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Leave Your Mark (Peter x reader)

Happy Monday, my loves. I know, it’s Monday, but I believe that you can get through it. I hope you all enjoy this oneshot, and I’ll have the next chapters of “Our Eyes” and “There” sometime this evening. I love you all and thanks for sticking around. xoxo

Request and Requested by Anon:  Peter Parker x young!Avenger where the reader leaves hickies all over Peter’s neck and the team teases him and the reader just lookss really proud

Warnings: None


“Hey, Peter. What’s that on your neck there?” Sam smirked, leaning against the kitchen counter. 

“Uh, nothing.” Peter blushed, pulling up the collar of his sweater. Bucky turned to him, taking a good look at his neck. 

“You sure there’s nothing there?” Bucky leaned over the counter with Sam, shooting a smug look at the young teenager. The two goons met gazes and they burst out laughing. 

Between gasps and stifled laughter, Sam managed to blurt out an actual sentence. “Oh, is Tony going to get a kick out of this.” He shook his head at Peter and Bucky pressed his forehead to the cold granite, still laughing. 

“No, no, no. Don’t tell Mr. Stark. Oh my god, please don’t.” He looked mortified as he pleaded to the two men. 

“Tell me what?” As if things couldn’t get any worse, Tony walked into the room, and stopped right next to Peter. 

“Uh..” Peter brought his hand to the back of his neck, hoping to cover the purplish marks on the sides of it. 

“Are those… hickeys?” Tony gave him that classic look of mortification. He was completely dumb founded, but he thought this was hilarious. “Spidey has been getting some action around the tower.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Peter, whose face was beet red. “I wonder who…” He dramatically rolled his eyes, knowing exactly who did this to him. Tony tried to stifle his laughs as he joined the other two behind the counter. 

Peter adverted his gaze away from them, landing them on the floor. They were giggling like little school girls and Peter’s face continuously became more red. And when he really thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. He definitely believed now that things could always get worse. 

You walked into the room, a smirk across your face. You swayed your hips as you walked past Peter, giving him a sideways glance. You plopped yourself on the couch with your confidence peaking, and your pride with it. 

“Hey F/N, been busy lately?” Bucky snorted, flicking his gaze between you and Peter. 

“You know it.” You gave a smug look at the men, then shifted your eyes to Peter, giving him a wink, making sure everyone could see. He inhaled quickly, not knowing what to do. He stood there, holding his breath, and rubbed the back of his neck again. 

The three grown men weren’t expecting you to admit it, and all of them began choking on air. They loved to tease you and Peter, but the way you took it was way different than he did. You always tried to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible, so that they would eventually stop. Being the youngest Avenger who came way before Peter, they all treated you like a little sister, and hearing you admit it made them super uncomfortable. 

“Something wrong there?” You shot the men a look, the right corner of your mouth pulling into a visible smirk. You got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, standing behind the coughing men. You patted each of their backs. “Don’t choke, yeah?” 

You walked away, and approached Peter, going on your toes to whisper in his ear. “Forget them. If you want, there’s more where that came from.” You tugged on his earlobe with your teeth, and landed back on your feet, placing a quick kiss on his lips. You walked out into the hallway, swaying your hips a little more than usual. Peter stayed stunned where he stood, his jaw slacked and his eyes wide. 

You were already halfway down the hallway when your whipped your head around in his direction. 

“Are you coming, or what?”

I hope anon and you all enjoyed this little one shot. I really love reading your prompts and molding them into stories, it really does make me happy. You’re all amazing and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you. xoxo



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Princess of Mischeif

Pairing/Characters: Reader x Loki (Dad/Daughter Relationship), OFC (Candice – Mother) x Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark (mentioned), Romanogers (If you squint),

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, swearing, violence, blood, death,

Summary: During a raid in a HYDRA Base, the team finds a teenage girl beaten up and clearly weak. They bring her back to the facility only to realise that she and Thor, share a certain family member. He comes back to fight the people who caused you pain and he’s not letting down.

Word Count: 2,449

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Tony: [to the bickering Clint, Wanda and Sam] You know why we only had one kid? So I wouldn’t have to deal with the two of them fighting in the backseat.

[Peter gives a mock salute to the bickering trio while Bucky and Steve ruffle his hair]

Support System // Jensen

Summary: You’re an actress with a strong career but sometimes life gets you down and the struggle comes with your dyslexia but with Jensen and your friends they help. Especially when you’ve bonded with your on-screen father Dean. That bond is true in reality too so how do they all help?

Characters: Jensen x platonic!reader, Jared Padalecki, Danneel Ackles (Harris)

Words: 1149

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. I do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear in this. Also I know very little about dyslexia but I’m going my very best.

Warning: Swearing, breakdown, sad reader, dyslexia,  little angst and a lot of fluff.

Requested: @purely-myself-03

Author: Caitsy.

Tagging: At the end.

A/N We have a request for everyone else. Can you please request some things or take a look at the prompt list? The more requests we get the more you’ll all get to read.

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The entertainment business is extremely hard to work in among the fight to get work to the rumours that circulate around your name. It’s even more difficult when you have any problems that the media deems ‘unworthy of work’ or you’re stamped with ‘may cause production problems’. You were in that category.

You were a damn good actress from the amount of success and reviews you’ve received over the years. You were dedicated to your career even if you had trouble reading the script sometimes but it would be extremely difficult at times. You’re latest gig was a spot on the show Supernatural. You had debuted in the season finale and now you were filming the new season.

The rain was pouring outside the motel room where Dean and Sam were going over the case they were working. Beers littered the table but no food yet. They had ordered a couple pizzas that would arrive any moment to the impatience of Dean.

“So we still have little to no know idea on what we’re fighting?” Dean asked taking a pull from the bottle.

“No. We might need Cas because it’s would be a witch or something worse.” Sam replied rubbing his face as both men leaned back in their chairs. There was a knock of the door before he could continue.

“You grab the pizza, I’m going to use the bathroom.” Dean said climbing to feet and going into the attached room, “Do not eat it all!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sam chuckled grabbing his wallet and opening the door to see a young and freezing teenager on the doorstep. She held two pizzas but other than that she wasn’t holding anything but a duffle bag.


“Um. No I think you have the wrong room but that pizza is ours.” Sam replied reaching for it. The teen quickly moved back with a rapid shake of her head.

“No. You must be Sam.”

The clicking of a gun from behind Sam was heard. Both turned to see a furious Dean Winchester aiming a gun at the teens head. The teen’s eye rapidly grew before she shoved the pizza at Sam and raised her arms.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m…I’m Millie Campbell Winchester!” The teen exclaimed hiding behind the door jam, “I don’t legally go by Winchester!”

“What the fuck are you pulling?” Dean hissed edging backwards into the room, “Get in here.”

“We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Pl-please put the gun down.”  Bell weakly asked stepping into the room. The gun was lowered at the nod of Sam.

“Who are you really?” Sam asked.

“I’m not kidding! I’m Mille Campbell Winchester. I’m nineteen years old and I was named after my great-grandma Millie. Everyone calls me Bell.”

“Cas, we need help.” Dean grumbled.

Bell jumped at the sudden appearance of an Angel in the room where he tilted his head at Bell before looking at Dean.

“You called?”

“Who is this?” Dean demanded not removing his eyes from her. Castiel came closer to Bell in curiosity before he nodded.

“This would be your daughter Millie Campbell Winchester-Murdock.” Can said looking at Dean, “Did you not get that voicemail?”

“Jesus.” Dean groaned, “I have a child? You’re dropping the Murdock, kid.”

Ever since you had devoted yourself to going over your script countless times but sometimes you struggled like today. You woke up knowing it was going to be horrible because you woke up late and your mother informed you the family was coming for a visit. When you stopped in for a coffee at your favourite place you noticed you were having more trouble than usual reading the menu.

