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I feel bad for Tom. He did do something and I know everyone is upset, but Tom dose deserve to explain himself. Also what everyone had been saying, Tom isn't the only guilty one but he's getting all the backlash. Plus it's not easy telling someone they cheated, it's not going to be like "Oh yeah BY THE WAY I cheated on you with Edd."

Yes! Like I said, I don’t want to vilify Tom. 

So monsta x fansites were waiting for the boys at the airport but Tom Cruise came out of the same exit before monsta x so the fansites took pictures of Tom Cruise IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Some even changed the name of the preview HAHA

Good boy (Kihyun’s fansite) -> Tom Boy

Here My Dear (Hyungwon’s fansite) -> Here My Tom


hollandville on instagram recorded the part where tom basically confirms that he’s filming for infinity war !!!!

what does your amortentia smell like: tom

Professor Slughorn: Excellent, my dear boy, excellent! Your Amortentia potion is perfectly brewed, I wasn’t expecting anything less of you. Now, Tom, go on and smell it - Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them, what they love.

Tom Riddle: *takes a whiff of the potion, his expression remains cold*

Tom Riddle: I must be having a cold. I cannot smell…

Professor Slughorn: *is taken aback for a moment, then smiles tentatively and nods* Of course, my dear boy, of course. Do take care of yourself, you wouldn’t want to miss on any classes because of a cold, would you?

Tom Riddle: Of course not, Professor.