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Talk Show

Request: anon

Prompt: “Hey there could you please do a Tom Holland imagine where you are famous as well as him and you’re on some chat show and you let spill that you two are together or something? Xxx”

Interest: Tom Holland

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“You ready, love?”

You glance up at Tom a midst of taking a deep breath before nodding your head and smiling at him. He leans forward and kisses your cheek before slipping on his mic into the collar of his tux.

The talk show you both were invited to was Ellen’s, and you couldn’t decide if you were more nervous to face the dating rumors between you and Tom or sit in front of a woman your family idolized.

“You guys are on in 5,” the camera man began to count down and Tom took your hand, squeezing it and releasing it just as Ellen DeGeneres called out your cue.

The curtain draws and both you and Tom jump into your best Spider-Man impressions, hands outstretched and bursting into laughter when you catch each other mirroring the other, and the crowd in front of Ellen claps as she does too, chuckling.

“And there they are!” Ellen grins.

Tom takes your hand and the crowd gets louder, name combinations of both your characters and last names being shouted at you as you take your seats on the couch across from Ellen.

“Wow,” she says, looking between you and Tom, and then says it again to the crowd. “Wow.”

You can’t help but let yourself grin, and Ellen smiles back at you, resituating herself in her chair.

“So, how have you been?”

Your excitement and nerves kills your voice, so Tom speaks first.

“Good,” Tom blurts out, and then shifts around. “Splendid.”

“Now, this is the second…? Third time, I think I’ve had (Y/N) with me here on this show,” Ellen says, and you nod your head.

“Yeah,” you reply, clearing your throat. “This would be the third.”

“So it’s my first time with Tom,” she nods her head, and the audience laughs as Tom’s cheeks turn pink as he chuckles. “I’m going to ask you guys the question everyone’s thinking: What’s going on between you two in Spider-Man Homecoming?”

You laugh, and Tom flops back into the couch. “I told you she would ask that,” you say to him, and Ellen smiles patiently.

You focus on her face, trying not to think about the camera watching your every move. “My character and Pete’s are friends throughout most of the movie,” you tell her.

“Most of the movie?” Ellen asks, winking towards the crowd.

“Even friends fight,” Tom chuckles.

“Speaking of friends,” Ellen drawls, and both you and Tom exchange looks. “We have some very nice photos some fans caught of you guys in New York.”

A picture of you with a cup of coffee in one hand and your script in the other looking up at the skyscrapers flashes on screen, and a few audience members coo at your photo.

“I didn’t know that existed,” you state aloud.

Ellen chuckles. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve heard that.”

“Can I have this picture?” you ask, amusement in your voice. “Like, can you send this to me?”

“I actually have it here on my phone,” Ellen says, pulling her phone out. She unlocks it and opens her contacts, and as you type your information in, she adds, “Just kidding, but now I have (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s phone number!”

The crowd laughs, and you chuckle, sitting back and feeling Tom’s arm rest on the couch just above your shoulders.

The slide moves onto Tom waving at a mass of people held at bay by officers and road blocking signs, fitted in his Spider-Man suit.

“Awh, don’t you look cute,” Ellen teases him, and he chuckles.

“I remember that day,” he speaks. “(Y/N) dumped a pail of water on me.”

The audience continues to laugh as you defend yourself. “It was a water bottle, you drama queen, and it was only because you were being annoying.”

“I hardly classify reading my script out loud annoying,” Tom responds, sticking his tongue out at you.

“It is when you read the same line over and over again in my ear,” you reply, playfully pushing him away from you when he goes to hug you.

“Aren’t they cute?” Ellen asks the people not on stage, and there’s a chorus of yeses that come back. “Speaking of cute…”

A photo of you laying in a booth seat somewhere in New York, New York, with Tom’s body between your legs and both of you sound asleep appears and you laugh.

“I knew this was going to come back and bite us in the ass,” you say to Tom, and he nods his head in agreement.

“But we look lovely.”

The photo changes.

You have your arms wrapped around Tom’s waist, face tucked into his Spider-Man costume, and he’s laughing, head thrown back and the skin around his eyes crinkled. You’re dressed in civilian clothes, not having been in your costume for the scene, and the director had to hit cut multiple times on the account that neither you nor Tom could keep it together.

“Awwh,” Ellen tuts. “Now, with these pictures and then some-”

The slideshow goes a little wild in flashes moments captured by cameras over the last three and a half months with you and Tom in each frame.

“- You two have to be facing some dating rumors.”

The joint names for you and Tom are shouted out again by the crowd.

