tom x sam

Harrison: What is your street name?

Tom: Lil Tom.

Harrison: You live on a street called ‘Lil Tom’?


Tom: Ohh. You meant my address.

[to the captured Iron Man]

Justin: Oh, no. Captain America? You married Captain America? Ho, ho, ho…

[sees the Spider-Man, Rescue and Captain Marvel]

Justin: Oh - and got biz-zay! It’s a whole family of supers! Looks like I hit the jackpot! Oh, this is just too good!

Co-star kisses 3 (T.Holland)

Im back agaiiin yayyy. Heres part 3, I hope you like it! Btw, sorry this is kinda short!! Also: sorry for making ‘you’ british, it kinda fitted the story. Annddd I didn’t specify which city, they are filming in because we don’t actually know that irl yet…

Part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9 , part 10 , part 11 , part 12 , part 13 , part 14 , part 15 , part 16 

Summary: When y/n gets the part of Gwen Stacy in the new Spiderman movie, she is thrilled. Thats until a relationship with a certain co-star, starts going downhill. (really need to work on that summary…)

Warnings: None, swearing maybe? Cuz everybody does that once in a while…

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On The Balcony

Harry Holland x Female Reader

Words: 2,075

I AM BACK! This is the first chapter of that Harry Holland series I promised I’d write, it’s not much but it’s just the beginning and I hope you’ll stick with me through this one.

As always, please comment or message me or send in an ask so I know how I did! xx


“So, what plans do we have tonight, twin?”

“Oh, uh. I wasn’t really planning on going out tonight. I was gonna go out on-”

“On the balcony.” Sam finished his twin’s sentence for him with a sigh

“Y’know, Harry. You’ve been spending a whole lot of time there. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, of course, I am. I just have this feeling that it’s going to be a good night.”

Sam clapped his hands together enthusiastically. “That’s the spirit, Harry! We should go ask Tom what clubs-”

“I meant a good night for taking pictures, you absolute idiot.” Harry cut in before Sam could get even more hyped up than he already was.

With a sigh and a raised middle finger, Sam left Harry’s room in search for Tom.

“Finally. Some peace and quiet.” Harry mumbled to himself, getting settled in between his pillows.

It was going to be a few hours until sunset, and even longer until the stars would appear. It was time for a nap, he hoped none of his brothers would come crashing in again.



“Harry, wake the fuck up.”

“Harry, Tessa’s got your camera. Tessa, no, girl!”

Even in the depths of sleep, Harry was still on high alert if his camera was involved. His eyes snapped open and he sat up abruptly but was knocked back down to bed, with a dull plop, plastic film clinging to his face.

“OHHH!” three voices chorused as he groaned

Harry didn’t even need to open his eyes to know who was behind this, all he was wondering was, when did Harrison get there?

He gingerly peeled the plastic from his face as the other three lads began to get rowdy.

“Did you see that!” Sam’s unmistakable voice asked enthusiastically, a bright smile on his face

“Oh please tell me you got that, Harrison!” Tom and Sam gathered around Harrison’s phone, replaying Harry slamming his face into cling wrap on an endless loop

“For fuck’s sake!” Harry bellowed, clawing his blanket off him and down to the floor.

“What are you bloody idiots doing in here?!”

Just as he took a step toward the troublesome trio, they took a cautious step back, a pretty wise move. Harry crossed his arms tightly against his chest, fists balling up tightly.

Man, if looks could kill..

“What,” he began, his deep voice practically dripping venom. “Are you three doing in here.”

He watched with narrowed eyes as Sam and Tom pushed Harrison forward, the sky-eyed boy staggering forward.

Harrison glared at the two asshats behind him, turned back to Harry and clasped his hands together, almost like he was begging Harry not to murder him (which was actually kind of what he was doing, to be honest).

“Well?” Harry barked, dangerously close to losing his temper

“Okay! Okay!” Harrison took a deep breath

“Your mum…” he said slowly, biding his time

“My mum what.” Harry echoed, missing the way Harrison was gesturing behind his back for the other boys to make a break for it.

