call you a lady,” Tom teased while squeezing himself beside you and turning on the tap.

You bumped him aside with your hip, but he only stumbled slightly, easily retrieving his balance. 

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A Lion’s Pride - Sebastian Stan x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - So i’m gonna be using the same family if you like from I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa. So the usual Reader, Seb and Izzy.

Sebastian is really not happy when he see’s Tom trying to make a play at his wife. Little does he know it’s not like that at all. Major smut fest ensures.

Jealous Seb x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut smut.

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Something New | NSFW

Summary: You’ve been putting it off, but you finally asked your boyfriend about something you’ve been wanting to try.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: NSFW, smut, cursing, light B*SM

Word Count: 1,525

A/N: Read if you’re only 18+. This is my first time, dabbling into this, so take that into consideration. Yeah, the D is censored to keep it out of the tag. How about that LSB though??? Anyways, enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

You had been dating your boyfriend, Tom, for about a year now. Everything was great with him. You both had learned to love long distance and he would always come and visit you on his days off, and vice versa. You always looked forward to the days off because that meant lying in bed with him — naked. You just loved feeling vulnerable with him and cuddling, but on other days, you guys wouldn’t stop. It was heaven for you, but you wanted to try something different the next time you saw him — that was this weekend. Tom would be coming home after a long press tour for his new movie and would have two weeks off in London. You were going to bring it up to him and hope it wouldn’t scare him away.

You heard a knock on your door and you opened it to a messy, curly hair, tired, brown eyed boy with bags on his back and feet. You smiled and kissed him softly, and helped him with his things into your apartment. You didn’t speak to him. You knew he was exhausted. After he put everything down, he approached you and just hugged you. This was typical and you both would just hold each other in embrace for a while.

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calilycal  asked:

14,16 for tom???💖💖💖💖🍗

Pairing: Reader x Tom

14 - “You can’t solve all your problems by hiding in bed all day.”

16 - “I know when you’re lying.”  “Yeah, how’s that?”

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You heard the door creak, as you were tucked under the blankets that were currently hiding the sun from your face. It was well past nine in the morning, to some that’s normal. But to you, it felt like wasting a whole day sleeping anytime past nine. Your boyfriend had opened the windows, revealing the sun that already was heating up the duvet as it casted down into your apartment.

“Good morning, love.” You heard him speak softly from somewhere in the room. You made no motive to say anything back. Though, you weren’t upset with him, or anything. You were just simply not in a good mood. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day.

“Babe,” he cooed, closer to you now. “I brought you some tea.” He said. His loving voice persuaded you from under the covers. You poked your head out, the bright sun making you squint up at him. Your messy hair fell over your face, making him snort.

“Don’t laugh at me.” You said, pouting up at him as he came to sit on the edge of the bed beside you.

“Sorry, you look adorable.” Tom soothed, placing the tea cup on the bedside table. You watched him curiously for a moment before laying your head back down on the pillow.

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It seems like an uneventful night on the starship Voyager. Quiet as usual. It sure would be a shame if something were to… happen

Perfect  [ T.H ]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Hii! Can I request something with Tom Holland? The reader is a plus size girl and they like each other, way more than friends do, but every time Tom’s tries to tell her, she changes the subject bc he’s Tom Holland and she’s afraid that he’s kidding bc she thinks it’s impossible for someone be in love with her. In the end lots of kisses and fluff?

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1226

A/N: I. Am. So. Sorry. This. Took. So. Long. Also, I really hope this is alright for the anon who wrote this! I feel as if it did come out slightly different in the end and that my writing for this also just wasn’t great. 

Tom held your hand softly as the two of you walked through the overgrown grass of the park beside his home. The silence between you was eating at him alive and all he wanted was to speak his mind about how he felt towards you.

The two of you were already practically dating and the feelings that you felt towards each other were painfully obvious but you shied away every time Tom tried to talk about whatever it was that had been brewing between you. There was always an excuse for you to get away from the conversation.

You didn’t want to hear it from him. In fact, you were afraid of hearing it from him. You weren’t like the other girls he hangs around - at least that’s what you thought. To you, they were more beautiful. They were just more. The only thing that differentiates you from them was that they were all much skinnier. You were pretty adamant on the fact that Tom doesn’t feel anything that he says he feels for you and you were also pretty damn sure you were the butt of some sick joke he may have been playing.

But that was nowhere near true. Sure, you may be bigger than other girls but by no means did that mean you weren’t beautiful. You are beautiful. You are so much more than beautiful and just because you weren’t as thin as the other girls you see in magazines or on TV doesn’t mean that they’re any better any more beautiful than you are.