“They’re around,” Tom nods his head, then cracks a smirk. “Don’t know why though.”

Ellen laughs. “So, are they true?”

You and Tom exchange looks, but before you can turn back to face Ellen and nod your own head, Tom has taken advantage of his arm being behind your shoulders and pulls you into kissing him.

You hear a roar of applause and you laugh into the pressure of his kiss, cheeks turning scarlet as you pull away.

“Now that’s one way to say yes,” Ellen laughs. “How long has this been going on?”

“Well before the booth picture,” Tom responds, chuckling.

“Oh, I’d hope so,” Ellen replies.

“I think since we met each other at the Civil War premiere,” you tell the comedian. “He didn’t leave my side the entire night.”

“You and I remember that night very differently,” Tom speaks up, and you reach blindly to put a hand over his mouth. He kisses your palm, and you wrinkle your nose at him.

“Well,” Ellen claps her hands, leaning forward. “Since these two lovebirds won’t give us any details of Homecoming, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week when we have Robert Downey Jr!”

The crowd claps, hooting and whistling as Ellen makes the cue for you two to leave, and you weave your hand with Tom’s, receiving a kiss on the top of your head as you leave the stage the way you entered:



“Tom! Tom! Tom!” the journalists and photographers all chant Tom’s name as he leads you down the Red Carpet. His publicist had tried to talk Tom into walking by himself, with you hanging back a little. You didn’t mind, you knew that Tom was the star of the show. But Tom had adamantly refused. You’d been by his side ever since he’d started acting. You’d refused to leave him when he was struggling to get jobs, and your love and support had never wavered. He wasn’t going to exclude you from photographs, or be seen without you.

You posed with him for photographs, some side-by-sides, then arm-in-arm, hugging, holding hands, Tom kissing your hand while you pretended to swoon, and many more.

Tom gives a few interviews about his projects and the award season, but then something unusual happens, something that’s never happened before.

“Y/N, can we ask you a question?” a journalist asks.

You flounder. No-one has ever bothered to talk to you - Tom’s the star in your relationship, which was fine with you - so you didn’t quite know what to do. You glance at Tom, who smiles at you.

“Um, yes, okay.”

“What’s Tom like, when he’s playing his characters?”

You laugh. Again, no-one has ever asked you that question, but you immediately know how to answer it. “Well, he’s quite cocky when he’s Loki. Actually, he’s Loki a lot of the time at home!” A few surrounding journalists have noticed that you’re answering questions, and more microphones are shoved near your face. 

“I’m not cocky!…Am I?” Tom wonders.

“You can be a little, darling.”

“And his other characters?”

You hum as you look at Tom carefully. “Jonathan Pine was assertive. Oakley was a cocky prick. With Adam, you were quite moody.” You turn to the nearest camera, “He got a few clipped ears as Freddie Page,” you wink playfully and everyone laughs. You sober suddenly as you remember a bad time. “Robert Laing scared me,” you admit.

Tom stops laughing and pulls you closer. “Did he?” he asks seriously. You nod, and Tom apologises profusely, kissing your lips and forehead as he holds you close.

“Do you have a favourite character of his?” a reporter asks meekly, trying to lighten the now dark mood.

You think, then grin. “Himself from the Jaguar adverts.”

If you’re stressed and you know it

Clap your hands!

If you’re stressed and you know it, clap your hands!

If you’re stressed and you know it and you don’t know how cope with it, if you’re stressed and you know it clap your hands!


Tom Paris faithfully recreates a traditional 21st century Seattle-area Earth coffeehouse in a holodeck program right down to the mermaid-adorned zarfs. A shipwide crisis occurs when Janeway hijacks the program. Somehow the Doctor hacks into the holoprojector matrix and convinces her to reclaim her captain’s chair, but only with the promise of a cupholder.

Adrien meeting Mari's parents 2.0
  • Tom: so you must be Adrien! Our dear Marinette has told us so much about you!!
  • Tom: ... keep your hands off my baby girl
  • Adrien: wait we're not like-
  • Sabine: not like what?
  • Sabine: It's obvious she loves you! Mari has pictures of you all over the wall!
  • Sabine: What kind of cake would you like to have for your wedding?
  • Adrien: what pictures- wait, Marinette and I are seriously not... Hold on, what kind of cake I'd like for our what now?
  • Adrien: ur gonna make us food?
  • Adrien: Well is it fine if it's more than one cake? I want our wedding to be purrfect *takes out a list*
  • Marinette: *fangirl screaming from the distance*
  • Marinette: ... wait wtf did he just say a pun...?
  • Marinette: not even Adrien is perfect