“No, no, no.” You grumbled. You knew it was because you’re demanding and hectic family was coming. They didn’t understand how terrible it was to work and keep them happy in your home.
It got worse when you forgot all your lines in the first scene and you were shaking because you couldn’t even read anything in the script.

“I-I-I…”You mumbled running to the favourite place you had. You said there sobbing trying to rip the script up in your hands, “I QUIT! THIS BULLSHIT!”

“Y/N? Where are you?” Jared’s voice asked before he caught side for your hiccuping and shaking body, “Shit.”

Jared backtracked quickly because they only person that could calm you down was Jensen. You two had bonded and developed a distinct bond normally between father and daughter. You had a terrible childhood with your father and it got worse when he fled the family.

“J?” Jared called rushing up to his best friend.

“Yeah?” Jensen asked, “Find Y/N?”

“That’s the thing. She’s having a breakdown.”

Jensen shoved his own script at Jared before he swiftly went the place you went to the most. His heart broke at the sight of you rocking yourself with large sobs. He noticed the attempts at tearing the script apart.

“Y/N/N? Honey.” Jensen whispered pulling the teen into his arms. He rocked them in attempts to calm her down, “What’s wrong?”

“I-I ca-“ You hiccuped.

“Hey, take a deep breath with me.” Jensen whispered placing your hand on his chest, “Feel my heart beating? Think of how it’s beat and match my breathing okay?”


“Sh, don’t talk but taking deep breaths for me.” Jensen whispered as your head fall onto his chest and the shaking dwindled.

“My family’s coming.” You started with a shaky voice, “I knew it was going to be bad because I couldn’t order a coffee and I was nearly late to work!”

“Why were you almost late.” Jensen questioned not noticing as majority of the cast watched with a few photos and a visiting Danneel smiling.

“I couldn’t read the signs! My phone died too!”

“Hey, it’s okay. We all have bad days, remember last week?” Jensen questioned leaning back, “Jared couldn’t find his lucky necklace?”

“The one the boys made for him?” You asked.

“Yeah, I had a meltdown but you were there with your computer and Gen was on there with the boys.” Jared sadly smiled as he crouched in front of you.

“You don’t know how hard it is being dyslexic.” You whimpered.

“No we don’t, but we see a strong young woman with a support system that greatly helps you.” Jensen said, “It’s a scene that can be switched out, you know everyone understands that sometimes you can’t work and that goes for everyone. How about Danneel, you and I go get ice cream?”

“Okay.” You sniffled smiling when Jensen brushed the tears away and Danneel helped you up with a smile.

“I may not have given life to you but you’re my honorary daughter.” Danneel grinned before Jensen pulled both of you into a hug.

“Come on kid. I don’t let my kids live with no ice cream.”

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Bland MARVEL Headcannon

Hulk uses so much of Bruce’s energy that Bruce eats enough for three people, and sleeps in the first place he finds for 3 days. He sleeps like a baby. Thor has even thrown him over his shoulder to find the remote in the couch, and put him back after.

I don’t want to make out with myself (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: can you do an imagine where the reader is an avenger and she’s super sarcastic and dry with everyone and she acts like she hates everything and peters the only person she nice to and everyone teases her about it?? they sort of have a relationship like april and andy on parks and rec? thanks!!

A/N: I loved the idea, but for some reason, I don’t really like how this turned out. I hope it is just me and you guys enjoy it! xx 

‘’Will you shut up?’’ you say to Tony, who is rambling about something he has created. You have been an Avenger for two years, when Tony found you living on your own under a fake name, trying to hide your powers. Being able to shift into other people made it easy for you to live alone, shifting into an old woman when your teachers wanted to talk to your mom.
You have been trained by your father, who had been on the army. You learnt how to fight at a young age, when you discovered about your powers, knowing people would try to take you. Your parents have given their lives when some men appeared at your house one day to try to take you, and they told you to run away. The day after, you saw on the news that they had been murdered, and you took all the money they had left you and fled, starting a new life -you became colder and talked to no one, trying to keep your identity a secret and not using your powers when not necessary. Tony somehow found you and took you under his wing; even if you hadn’t wanted it at first, when he showed you the tower, with its bedrooms and training rooms, you couldn’t refuse.
Two years after, you are still closed up, not being talkative and avoiding any kind of relationship with the team. You love them and they love you, but you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. The only person who made you open up was Peter Parker, a boy who has joined The Avengers only two months ago and who doesn’t live with you all, but who somehow has managed to win his way onto your heart.
Tony glares at you, mad at you for not being excited. You can feel Peter’s laugh against your head since you are lying on his chest, waiting for it to be your turn to go onto the ring.
‘’You could try and be nice sometimes, [Y/N]’’ Tony says, still glaring.
You roll your eyes and get up from the ground. You look around the room, Natasha and Steve finishing their fight.
Just as they leave the ring, you go onto it, waiting for someone to fight you.
‘’Hey, Sam, wanna get your ass handed to you?’’ you ask, smirking.
‘’As if that was gonna happen, little girl’’ he answers.
A minute later, his head is trapped between your legs, his hand punching the ground.
‘’Let me breathe, let me breathe!’’ he shouts, trying to escape your grasp.
You laugh and let him go, getting up from the ground.
‘’I didn’t even have to shift. You are getting old, Sparrow’’ you say.
‘’It’s falcon. There is a huge difference.’’
‘’Sure, pigeon’’ you say smirking a little. ‘’Does anybody else want to fight?’’ you ask. Peter gets up from where he was sitting and walks to the ring, smiling at you. ‘’No. Nope. I’m not fighting you, Pete. I don’t want to hurt you’’ you say, shaking your head vigorously.
‘’You didn’t even think about it before trying to kill me!’’ Sam says.
‘’Well, Peter deserves kindness. You don’t’’ you answer, looking at him. ‘’I’m not fighting you, Pete.’’
‘’Come on, [Y/N], a punch is not gonna kill me’’ he says, a sweet smile adorning his lips.
‘’We know why you don’t want to fight him’’ Natasha says, her usual smirk on her lips.
‘’Little [Y/N] has a crush’’ Tony’s voice sings, for once, him and Natasha agreeing on something.
‘’It’s not a crush!’’ you shout, blushing. Peter is blushing as well, trying not to make it too noticeable.
‘’Oh, come on, [Y/N], don’t listen to them’’ Steve says, putting his arm around your shoulder. You frown -Steve knows you don’t like people touching you, so he only does it when he is joking. ‘’It is okay if you have a crush.’’
You growled and looked at them, Peter standing still and blushing.
‘’I hate you all’’ you say, really serious. You look at Peter, who doesn’t know what to do. ‘’Well, not you. But I hate the rest of you’’ you say as you leave the room, your cheeks bright red.
You hear footsteps behind you just as you leave the room, and turning around, you see Peter, running to you.
‘’Hey, don’t listen to them. We are the youngest and they like to joke around’’ he says, putting his hand in your arm.
‘’Yeah, but what if I do have a crush on you? You are the only one here who makes me feel anything at all. They are like my family, but you always bring the good out of me and I-‘’ you confess, feeling brave, before feeling Peter’s lips on your own.
‘’Well, if you have a crush on me, that’s great, because I have a crush on you’’ he whispers before kissing you again.
You hear more footsteps approaching you, and throwing Peter inside the first room you can find, you quickly shift into him, trying to distract the team.
‘’Hey, Peter, have you seen [Y/N]?’’ Natasha asks, the whole team behind her, talking between them.
‘’Yes, she went to her room. Seemed pretty pissed off. I think there were tears on her eyes’’ you say, trying to make them feel bad.
‘’Shit’’ she answers before leaving to your room. The rest of the team follows her close behind, and you walk into the room you have pushed Peter in.
‘’Oh my God, that’s scary’’ he says as he sees you. ‘’Can you please stop looking like me? Not in a rude way, but I don’t want to make out with myself.’’
You laugh softly and quickly shift into yourself before pulling him in for a kiss, a smile on your lips.

so one time my family threw me a surprise party, i usually don’t know how to react to those sort of things. so when they all jumped up and yelled surprise i immediately laid down on the floor and stared at the ceiling for 11 minutes straight and everyone was standing there awkwardly.

