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Why is Hermione so shippable like
  • Hermione Granger: Rain drop
  • Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Tom Riddle, Viktor Krum, Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini: Drop top

Aca-demic Arrangements by @dulce-de-leche-go​ — (Tomione, Rated M/E)  Hermione’s just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight plane on a journey to LA in order to pursue her dream. What could possibly go wrong?

♫”Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.”♫

So you know how parents are never supposed to say out loud who their favourite child is? That’s how I feel about fanfics. If you ask me “What’s your number one favourite Time-Turner fic?” I will hem and haw and give you a list of maybe 5 to pick from. Because I love them all, and I never want any fanfic to feel less loved than all the others.

But …

Aca-Demic Arrangements is my very favourite fanfic.

And I don’t even feel bad for admitting that, because every other author that I have ever admitted this to, has come back with the “Well obviously. AA is LIFE!” response that is required of all who have read this utter piece of awesome, hilarious, delicious, cracky genius that Dulce has created. 

It’s a Modern AU non-magical fic where homeless hoodlum Hermione Granger is the girl with a bad rep, a short temper, and an idiot boss. She meets Tom Riddle, a tattooed gorgeous thing with a bad taste in coffee drinks but a great taste in music and friends. I can’t even go into it more than that without just saying “OMG just go read it!” Aca-Demic Arrangements is the fic I read once a month because it brings me absolute joy no matter what. It’s the fic that I recommend to people who don’t read fanfic or have never read/seen Harry Potter.


HEY so I just had a thought, like it’s pretty obvious but…People always talk about how Harry and Draco almost killed each other, but no one talks about how they also saved each other’s lives. In the castle, Harry went back to save Draco from the fire, which later provided him with the information to tell Narcissa that Draco was in the castle and safe, and of course Harry knew he was, because he had saved him himself.

Tom didn’t know why he always woke up on the middle of the night with a cold sweat running down his body. A now familiar face swimming through his mind.

He did not know what made her so alluring. Was it her deep brown eyes that told him that she knew so much. Was it her curly hair, always up in an up do, her mischievous tendrils managing to escape the restrictions.

Last night, he had seen her again.

In his dreams, she had been smiling, her smile made the darkness in his chest lighter.

And for the first time in years, even if it had been in his dream, Tom had smiled. He had smiled because she had.

But then he had woke up.

Only this time, when he looked at the portrait of that hung on the wall just beyond his bed, his eyes wide. He managed to rasp out the one thing but he had been dying to know since he had painted her on that one September night…


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“Oh, god,” she muttered, using him to regain her footing.

“God’s a bit formal,” he offered, smirking. “Theo’s fine.”

She felt her brow furrow. “That was terrible,” she remarked, and he shrugged.

“Terrible, dazzling, it’s a thin line,” he replied. “Ready?” he asked, holding out a hand expectantly. She eyed it, frowning.

“For what?”

“To keep running,” he explained. “Little known fact,” he added, “but the trick to a successful escape is to continually increase the distance between yourself and the people who want to maim you.”

Thanks to @jackwhitesgirl for the request!


He raised a hand to touch her, and she didn’t realize it until his knuckles rested against the skin of her collarbone, no movement, just the tantalizing feeling of his skin on hers, blisteringly warm. 

Tomione → Playing Cupid by @meowmerson


{ tom riddle + hermione granger }
“Want to know a secret, Riddle? You’re not the only one who can deceive people”

Synoir’s Library | Pygmalion by @colubrina

“You’re mine,” she said, her voice low and fierce and belying the tears that were starting to sting behind the corners of her eyes. 

 "I am,“ he agreed, "but you’re mine as well and you’ll do as I say and right now, Miss Granger, I want to hear you ask me nicely one more time." 

Rating: M | Tom Riddle x Hermione Granger⎪Complete


She is Lost

The girl with the wild hair and lost eyes had been at Wool’s for four months before Tom had met her, having been finishing his sixth year at Hogwarts when she was taken in. He had thought it curious when he heard that Mrs. Cole had taken on another charge, considering the fact that she was- to their estimations- anywhere from fifteen to seventeen years in age; far too old to have had any chance of being adopted, far too old to really be deserving of any pity. Space in the cramped and run down orphanage was scarce, and food was even scarcer, the effects of the muggle war tolling heavy on the supplies available to the public. Nearly everything was rationed, kindness included.

