tom what have you done


It’s a sunny Saturday morning, the sun is just peaking through a gap between your cream coloured curtains, illuminating your room. You smile to yourself, as you stir in your sleep, replaying the events of last night…where you celebrated with your friends until early hours of the morning.

You roll over onto your side, your lips tugging into an even larger smile as you admire the sleeping man beside you. You watch as his chest rises and falls, his dark brown locks twisted in such a way that they fall perfectly over his closed eyes. God. His eyes. When they were open you felt safe in his chocolaty orbs. You felt protected and at home. You loved them.

You took note of how the sun highlighted every dent and every crevice in his supple creamy skin. You noticed every mole and every freckle that dotted his jaw. Lifting a hand, you reached out and softly stroked back some hair that covered his face…and wondered….

How did you get so lucky?

“How long are you gonna lay there for just staring at me?” He mumbled, his voice low and gravelly. You grinned, pressing a kiss to his nose before pulling back and watching as his eyelids fluttered open to reveal his beautiful brown eyes.

“For as long as you’ll let me darling” you murmur back, reaching out to intertwine your fingers. Tom smiled at you briefly, before snaking an arm around your waist.

“Then stare forever, because I don’t want you looking at anyone else that way” he whispered, his British accent breaking through. You softly touched his cheek, savouring the feel of his skin beneath your fingertips. You bit your lip, looking your boyfriend directly in the eyes.

“I wouldn’t dream of it…”

Mornings with Tom would include:

•You always wake up first
•Tom being a little shit and never wanting to get up
•But you can’t really blame him cause he works so hard
• “Tom I won’t kiss you all day if you don’t get up”
•Tom whining
•You eventually win
•But he demands a kiss right then because without one, he’ll “never get to energy to fully wake up”
• “What do you want for breakfast?”
• “You.”
•And then sex
•You make him pancakes
•Which results in a food fight
•And ends with burnt pancakes
• “Thomas Stanley Holland! Look what you’ve done!”
•Tom knowing he’d really done it this time cause you used his full name
•Having to take a shower to get all the pancake batter off you
• “We should save water by showering together”
•Which results in more sex
•Harrison walking into the kitchen while you guys are still in the shower
•You and Tom panicking
•Tom turns it into a mission to escape the house without Harrison finding you two
•Of course Tom falls flat on his face two seconds into the game cause he’s a clumsy little shit
•Harrison hearing the crash and finding you two very quickly
• “I hate both of you so much”


A/N: this is absolute shit I’ve never done one of these before and this started out as an imagine and then I realized c'mon we’re talking about Tom here this kind of thing would happen like every morning so I turned it into this and yeah



My Favorite Parts of the Nerdist Podcast

Idk, but I think out of all the interviews the nerdist podcast (w/Tom) is one of my favorites because:

  • Tom started the interview talking about Tessa
  • The way his voice gets high when he goes yEaH!
  • Tom vocalizing his criminal tendencies if he ever got Spidey powers
  • ‘I’d definitely rob a bank. First thing I’d do is go straight to the bank and rob it’
  • Talking about LSB
  • ‘I hope no one expected the fish nets’
  • ‘That’s a ‘stupid choice why would you do singing in the rain’ - Tom mimicking the audience
  • Tom still in shock over being in Spider-Man and how it hasn’t even hit him yet
  • He said bubbles like five times in a row and I love it
  • ‘Oh fuck! The movie is coming out!’
  • ‘What the fuck’ but the way he says fuck raises like three pitches
  • ‘I am not well trained’ 
  • ‘What does our accent sound like to your ears’ - The American interviewer 
  • ‘Work, my job’ Then his little laugh ahhh
  • ‘Yeeeaaaahhhhh’ - when the interviewer mentions he’s turning twenty-one
  • The guy asks him about his dad and what it’s like being a son of a comedian
  • ‘There was too many jokes about me and I’m like- but I was like - You dick! That’s - what are you- *scoffs* ~Talking about the first time he saw his dad’s gig
  • ‘I am fucking hilarious’
  • ‘You look like a tit
  • ‘I try to freestyle all the time in the car. I’m so bad, I’m like road sign! Yeah! I’m driving! I’m rapping!’
  • Tom talking about how he wants to be in some really good comedies
  • ‘We train actors motherfucker’
  • Deepening his voice ‘oh I’m so fucking handsome
  • Just Tom and his self love
  • Talking about how it’s easy for Instagram to allow us to project fake versions of ourselves ‘I like to try to keep my Instagram lively and let people know that I’m a bit of an idiot and a goofball’
  • ‘But sometimes I am guilty of being like dAYUM I look good today’
  • ‘I am on Snapchat, but I can’t stand Snapchat. It’s the most annoying thing ever…’
  • mimicking a generic snap ‘Oh I’m eating cereal’ ‘Oh I don’t give a shit’ -Tom