“I need to talk to you about something. You can’t-you can’t try and change the topic this time,” Tom sighs, readjusting his grip on your hand. He was honestly growing tired of you dodging the conversation that you know you need to have. “Just hear me out, yeah?”

You sigh, your eyes dropping to the grass. It was almost softer than your pillow underneath your feet, the grass tickling the exposed skin of your ankles. You were pretty much in love with Tom, there was no question about that. It was known to you that you would have to tell him, whether or not he really does like you back the same way and the thought ate away at your insides every single time you had managed to get away from this very discussion.

“What are we?” Tom sighs, “I mean, we’re basically dating right? I just - I really like you Y/N. I - I’m even in love with you and here you are, avoiding any sort of finalisation between us. I know that you feel what I feel. And I want, no, I need more than anything for you to be mine and for me to be yours. I need to hear something from you. I need your confirmation before we become something new. I need to know that you want this just as bad as I do.”

Tom’s eyes held a sincerity that went unnoticed by you. And if only you had glanced up to meet his gaze for a mere second, every single doubt you had may have just washed away. But, as he spoke you had dared not made direct eye contact with him incase it brought your nightmares to life. It would have been too painful for you to have seen anything in his brown eyes that contradicted the words that he had said.

“Say something. Please.” Tom almost whimpers. His eyebrows are furrowed as you don’t lift your head, hiding the tears that forcefully well up in your eyes from his view. You didn’t want him to see you crying.

There was an ache in your chest. No way could he mean that, right?

“Are you - are you lying, Tom? Be honest with me, please. I just–”

 “Why would I lie? How could you even think that, Y/N?” Tom was taken aback by your accusation. He was completely flabbergasted. He didn’t understand why you thought he was lying because it just didn’t make sense. His breath caught in his throat as you muttered your next words.

“I’m not good enough for you, Tom. All the other girls, they’re all so-”

“Don’t say that. Don’t even say it.”

“Why, Tom? It’s true. You could be with someone so much better for you than me. Someone more beautiful, someone just as perfect as you are. Why wouldn’t this be a joke?” You reply. Tears were slowly making their journey down your cheeks by now. The idea of hiding them completely slipped you as you moved your gaze to meet his own.

“It’s not true. None of it. How could you even say that? How could you even think that I would want to be with anyone else just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you? Dammit, how could you even say that–that you aren’t as beautiful as any other girl?”

Tom was flustered, his cheeks painted pink as a berry. Ragged breaths left him as he awaited your answer, his heart beating at a mile’s worth per second. He just didn’t understand.

“I-I’m not like the other girls you hang out with Tom. I’m bigger, I’m just not as well, as beautiful as you deserve. I can’t give you what they can. The press already make their comments about how I’m not what the other girls are.” You stop for a minute, your words floating through the air that’s thick with tension and unspoken emotions.

“You’re so perfect, Tom,” You carry on, “I’m not.”

“So what if your not thin? You’re still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my damn life. And yes, I do spend time with beautiful people but none of them can compare to you. None of them. You shine, you make me-you make me feel so damn different. You don’t need to give me anything except for your love. And for fuck’s sake, anyone who says or thinks otherwise can deal with me.” Tom’s eyes welled with tears, the both of you standing facing one another. Tom’s hands grip each of your shoulders, his eyes piercing into your own.

You could see in his eyes, that he meant everything he had told you. He did love you. And it hurt him so much that you didn’t see what he saw. It hurt that you thought you weren’t good enough, that you weren’t as beautiful. Tom’s heart ached and all he wanted to do was treat you to everything this world and any other could offer. He wanted you to have it all, he wanted you to feel like the princess you are to him.

You’re perfect.” Tom rests his forehead on yours as he whispers, “You’re so fucking perfect and you have no idea what you do to me.

“Tom,” You mutter, the feeling of his breath on your face sent shivers down your spine. His eyelids flutter, his eyes sparkling under the angle of light coming from the sun. Every doubt you had about yourself disappeared as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you as close to him as possible. “I love you.”

“God, I love you.” His lips meet your own for a brief second, your lips tingling from the lack of warmth that you had felt. Your arms wrapped around his neck and your fingers tangled themselves in his hair as he leaned down to place his lips on yours once more. “I love you so much.”

