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I want an Animorphs AU in the style of Invader Zim.

By which I mean an Animorphs AU where everybody is batshit stupid.

Like, our establishing moment for Tom is when he comes in like, “GREETINGS, EARTH-BROTHER! I have quit the basketball team, but it’s fine because The Sharing fills my human organs with far more joy. I’M NORMAL!”

(”Jake, I think that your brother may be a Controller.” “Gee, Marco, what was your first clue?”)

And the Animorphs don’t even try to hide their identities; when someone comes into class loudly proclaiming how The Sharing has made their pitiful human lives worth living, they’ll just stand up and be like, “Everybody, Bob is obviously an alien! Listen to what he’s saying!” And the rest of the class just rolls their eyes, not caring.

(This works both ways, though: whenever somebody stares at Ax in public, he can just put down the pencil that he was eating, fold his hands in front of him and say “I’m normal. Mull.” They’ll immediately lose interest.) 

For some reason the Yeerks just never think of attacking the Animorphs at home, aside from lots of shouting matches and attempted gaslighting between Tom and Jake. (Tom barricades Jake’s bedroom door from the outside whenever he goes off to do an evil plan, apparently not realizing that Jake can just fly out of the window.) 

And Visser One is Tak. Whenever she shows up, she and Visser Three just scream at each other. It’s great. 

If I were to ever make an Animorphs tv show, I would probably attribute a lot of Visser Three scenes to someone like… Chapman or Tom instead.

And have Visser Three (in my head played by Idris Elba) appear much more rarely, and have him be much more intimidating. Like when he’s in an episode you know Shit Is Going Down.

I think one of the big problems the series had was that Visser Three was used so often (and out-smarted so often) that he became a bit of a joke at times

But if a show used him rarely, and have the episodes with him be the ones where the Animorphs come closest to losing, then he’ll be properly intimidating as a villain

Animorphs October: 07 Parents

“You know what gets to me more than anything?” Cassie said quietly.

The baby squirrel in her hands was suckling at the tiny bottle that was made for feeding kittens. The bottle and the baby were both warm in her hands and the rhythmic motion of his nursing was so relaxing, she could have fallen asleep. Cassie was glad this little guy was eating well, and she was doubly glad she didn’t have to feed him in front of Tobias. She and Tobias had long ago come to an understanding, but it still felt weird to take care of his idea of a nice brunch right in front of him.

“The lying. I used to tell my parents everything, you know? Does that sound stupid? We kill people with our teeth and claws and I’m upset I have to lie to my dad.”

This was another reason she was glad Tobias wasn’t around. Marco and Ax, too. It wasn’t like Cassie wasn’t aware that she was complaining about her supportive, healthy relationship with her parents. She’d feel like a total jerk if she did it in front of the others, but she thought at least Jake and Rachel would probably understand. Cassie always felt better after talking about things, and she rarely got the opportunity to hang out with Jake and Rachel on their own.

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Victorian Cottage by Tom and Michelle Vissers
Via Flickr:
Laurel Avenue at Park Street, Pacific Grove.


Victorian Roofline, Nantucket by Tom and Michelle Vissers