Dance, Dance, Hug

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono requested: Hello!!! could you do a Peter Parker imagine where the reader’s sister is getting married and she needs a date so she asks Peter because they’re close friends but while they’re there they dance and hold hands and it’s just super fluffy and cute? Thank you

“Peter please!” You begged, near getting on your knees and pulling out the puppy eyes. Peter watched you in amusement as you pleaded for him to be your date. “It’s just for a few hours. I need a date or else my sister will try and hook me up with some guy that I most likely do not want to know.” His ears perked up at the part of you being ‘hooked up’ with someone. Peter did not want that.

“Fine, Y/N; but you owe me.” He replied causing you to squeal and hug him tightly, muttering thank yous over and over into his sweater. “When’s the wedding?” Peter queried. You looked up at him and smiled sheepishly.


“Hurry up Peter, we’re going to be late!” You yelled from outside his door. Not even a second later he opened his door, jaw dropping at the sight of you and yours at the sight of him. He wore a simple suit that complimented his eyes with a red and blue striped tie. You on the other hand wore a red skater dress, the one your sister picked out for you. “Wow.” You whispered in awe.

“Y-You look a-amazing, Y/N.” Your best friend stuttered out, cheeks flushing red and throat clearing awkwardly. “S-So, you ready to g-go?” You nodded and grabbed a hold of his hand so the both of you could go jump into the cab waiting for you outside. Of course your sister forgot to get you a ride, so you had to hail a taxi moments before you ran in to get Peter. The both of you hopped in and the driver sped off, already going to the reception hall.

“So where you guys headed so fancied up?” He asked in a cheerful voice, glancing back at the two of you squished in the backseat. You smiled timidly at him, playing with a loose string on the skirt of your dress.

“My sister’s wedding; she’s getting married to the man of her dreams right now.” A dreamy sigh escaped your lips as you pictured the beautiful traditional wedding that they were having. The driver nodded and turned on his blinker.

“Who is she getting married to?” He queried once again, prying slightly but not enough to make you uncomfortable. A sly grin made its way onto your lips as you knew him and Pete would be shocked by who it was.

“Steve Rogers.” You were correct; their eyes widened and the driver nearly sped past a red light. Peter turned towards you with his mouth open. “Yup, she’s getting married to the star spangled man himself.” The driver let out a low whistle before settling into silence. Pete leaned closer to you and muttered into your ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was getting married to Captain America before we left?” He stated with a lilt at the end of his sentence. You shrugged and settled down into the seat, leaning your head against Peter’s shoulder.

“I thought it would be a cool surprise.” You voiced simply, soon after watching the scenery go by through the window. Peter secretly took out his phone and texted all the Avengers, telling them not to act surprised or like they know him when he arrives.

“Here we are kids,” the man in the front seat stopped the car and turned around with a grin, “have fun!” You thanked him and jumped out, pulling Peter behind you and into the chapel. You both walked in and sat down in the front next to the Avengers who discreetly stared at your best friend. The wedding march soon started and a flower boy walked down the aisle, throwing flower petals into the air and watching them float down. He giggled and walked by you, surprising you with a hug before going to sit down.

Next the bridesmaids came out, all dressed in fluttering pink and blue dresses with bouquets of white lillies in their hands. You awwed softly as a little girl jumped up and wrapped her arms around a bridesmaid’s leg. She chuckled and picked her up, letting her hold the bouquet. As they sat down your sister came down the aisle with her arm around your father’s, eyes only for Steve and his blue ones only on her. 

Peter could tell you were near tears as you clutched onto his arm. He sighed and rolled his eyes but smiled gently, wrapping his free arm around your shoulders. Your sister stood next to Steve, eyes glowering with love and white dress glittering in the lights. The priest recited words that you did not pay attention to as all your attention was on your beautiful sister. ‘I dos’ were soon exchanged and the two loves kissed happily before your sister threw the bouquet in the air. Women clawed in the air for the bouquet and soon your sister’s best friend caught it.

Peter payed no mind to the tradition as he was looking on at you and your wondrous eyes, taking everything in around you. Hopefully in the future the two of you woud be standing at that alter and exchanging ‘I dos.’

You piled your plate full of food at the reception, Peter watching you with amusement. The first dance already happened and now they were playing crappy pop music that caused you to scrunch your nose and mutter at every single one.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” Peter yelled over the music, receiving a nod from you as you continued to scan over the food like a hawk. He begrudgingly walked over to Natasha who was making a ‘come hither’ movement with her finger. She had a small smile on her face which meant that Peter wasn’t in trouble.

“I didn’t know you knew Y/N.” She mused, unaware of the listening ears from the Avengers. Peter shrugged and glanced behind him at you who was guarding food. 

“We’ve been friends forever,” He explained, “she didn’t want to be seen without a date or else Y/S/N would hook her up with somebody.” Peter tightened his tie nervously, looking back every once in a while to make sure you didn’t see him talking to Natasha.

“You like her.” She stated when he peeked back at you. Peter snapped his head over to her and started stuttering out denies. “You do!” Natasha laughed, clutching a glass of wine in her hand. “Go dance with her, I can manipulate the DJ to play a good slow song.” Before Peter could even fight back she was gone and you took his place.

“You try some of the food yet?” You questioned, setting down your plate and cup on a table. He shook his head, causing you to shove a brownie in his mouth. Peter started choking slightly. You laughed and patted his back, unaware of eyes on the both of you. “Great, isn’t it?” Peter gave you a thumbs up before clearing his throat.

“Damn, that kid is clueless.” Sam Wilson chuckled to Bucky who nodded in agreement, watching the two teens laugh and talk.

“He’s an idiot.” Bucky muttered. Sam raised his hand for a high five and Bucky did the same. “We need to do something.” However before they could Nat came back with a smug smirk on her lips and a DJ in the back flustered.

“I already did boys.” She purred, sitting down by them as the song ended and a slow one turned on. The DJ turned towards the microphone and smiled.

“Alright ladies and gents, buckle up and slow dance your pants off to Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco!” The part of the crowd that knew the sound cheered and jumped onto the dance floor.

“Peter we have to dance! It’s my favorite song.” You cheered, pulling him onto the floor. He glanced back at Natasha with wide eyes. She gave him a thumbs up and mouthed that he could do it. So he tried; he put his arms around your waist as yours wound around his neck and the two of you danced, forgetting about the world around you and about your sister who was taking photos of the two of you whilst Steve laughed at her.

“Thanks for inviting me to come Y/N, it was actually pretty fun.” Peter mumbled as the song ended and you both walked off the dance floor, hand in hand. You giggled as the two of you stopped next to a gazebo covered in fairy lights that looked like stars against the dark, cloudy sky.

“I couldn’t have survived it without you.” You stated, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Pete, I couldn’t ask for someone better.” The both of you turned to silence after that, the only thing on your minds was what the other’s lips tasted like. With you being the bold one, you grabbed his tie and pulled his lips towards yours.

The fairy lights twinkled above the both of you, your sister’s cheering turning into background noise as the two of you expressed your love. Natasha shrugged and raised her glass into the air, prompting Bucky and Sam to do the same.

“To our awkward little spider getting the girl.” She voiced.

“To our awkward little spider who is an idiot and couldn’t kiss her first, but still got the girl anyways.”