Feelings and work

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Request: Hi! Can I request a little series, pls? The reader is playing Loki’s sis in the Thor movie. She and Tom don’t get along well. She is very sarcastic. But Tom and her are always arguing over small things. She always has this “I don’t give a shit” look on her face because when she was a little girl her parents died and had no body so she is afraid to show that she cares. One Day Tom goes too far and finally breaks her heart, she opens up for the first time. (She has dark hair and blue eyes). They slowly stared to fall in love and Tom just wants to protect her from the world. (If you do smut she is a virgin). Thank you!

Author’s Note: Hey peeps. This is going to be a little series. @legolasothranduilion requested it and I love this but I don’t know yet, how many parts it will be. Next up will be the final part of telling Tom you’re pregnant.

Part 2

You were more than excited when you heard, that you had a role in the new Thor movie. You would be playing Loki’s sister and it was great.

Until you got to know the man who would be playing you on-screen brother. You didn’t get along from the get go. He was handsome but somehow you didn’t like him. Which caused the scenes you had to do together to be even harder.

When the director called “Cut” you let out a exhausted sigh and made your way of the set, but you heard a specific person say something.

“Thank god, I can’t stand to be around her any longer.” Tom said, talking to Chris and taking a deep breath.

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine” you said, not being able to keep your mouth shut.

“Just shut up, weren’t you about to leave?” he said, gesturing towards the door.

“I was, but I think, I’m staying close. Don’t want you to miss me.” You said with your best fake smile.

“Oh for fucks sake…” he mumbled.

“The British gentleman cursing? No no, don’t want to destroy you image.” You sassed, keeping your best resting bitch face on.

He rolled his eyes and left. You smiled, being satisfied with yourself.

“Do you guys always have to bicker around?” Chris asked.

“Yes, he started though.” You answered and left to go to your trailer.

It was always like this, the two fighting over the smallest thing and you sassing him out until he left. You already started counting the days left of filming. But unfortunately then the interviews would follow. That would be the hardest, acting like you don’t hate each other. On screen is one thing, but in real live it’s going to be even harder.

Going back to filming you tried to pull yourself together. Trying to keep it professional, but Tom apparently didn’t try at all. It was a long and hot day and after hours of filming you slipped up and bumped into him.

“Dear god, can’t you be professional?” he asked, being pissed off.

“Me? I was, sorry to touch you. Didn’t know that wasn’t allowed. I wasn’t aware of the writing on your forehead that said ‘Do not touch, I’m out of glass and will crumble’. Don’t be a girl about it, I didn’t do it on purpose.” You answered.

“Why don’t you ever shut up?” he answered and glared at you.

“I would, but this is actually keeping me alive. I live on your annoyance and hate towards me.” You said with a smile.

He rolled his eyes and was about to answer when the director called “Action” again and you two got into your characters again.

The day went on like that and finally after being done you went separate ways and you went home, falling into bed to get some much needed rest.

The next day you started filming again and today everything was worse than before. Apparently the British gentleman got up on the wrong foot. He even snapped at Chris.

In the evening he snapped and you were surprised, cause you didn’t expect that. The scene was finished and you tried to leave but he crossed your path out of nowhere causing you two to bump into each other and him spilling water over the both of you.

“For fucks sake. I have enough. Can’t you watch where you are going?” he screamed.

“No, especially not, when you ran into me!” you said, crossing your arms.

“Didn’t your parents ever tell you how to apologize? Who am I asking. Apparently they didn’t teach you anything at all. No manners or anything useful. You aren’t even a good actress.” He said giving you a death stare. You were shocked. He didn’t just really insult your parents, did he?

You couldn’t speak, it hurt too much. You didn’t want to, but you couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down your face. You sobbed and covered your mouth with your hand. Tom looked at you confused and even a little bit worried.

You just turned around and ran straight to your trailer, locking the door behind you. This was too much. He crossed a line and you would make sure that he would regret it.

Tom Holland Imagine: So Cute

Summary: You’re visiting Tom’s family for the first time and insist on buying them a bottle of wine so you don’t show up empty handed and Tom helps you pick what kind

A/N: I just really don’t know why Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling aren’t married… (also, sorry this is super short)

Warnings: none


“Toooommmmm!” I whined for about the 500th time within the few minutes we had been in the store.

Tom rolled his eyes playfully again as he pulled me into his side. We continued to walk through the store as we scanned though all the different kinds of wine.

“How do you not know what your parents drink!?” I asked.

“Y/N, it’s really not a big deal. You already bought them both gifts and you didn’t even have to do that! Honestly, you don’t need to be doing this, love.”

“Yes I do! I can’t just not get them something!”

“But you already bought my mother a necklace and my father a tie! You’re fine!”

“Noooo! I need something else for both of them!”