Tom Holland’s Snapchat is PRIVATE so let’s stop asking

  • ‘I love driving. I loooooovvvveeee driving. I absolutely love driving.’
  • ‘You cocky little shit’ Tom goes imitating his dad during a golf match 
  • *Story time about his golf society*
  • ‘My dad is the youngest person in the thing and then me so there’s quite a gap between all the people I play golf with’
  • ‘I’m playing with this guy, Ronnie…’ starts talking with an old man voice ‘so Tom, what sort of movies have you been making recently?’
  • ‘Oh actually I’ve just done this film called Civil War’ - Tom
  • “Oh I loved! The civil war era’ -Tom imitating Ronnie w/ old man voice again

Goes to Montreal for Chaos Walking PREP then off to do more Spider-Man press THEN he’ll go BACK to Montreal to shoot Chaos Walking

  • Some Uncharted details 👀
  • ‘My big thing about actors is you can’t take yourself seriously, you have such- It’s not a serious job! A heart surgeon, a brain surgeon, a politician… well maybe not a politician anymore’
  • ‘If I pretended to be serious, that would be so stupid. I dress up in red and blue tights everyday and pretend to be a superhero. That’s the most stupid thing I ever heard, so if I took myself seriously you’d just kinda lose perspective of what it is you’re doing and stuff… I just lie for a living!’
  • ‘There isn’t enough credit that goes to people like surgeons, and engineers, and architects and people with a real skill… yeah I’ll just stick to my fishnets
  • Recommends Primal Fear
  • ‘Edward Norton in that movie is incredible, even if for the last two days I’ve been confused and telling everyone it’s Ed Sheeran… Like what! Can’t! he! Do!’
  • They just fancasted (using the term loosely) Ed Sheeran as red hulk, ‘Ginger hulk!’
  • Talking about Shutter island and defending it cos ‘It’s a dope movie’
  • Tom is trying (again loosely) to write his own film, ‘Trademarked Tom Holland don’t try to fucking steal my idea!’ AHAHAHA ‘I’m planning to make it in the next twenty years so back off
  • Tom talking about the writing process, but he also really wants to direct in the future
  • Talking about how print interviews don’t understand sarcasm
  • ‘I have stood in a thong, in front of laser beams so many fucking times
  • Tom geeking out over their Spider-Man parody on That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

And that’s what you missed on Glee


This is the unofficial Mianite S3 Comic! Since the actual season is cancelled, I decided, what if we made an unofficial comic instead? If you want to become a mod, submit to me a piece of art! If you want to become a writer, msg me an example of your writing! If you have any questions, msg me @kimburger1 :)

I guess we’re actually doing this….://///

Edit: submissions are closed so pls do not ask me anymore! :U

bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do a headcannon of your costar tom holland finding out you're dating Harrison?! Pls and thanks!!

of course! i hope you don’t mind, i’ve answered it in dot-points rather than a full story but enjoy :-) thanks for being my first request!


dating harrison osterfield as tom holland’s co-star 

dialogue; you, harrison & tom

  • you and tom are starring in ‘beneath a scarlet sky’, a WW2 thriller in which tom plays the young hero and you’re his love interest
  • the movie is 2 months into shooting in switzerland
  • you’re great mates with tom but he doesn’t know you’re dating harrison, his best friend and assistant
  • you met harrison at casting auditions over a year ago when you got a call-back to read lines with tom
  • harrison was sitting outside the building when you arrived, drinking a coffee and looking down at his phone
  • you’d never been cast in a movie as big as this before and you were really nervous about meeting tom so you were flustered
  • you didn’t even acknowledge him as you rushed past but he looked up and his first thought was that your cheeks looked really cute when they were a bit red

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CupCake-Tom Holland



I glanced one last time back into her room, it was illuminated with a pink glow from the butterfly fairy lights hanging on the painting above her bed. Just as I was about to leave to check on Christopher Amelia spoke up.

“Mummy, why didn’t daddy come home today? I miss him” she said fighting the sleep within her voice.

