tom shone

Poisoned With Love

Prompt fill for @bigjellymonster

Well I’m a sucker for a Good love potion based prompt. This one is where Harry might mistakenly take a love potion geared towards Tom or Voldemort (Idc who) and Tom/voldy who doesn’t want to waste the idea of getting one over on Harry uses it to his full advantage. But when Harry finally comes out of the effects Tom/Voldemort is actually sad its over because Harry who is actually very knowledgeable about love treated him like he was really in love with him. instead of just obsessed with him like normal. And Harry liked the feeling of loving someone like that so he willingly takes the potion again. basically merope’s idea but it actually works. you know that “Maybe he will still love me if i stop giving it to him”

Pairing: Tom/Harry
Word Count: 2,241
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Dubious consent.

It smelled like the static in the air before shooting off a curse. The damp mustiness of ancient rock and the salty tang of the sea. But there was a fourth, underlying aroma… Like grass, and the outdoors.

Tom couldn’t pinpoint it exactly. Nor did he have the time. Because in the next instant the messy-haired buffoon had somehow managed to upend the cauldron containing their assignment. 

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