Tom sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. I began to wonder off on my own when Tom’s phone rang. He answered it after he mouthed to me that it was his mother.

I scanned over all the different brands and flavors and ages. How the hell am I supposed to know which one they like!?

I trudged back over to Tom and tried to get his attention to ask his mother. Tom kept shaking me off and pointing to his phone.

“I know, Tom! I’m trying to get you to ask her about the wine!” I whispered.

Tom waved me off and turned away from me.

I huffed, angry from the lack of attention and playfully bit Tom’s shoulder. Tom smiled at me over his shoulder before he began to playfully act like he was being attacked. I giggled at his stupidity and walked away over to another set of wine bottles.

I heard Tom hang up the phone and walk over to me. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and snuggled his face into the crook of my neck.

“My mother said she likes just plain old red wine. Nothing special to it.” Tom said as he laid a kiss on my collar bone.

I grabbed the bottle off the wall and headed to the check out. I slapped my card on the table before Tom could even think about paying for it.


“It’s my gift, Tom. Not yours.”

Tom held his hands up in surrender and backed away. I smiled and kissed his cheek as the cashier bagged the bottle of wine.

“Thank you.” I said to her.

I intertwined Tom and I’s fingers and walked to the doors. Just as Tom and I were about to leave, he heard his name being called.

Tom and I turned to see two girls smiling widely as they stood next to their parents. The girls looked at each other before they ran up to Tom and hugged him.

“Can we have a picture?”

“Of course.”

Tom took pictures with both of the girls, acting stupid and cute with both of them, clearly making their day.

I stood to the side and smiled at my boyfriend when I felt one of the girls tap my shoulder.

I turned to her and smiled kindly.

“Hi, Y/N. I know you probably hear this a lot but I just really think you’re beautiful. Tom’s really lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”

“No, I’m the one who’s lucky.” I said as I looked at the love of my life as he shot me a wink.

After the girls got their pictures, Tom and I headed to his parents’ house.

After we finished dinner with his parents, Tom and I headed up to his room to watch movies and cuddle.

As Tom watched Star Wars, I played on my phone and opened Twitter. I smiled as I saw the girls that we had met today had post the pictures the took with Tom.

Tom looked down when he felt me chuckle.

“What’s so funny, love?”

“Those girls from today. They took a video of us and made it into a gif.”

I held my phone up to Tom and saw him smile when he watched the gif of me biting Tom’s shoulder and then him acting like he was being attacked.

“Did you read the caption, darling?”

I pulled the phone back to my face and read what the girls had written.

“So we saw Tom and Y/N shopping for wine today and they were just honestly the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. Plus, they were total sweethearts when we asked for pictures. New #otp”

I smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on Tom’s smiling lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


Paring: Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: Mentions of murder, but mostly fluff

Summary: You get home from work. annoyed and tired, when Tom helps you out. 

Note: I myself have a headache right now so I thought this very appropriate. English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. I would love feedback. 

Originally posted by raios-de-tempestade

“I’m done. I’m done I’m done I am done.” You whispered to yourself as you walked into your house. Tom who was sitting in the kitchen, working, had heard you, and walked out to see if you were okay. He smiled when he saw you. Every day your beauty stunned him, and he couldn’t believe that he had finally found someone who loved him for him, not for his fame.

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Okay (Tom x FemReader) Fluff

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(( Gif not mine - dang he cute tho ))

(A/n): So so so so I changed the request a bit so that the reader and Tom aren’t actually dating yet but it’s okay because I think it turned out fine

Request: Greetings my dear, I’m wondering if you have time that is if I could send in a request? Tom Holland x reader, where reader and Tom are dating but reader is younger like 18 or 19. And Tom sometimes feeling that he’s too old for her and just some reassuring fluff please :)

Warnings: Swearing ??? Fluff dude


“So but like, are you gunna’ do anything about it, kid?” Robert pondered.

I don’t know!” Tom cried, throwing his arms up. He was now second guessing harbouring his secret in the Robert Downey, for all the wrong reasons.

The young brunette sighed in frustration and collapsed his gaze to the floor. “I kinda’ don’t want to do anything about it..” he mumbled.

Robert laughed and formed an ‘O’ with his mouth. He strut over to Tom so he could pat his back. “Well son, you came to the right place.” he grinned “Uncle Rob has got you covered.”

The brit’s face twisted in misunderstanding, lifting his head to show it to Robert.

“I don’t know, boy, I don’t know.” Rob sighed and stood straight “So, um, why aren’t you just telling her straight forward again?” he asked and began to pace around Tom.