Gif Based Preferences (Part 9)

They Read Smut

**i dont own any of these gifs. all credit goes to the respective owners :)**

Your jaw dropped as you scrolled down the story. Your eyes couldn’t get wider as you continued reading. “What are you reading, darling?” You felt a presence behind you and you simply slid the computer to your significant other.

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Girls day out ( bucky x f!reader)

prompt: the reader has a girls day out with Nat and Wanda and she gets a hair cut 

a/n: I don’t know you guys have this thing that after you get a hair cut you regret how short it is even if it’s not or maybe it’s only me? anyway its a bit long so enjoy!  

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Today is the day, it’s your girls day out with Nat,Wanda, and Pepper which means you guys will have time for your selfs. When you live in the avengers tower it’s nice to have some girl time but this time Pepper couldn’t make it (she had an important meeting that she had to go to) but she felt bad for ditching all of you  on your special day so she booked all of you an  appointment at some fancy spa.

*time skip*

“this place is fancy as hell,” you said as you walked in the spa, you looked like a child going to the candy store for the first time, Nat and Wanda couldn’t stop laughing at your reaction. 

There wasn’t a lot of people, but it was a nice place, you guys guessed that  Pepper booked your appointment when it wasn’t really busy. After a while of pampering you got your nails and toes done but knowing your job you guys knew that it wouldn’t last a week.

 You laughed at that thought while  looking at your phone to see if your boyfriend Bucky sent you a text, he did and it said that he ‘misses you and when will you be back’ before you could answer back you saw Nat and Wanda giggling beside you. 

“Why are you guys  gigling like school girls” you asked your team mates  with a raised eyebrow “oh nothing Y/N what are you doing on your phone” Nat asked grining at you “I am just ugh.. checking the time thats all” you said bitting you bottom lip as you(tried to) lied “oh sure you are’’ .

Wanda said teasingly after that you didn’t bother look back at your phone. “Y/n didn’t you want to cut you hair? you should get it done today while we’re here’’ Nat said “yeah I think your right, it would be great not getting any hair on your face on missions’’ you said while playing with the tip of your hair. 

Wanda and Nat nodded in agreement, both of them had that problem as well, after you got your hair cut you  left and headed back  to the tower you liked your hair cut it looked nice on you but like always you felt it was a bit to ‘short’

Both Nat and Wanda told you wasn’t short and you looked really nice but you  still hid your hair in the hood of your hoodie so nobody can see it, you always had that problem when it came to your hair.

*time skip*

There was only Bucky,Sam,Clint and Vision in the tower, the others where on a mission  and Thor was in Asgard. When reached the base you  practically ran to your room when you heard a familiar voice call out  for you, it was Bucky. 

“Hey doll did you have a good time’’ you didn’t turn around to face him “ Y-Yeah i have to do something” you said as ran as fast you can, Bucky was worried he thought you where mad at him so he ran after you, when you reached your room you got a video call from Pepper.

You answered as fast as you could “ Heyyyy Y/N did you enjoy your spa day” Pepper said with a big smile on her lips as you pulled your hood a bit to cover your hair a bit.

“ Pepper, you should’ve come with us  it was so much fun”  you knew Nat had told her that  you got a hair cut “ Y/N I have to go can you show me your hair please” she practically begged you gave in and showed it  to her, she said that it was a great look on you “ok Y/N I will have to go now I will talk to you when I come back”.

You hung up then you heard a knock on your door “Y/N doll it’s me Bucky can I come in?” you put hair back in the hood of your sweater and let him in “ hey Buck’’ you said ‘’are you ok I am so sorry for what ever I did I promise I will make it up to you Y/N and-’’ you stopped.

Bucky with a kiss “ can you always make me shut up like that” he said with a smirk on his face ‘’yes and every thing is fine Buck you did nothing wrong” he furrow his eyebrow in confusion ‘’ then whats wrong love didn’t you have a good time at the spa?’’ he said pulling you into his chest and  you nodded.

 “ I had a great time at the spa” “then what’s wrong,” he said kissing your head ‘’ Well… you see I cut my hair and now it feels a bit weird cuz i think its a bit short’’.

Bucky looked at you with a excited look on his face “OMG I am so happy that your not mad at me and i wanna see your hair’’. 

He let you go so you can show him your hair. You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend’s expression, you took off your hood and his jaw dropped you laughed at boyfriend’s expression.

‘’ It’s not that bad” you said teasingly “ no it’s it- you looked amazing like you really do,” he said honestly ‘’thanks Bucky,” you said as you gave him a hug. 

After you pulled away Bucky looked at you with a smirk on his face ‘’what?” you said with a raised eyebrow “ well it’s not every one that is blessed with gorgeous hair  like me” he said teasingly and you playfully hit his shoulder 

“ I AM BUCKY, OF AVENGERS TOWER AND I AM BURDENED WITH  GLORIOUS HAIR” both of you couldn’t stop laughing at his imitation of Loki. 

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The Little Barnes and the Spiderling | Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Shoutout to google translate for the Russian words (if you are Russian or speak it, I apologize because google translate is not accurate, at all).  Малютка translates to “little one”, Папа means “papa (or dad)”,да папа means “yes papa”,друг means “lover (or crush)”,Заткнись! Он не мой любовник means “Shut up! He isn’t my lover”, and что вы говорите roughly means “whatever you say”. Hope you all enjoy!

warnings: rude girls, kidnapping, flustered and cute peter parker (not sure if that is warning but)

Two weeks.  You waited for two weeks for your dad to come home from his mission, and today was the day.  Finally, you could see him after being reunited with him a few months ago.

You sat on the bar stool, tapping your blue pencil as you anxiously waited for your dad’s arrival.  “Anytime now, anytime now,” you thought to yourself.

“You know, the more you tap your pencil the more-”

“Just shut it Tony,” you snapped, “I just want to see my dad and I-I don’t need any of your sarcastic remarks right now.” Tony walked away as you turned your back towards the door.

“Малютка?” a familiar voice asked.

“Папа!” you yelled as you fled from the stool and tossed yourself into your dad’s arms.  You both stayed there until Steve spoke up.  

“Buck, you should go get cleaned up for movie night.”  

You let go of your dad and smiled before picking up the pencil you were tapping before and retreating to your room.

“Okay, use the move we just went over, okay?” Sam said as you impatiently tapped your foot on the floor.  

You smirked to yourself realizing you weren’t going to use what Sam had taught you.  “Yup, I got it.  Punch left, duck, kick to the chest and flip.”

“Perfect, now let’s give it a go.”  

Instead of punching you kicked first, then followed through with what Nat had previously taught you.  “Kick, punch, duck, trip, kick again, and flip,” you recited in your head as you proceeded.  

“No, what are you doi-holy shit you’re going to kill me one day.” Sam groaned as he rolled over on the blue mat of the training room.

“It’s not my fault I’m 15 and can kick your ass.” you giggled.  “Well, I’m going to go before I can possibly hurt you in any other ways.” you laughed as he sighed.

You walked down the hallway towards the kitchen, thinking about what you would make for lunch.  It had to be something nutritious, especially after your hard training with Sam.

“Hello? A-Anyone here?” you heard an unfamiliar boy’s voice ask.

Pausing for a moment, you wondered who was intruding but were shocked to see a boy from your school standing in the middle of the kitchen. He stood timidly, with the Spiderman suit in his left hand and his other hand in a tight fist.

“Peter, right?” you asked cautiously, watching the boy’s foot tap nervously on the marble floor.

“Oh-uh. Yeah! Uh- hi, Y/n.” He let out a small laugh and cleared his throat.

You glanced at the suit in his hands and smirked.  “Ah, so you are the crime fighting Spiderling.”