“I miss him to sweetie; the schedule was messed up and he had to stay two days longer”

“I really want to give him a big hug, and you promised that we would go to the zoo with him tomorrow but now we can’t because he won’t be here” she propped herself up on her bed, letting her chaotic curls tumble onto her shoulders as she pouted out her bottom lip. I moved towards her and sat down beside on the bed near her.

“Why don’t we make someone cupcakes tomorrow instead? Then when daddy gets home you can give him your cupcakes” a smile grew on her face at the mention of cupcakes-she is my daughter after all.

“Deal! As long as I get to eat some of the icing”

“That’s what we will do then, now get to sleep darling” She lowered herself down into her bed as I gently ran my hand along the bridge of her nose, her eyes immediately shut and she let out a soft snore. I tenderly gave her a kiss and quietly left her room still hearing gentle snores down the hall.


“Amelia get your finger out the cake batter” I said shaking my head as I dipped my finger in the batter with her.

“But Christopher is eating the batter too” she says nodding her head at her two-year-old brother, I turned my head to look at little Chris with a fist full of batter.

“Christopher” I said as he flashed a smile all too like his father’s, and his teeth were coated in the sweet batter, I rolled my eyes at him “You two are animals”

“Yeah, where do you think we get that from?” She was far to cheeky to be a six-year-old.

“Don’t be cheeky, let’s get this into some cupcake cases before we eat it all”

“Aw but its yummy” Chris whined as he quickly grabbed another hand full of batter.

As carefully as we could all three of us spooned the batter into red cupcake cases, and placed them in the oven. I put away all ingredients and set the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, and collected butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract as well as a selection of bright food colouring for the icing.

“Icing my favourite part!” Amelia yelled as she ran over to grab the icing sugar out my arms and place it on the counter beside were Chris was sitting.

“What colour will we make it?”

“BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!” Chris started chanting loudly thrashing his arms about enthusiastically, he then grabbed a fist full of icing sugar and threw it over his head like confetti.

“Chris NOOO!” I shouted as the icing powder went everywhere. We all got coated in a thin layer of white dust. Christopher and Amelia burst into a fit of giggles, and begin throwing icing sugar at one another. Now I know this is not the most sensible or responsible thing to do as a parent but if we clean it all up later it’ll be fine. So, I join in and a full-on war has broken out between the three of us.

The entire kitchen is immersed in a white fog and its slowly leaking out into the living room, we are all in a fit of giggles when the front door is opened followed by a “I’m Home!” coming from non-other than Tom Holland.

“Daddy!” Amelia yells as she sprints out the kitchen and heads for the door, with me following closely behind holding Chris against my side as he chants “Daddy’s Home!” in my ear.

“Baby Girl” Tom drops his bags and scoops up Amelia, showering her in kisses covering himself in the white icing sugar as he does so, “Eh, Y/N, love if you don’t mind me asking why are you all covered in white powder?”

“Heh-heh funny story” you chuckle nervously, whilst Tom loves to have fun with you and the kids he can get a bit annoyed if it gets too messy. I think covering you, your two children and your entire kitchen in icing sugar comes under ‘too messy’. He rolls his eyes at you as he takes Christopher from you, holding him with one arm and has Amelia in the other, “Well, go on, explain”

“It was so funny daddy” Christopher says, giggling at the war we just had, “Please don’t be mad, mummy just wanted to make us happy because we were sad” He nuzzled his head into Tom’s neck.

“Why were you sad?”

“We all missed you too much” I said, walking over to him and giving him a slow kiss on his lips.

“Don’t leave us for so long next time daddy” Amelia said kissing Tom on the check.

“Alright you three, enough sucking up to me, what have you done?”

Just as he said that the smoke alarm went off along with the ovens timer, and smoke began billowing out of the kitchens. I ran into the kitchen; the white fog had fallen and was now replaced with grey smoke. Opening the oven more smoke poured out and using oven mits-safety first- I pulled out the blackened cupcake tray, coughing and spluttering as I did.

“Y/NNNNN, what have you done?!” Tom exclaimed putting Chris and Amelia down, as he scanned the now powdery kitchen.

I gave him my biggest smile,“Heh-heh, wanna Cupcake?”



okay flatmates AU where roderich is from Austria and Gilbert is German but grew up in the US and since his parents didn’t teach him the language (lawls JEN) he has zilch skills and SHENANIGANS ENSUE idk. They’re not dating yet here (BUT OBV THEY WILL BE)

shoot me




#トムヒドルストン #TomHiddleston

“Welcome Tomohi san for Loki at Narita Airport. It pleasantly responded to fan service.” Google translate, what have you done?