Tom couldn’t help but let a sound of anguish slip his lips. Even he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was stubborn.

“I’m like twenty and she’s what? Just turned eighteen?”

Rob choked on a laugh “So?” he turned towards Tommy and snickered quaintly “That’s like, what? Two years?”

“Exactly! It’s weirdddd. Why do I have to like her?”

Robert’s eyes looked intently at Tom’s form sitting on a prop box.

The cast was on break, most of the cast, because you were filming a scene with Anthony right now. Tommy found this to be a perfect time to ask Robert about his little (big) crush on you and how he should act on it.

“Well that’s simple,” Rob said and smiled; beginning to pace circles around the young brit “because she’s very smart. Her brains are unmatchable. She has really, almost glowing eyes. A beautifully perfect fit for her face, if I say so. (Y/n) is also really fucking funny and honestl–”

“Alright, I got it!” Tom sneered, glaring at Robert. Jealousy. “So what?”

“Once she gets done, in twenty two seconds, tell her.” Robert smirked, stopping in place. He was quite sure of himself.

Hell no–” 

“Hey Tom! Rob~” you waved.

“Holy shit…” Tom muttered.

“More like,” Robert snickered “Ah shit!” he exclaimed as he stumbled a bit toward Tom, knocked him off his box and into a standing position “Sorrryyy Tommy! Didn’t actually see you there, ha ha. I’ll have to go now, I hear, like, god calling; I need to pray. Adios!!”

And then Rob left the room.

“Idiot.” you laughed and walked a bit toward Tom. “What’s up with him?”

“O-Oh like he said. Needs to pray.” Tommy laughed quietly “Pray that I don’t kill him and everything he loves.”

“Hm?” you hummed and tilted your head up to look into his chocolate eyes.

“Oh nothing~” the brunette said.

“You kinda’ look like you have something to say…” you laughed.

Tom took one deep breath and you prepared yourself to listen; smiling to yourself kindly.

“That you are really really fucking pretty and nice and kind and I like your acting style and the way you do your hair and that you are almost sassy but also considerate and that you can help people without even saying anything and really just that–”

You couldn’t help you eyes widening in internal shock as the brit ranted on; smile faltering. Apparently Tom saw that as a sigh you thought he was insanely stupid for feeling the way he was.

“Oh my– I’m really sorry. I know I’m like twenty and you just turned eighteen but… but like, I have this like…. I’m sorry..” his look fell to the floor, eyes misty.

A hearty laugh bellowed from your throat before you noticed he was going to cry.

“Oh my god, Tom!” your hands flew to his cheeks, panicky. You drew his head to look at your face. “No, no don’t cry! You’re okay, this is fine, you aren’t weird for this.” you explained softly.

Tom sniffed a bit. “Really…?”

“Yes, it isn’t weird that you are twenty and I’m eighteen. Two years could mean jack shit to me.” you went to pepper his face with small kisses, landing one softly on his lips.

“This is okay.”


(A/N): This seems short to me lmao I think this is okay

Privacy and Silence [ T.H ]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Hey! What’s up? Can you do an imagine where the reader and tom are going to the premiere of civil war and the paparazzi freaks the reader out a bit and the reader and tom lash out a little at the paparazzi.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 639

A/N: lol I’m sorry this sucks but I hope this is kinda what the anon wanted!

Tom wanted more than anything for you to attend the premiere of Captain America: Civil War–of course he did; this movie has been such a huge step for him and his career and he wanted you to be a part of it all. But, he didn’t want you to have to experience any of the not-so-great possibilities that came with being his date to the premiere of a movie for one of the most successful movie franchises in the world.

He had hoped that there wouldn’t be way too much paparazzi or way too many press-workers attending but he knew that wouldn’t be possible. How could it be? They all have businesses that depend on showing up to these things with their cameras and their loud voices. He’s not the only one who needs to make an income.

But, of course, they can be a right pain in the ass.

They were bombarding the two of you with flashes a shouts, pushing to get glimpse of your intertwined hands. You didn’t take notice of it until now and it seemed as if all of a sudden you had just ran a marathon.

You didn’t like the attention the paps were giving you and you didn’t even bother to try and hide it. Nothing would happen to you as long as Tom was by your side and you knew that better than anyone else.

But Tom notices how uncomfortable they make you feel and he couldn’t help but send a glare at the people who pushed and pulled at you. They didn’t calm down. In fact, they were just getting more and more carried away as each moment passed. Your frown isn’t hidden away and neither is the fact that your grip on Tom’s arm was almost as if you were clinging onto him for your life.