“What? No-no this is just a suit that-” he sighed.  “Fine, okay. It’s me. Do you know where Mr. Stark is?” he asked as his face turned a bright crimson shade.

“Yeah,” you chuckled, “Follow me.”  You walked at a faster pace than normal as you led Peter down the black tile floors.  It was silent except for the light thuds of the footsteps on the cold floor.

“So, I’m guessing your last name comes from Bucky Barnes then?” Peter asked as he followed you down the corridor, breaking the silence.  

“Yup, I always tell people it’s not but, since I know your Spiderman I guess you can keep my secret too.” you smiled.  

“We have a few of the same classes right?”

“Yeah. I think we have art, history and a few others.” you stated.

““Малютка?” Bucky called out. You looked at Peter and saw his nervous glare toward your dad.  Even you could feel Peter’s fear of your dad in the atmosphere as he entered the room.  Sighing, you turned to your dad’s direction, wondering what he needed from you.

 “да папа?” you asked back, excusing yourself from Peter while lightly jogging to your father’s side across the room.

“Who is that?” Bucky questioned with a stern tone.

“Oh, he’s Peter, Tony sent him over.  He is Spider-”

“Yes, I know.”

“Oh, okay then.  I’ll see you later папа,” you replied before jogging back to Peter’s side. “Sorry, my dad always likes to know everything,” you nervously laughed, “I guess he was always taught that.”

The rest of the walk was in silence after your comment.  The walls of the hallway seemed never ending from the awkward silence.  You felt your heart beating a mile-a-minute and assumed Peter could hear it too.  

“Well here is the lab.  I’ll, uh, see you around sometime, Peter.”  

“Yup, uh, definitely. Yeah, I’ll see you around too.  Nice talking with you, Y/n.”

You stifled a small giggle at how awkward he was before walking back to the kitchen.  “I mean, I guess Peter Parker is kinda cute,” you thought to yourself.


“Miss Barnes, Mr. Parker is coming up the elevator.” F.R.I.D.A.Y alerted you.  You jumped off your bed and ran to the kitchen, just like every other week day when Peter came to see Tony after school.  

“Oooo someone is waiting for her друг,” Natasha said with a smug grin.  You and Nat always spoke in Russian since, after all, she did teach you the language.

“Заткнись! Он не мой любовник,” you retorted.

“что вы говорите, ” Nat remarked before leaving the room.

The elevator dinged, indicating that Peter was here. “Okay Y/n, stay cool.”

“Hey, Y/n!” Peter said as he walked towards you.

“Hi, Peter.”  

“So, um how was your day?” he stuttered as he scratched the back of his neck.

“Um it was pretty good. I mean, besides getting picked on by the popular girls at lunch.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about it.”

“It’s okay don’t worry. I mean I could probably kill them seven different ways with my elbow, but I wouldn’t want to do that,” you joked and the two of you laughed at the comment.

“Hey, maybe Ned and I could sit with you at lunch since I-I noticed that you were alone.  And our schedules are really similar tomorrow, so it could be fun to hang out at school for once.”

“Yeah I would really enjoy that,” you replied, fidgeting with your hands.

“Okay! Well, I-I gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow in history,” he said with a smile as his awkwardness faded, confidence overcoming him.


The whole morning, you and Peter either gossiped about the popular girls or watched videos of Spiderman fighting. You were honestly quite sad when you had a full period without Peter before lunch.

You sat down in your regular seat for English, preparing for a long class.

“Alright everyone, since I have decided to be nice and I still need to grade your tests so, you all can have a free period.  Just don’t get too loud.” Everyone gathered with their friends but you stayed in the back of the room where you could peacefully draw.

You began to sketch out Peter with his favorite hoodie on, well ,his favorite hoodie that you stole from him.  

“Awww! Are you sketching your boyfriend?” a voice remarked.  The piercing blue eyes of the girl stared you down, giving you time to notice how much mascara was clumped onto her eye lashes.

“W-What?” you stammered as you layed down your pencil next to your notebook.

“You know, Peter?  You two have been hanging out all morning.”  Myah, one of those evil popular girls, spoke up.  All 5 of the snotty girls stared you down, waiting for your reply.

“No, Peter isn’t my boyfriend.  You really shouldn’t make assumptions like that.”

“So, now we aren’t allowed to speak our minds? What kind of shit are you thinking about?  You’re probably lying about your last name, too. She probably is the daughter of the killer Winter Soldier,” Bailey scoffed as she and her friends turned around and proceeded to talk about how horrible your dad is.  

“Man, I can’t wait until that bell rings.” you thought to yourself as you slouched in your seat.


“Hey,” Peter said as he slid down across from you at the empty lunch table.  “What’s wrong?” he questioned as he noticed your odd mood, “Did something happen in English?”

“No, I’m fine Peter.”

“Y/n, I see you everyday and I know when something is up.”

You blinked and grabbed your stuff. “I-I-I have to go,”  you said as you ran out of the cafeteria.

“Y/n! Wait up!” Peter yelled as you continued to run away, becoming farther and farther away from him.

You felt a cold chill once you stepped outside the big doors to the entrance of Midtown High.  You continued to run for several feet as Peter continued to call out your name.  Suddenly, panic washed over you as you saw a man in all black coming towards you with a black sack and a large needle.  You took a few steps back, fearing what the man’s intentions were to you.  He harshly grabbed your arms and spat in your face.

“I think you ought to come with us, Y/n Barnes,” the man threatened before sticking a needle into your arm, causing you to pass out.

Gif Based Preferences (Part 4)

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Cute Things You Two Do

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Mission Mistletoe

 Prompt: The whole team is tired of you and Peter not confessing your feelings so tony takes the matter into his own hands.

a/n: yes I know I’m late in the Christmas fics but better late than sorry right? merry Christmas and happy holidays love you<3

warning: kissing 

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 There are only 3 days till Christmas and all of the avengers were spread across the couches in the tv room. Watching Christmas movies since Stevie and Bucky missed a couple good ones.

Everyone in the tower was all in the holiday spirit. Especially Tony. He loved throwing parties and never missed an occasion to party. He didn't need to have the reason or know the holiday to throw a party. But this year he didn't want to throw one. He thought it would be nice if we just spent the holiday in peace. 

So here you are cuddling with Peter and sipping hot cocoa. Since Bucky and Sam were being babies and wanted a blanket each,  you had to share with Peter. Which you didn't mind at all.

 It would be a lie if you said that you didn’t have a slight crush on Peter. Okay, maybe slight isn’t the right word its more of a huge crush on him. 

“what do we watch next?” sam asked as he walked to the kitchen. “how about the grinch?” you suggested “yeah that’s a classic” Peter said smiling at you. 

“why did you call us here Tony?” Steve asked as the walked in the meeting room.

“yeah, and why isn't Y/n and Peter here? Shouldn't they be here too?” Clint asked getting a nod from Natasha who was sitting next to Sam and in front of him.

“ okay okay one question at a time,” Tony said as he plopped a blueberry in his mouth “ this meeting is actually about them" 

"what do you mean” Steve asked confused “ well didn't you guys ever notice the way they look at each other and how in love they are?” everyone nodded “ so what?” Steve said and Tony sighed “ so we have to get them together because it’s really annoyingly cute,” Tony said gagging in the end.

“what would like us to do?” Loki asked, “ thought you would never ask,” Tony said his grin getting wider. 

“mama bird come in mama bird,” said Tony into his walkie-talkie.  "Mama bird here over,“ Clint said hiding in the vents. 

"Will you idiots stop with these stupid code names and start!"Loki whispered/screamed. 

"calm down reindeer we need to know if the coast is clear” Loki rolled his eyes at Tony. 

“Ok, Doritos is the coast clear?” Clint asked, “who is Doritos?"Steve asked, "is that a reference?”

