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Are you awake?

Paring: Loki x reader 

Warnings: sad Loki, angst, fluff

Summary: you help Loki when his feelings and thoughts take over him. 

Note: English is not my native language, so if there are any mistakes, don’t kill me please

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You were wide-awake, not able to sleep. Too many thoughts ran through your mind, and not the good ones unfortunately. You turned in your bed, only to find Loki lying next to you.

“Loki for god’s sake what are you doing here.” You asked, looking at his relaxed face. He was sleeping, and you let him. It didn’t happen often, him sleeping. You ran a hand through his hair, and realized how surprisingly soft it actually was.

“(Y/N)…” Loki whispered, taking your hand in his. He opened his eyes, looking into yours. Even in darkness, you could see how green his eyes were. You noticed the tears in his eyes, and moved closer to him. You wrapped your free arm around him, and squeezed his hand. He smiled lightly, but it disappeared again.

“I’m sorry…,” he whispered, face buried in your neck. You tightened your grip around him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” You whispered into his hair. You felt his body shaking against yours, tears running down his face. He let go of your hand and wrapped his arms around you, wanting to be save. You laid a hand on the back of his neck, gently playing with his black hair.

And so you laid there. In silence, holding each other. It was the first time ever Loki had shown the weaker, broken side of himself. Not only to you, but also in general. You were the first to see him like that. And you felt honored. He trusted you with this. He trusted you more than he trusted anyone else.

“Are you awake?” he asked, still shaking a little.

“Yes.” You answered. He pulled away, looking into your eyes, trying to fake a smile. of course you saw through it.

“I-I want you to know that, I’m grateful that you, you-“

“I will always be here for you” you interrupted him. He smiled, a real smile, and you couldn’t help but join him. He pulled you close to him, your head resting on his bare, strong chest. You felt his breathing, his heartbeat. He was with you. You were his, and he was yours. And you loved it.

“I love you (Y/N).” he whispered into the air, thinking you were asleep. “I love you so much. I just, I’m sorry that I’m such a mess. Thank you for being here, darling. I, I really appreciate it. I love you (Y/N).” tears filled your eyes, and you tried to keep quiet, failing.

“I love you too Loki.”




I’m 100% certain that when “Spider-Man Homecoming” drops, Zendaya’s character will be referred to as Michelle through most of the movie until it’s revealed she’s Mary Jane at the end. That’s a very Marvel-ly move.

Like, I can see it going like this.

Vulture is defeated and Peter is hanging out at Michelle’s place. Liz Allan, despite some flirting between her and Pete, decides that she just wants to be friends with him. Michelle sees Pete bummed out and tries to console him.

Just then, her mom comes in and says, “Mary Jane, come inside, food’s ready!”

Then Peter smiles and says, “Hmm…so it’s not ‘Michelle’ Watson, it’s Mary Jane Watson? Where’d Michelle come from?” And then Mary Jane gives some explanation, like it’s her middle name, her online name, the name of her favorite rockstar, she hates the name Mary Jane, etc., etc.  

Mary and Pete are about to go inside but then they hear a bunch of sirens coming from down the street. Pete looks at Mary, looking for the okay, and she rolls her eyes before playfully saying, “Go get em tiger.” 

And the movie ends with Pete swinging off. 

(Then the mid-credit scene shows the symbiote landing on Earth and the post-credit scene shows Mary Jane bumping into Gwen Stacy) 

Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 1

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1300+

Intro |

What I’ve realised when living in America is to not eat a hot dog from a cart, not until you are used to the food, otherwise, you get food poisoning and you miss the start of the year high school party. Now I’m not usually a party person, far from that in fact, I’d rather stay at home binge watching 13 Reasons Why or Dear White People, however, I knew that this party would’ve been different. You see, at this party, I’d be classified as a ‘new girl’, because surprise surprise, I’m new. I needed to get a reputation, one that screamed ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY’. Now as I said before, I would’ve gone to said party if I wasn’t currently throwing up a bad hot dog, whilst Natasha was holding my hair back.

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If Dr. Strange’s Ancient one is played by a white man and not an Asian man, Mary Jane can be played by an African American female since the actor’s race doesn’t have to follow comics :) 


Miranda + Regency AU
Mr Gareth Preston, aged four-and-thirty, was not a man in want of much. His property included a busy tavern and he possessed a fortune that was perfectly respectable, if not large. His social circle in Surrey was small but amiable, and he was scarcely without the company of his loyal barkeep and confidante, Mr Clive Evans.
The only person who could have increased his felicity was one Miss Miranda Hartford, the daughter of his neighbours Lady Penelope and Sir Charles. She was often present at their dinners in the company of her abominable cousin Miss Matilda and her dear friend Miss Stephanie Sutton (who was considered lively but overly proud). Miss Hartford and Miss Sutton were fond of jokes and mischief, much to his delight and to the disapprobation of Lady Penelope. (“Such japes are what I call unbecoming.”) Whilst others pronounced Miss Hartford’s figure too tall and her disposition awkward, he was charmed by her wit and found her quite beguiling. If only he could stop her running off…