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HERE IT IS! The thing that you have all been waiting foooor!!!!!! XD I present to you.. the official Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence Battle Arc Posters! *throws a bunch of confettis but got into mouth* blargh! not really my brightest idea! pffft!!!

Anyway!!!!!! I hope that y’all like it everyone! Especially my dearest friend @mrevaunit42 I hope he’s….. he’s you know…. not crying over this…or…somethin’….

For those who wanted to read his Star vs. the Forces of Evil future au fanfic -> 

I recommend! Trust me it’s really amazing.. *wink*

Star, Marco, Janna, Tom © Daron

Nova, Connor, Jack © @mrevaunit42

Kim Beelzebub is my OC… :3

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Aurora: Celestial beauty, a hundred different accents, looks good in any disguise, hides pain behind red lipstick and hair rollers, evelyne brochu what more can I say

Sinclair: Long suffering dad friend, seems chill but is ridiculously hardcore, perfect shot, enjoys spending time in the country and on allied spy missions

Neil: Willing to fight at any moment, but cares deeply, forms really intense bonds, dad jokes, will help you hide the body

Harry: Joined the allied spy mission to avoid student debt, is actual American harry potter, like srsly his name is harry James and he has round glasses, proud member of the av club, makes youtube videos on tech hacks

Tom: The human aesthetic of the American war effort, secretly Canadian, good in a crisis, bisexual, that guy who says he hates shooting at ppl then takes down like ten men in a row

Krystina: Red lipstick and red hair, takes down nazis as a subdivision of her day job, will do dumb shit but is a good friend, covered for u when u said u were off sick but were secretly having an emotional meltdown, will probably take over Canada at some point

Alfred: The most developed member of the squad, un-torturable, very lovable, can read morse code automatically, will hold ur hand when u didn’t ask for it but needed it anyway, gives good life advice


I showed this to @mrevaunit42 a few days ago… :3 i really love drawing his characters from “Nova vs. The Forces of Adolescence” on :D I finally drew Jack, one of Nova and Connor’s friends… hihihi…….

*whispering* there are something in those drawings that we’re ideas for a new chapter in Nova vs…. :3 ihihihi……..


I’m storming the castle. I’m not going to order you to do the same. Decide for y o u r s e l v e s. You’ve earned that.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Fancast-

Tom Hiddleston as Milo Thatch January Jones as Helga Sinclair Gerard Butler as Vinny Santorini Jessica Alba as Kidagakash Nedakh Tommy Lee Jones as Lyle Tiberius Rourke Michelle Rodriguez as Audrey Ramirez

At first, Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow cast Sinclair as Dan, the C.I.A. officer (ultimately played by breakout star Jason Clarke) who tortures the detainee during the film’s brutal opening sequence.

“I thought I could handle it when I first read the script,” says the 47-year-old Hollywood journeyman. “Once we began filming that scene, though, I got a bit gun-shy. It was too real. I vomited all over Jessica Chastain’s shoes, ran out of the room, and cried. Kathryn could have been like any other director and fired me,” says Sinclair, “but she kept me around. You’ve got to respect that.”

As for Sinclair, he’ll next be seen in the summer blockbuster White House Down, playing a random Secret Service agent who gets his ass whooped by the film’s villain, played by, that’s right, Jason Clarke.