tom toye


Living in almost poverty I have few chances to spend the little money I have anymore on comics, but every once in awhile I just have to eat a weeks worth of ramen noodles to get my fix. and this leads me to my latest purchase…this freaking amazing book by Tom Toye! Seriously if you haven’t bought one or never laid eyes on his work, waste no time and get to it. The book is a thing of beauty, filled with gritty evil, damn even the paper smells a little like evil vegetation. Check out his tumblr here: and grab a copy from here: or here:

ttoye: A new comic for man in Portugal known as Rudolfo aka Diogo. Produced for second issue of Lodacal. Promises to be enjoyable in the maximum section of the scale of enjoyment. More information is accessible by your finger in this direction- and

Page 1 from Tom Toye’s Shitty Kitchen (i think is what is called) WHATEVER CHECK OUT HIS WORK HERE - HTTP://TTOYE.BLOGSPOT.COM