“Well, you see,” Harrison mumbled, breathing in deeply before continuing. “Your mum asked us three to… Tell you that dinner is ready!”

“RUN LADS!” Tom yelled

Before Harry could even react, his brothers and Harrison were already sprinting towards the stairs, shoving each other as they went.

“That’s it?! You idiots!” he called after them, slamming the door. Honestly, sometimes he felt like he was the only mature one around.

Harry paced around his room, in an attempt to soothe his frazzled nerves, his brothers just really ground his gears sometimes. Harrison was okay, at best.

A tired sigh escaped his lips as he flopped back down to bed. He ran a hand through his hair and kept his arms where they were, elbows pointing to the ceiling.

The past few weeks have been a bit strange for him, having just come home with Tom and Harrison after months of travelling abroad. Being in one place for this long was just starting to sink in, he was feeling a bit displaced, lost even.

Harry couldn’t understand it, there was this feeling in him that he was struggling to describe. It was kind of like he knew that he needed to be doing something, he wanted to be doing something, but he just couldn’t figure out what that something was. No matter how hard he tried to throw himself back into his usual routine, or how persistent Sam’s efforts were to get him out of the house more often, it still wasn’t enough to fill in whatever it was he was lacking.

So he lay there, keeping his hands on his eyes, taking in the feeling of this certain hollowness in his chest. Day in and day out he would feel it settling within him, he even came up with this theory that he was growing a black hole in there and it was just sort of sucking the life out of him.

“Is this what a midlife crisis feels like?” he wondered in his head

He felt so tired. Tired of figuring out what it was that he needed to do so he would stop feeling this weird nagging emptiness.

“Harry, your dinner’s getting cold!”

“Be right there!” Harry gingerly rose up from bed. He took one last look around his dimly lit room before heading down for dinner.

Once Nikki and Dom heard Harry’s heavy footsteps approach the dining room, they immediately ceased their conversation which was about how strange he’d been acting recently.

They watched with careful eyes as he pulled his chair out. Their concern wasn’t so far fetched, Nikki noticed the dark circles underneath her son’s eyes and Dom was a bit worried how Harry was speaking less and less these days.

“So, Harry,” Nikki attempted to make conversation. “The other boys have gone out, how come you didn’t tag along?”

“Didn’t feel like it.”

“I see…” she nodded, the telltale streak of disappointment painted her features. Dom took notice and decided to take over.

He set his utensils down on his plate and leveled his steady gaze at the detached expression on his son’s face.

“Harry.” he called

Harry sighed, he already knew what was coming. He slowly raised his eyes to look at his father, making a conscious effort to keep his expression neutral.

“Son, we’re a bit worried about you. I mean, you’re just… You haven’t been quite the same since you came home.”

“We really don’t mean to pry, love. But if you’ve got something on your mind, you know your dad and I are right here.” Nikki added

Harry nodded at his parents, ignoring the hopeful look his mum was giving him. He wasn’t going to tell them what was wrong, but that was only because he didn’t know either.

“I’m fine, guys. I guess I haven’t fully settled yet.”

He was feeling more than a little off but he just wanted to assure them, Harry could never really let his parents worry about him more than they usually do.

“Miss being around the world, eh, son?” Dom teased, flashing him a playful grin. Harry couldn’t help but grin back.

Nikki exhaled in relief, bits of tension rolling of her shoulders.

“We could go somewhere tomorrow, if you’d like. Anywhere you want.” she suggested

“Yeah,” Harry smiled. “That would be nice.”

“Okay!” Nikki chuckled, feeling thankful that she could finally see Harry’s usual self slipping through the cracks. “We’ll plan it all out tomorrow.”

After dinner, Harry trudged up to his room. With each step, he grew more and more excited. It was finally time to go out on the balcony, that was one of the few things he could do that would make the emptiness in his chest disappear, although it wouldn’t last.