“Argg its gonna be a long night,” Loki said rubbing his temple. 

“ok everyone listens up it is the last time I'm gonna say it”. Tony said in the walkie talkie.

“we each have a bag full of mistletoes and we have to hang them all over the building. We have to put them everywhere, we have to make sure that Y/n and Peter walk under one and kiss." 

"this better work Stark” Sam commented as he placed the mistletoes.

“Why is there so many mistletoes in here?” you asked as you walked in the kitchen, luckily you didn’t walk into one with someone. 

“To get in the holiday spirit that’s all,” Tony said sipping his coffee. 

The kitchen was quite a bit too quiet well for the avengers at lease. Until you heard someone arguing. You and Natasha looked at each other with a raised eyebrows and looked at Tony who simply shrugged in response. 

The three of you went to the living room where you saw Clint and Loki under a MISLETOE. 

You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation since you knew that Clint isn’t very fond of Loki after the incident that happened in New York. Even if Loki had changed his ways Clint didn’t care, Loki was staying in the avenger’s tower because Thor had invited him to spend the holiday here.

You and Natasha looked at each other and burst of laughter. Tony had a hard time controlling it as well he had to cover his laughter in coughs since Loki and Clint glared at him the first time.

“what’s all the ruckus about? some people want to sleep” sam walked out with a very sleepy peter. who looked really cute with his bed hair and a sleepy smile. “Shit,” you thought “ it’s not the time to get distracted by Peter’s cuteness”

“oooh,” sam said with a huge grin on his face “ Loki the god of mischief has to kiss Legolas,” he said amused.

“I will not kiss this pathetic mortal” Loki hissed. “ same here and who you calling pathetic?” Clint walked in front of Loki chest raised. 

A loud booming voice was heard when turned you saw Thor get out of the elevator “ what is the problem fellow companions?” thor said frowning. He was a big puppy in a god’s body. 

“Loki and Clint walked under a mistletoe together and according to the ritual they have to kiss, ” Peter said matter of factly “but they don’t want to”. Thor laughed as he understood the situation and told Loki to just over with it. Loki and Clint kissed well it was more of a peck “ I  gotta wash my mouth with bleach now” Clint said walking away. 

During the day everyone was kissing everyone. After Loki and Clint, Steve and Tony had to kiss, then sam and bucky and then Natasha and Y/n. 

It was funny, but a bit annoying that you never got to do it Peter with you, you knew that he liked you but he never admitted it. 

You were on your way to your room when you bumped into Peter himself. You looked at him and smiled. 

Just when you about to leave someone called you “ Where do you think you’re going young lady” a voice came from behind you. It’s was Tony. 

“uhh, hi Tony,” you said “oh cut the slack Y/n, You know you and Peter are standing under a mistletoe” he pointed above both of your head. 

You looked at Peter he was beet red and you bet you were too, “ what are you waiting for” Tony asked with a raised eyebrow. 

You turned towards Peter as if you asked him if it was ok for you to kiss him. He looked at you asking for permission as well.

You smiled and leaned in, so did Peter. 

His lips were soft and the kiss was sweet but it still gave you butterflies. You didn’t want to stop but you had to just as you were about to pull away  Peter pulled you by the waist and kissed you again but more passionately this time, and you wrapped your hands around his neck. 

You broke the kiss when you remembered that Tony was still there. You looked at Peter still blushing not knowing what to say. “Y-y/n would you go out with me?” Peter asked, you pecked his lips and said yes(obviously).

“finally” Tony yelled “ It’s a Christmas miracle" 

Winter Break: Part Five

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr.(more to be added)

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: hey guys, school really tired me out today, but I wanted to write, so I apologize in advance if this piece is a little choppy and short. thank you for all of the support so far (:


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You whirl around, and before you can get your hair out of your face, you’re swept up into a pair of arms, and you gasp, choking for breath.

“Robert!” you manage to get out, and the man sets you back on the flats of your feet.

“My unofficial daughter,” Robert grins at you, patting your head.

“Am I your unofficial son then?” Sebastian asks. You’d been walking with him down to the lobby, where you were planning on meeting with Scarlett, Tom, Mackie, and Chadwick to go for a bit of sightseeing. Sebastian had said something about wanting to check out a park nearby after lunch (which Team Iron Man did end up paying for), and so since no one had anything better to do, Scarlett had taken it upon herself to find directions.

“No,” Robert replies flatly. Sebastian gasps, clasping a hand over his chest, and you snort.

“You’re Mark Hamill’s son,” you tell him. “If Luke Skywalker gets to be your dad, then Tony Stark is mine.”

Sebastian sticks his tongue out at you, and you flip him off. Robert laughs over all of this, and squeezes your shoulder as you move as a group through the hall back into the main part of the lobby.

“So, kiddo,” Robert says. “Tell me about school. Dating anybody?”

You flush, and Sebastian makes a noise.

“She better not be dating anyone,” Seb says, you roll your eyes, despite your embarrassment.

“I’m not dating anyone,” you assure them both.

“Then why does your jacket smell like men’s cologne?” Robert teases, and you look down, realizing you were wearing Damon’s letterman jacket.

“This is my friend Damon’s,” you tell them, spotting Tom, Scar, Chadwick, and Mackie ahead. Tom waves to you, and you smile back. “He always gives it to me.”

“Y’know, when I was in high school-”

“Back in the good old days of the 1930s,” Seb interrupt, smirking, and Robert smacks him upside the head.

“As I was saying,” Robert glares at your brother. “When I was in high school, I gave my jacket to the girl I liked.”

“You told me this story before,” you say, holding your hand up. “The girl always gave it back.”

Sebastian lets out a noise that probably was meant to be a laugh, but sounds more like a wailing cat, and both you and Robert break into laughter.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Tom asks, chuckling with his headphones hanging around his neck.

“Sebastian’s mating call,” you laugh, and Scarlett, Mackie, and Chadwick snort. Sebastian gives you a look, and you grin innocently at him. This time, he flips you off. “Love you too, brother.”

“Let’s go guys,” Mackie says, pulling on Sebastian. “I’m getting bored.”

“Wait, where’s Chris?” you ask, looking around for the sweater wearing dork.

“HYDRA kidnapped him,” Chadwick shrugs. “They’re turning him into their soldier. Our mission is to go and find him. In that direction.”

He jerks his thumb towards the hotel entrance.

“We’re ditching him, aren’t we?” you ask flatly.

“What?” Robert says. “Noooo.”

“He’s sleeping,” Scarlett finally tells you. “He’s been beat since he and Mackie got back from California.”

“Nah,” Mackie shakes his head, successfully uprooting Seb from Robert’s side. “He’s just finally crashing after forcing himself to stay awake the last sixteen hours.”

You frown, but let Scarlett take you by the hand and pull you out of the hotel. The cold wind that’s been blowing all day attacks you instantly, and you immediately shiver.

“Are you cold, love?” Tom asks, coming up beside you as you walk down the sidewalk.

“Uh,” you stutter, and a lie forms on your tongue. “Not too much.”

Tom chuckles and holds his arm up, and it takes you a moment to realize what he’s implying. You glance behind you, at Chadwick and Mackie, who are waving their hands at each other as they talk, and then ahead at Seb, Robert, and Scarlet, who are each arguing about something in their scripts.

Hesitantly, you duck under Tom’s arm, and are instantly warmer walking closer to him with Damon’s jacket on.

“Thank you,” you say, grateful that the chilly wind could be the excuse for the red in your cheeks.

“No problem,” he replies, and adds, “so tell me about yourself?”

You glance up at him, and raise your eyebrow. “About me?”

“Yes,” he smiles, face lit up in amusement. “If I’m going to shelter you, you’ve got to at least tell me more about yourself than your name and what you want to be.”

