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Cartoon Network Studios was awesome. Thanks to Make-a-Wish I got to fly out to Burbank California and spend the entire day with these guys!! They were all so funny and nice and casual. I got to see and do so many wonderful things with these guys. I got to see episodes and sneak peaks of brand new shows that won’t air on CN till next year!!! Then we all went down stairs and had pizza together! So there I was sitting between J.G Quintal and Pendleton Ward eating pizza together. We laughed and talked for hours!!! Then I showed them some of my fan art and OC. Then to top it all off I got to sit in one of the sound booths and watch them record an episode of Adventure Time!! Man it was so cool!! And now they’re all following me on Instagram and chat now!!! I also met the main people of CN and they said if I want to come in for an internship when I graduate High School, I could!!!! Thanks Make-a-Wish!!!


“Exploring Panaitan - Directed by Nic Barclay, this documentary style short-film follows three of the best young bodyboarders on the planet - Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston and Thomas Rigby - as they encounter some of the heaviest waves of their lives in one of the most remote locations in Indonesia.” - Nic Barclay.


Exploring Panaitan

a short film by Nic Barclay featuring Photographer Jeremy Creswell along with Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston, and Tom Rigby exploring some of the most remote areas of Indonesia

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Forth Fridays

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tonight on Regular Show
  • mordecai: rigby. if you were gonna date a dude, who would it be?
  • rigby: hmmm.
  • rigby: dwayne johnson.
  • mordecai: RIGBY!
  • rigby: what?
  • mordecai: you're supposed to say 'someone like you'!
  • rigby: well, i'd date someone like you, but - y'know. dwayne johnson.
  • rigby: who would you date?
  • mordecai: tom hardy.
  • rigby: you insensitive asshole.