tom what have you done

  • Wade: I can say things that will haunt you
  • Peter: Sure, man.
  • Wade: An octopus is just a wet spider.
  • Peter: What?
  • [later that night]
  • Peter: [staring at the ceiling] ...fuck

Mornings with Tom would include:

•You always wake up first
•Tom being a little shit and never wanting to get up
•But you can’t really blame him cause he works so hard
• “Tom I won’t kiss you all day if you don’t get up”
•Tom whining
•You eventually win
•But he demands a kiss right then because without one, he’ll “never get to energy to fully wake up”
• “What do you want for breakfast?”
• “You.”
•And then sex
•You make him pancakes
•Which results in a food fight
•And ends with burnt pancakes
• “Thomas Stanley Holland! Look what you’ve done!”
•Tom knowing he’d really done it this time cause you used his full name
•Having to take a shower to get all the pancake batter off you
• “We should save water by showering together”
•Which results in more sex
•Harrison walking into the kitchen while you guys are still in the shower
•You and Tom panicking
•Tom turns it into a mission to escape the house without Harrison finding you two
•Of course Tom falls flat on his face two seconds into the game cause he’s a clumsy little shit
•Harrison hearing the crash and finding you two very quickly
• “I hate both of you so much”


A/N: this is absolute shit I’ve never done one of these before and this started out as an imagine and then I realized c'mon we’re talking about Tom here this kind of thing would happen like every morning so I turned it into this and yeah

Every picture tells a story.

Look at him sitting there with the thoughtful expression on his face. You think he’s contemplating the meaning of a piece of Shakespearean text. 
Nope he’s deciding what to have for lunch and should he check out the latest goodies on FB, Twitter or that demon Tumblr

Going by this he’s off to get lunch, having looked on Tumblr and enjoyed the ride.

Sometimes Tom you should just leave it alone. Wow Tumblr what have you done!

(pictures not mine I just played)

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#トムヒドルストン #TomHiddleston

“Welcome Tomohi san for Loki at Narita Airport. It pleasantly responded to fan service.” Google translate, what have you done?

Ah! This was so much fun to write and I really enjoyed it! I love Hekapoo and I’m glad you liked my sister headcanon! I hope you like this! I wanted to make Hekapoo a bit meaner but couldn’t bring myself to haha, I wasn’t sure how she would act because we don’t have a lot of info on her yet, but I tried my best! Enjoy!


“And I chased her down for years! And when I finally caught her she gave me these scissors!” Marco explained. He showed Tom the scissors. The demon showed no interest, in fact he actually seemed to resent this.

“Yeah that’s great, Marco.” he huffed. “I have to go.” Tom said with no more explanation and walked off. Marco watched him go with confusion. He thought Tom would think his story was cool! And maybe be impressed by it. But Tom walked away leaving Marco alone. He sighed.

Of course Tom didn’t like him. He was a human, boring.

Marco tossed the scissors aside on his bed and flopped down once Tom had left. He sighed a saw Star poke her head onto his room. “Any luck?” She asked. Marco shook his head and sighed, playing with his hoodie.

“I guess he just doesn’t like me… he probably doesn’t even care.” Marco sighed. “I thought telling him that story would impress him! He’d think I was super cool… but he was just annoyed with me.” Marco sighed. Star bit her lip.

“Hey! I’m sure that;s not it! They has to be something more to it than that.” She tried. “I bet Tom really likes you and just can’t say it.” She promised. Marco sighed.

“That’d be something…”


“It’s not fair! Hekapoo has no reason to talk with humans!” Tom insisted.

“Your sister has her own dimension, her own way of life and she tricks mortals and works as a demon should.” Tom’s father hissed. Tom backed away. “And what have you done? All you ever do is mess up and make a mockery of all of us! If you were even a little bit more like your sister you wouldn’t have to rely on humans.” He snapped. Tom’s ears dropped and he flinched at each harsh word.
“I don’t understand why she has to-”

“ENOUGH!” Tom’s father screamed. Tom jumped and started shaking. “Hekapoo did a wonderful job, she wasted a human’s time and caused distress. Although I do not see the progress in it, this has led her to be very successful. Meanwhile all you’ve done is hang around that human boy! Treating him like a companion!”

“I’m sorry…” Tom whispered.

“You should be.” His father growled. “You’re a disappointment and a mistake. Try to be a little more like your sister. At least she knows how to speak up. All you can do is whimper out an apology.” He snapped.

“I’m… sorry.” Tom whispered again. His father pointed to the door and Tom ran out, as fast as he could. He closed the door and curled up in a little ball, sitting outside his father’s throne room and curled against the huge wall.

“Hey Tommy!” He heard a teasing voice. “Did dad yell at you again? What did you do to get him so…” Hekapoo trialed off when she saw her brother so clearly in distress. “…Mad.” She finished. But she all the sudden didn’t feel like teasing him. That was her nature. She joked and pulled pranks, but this didn’t feel as funny all of the sudden.

“You’re perfect.” Tom hissed at her, he was looking away but his crying was clear in his voice. “Everyone loves you. Your work is perfect and everyone values you! You’re good at everything! You always were able to fight and do magic and control your flame… but I was always a mistake. I could never do any of that right.” Tom muttered.

“That’s… not true… you do plenty right.” Hekapoo tried. She wasn’t a nurturing person by nature, and she had never had this happen before. Did their father’s yelling really hurt Tom this badly? Was it something more than what she assumed? Hekapoo gulped, thinking she should have been a better sister.

“That’s not what dad thinks.” Tom muttered. Hekapoo bit her lip.

