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Nickname: None.

Gender: F

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 151 cm. In feet and inches, that’s very fucking short. :p

Time right now: 22:48

Last thing I googled: Drugstores in my area (I have a cold.)

Favorite Bands: Look, ~25 years ago I’d confidently tell you “Pink Floyd and the Sex Pistols!”, and although A LOT has happened since then, it IS the last time I was confident in anything, so I’m sticking to that. :P

Favorite Solo Artists: Nina Simone, Amanda Palmer, Tom Waits.

Song stuck in your head: A local… classic.

Last movie I watched: Moonlight. It was superb.

Last TV Show I watched: The Expanse. Yay sci-fi!

When did you create your blog: January 2016.

What kind of stuff do you post: Rogue stuff!

When did your blog reach its peak: Not sure if there’s a distinct peak anywhere, but last month it was the first year anniversary of the blog, and of the collective, and I’d just hit 5k followers, so there was much rejoicing. :)

Do you have any other blogs: …Uh huh. @piratejenny1871 ia a semi-abandoned photo-blog, @howtoseewithoutacamera is a collection of other people’s photos, @char-portraits is a collection of female character portraits for RPGs, @theftconfessions is an Anonymous Confessions side-project that WAS eventually killed in the move, @1871atboe is a completely erratic personal blog mostly consisting of randomness and dogs, and @we-are-rogue-gr is another side-project that I haven’t even announced, because it would be literally Greek to you.

Do you get asks regularly: From time to time.

Why you chose your URL: In a sense, the Paladin chose it. Good job, too. :)

Following: 144

Posts: 4172

Hogwarts House: Although I borderline cheated to get into Hufflepuff (not a fan of hard work, but very much a fan of camaraderie and cake), I got sorted into Ravenclaw, which is fair.

Pokémon Team: Idk, child.

Favorite colors: De Stijl

Average hours of sleep: ~7

Lucky Numbers: 42

Favorite Characters: John Constantine

What are you wearing right now: Sweatpants

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 quilt.

Dream job: In ideal conditions, DJing. Ideal means in a good joint, with good people and good equipment, and somehow avoiding the tediousness that will inevitably come from doing it regularly. I haven’t done it too regularly, just gigs here and there, and the feeling of looking up from the decks and seeing people react to the music, recognising a song, swinging, cheering, hugging, kissing, drinking, dancing… you can’t beat that. These were moments of genuine happiness for me. Not “the satisfaction of a job well done” bullshit. Precious. Rare. Genuine. Happiness.

Dream trip: Fly to Havana, from there sail to Mexico, and then zigzag all the way south and NEVER STOP until I bump into Tierra del Fuego. Motorcycle Diaries, sort of.

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What song did you grow up listening to that you wish was on your album?
  • Patrick: Let's answer for each other! I'm gonna say Pete would have wanted to have written… Paradise City?
  • Pete: I would say for Patrick… it would be a Tom Waits song but I can't think of one right now, so I'm gonna say Radio Radio by Elvis Costello
  • Andy: (to Joe) I don't know what you wanna write
  • Joe: I don't know what you wanna write either

What confused me is that Tom is a man to keep his relationships very low key. But here are these photos of him full on kissing and hugging up on Taylor. Like, props. He must truly care about her to put it out in the open so quickly.

They cute, they cute. I don’t ship it but I respect it. All I can say is… Nice.

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I made an AMV and it is not the AMV I said I was going to make. I thought this song by tom Waits would be a good fit.

Arrow Fic: picture in a frame

A post-4x09 future fic inspired by this post and dedicated to @sailorslayer3641, who yelled at me on Thursday for giving her Smoak-Queen Family Feels (I believe her words were, “I can’t…not today, Satan”)

Titled after the Tom Waits song of the same name

Available on AO3

Thea pushed open the loft’s guest room door, knocking as she stepped inside. “Hey, are you almost ready? We can’t get this thing started until you’re in place downstairs.”

Oliver was standing in front of a floor-length mirror, clad in his tuxedo and fiddling with his bow tie. He didn’t respond – just shot her reflection an impatient look.

“What? I knocked,” she shrugged. “When Dig texted that you two had arrived, I figured that meant we’d be getting started soon.”

“Yeah, we will. I just can’t get this thing to sit right.”

Thea raised her eyebrows, and tried to suppress a smile. Her big brother was nervous. Adorable. “Seriously, Oliver? You’ve been wearing those things longer than I’ve been alive. You’re not nervous are you?”

Oliver gave her that look again, this time accompanied by a warning, “Thea.”  

She couldn’t help but giggle at him, and smirked, “The Green Arrow. Nervous on his wedding day. Damn, guess I owe Dig 20 bucks.”

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A Dedication To The Things I Will Never Forget Or Remember

We took every drop
of our intuition
and dropped it
into the toilet
along with all the poison
we wrung out
into our guts up to that point.
We didn’t think
we would need it anymore
and I’m not sure if we were right
but those days are now
distant as inner peace.
The sounds of 90’s alternative
mixed in with politics
over a game of beer pong
like a soundtrack
to a broken summer,
a broken winter
will never leave me
even though it was all
seen through some vodka fog.
Outside, we burned every worry
and watched the smoke figure skate
in the starry breeze
while we sang
some obscure Tom Waits song
to an audience that wasn’t listening.
The broken bones
and basement quickies seemed
to be the altars
we placed our lives on
when every questionable action
became a prayer
that was quickly forgotten
like every time I stuck my tongue
down the throat of a stranger
or best friend
or the time I fucked some girl
on a cluttered couch
as we both cried
and filled each other
with the smell of bad decisions.
Do you remember
the last party we had?
We were outside
at seven in the morning
holding shot glasses
full of gasoline.
We made a toast
to nihilism
and as we raised our glasses
to the reborn sun
we all laughed
one last time
and disappeared