Once he was finally in his room, he took his camera off his bed table and stepped through the sliding doors, out into the cold night.

He took a deep cleansing breath, letting the icy air swirl within his lungs. Harry exhaled, watching his breath fog before him. It was probably the coldest it’s ever been since he started coming out.

With his camera hanging around his neck, he rested his arms on the railing that lined the small space. His eyes wandered the expanse before him, half obsidian sky, filled with twinkling stars and half thriving city, glimmering with lights of its own. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why he calmed down whenever he was out on the balcony, everything he did and didn’t know was laid out before him, as if he could just take one of those humongous towers and pluck it right out from where it stood or he could just reach his hand into the Thames and pull out something ancient that’s been lost for hundreds of years.

He felt free. He was filled with this special kind of exhilaration that was both exciting and dangerous because you just felt like you could do anything, anything at all.

Harry savoured that feeling deep in his heart and held his camera in his hands, he began to take picture after picture. He took pictures of his quiet, lamplit neighbourhood, capturing the stillness and peace and he took pictures of the night sky. It was as if the stars were at his disposal, he really should remember to thank Tom for buying him the new camera he was using.

Hours flew by and the night went on, yet Harry continued to gaze at the sky through his camera’s viewfinder, barely even noticing Sam and Tom drunkenly stumbling home at God knows what time it was.

Somehow, he ended up sitting on the floor, poking his lens through the railings to take some pictures of his backyard directly below him.

“Last shot, I think.” Harry whispered to himself, standing up and aiming his camera at nothing in particular. He took a few steps back and toggled a bit with the focus.

He snapped the picture and went back into the warmth of his bedroom, shivering all the way to his bed. He found his laptop and plugged the camera in. He scrolled through the hundreds of pictures he took that night until he settled on the very last one.

To be honest, it wasn’t a remarkable photo like all the others he took that night. It was just a wide shot of what you would see if you were standing right in the middle of his balcony but there was one detail he missed.

Harry wasn’t sure if he’d just been blissfully unaware all the times he was out there but he swore on his life that he never noticed the other balcony next door or what looked to be a someone staring up at the night sky, moonlight making them look almost like a ghost.

Was the lack of proper sleep making him see things?

He zoomed in for a closer look and put his glasses on for good measure.

“What do we have here?” he mumbled to himself

Yup, there was someone on there, alright. Whether it was a ghost or not was a mystery to him. What Harry was sure of, though, was that he sure as hell wasn’t going back out there to find out.

Not tonight, at least.

He continued to study the figure bathed in silvery light, it seemed tiny, even though he had zoomed in when he took the photo. Harry could almost make out some features, long eyelashes, the moonlight shining off of her long hair. He was fairly certain now that it was a girl.

Despite it being a picture of this girl’s profile, adding the fact that the lighting was, in Harry’s opinion, on the wrong side of her face, he still found it irresistibly magnetic. There was something about the way she carried herself, the way she was leaning against the railings and how here elegant shoulders were slumped forward. He was almost sure that the expression on her face would hold a sort of sadness, like she was searching for something beyond what she could see.

Harry couldn’t help but wonder what it was.

The longer he thought about it, the more his thoughts were beginning to bleed and blur together. Everything was becoming hazy and his vision was starting to darken at the edges. Soon enough, Harry fell asleep with one question still lingering in his mind,

Who was this girl?


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Clint Barton could probably perch on top of a flagpole and nail a perfect shot if he needed to but he has definitely fallen off of his own kitchen counter when trying to reach something high up.

two grown men getting tackled by a 15 year old

Mom: Hey what are you doing on your phone

Me: Just checking instagram

What I’m actually doing:

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Harrison after tom took his dinner


Honestly Sam looking after Tom in this video is making me feel ALL SORTS OF THINGS

Harrison: Excuse me I lost my friend he’s got brown curls and is short and he kinda looks like a baby can I make an announcement?

Store employee: Sure

Harrison: *leans into the mic* Goodbye you little shit.