tom robson


“Before Tom I was nothing.  I was wild.  A danger to myself as much as anyone else.  Tom saved me.”  

So, those of you who know me and my love of Being Human will probably know my love of the relationship between Tom and Anthony McNair.  It’s just one of the loveliest father/son relationships of TV (even if it isn’t a biological relationship).  

I adore the way that you can see McNair in Tom’s personality and actions, because Tom really needed McNair.  He relied on him for everything for his whole life until one day, McNair isn’t there any more and that is absolutely heartbreaking.  

But I often forget how much McNair needed Tom.  McNair took care of Tom because he was guilty, but I think it changed his whole personality.  He taught Tom such strong morals that at some point he must have held that baby and thought “I am going to do this right!”.  McNair had no clue how to raise a child, and although they may not be perfect - living in a van, killing vampires, staying very separate from the world (ok…..very far from perfect) - Tom has grown to be this amazing character and can love and respect his father despite learning the truth.  I love seeing him develop through the next couple of series as he learns more about the world than the limited knowledge he gained with McNair.  But there is still that constant presence of the things that McNair taught him that show through in him.  

So, in summary, the relationship between McNair/Tom is incredibly well written and one of my favourite things about the show.