“Well… dad’s stupid.” She tried. Tom laughed a little bit. “It’s true. He’s a total jerk. And he only treats you like crap because you look like mom.” She told him. Tom gasped and looked up. Hekapoo shrugged. “It’s true. You look just like her and he doesn’t like it so he treats you bad and… you don’t deserve it.” She finished.

Tom sighed and looked away. “Why did you have to take him too?” Tom asked. Hekapoo looked curious.

“Who?” She asked. Tom growled angrily and punched the wall.

“Marco!” He screamed. “Marco Diaz! The human! The one you gave those scissors to! He was the most important thing to me… he;s my ONLY friend! And now all he talks about is you and that adventure you took him on! When the most interesting thing I’ve done with him was eat cereal on a curb.” Tom sighed. Hekapoo played with her dress.

“I didn’t think you liked him all that much.” She responded.

“I do… but he probably doesn’t even care.” Tom sighed. Hekapoo rubbed the back of her head, she didn’t know what to say. “He must think I’m so annoying and boring.” Tom frowned and Hekapoo sat down next to him. “You have everything… why did you need to take Marco too?” Tom asked. Hekapoo was silent.

“I didn’t mean to take him… I don’t even…” Hekapoo trailed off. Tom shook his head and pushed away.

“Save it.” He growled. “I don’t care anymore. He would never like me anyway so you mind as well be better than me at this too.” Tom hissed and walked away.


Tom opened his door a bit confused, not many people came by his own area. But Tom was taken back when He kapoo waved at him. “Hekapoo? What are you doing here?” Tom asked. She handed him a pair of scissors. “What are these?” He asked.

“Marco’s scissors. I took them back from him.” She laughed. Tom madea face.

“Great! You have the attention of the love of my life an ll you use it for is a little game!?” Tom demanded. Hekapoo shook her head.

“No! I took them back from him, so you could return them.” She explained. Tom looked confused. “I stole them and said some stupid riddle to make him think.” She scoffed. “Something about the thing he really wants returning them to him. And I thought you could give them to him to make him consider it. I don’t know.” Hekapoo shrugged. “Even if he didn’t believe the riddle I’m sure he’ll be grateful for you returning the scissors.” She explained. Tom grasped them tightly in his hands and smiled up at her.

“Thank you Hekapoo!” Tom cried and for the first time in a while gave his sister a hug. “Thank you so much!” He cheered.

“No problem… and if he doesn’t like you… then he really didn’t deserve those.” Hekapoo smiled and motioned to the scissors. Tom smiled a bit as well and ran off to go impress his crush.



okay flatmates AU where roderich is from Austria and Gilbert is German but grew up in the US and since his parents didn’t teach him the language (lawls JEN) he has zilch skills and SHENANIGANS ENSUE idk. They’re not dating yet here (BUT OBV THEY WILL BE)

shoot me

My (first) eddsworld fanart! :D
If you didn’t know, Eddsworld is a series of animated shorts and comics which was first written, and now dedicated to, Edd Gould, who died in 2012 from cancer.
These thr-four characters are part of the main cast with some others (well they were in the animated finale).
The animation shorts finished and the comic’s still going but it holds a special place in my trashy heart.

[ Tom extended imagine ] Endearing dark circles.

Original imagineImagine: Waking up in the middle of the night and Tom not being on his side of the bed. You get up and walk around the house looking for him; you find him singing your baby to sleep.

Written by: A.Wölf.


I opened my eyes finding myself in the darkness of my bedroom.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and looked at the screen, “4:05 Am”.

I turned to my right, deciding to snuggle up to my husband only to find his side of the bed empty.

I could only feel the weight of our cat and our dog sleeping on the edge.

I sat up on the bed.

-Thomas? –I called out but there was no answer.

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The Descent Part 3

Part 2

Ginny: I’m not really making many friends. All I do is go to class, eat, and come back.  My dormmates have fun, but we don’t really do much together outside of homework. 

Ginny: I mean…they don’t really offer to do anything together.  Has everyone forgotten me or am I just that uninteresting

Ginny: I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Ginny: My brothers have all but ignored me.  They’re all out having fun.

 Ginny: And when they do pay attention, they treat me like a kid again.  

Ginny: Why do I feel so s-strange all of a sudden?

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My little test subject

Chapter 2

Angsty Tomtord fic with a slight bit of Paultryk on the side.

Warning! This fic contains: Foul language, scenes of torture, use of medical tools, drug use, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, violence, self-neglect, blood, and a little but of stockholm syndrome and force feeding. Viewer discretion is advised.

Heavy footsteps echoed throughout the corridor as a hooded figure ascended the stairs to his apartment. Stopping on the second floor, he walked off the stairs, following near the end of the corridor and stopping in front of a door. He pulled out the keys from his hoodie pocket and unlocked the door, stepping in to his apartment and instinctively turning on the lights. However, the lights were already on and he was met with quite the unexpected sight.

His best friends, Matt and Edd, were sitting upright on his couch with their hands neatly folded over their laps; as if they were waiting for him or something. “Hey Tom!” Edd greeted him with his usual friendliness, but there was something heavy etched in his tone of voice that made Tom think something may not be quite right.

Tom raised one eyebrow in confusion, as he closed the door with his foot. “Um, hey guys.” He greeted back, feeling awkward about the unexpected visit. “What are you doing here? And how did you get in here anyway?” He questioned them.

“Oh, Matt and I just came in for a visit but you weren’t home, so we decided to wait around here for you.” Edd explained, glancing at Matt and nudging his shoulder. “We also used the spare key you keep hidden underneath the fire extinguisher. Isn’t that right, Matt?”

“Oh yeah.” Matt confirmed, smiling widely. But it seemed rather forced, and his eyes keep casting downwards.

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