You weren’t one for moments like this and even though you had already expected this as a side-effect of dating Tom Holland, you couldn’t help but panic. There was too many people shoving each other just to get their photo’s of Tom and his sweetheart. And it wasn’t as if these people were refraining from being violent because it’s obvious that they couldn’t care less about each other’s safety at the current place in time.

Tom pulls his arm from yours, whispering to a security worker to stay by your side. Your heart beats faster at the loss of his touch and you break out into a sweat.

“Don’t you lot have any respect?” Tom almost yells, his voice hard and his expression harder. “Can’t you see you’re bothering us? That we don’t want you to hound us like you are? Because, goddammit, I’m sure we’ve made it pretty bloody obvious!”

You shake your head, flashing a glare at anyone and everyone of the paparazzi that made any sort of move towards you or your boyfriend. Only a few of them seem to be fazed by Tom’s words and it doesn’t pass by you unnoticed.

“It’s no use Tom,” you say to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He looks at you, his eyes shining under the light. “They aren’t going to listen.”

“Fine,” he says, “But we’re leaving, yeah?”

With a sigh, Tom grabs hold of your hand again, tugging you in the direction of the closest way of exit. He walks at fast pace - as if almost jogging - with you dragging behind him by a couple of steps. His soft eyes flicker between you and the crowd, briefly waving and stopping to talk to fans on your way.

It took the two of you almost fifteen minutes to get away and Tom couldn’t help but pull you into his chest, his chin resting above your head as the both of you cherish the privacy and silence you had finally found.

Obliviate || Tom Riddle

Pairing: Tom Riddle x Reader


You ran down the corridor, throwing cautious looks over your shoulder every few steps. He was close, you could feel it. You pushed yourself harder, trying to reach the secret passage. Your feet thumped loudly as you ran, your heart beating in pace with each foot fall.  You almost made it, just a few feet away when he caught you.

“Gotcha,” he whispered into your ear, pulling your back flush against his front. A chill ran down your spine as you tried to calm your breathing, heart beating erratically.

“What do you want?” You gasped out as his hand trailed down your side, sliding the fabric of your shirt up to rub his thumb against the skin of your lower back.

“You,” he growled, pressing his lips against the underside of your jaw, nipping lightly.

“Tom,” you moaned softly, leaning into his touch. His hand ran across your side, his fingers slipping into the waist band of your skirt. “Not here.”

“No? What a shame,” he purred, pulling his hand away, much to your disappointment. He turned you to face him, smirking down at you.

“I just don’t want to get caught,” you huffed, wrapping your arms around his neck with a small pout. “Doesn’t mean I don’t want to do anything, I just think it would be safer in a dorm.”

“When have you ever been one for doing things the safe way Y/N?” He taunted, brushing his knuckles across your cheek bone. 

“Is that a challenge?” Your back was pressed against the wall the minute the words left your mouth, his hands gripping your hips tightly.

“What if it is?” He smiled against your skin, his lips brushing your throat with each word. You bit your lip in an attempt to control yourself, your hands fisting the back of his robe.

“Just shut up and fuck me already,” you demanded,  pulling his head back so that you were looking into his eyes. He gave you a satisfied smirk, his fingers swiftly undoing the buttons of your blouse.

You leaned back against the wall, resting your head on his shoulder as you tried to catch your breath. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist, his hands gripping your thighs tightly. He let you down gently, giving you a small smile as he fixed his tie. You readjusted your skirt, rolling your eyes playfully at him. 

“See, we didn’t even get caught,” he chuckled, playing with the end of your tie, his body pressed against yours once more.

“Mister Riddle, Miss Y/L/N, what are you two doing out in the corridors during class?” Dumbledore spoke from behind Tom, your eyes widening comically as he just rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Free period Sir,” he lied smoothly, turning to face the Professor.

“Yes well, please clear the corridor,” Dumbledore sighed, a feeling of relief washing over you. If he had just been a few minutes earlier. You shuddered at the thought.

“Of course, come along Y/N,” Tom nodded, taking your hand in his. He pulled you along behind him, leading you directly to the secret passageway. He stepped behind the tapestry, his demeanor instantly changing.

“That man is always in my way,” he seethed, his eyes dark as he shook with anger. “First the chambers, now this.”

“The chambers?” You questioned, squinting into the darkness in an attempt to see his facial features. It was dead silent for a long time, his hand never once leaving yours, though it didn’t have the same comforting feeling as before.

“You will forget what you heard, do you understand me?” His voice was low, menacing. It terrified you.

