tom toye


Tom Blade Dancer Toye just sent me this crazy treasure horde. Not only did it come wrapped in Tom’s signature customised cereal box armour (death to false modests), but it included a copy of the damn FINE looking Illogical Comics 7 AND the original copy of the comic that he put my scruffy face in. Tom I owe you big time dude, I gotta go sharpen my sword.

ttoye: A new comic for man in Portugal known as Rudolfo aka Diogo. Produced for second issue of Lodacal. Promises to be enjoyable in the maximum section of the scale of enjoyment. More information is accessible by your finger in this direction- and

Page 1 from Tom Toye’s Shitty Kitchen (i think is what is called) WHATEVER CHECK OUT HIS WORK HERE - HTTP://TTOYE.BLOGSPOT.COM