You smile and look down, only to start when you feel your phone buzz in your back pocket. Taking it out, without disrupting Tom’s arm, you open your texts and find a few texts from your friends in the group chat they’d created in the seventh grade.


Max: literally, add six to the time dumbass


Chris: I’m actually face palming

Jamie: it’s two pm…

Damon: hey (Y/N). how’s germany?

Forest: aww, look at him

Chris: so smol

Damon: I could punt you farther down the football field than you can throw the damn ball Chris 

Chris: okay bro, chill

Chris: …those flirt guns

Max: for being gay, your comebacks suck

You can’t help but smile and shake your head at your friends’ conversation.
“Sorry,” you apologize to Tom. “My friends have been texting me and I haven’t been answering.”

“Is Damon your boyfriend?” Tom asks, and you snort.

“No,” you chuckle. “We used to have sort of a thing in the end of eleventh grade, but we decided it was better to be friends.”

Tom gives a weak smile. “How long have you been mates with Damon?”

“Fifteen years,” you squint, and then shake your head. “I met the asshole in third grade when he fell off of the playground on top of me.”

“That was lucky,” Tom chuckles. “For him.”

“I punched him in the nose.”

Tom looks down at you, eyebrows reaching up into his forehead and lips parted in surprise. “You punched your best friend in the face?”

“He wasn’t my best friend then,” you tell him, and wrinkle your nose. “He was chubby and broke my wrist.”

Tom laughs, and wrinkles from smiling crinkle around his eyes. His laugh his contagious, and soon you both have gathered the attention of your friends, and your brother zeroes in on Tom’s arm instantly.

“She’s younger than you!” Sebastian declares as he takes two steps towards you, and drags you away from Tom, trapping you in his arms.

“Let go of me,” you complain, wriggling around against him.

“I’m only nineteen,” Tom points out.

“Too old,” Sebastian snaps, but he’s being playful. You bite his arm and he puts his hand over your mouth. You lick his hand, and Sebastian rolls his eyes. “Your childhood was run by me, little sister. I changed your diapers, drove you to school, and helped you with homework. If you really think licking me is going to gross me out, you’re going to need to find a different strategy.”

You huff into his palm, glaring at him the best you could. “Okay dad,” you mutter into his hand, trying to step on his foot.

Sebastian makes a point of ruffling your hair right before he lets go of you, and you slap at your brother. “Asshole.”

“I’m suddenly happy my brothers aren’t here,” Tom chuckles.

“I’m happy my kids aren’t here,” Robert says with a straight face.

“You’re a wonderful father,” you say wryly.

“He is your dad,” Sebastian chuckles.  

“Unofficially,” the group says back to him in unison.


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Famous Love/Part 3

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Warnings: Fluff.

Note: Sorry for the waiting, but here it is! Let me know if you guys like it, and if you wanna take this slow or fast. Enjoy:)

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Part 1 Part 2


“I gotta go… Talk to you later?”

Jared entered the room to find an excited Jensen smiling foolishly at his cellphone as he typed something.

“Obviously… Good luck (Y/N)”

Jensen typed back with the same smile, not even noticing Jared sitting  on a chair near the couch where he was lying, eyeing him with a raised brow and a playful smile. 

“Okaaaay.” Jared said with a clap of his hands, making his friend jump and send him a confused look. 

“What the fuck man!” Jensen said, moving into a sitting position. “For how long have you been here?”

“Just enough to see your heart eyes towards your phone.” Jared laughed while Jensen rolled his eyes. “(Y/N)?”

“Yeah…” Jensen smiled again. “She’s driving me crazy.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you like this since forever.” Jared said happily. “And you haven’t even gone out together yet. By the way… Why haven’t you asked her out?”

“I have. But she’s in England.” Jensen answered with a shrug. “She had to sort some things out with the Sherlock production and…” They were interrupted by Gen and little Tom entering the room.

“Uncle Jensen!” Tom yelled, running to Jensen’s arms. 

“Hey, little guy!”

“Don’t I get a hello too?” Jared said pretending to be mad, and Tom immediately went from Jensen’s to his father’s arms.

“Tom, why don’t you go put your things in your room so we can start the cake?” Gen asked her son, who nodded and disappeared inside the house. Gen sat at Jared’s lap, kissing his lips slightly before hugging Jensen. 

“Where’s Shep?” Jensen asked, missing the little one. 

“My sister has him today.” Jared explaind and Jensen nodded with an “Aaah”. 

“So, what were you two boys talking about?” Gen asked when she saw Jared’s smile, and Jensen rolled his eyes. 

“About Jen(Y/N).” Jared laughed as he said the name of the ship.

“Aww, I ship you guys so much!” Gen said cheerfully, making Jensen laugh. 

“Yeeeah, right. She’s just excited because you’re dating, and Gen’s like, her number one fan.” Jared said, making Gen open her mouth in indignation and slap his shoulder. 

“C'mon, Gen! We all know it’s true.” Jensen laughed, earning a pillow to the face, though it didn’t make him stop. “I even saw the two of you at the PCA.” Gen’s cheeks went red, and Jared laughed wholeheartedly. 

“Did you stalk the girl that much, Jensen? Honestly, I expected more from you.” Gen offered back, and Jensen’s cheeks went red as the couple laughed.

“I didn’t stalk her, okay? I was just looking for the pictures at the event and found one of you two.” He explained, but before anyone could go on with the conversation, Tom barged into the room ready to make his cake. 

“Well, I’ll be going then.” Jensen said as he stood and waved at everyone.
Before he left, his phone buzzed with another message from (Y/N):

“Good news! In two days I’ll be back in America :)”

Jared rolled his eyes at Jensen’s smiles towards his phone, and watched as his friend walked towards the exit, closing the door of the Padalecki’s.


You were lying on your bed with only the lingerie you’d be wearing tonight, watching whatever was on the TV while playing with your phone, in the exact same position from when you first arrived at America the day before.

You were exhausted when you arrived. After the Comic Con and the PCA, the Sherlock cast was set to do a convention in London, which took four days. Besides the dinner Benedict had at his house after the event. It was all wonderful, but extremely tiring. 

Louise had agreed to come to America with you, but when she found out you’d be going out with Jensen she soon made up an excuse not to co,e and leave you with an empty house to do whatever you want with the empty house. As if something would happen, though you really wished it would. 

You and Jensen had been talking for days and he’d asked where you wanted to go. You just told him to take you somewhere you could enjoy the evening without any interruptions from any fans, and he immediately told you he already had a place in mind. But he refused to tell you where. 

You texted him your address and he said he’d pick you up at nine. It was already seven and you had no idea what to wear, after all you didn’t even know where you were going!

After a while talking to Louise, you chose a simple, loose black dress that tied around the waist. It wasn’t much, but if you happened to go somewhere fancy, it’d still do. 

It was almost nine and you were freaking out. You were about to go out with your biggest crush from your favorite series. Could it get any better? Definitely not. You were extremely nervous! And yes, you might have been talking with him for days, but whenever the phone would beep, your heart would do the same. 

You were used to the British punctuality, but you definitely weren’t expecting him to be there at exactly 9:05. The elevator seemed to be taking forever to arrive, only making you more nervous and anxious. When you finally got to the lobby, you saw him sitting in one of the chairs in the reception. 

He looked amazing. 

Just absolutely amazing. 

He wore jeans and a dark blue button up shirt. It wasn’t much either, but he looked more handsome than ever. When he saw you, he got up smiling, which made you smile as well as it made your heart skip a beat. 

“Heey.” He greeted while the two of you hugged, and his delicious smell had you smiling even more. “You look beautiful.” He eyed you from head to toe as he stepped back. 

“You don’t look bad yourself.” You said the ever so cliche answer, making the both of you laugh. He offered you his arm, which you gladly took as you followed him to his car. He was a complete gentleman, opening and closing the door for you as you got in. 