“Tom, you’re scaring me,” you spoke softly, taking a hesitant step away from him. His grip on your hand tightened, sending another wave of fear through you.

“You have no reason to be scared,” he assured, letting out a deep sigh. “Tell no one of the chambers, I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

“Are you the one who has been killing the muggle borns?” You asked hesitantly, your need to know overpowering your fear.

“Y/N, you’re pushing it,” he snapped, letting go of your hand abruptly. You pulled it into your chest, rubbing the irritated skin gently. You watched him pace in front of you, your fear slowly melting away.

“You are, I knew that it was you,” you laughed emotionlessly, staring dangerously at the man before you. “I didn’t want to believe it, but how could it not be?”

“I don’t want to have to kill you, I’ll just obliviate you,” he murmured to himself, running a hand through his hair as he continued pacing.

“You’re kidding me? Do you seriously think you can just obliviate me and everything will be fine,” you scoffed, shaking your head in disbelief. You froze in fear as he stopped pacing, his cold eyes snapping up to meet yours.

“Do you not understand that I can’t live without you?” He snapped, taking a step towards you. “If that means we have to start all over, and I have to make you fall in love with me again then I’ll do it.”

You took a shuddering breath, your (y/e/c) eyes watering slightly. He terrified you, but made you feel loved at the same time. After three years together, you never thought it would end like this. You took a shaky step forward, placing your hand on his jaw. You brushed a stray tear away with your thumb, looking at him with sad eyes.

“I love you, but I can’t be with you knowing what you’ve done,” you apologized, choking back a small sob as you spoke.

“Obliviate,” he whispered reluctantly, his face torn.

“Tom come here!” You called happily, standing on the dock of the black lake. You shot a look over your shoulder at your boyfriend, a bright smile on your face as he walked up. He wrapped his arms around your waist, smiling down at you softly.

“What is it my love?” He chuckled, tilting his head slightly.

“I saw the giant squid! It was on the surface just a minute ago,” you rushed, turning from him to scan the waters for any sign of the creature.

“We see him all the time in the common room,” he laughed, shaking his head at your innocence.

“It’s not the same!” You protested, taking his hand that rested on your stomach in your hand.

“I love you,” he whispered against the crown of your head, your heart beat picking up.

“You what?” You breathed out, turning to stare up at him. The two of you had only been dating a few months, and neither had said the L word yet.

“I love you, I’ve been in love with you since third year,” he smiled sadly, the reasoning unknown to you.

“I don’t know if this is love yet, but I really like you Tom,” you promised, hoping your words didn’t hurt him.

“That’s okay, hopefully you will come to love me one day,” he shrugged, pulling you into his chest gently. He rested his head atop your head, your ear pressed to the area above his heart. “Just know, my heart will always beat for you.”

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Imagine walking through New York City with Tom. You’ve just had dinner when you hear the sound of someone playing the piano; the tune leads you down a back alley - a complete dead end apart from a large wooden door, next to a sign that says “knock twice and speak-easy.” He gives it a knock, and when they let you in, Tom takes your hand and leads you inside, where you see a grand piano with a beautiful woman in a flapper costume behind the keys. The entire space is decked out in Victorian glamour, with velvet curtains and plush seats. You can’t believe your luck in finding this hidden gem, and spend the rest of the evening drinking champagne cocktails, dancing to the best jazz of the 1920′s.


Anon: can you write something like going clubbing with tom and having fun and him not being able to keep his hands to himself??

To be honest, it hadn’t taken much to convince you to go out. Especially when it was going to the club.

You always got a thrill from the beat, feeling it going through your body and just being able to let yourself just dance without a care. You were thankful for the dark lights which hid you and Tom from the rest of the world, instead allowing the two of you to blend into the crowd as two nameless people. You didn’t have to worry about having to keep appearances when you were wedged in the sweaty crowd, everyone there to have fun and relax.

So when Tom had asked you to go out that night, you had said yes before he had even finished asking you. You got changed in record time before the two of you rushed to the busiest place possible. You were thankful for Tom’s fame as you were let past the winding crowd, escorted to the VIP area. You loved getting free drinks as you built up enough courage to get on the dance floor, sipping a cocktail as you mingled with other VIPs. Soon enough, you and Tom both had enough of a buzz to push your way through the heaving crowds as you buried yourself deep into the dance floor.

Although it was dark, Tom’s carefree smile shone through like the sun. His eyes glistened as he sang along to the words best he could before he started shimmering along to the beat. You watched, mesmerised, as Tom let himself by free, let himself just be young. Here, he wasn’t Tom Holland: Spider-Man, instead, he was just another guy having fun. It always made you feel happy inside when you got to see him like this.

