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DANN FDDN PHI; in toms's vlog at the beach TAKING PHOTOS OF EACHTOHER CAN'T BREATH ENRJWHFTJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

listen bitch.. this is the most intimate thing i have ever SEEN ! this is behind the scenes of daniel howell and his personal photographer bf.. dan was POSING and moving his head from side to side like a fucking model while phil was jus out there capturing his best angles with a beautiful sunset over the beach in the background.. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORE INTIMATE MOMENT SHARED BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE WHO MEAN THE WORLD TO EACH OTHER WHAT THE FUCK

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www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=i1eXkYl7a8U I feel like Scout would totally do this

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my GOD this was a wild ride!

Scout would TOTALLY do this except he wouldn’t do that to annoy anyone but because he genuinely thinks no one can ever mind a Tom Jones’s song even if it has been played for the 20th time in a row. (It’s not rare for him to play his songs non stop from dawn until dusk)

He may also start a fight with people at the diner for unplugging the jukebox

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So the cat I take care of a lot often times flops on her back or side so we can pet her more, and it's the weirdest thing ever. And it made me think, what if Tom did that? Like since he has cat traits I just imagine him doing that now. Do you think you can do a fic off of that?

awww that’s so cute! Kitty-cats do that when they feel happy and safe and want to play or be pet! Sure I can write that! Sorry it’s so short! It was just a cute little fic! I hope you like it! Sorry this took so long!

Tom was sleeping soundly, leaning back on the couch. Marco smile dover at his demon, who had just dozed off into a light nap. His eyes would flutter at noises, but then he would yawn and doze back off. Marco looked at him fondly and reached out to brush Tom’s hair aside. But as soon as the human gave Tom a gentle touch, the demon flopped over onto his side, on Marco’s lap. “Oh Tom.” Marco giggled.

The demon stayed on his side on Marco’s lap and the human gave him pets. “What is it with you and all these animal traits?” he asked the napping demon. “It’s like you really are a cat.” Marco giggled. He bent down and gave Tom a kiss on the head. The demon stirred and looked up at Marco with big eyes.

“Hey Mar-Mar.” Tom rubbed his eyes. Marco smiled down at him and rubbed his head, giggling when the demon purred.

“You flopped over on your side.” Marco giggled. Tom blushed and sat up, so he was facing Marco but still cuddled close. “It was adorable, you were like a little kitten who wanted attention and to be petted.” Marco explained. Tom blushed deeper and covered his face with his hands. Marco grinned and reached over scratch Tom’s ear.

“That’s so embarrassing!” Tom cried. “I can’t believe you saw that.” He mumbled.

“Why? It was so cute.” Marco reminded. Tom shook his head, still blushing.

“No, no. I do the weirdest things all the time! They’re so embarrassing.” He mumbled again. Marco giggled and pulled Tom down to give his demon a kiss on the head. Tom smiled up at him and laid back so he was leaning against the human. “I have so many weird animal traits. It’s something a lot of demons have but… most demons can control them.” Tom blushed a bit. Marco just smiled again and gave him another kiss.

“Oh stop it. You know how cute you are!” Marco giggled. Tom laughed as the human tickled him and smothered him with affections. “Besides acting like a little kitten, what else do you do that’s super cute?” Marco asked. Tom blushed and looked away.

“You’ve seen most of it… I like to play with yarn and stuff…” Tom blushed deeper.

“Well why do you flop over on your side like that? All I did was touch your ear and you just dropped on top of me.” Marco giggled. Tom laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. He played with his thumbs, moving away from Marco slightly.

“Well… I always seem to do it when… I just feel safe.” He mumbled this part. Marco looked at him closely and Tom blushed even deeper. “I just… can’t help it! I feel safe, and protected, I just wanna be near whatever it is that makes me feel so happy and… I guess that’s why.” Tom blabbered.

Without much warning Marco scooped the demon up in a hug, covering him in kisses. “That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!” Marco cried out. Tom laughed and kissed Marco back. The human pulled away a little bit and held Tom’s face in his hands, looking at his demon’s glittering red eyes. “Do I really make you feel safe and happy?” Marco asked.

Tom nodded and nuzzled his way into Marco’s embrace. “Yeah… you really do.” He whispered. “You mean to world to me and… and… I know you’d never let anything hurt me.” Tom continued. He sighed and played with the drawstring on Marco’s hoodie. “It’s just that… the underworld is a war zone… all the time. You never know what’s gonna happen, either it’s outside my family or it’s the people themselves in the kingdom starting danger. You’re taught to always be on your toes and never once let your guard down.” He explained. “But with you I feel… I don’t need to have my guard up. I can relax, and I’ll be safe.”

Marco looked at Tom with wide eyes and the demon flared up, covering his face. “I-I know how silly it is but-”

“No.” Marco cut him off. “It’s not silly at all. And I’m glad I offer you a safe place where you can finally feel at peace.” He admitted. Tom smiled a little and Marco gave him a kiss on the nose. “You never need to feel in danger around me.” Marco promised. Tom smiled and closed his eyes, leaning against the human. “I’ll keep you safe.” Marco pledged very quietly, so Tom couldn’t hear.

@a-forger-and-a-point-man replied to your post: damn reading tom’s shitty rant made me realise all…

dude there’s a reason i stay firmly in the inception fandom (ie. the fiction, the fantasy) and stay out of engaging with hardigans or doing anything in celebrity fandoms besides reblogging pics. people are messed up. and fans get rabid. and real people are so fucking flawed and celeb political positions can turn me off so fast. i feel so much safer in dream land, where nobody can fight me on headcanons because IT’S ALL FICTION ANYWAY!
it’s very interesting to see what famous people say, no doubt, and i do read lots of it and i’m curious, because it’s eye opening. but yeah, u gotta be able to brush it off later and that’s… hard… it’s no fun sometimes… cause you perceive them differently… and as much as i wanna separate the personal from professional, that’s not always possible. i try to appreciate them for their craft and not much else.    

Hii! thank you so much for your input!
Hah, yes, after being in the one direction fandom for 3 years I can agree to this wholeheartly. i had to take several breaks from tumblr for a couple of times because seperating oneself from the people we project so many emotions and thoughts onto is, as you say, really hard.
and yes seperating their art and their personal life, to enjoy the former, is definitely less risky to end up in disappointment. however, sometimes.. i just want to enjoy their fun, relatable public image. be charmed by a person. and damn tom’s a sweetie. but stuff like this just reminds me of how human he (they) are and that’s important, too. so, yahh. oof. humans.

I do have my problems with some of the parts of the inception fandom i came across, too, though. (how some people react to harry for example.) there’s some misogyny and stereotyping, especially in fics. but that was quite interesting to see, too: the differences in fandom.   tbh i’m not invested enough, or rather, i haven’t been long enough in the inception fandom to properly identify myself with it like i do it with the 1d one. so, in the end, i can live with the few things that i disagree with :’)  mainly i just feel New and i’m excited to maybe, slowy get into it some more; understand how you guys work!

hey, really, thank you for replying !!

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Can we all just agree that regardless of whether people liked her or not, that it's over now and they've both moved on, are happy individually and we don't have to keep bringing her up? That's something I kinda hope doesn't happen WHEN he has a new relationship, to compare whoever she'll be to someone else, just like people shouldn't compare Tom to Patrick. It's been 18 months, we should --Oh god, in the words of Frozen--Let it go. I cant believe I just referenced that. That's embarrassing. >.<

Embarrassing or not, thanks for saying this :)