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Featured Artist: One of my favorite t-shirt designers, Tom Trager, is a featured artist this week on Tee Public. So all of his tees are only $14 (30% off) through midnight on Sun., May 25. Don’t miss this deal!

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Watson’s best season 3 quotes on one tee!



Gather up, Scooby Gang, it’s a Buffy giveaway time!

Our friends at Once Upon a Tee have a new collection of awesome Buffy designs at their always great website this week, featuring some of our favourite characters from the show such as Buffy, Spike and The Gentlemen. They are available as t-shirts, Holliday ornaments, beverage coasters and more! And here’s your chance to get a free t-shirt!

All you have to do to win is: like The Whedonverse Facebook page and follow both the Once Upon a Tee tumblr blog and mine, then like/reblog this post right here.
Winner will be up next Sunday! If you don’t want to wait, visit Once Upon a Tee and buy yourself a great shirt today!
Good luck you all!