Tight hands grabbed onto your hips, pulling you flush to his own body, grinning down at you as the two of you swayed as if one, bodies instantly connecting. The love the two of you shared was obvious by the way you moved, not even having to think before you swayed the same way. Grabbing onto his shirt collar, you pulled him in close, breathing the same air as you shared the moment, the pushing and pulsing crowds seemed to melt into nothing when the two of you were this connected. Wandering hands went higher, running up your waist as you twisted more to the music, letting yourself be lost in the moment. Tom started whispering the words into your ear, nibbling between lines. You giggled, leaning against him as you let his words wash over you. He made the lyrics seem magical and personal, the crude messages turning into one of pure love and admiration. There wasn’t anything sexual, this wasn’t a moment between lovers, it was a moment between partners. You trusted each other fully with everything, you knew you had someone with you when you needed them the most.

You twisted in his arms, back against chest as his hands slid to rest on your thighs. He littered loving kisses over your neck, intimate in the sense that this was all yours. He poured his love over you whenever he had the chance if that be in an interview or here on the dancefloor. Reaching back, you grabbed his hair, tugging him closer. A growl sounded deep in Tom’s throat as the kissing turned into bites. You pushed yourself backwards into his crotch, loving the way his breath hitched. It was like a switch, loving nuzzles turned into animalistic marking. You loved being able to do this, to be able to show that you were each others in such an intimate manner and not have anyone judge you for it. You blended into the crowd, not drawing attention to yourselves as your dance moves turned more erotic.

Arching your back, you rested your head on his shoulders, breaths turning into pants as you rolled your hips. Toms’ hands came to grab your hips once again as he trailed open-mouthed kisses across your shoulders before twisting his head and kissing up your neck. Turning towards him, your lips met, teeth clashing and tongues battling as you got lost in one another. With a quick tug, Tom pulled your body around to face his again, all without breaking the kiss. Hands now cupping your ass, he pulled your hips against his, rolling them together. This was a well-practised dance, the two of you getting as close as possible, yet not close enough.

Your hand not in his hair wiggled up under his shirt, fingers spreading over his stomach. Slowly, you rubbed your hand in small circles, massaging him. He sighed, the kiss turning sweeter once again after the promise of more later. One of his hands ran up to the small of your back, fingers tapping his heart beat across your spine. You pulled back from the kiss, leaning against his chest again as you two calmed. Your hand moved from fisting his hair to the back of his neck, giving it a quick squeeze as the two of you continued to sway, listening to your own private soundtrack.

That what made clubbing so much fun. The two of you didn’t need to talk to know what you needed. You two fitted together better than a jigsaw. You were perfect for each other.

Let me tell you, this was something I had wanted to write for awhile but never knew how! Loved doing this!

Tom Hiddleston Imagine Insecurities

Requested by @hiddlesloving

The camera flashes momentarily blinded you, as you walked down the red carpet with your boyfriend, Tom. He smiled and waved, as if it was effortless and you could only stare at everything. 

“Tom! Over here!” Various people shouted to him and the two of you posed together, despite your nervousness. Eventually, Tom was called away for an interview and he looked at you for confirmation.

“Are you going to be alright? I shouldn’t be too long.” He asked and you felt bad for making him worry about you. 

“I’ll be alright.” You gave him a reassuring smile and watched as he walked off to give an interview with his costar. As you watched the two of them, easily bouncing off each other and how comfortable they seemed, you felt a stinging sense of insecurity build up. Stiffly, you turned away and walked into the premiere, trying not to think about it.

“You’ve been awfully quiet.” Tom noted, as the two of you arrived at your house. You’d been thinking about how much better suited Tom would be to someone who fit in his world. 

“Why are you with me?” The question was blurted out and Tom looked at you in shock. 


“I love you Tom, but I can’t help feeling inadequate whenever we go out. There are so many other people, who could handle your lifestyle better than me and I don’t understand why you’d choose to be with me, when there are so many better options.” You explained and the followed silence was crushing. 

“There are no better options.” You looked at him and saw that his eyes held only sincerity. 

“I love you (Y/N), nobody else. You’re funny and talented and stunning. You’re perfect for me. I don’t care that you don’t like the red carpet. I love you for who you are.” Tom reached for your hand and you let him take it. 


“No arguments.” Tom leaned over and his lips hovered over yours. 

“I love your face. i love your hair. I love your body. I love your personality. I love the things you don’t like about yourself. I love it all, because it’s you.” Tom kissed you and you felt your insecurities melt away. 

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