He steered into the road, and you decided to commence a conversation. 

“Soo… Where’re you taking me?” He laughed, glancing at you. 

“You really think I’d have kept it such a mystery up till now so I could just blow it by telling you?” He said and you groaned in anticipation. “C'mon (Y/N), it’ll be worth it. Everything is better with a touch of surprise.”

“Fair enough.” You answered and he soon turned on the radio, so you started a conversation about music as he drove. 

“And we’re here.” He said and you looked at the little restaurant with two floors that led to the seashore, and your mouth cracked open in surprise. It was beautiful. You hopped out of the car and when you entered the restaurant, you could see exactly how the inside was. It was pretty simple, but there were candles in all the tables, a classical decoration, flowers everywhere and a few christmas lights on the ceilings. It was pretty cozy. 

“Jensen, this is beautiful!” You said in admiration, and saw him smiling from the corner of your eyes. 

“I’m glad you liked it. It’s my childhood friend’s treasure, and since it’s not very well-known, I thought it’d be the ideal place.” You looked at him with a thankful smile, but as you opened your mouth to speak, a little man appeared in front of you. 

“Jensen! I’m so glad you’re here!” He said, and Jensen let go of your hand to greet him. “And you must be (Y/N)! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Henry.” He approached you and came to kiss your cheek. 

“The pleasure’s all mine. Your restaurant is beautiful.” You said and he thanked you with a proud voice. 

“Look, I booked you two the best place here, it’s just up the stairs and voilà.” He said and you thanked him, Jensen caught a hold of your hand again and you followed him to the stairs. 

“Henry and I did High School together back in Texas. He started dating a girl at the time and they ended up marrying and opening this place, since both love to cook.” He explained when you got to the second floor, that had a few tables and a thin curtain, and it seemed you were heading towards it. 

“Woah, it’s rather hard to stay so much time together, right?” You said and he agreed smiling. 

“If they ever broke up I think I’d stop believing in love.” He said and you smiled, he opened the curtain and you were left speechless again. It was the only table near the balcony. It was as beautiful as the rest of the place. 

“Like what you see?” Jensen pulled the chair for you. 

“I love it.”

You answered as you watched him sit in front of you. Each day you were more and more certain you were living a dream.

Soon, a waiter came with a bottle of wine and served the both of you before handling you the menu. 

“I don’t know much about wine, but of all the wines I had, this is certainly the best.” He said raising his glass for a toast. And when you drank it… It was really delicious. 

“God, why hadn’t I ever tasted this before?” You said and he laughed. 

“It’s not really popular I guess. Weird, right?” He said and you agreed. 

“There’s this wine that I always drink back home and it’s really typical in England. When you go there, I’ll take you out to drink it.” You offered and he smiled. 

“I love England. It’s been a while since we’ve been there.”


“The cast. We usually go there for conventions.” He explained and you let out an ‘Ahh’.  The waiter reappeared to take in the orders, and the both of you decided to go for the specialty of the house: pasta. “But back to the conversation, you were in a convention a few days ago, right?”

“Yeah! We normally don’t go to that many conventions, so when it happens, it usually lasts for days.” You explained, and you could tell that he was actually interested. 

“How were you cast to Sherlock? Did you audition or did they call you in?” He asked. 

“I’d never really done many important roles in my life, so I had to audition.” You answered. “You?”

“Auditioned, too. Though I actually auditioned for Sam, but ended up getting the role for Dean.” He said, and after that you started talking about your work. About how you’d get nervous on your first scene, how it was to work with the casts, about the fans, pranks, everything. He told you things no site of Supernatural knew of, and you did the same. It was fascinating. Hearing about your favorite series from that man you soon found out also had a beautiful personality was amazing. 

You were just finishing the food - which was wonderful - when you remembered a game the Sherlock cast used to play with the new members of the series. 

“Hmm…” You mumbled as you finished the last bit of the pasta. “We talked about a bunch of things, but we haven’t asked the basic first date questions.

“Which are…?” He asked with a little smile. 

“Favorite color, music, hobbies, those kind of things.” You shrugged and he smiled more. “Let’s do it like this: I’ll say two things and you pick one of them. I’ll do the same after.”

“Okay.” He answered, finding your spontaneity funny and rather adorable. He’d dare say that was the best date he’d ever had. 

Jensen lifted from his seat, pulling you by the hand so you were leaning on the balcony and staring at the view ahead. 

“Red or blue?” You asked, and he didn’t even have to think to answer. 

“Blue.” He said. “Black or white?”

“Black.” You said. “The guitar or the piano?”

“Guitar. I play it a little.” He answered and you let out a ‘seriously?’, surprised and happy for having discovered that. 

“Someday you’ll play it for me.”

“For sure I will.” He laughed and went on with the game. “Sherlock or Supernatural?”

“That’s a low strike, Ackles.” You answered, making him throw his head back with laughter. “But, though I love Supernatural, I’m faithful to my series. Sherlock.”

“I’ve my doubts.” He laughed, earning a slight punch to his arm.
“Jared or Sam?”

“Sam.” He didn’t even hesitate, and when your eyes widened, he laughed. “I’m just kidding. Jared. Hmm… Sushi or risotto?”

“Sushi.” You said and gathered the courage to ask the next question, with your heart in your hands. “Slow kiss or quick kiss?”

“Slow.” He answered, leaning closer to you, running his finger slightly through your cheek. Your lips trembled in anxiety. “What about you?”

“Slow.” You said, feeling his lips touch yours. You felt him smile, as your eyes were closed. 

“I’m glad we have this in common.” And with that, he kissed you. The kissed, as previously said, was slow. You were exploring one another, experimenting that new sensation. And at least for you, a sensation so good that could be vicious. Your arms wrapped around his neck while his hand that wasn’t on your nape wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly. After a few seconds like this, his other arm also wrapped around your waist and your hands went to cup his cheeks. He nipped on your lower lip, and when you were about to do the same, you were interrupted by the waiter. 

“Oh… I’m sorry, I…” He began, embarrassed, and you felt your cheeks heat up as you separated from him.

“It’s okay.” Jensen tried to call him. “We were about to go pay the bill.” The waiter nodded, disappearing behind the curtain as you followed Jensen through the same path. 

“And our moment is over.” You said with a pout, making him smile and hold your hand. 

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Oops. Heart racing again. 

You two payed the bill… More like he did. He didn’t allow you to pay. You exchanged goodbyes with henry and he said he was sorry his wife couldn’t make it tonight to meet you. You promised to come back and left to the car. You talked the whole way back home, and Jensen drove with one of his hands placed a bit above your knee. 

When you arrived, he turned ti you and ran his fingers through your cheeks when you said.

“Jensen, this night was wonderful. Thanks you for everything.” You said and he smiled. 

“Thank you, (Y/N). I really liked today.” He said and you were soon kissing again, and this time his hand was firmly gripping your tight.  You stayed like that for some time, but when things started to get steamier you moved away. Not that you wanted to stop, but that was the best man you’d ever been out with, you wouldn’t let it become a one night stand. 

“I should go.” You said lowly, making him ‘wake up’ from his trance.

“Yes, of course.” He said as he separated farther from you. 

“Goodnight, Jensen.” You said, giving him one last quick kiss. “Thanks again.” You left the car as he lowered the passenger window.

“Bye, (Y/N).” He watched you reach the door, turn and wave again. “I’ll call you.”

“I’ll pick up.” You said as you entered the lobby and he laughed. He stopped for a minute, smiling to himself thinking about what had just happened, that he had finally met someone he liked. Then he turned the car on and drove off.
You, however, couldn’t even wait to get home, sliding your way down to the floor of the elevator, smiling like a fool to yourself.