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“You’re knocking it out of the park. Just go do it again.”


Jekyll Smiles - ITV’s Jekyll & Hyde (2015)
Requested by anon
Y’know, it’s funny, but in a way I’m reminded of Shawn Michaels in that Jekyll has seemingly ‘lost his smile’ since Hyde appeared. ‘Course he still smiles on occasion, but with farrr less frequency, at least to me.

Dc, or Marvel? (Tom Holland X reader)

anon said: Could you do reader x Tom Holland where reader is on the flash tv show and in an interview Tom gets asked about DC and Marvel rivalry
A/N: ok so I was working on this for a while, and I realized that my writing is getting so much better! ( except for this one 😭) I have been in a slump😭😭😭please send in requests! Okay I love you. Oh yeah and the reader and Tom are going to be saying in this one okay?

“So Tom, you’re girlfriend is in the flash TV show correct?”
“Yeah, yeah she is” Tom says, smiling.
“Well if you don’t mind me asking, what are your opinions on it?”
“Well I mean, Y/N has been in it since it aired. I love the plot of the show, and there are so many paths the show could take. It is how Y/N and I met after all,”
He pauses trying to find what exactly he was going to say.
“I love the show. It’s really great.”
He laughs a bit.
“What are you opinions on the DC and Marvel rivalry?”
“Umm, well it is clear that I work for Marvel. But I still love DC, I mean it’s really interesting. Comparing it to marvel, in my opinion, it’s just as great. Like, that is probably the biggest rivalry in this century. But I am neutral. I love them both.”
You smile at Tom through the tv. 
“Well that’s all the questions we have for you today.”
“Thank you for having me.”
The TV switches right to commercials.
You sigh, sinking back into your couch.
‘I guess he really does like DC just as much as Marvel.’
You think to yourself.