The girl with the strange sounding name had earned the concern of Mrs. Cole, had been pathetic enough for the old caretaker to want to take her in, protect her. She was covered in grime and blood when the police officer discovered her, the orphans had whispered behind their hands. Was found huddled on the streets of London, bewildered and frightened, with nothing in her possession aside from the tattered clothes, and a curious necklace that had been shattered. She had no memory of who she was, or where she was from, whatever accident she had gotten into having robbed that of her, the same force that embedded the glass of her brass pendant into her chest, scarring the skin. She was brought to the gates of the orphanage after having seen a physician, the head injury she had sustained partially healed among the many other injuries.

‘No one has claimed her.’ 'Victim of the war.’ 'Consistent with a great fall, and an assault.’ 'Has nowhere to go.’ 'Has no memory, terrible amnesia.’

Those were the words that she was marked with, and Mrs. Cole with a sigh had taken her in. Had cleared a room for her in a linen closet, set up a cot. She did not need a wardrobe anyway, as she had nothing to put in it.

Tom had been back within the walls of the building for only a day when he had learned that she was regarded as a  pariah of sorts among the orphans, that she was spoken of only under their breath. 'Strange,’ they called her. 'Crazy.’ They eyed her in a way that was familiar to Tom, as they had looked to him with the same gaze. Wide eyes filled with fear of the unknown, with confusion to what this being before them was, what they were capable of. 'She does things like Tom used to do. I don’t trust her,’ one of them had said when they did not see him around the corner, their tone repulsed and filled with hatred, dripping like acid.

It took only three days into his return for him to see why, when he was startled from his sleep once more by screams, the walls undulating with her yells of pain. Grabbing hold of his wand, he followed the sound of her cries, thrusting open the door to the linen closet with every intention of silencing her. Three nights had gone by without sleep, three nights he had sat in his bed with the pillow over his ears as she wailed and thrashed from whatever nightmare or possession she was under. He was going to keep her quiet, the same way he had kept Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop silent.

The door flung open, and suddenly the screaming stopped, the girl sitting up straight in her bed with a gasp as she awoke, her honey brown eyes wide and searching for him in the darkness of the room. He had closed the door behind him, the click of the door as it settled in the frame and was locked wandlessly like a harbinger, and she stood at the noise.

“I’m growing very tired of your screams,” he said, his tone dangerously low, like a growl in his throat. His hand rose before him, the wand clutched tight in his grasp, only to feel a sharp pull from it, watching in awe as it was suddenly flung from his fingers. The wand collided with the wall behind her, bouncing off it and falling to the floor unceremoniously, rolling down the slightly uneven wooden planks. His nostrils flared, his brow twitched. Anger filled his chest like a well, a reservoir of it, and he took a step forward, his eyes narrowed at her. Before he could draw from it, could tap into the magic he had used so often as a child until he began channeling it through his wand, a great force hit him in the gut, the breath expelled from him as it did so.

He was shoved back by invisible hands, his body roughly crashing into the shelves behind him. All at once they broke, though not through any physical means, and he stumbled to the floor, splintered wood and spare linens tumbling at his feet. The sound was deafening, and quickly followed by harried footsteps as various children and matrons ran to check on what had been the source. They banged on the door, voices calling for them to open it as it shook from the reverberations of their fists.

But he did not, instead leveling his eyes so that they met Hermione’s, his anger replaced with interest. She was a witch then, whether or not she knew it, and the air sizzled and cracked with her magic, he could feel it pulsing through the air. It was suffocating, billowing around him like smoke from a fire.

The door finally ripped open as he unlocked it, turning to look at the sea of faces in the threshold, Mrs. Cole rushing through them so as to look between him and Hermione, worriedly. “I heard her screaming so I came in here to see if everything was alright, but I tripped,” he lied, motioning to the mess surrounding him.

He was told to return to his room, and he had done so, his wand carefully concealed in his sleeve, thinking back to the girl who wasn’t just a girl. She was a witch, with untapped potential, with magic overfilling her and begging to be released and realized. Begging to be controlled. Perhaps this summer wouldn’t be as drab or as dull as the others.

She is a Witch

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{ t o m i o n e }
What if Tom had a friend at the orphanage? Someone that took care of him? Befriended him? Tried her best to get him out of trouble? He wouldn’t have turned out so evil, since Hermione loved him very much.

➳ you act like you don't ; Hermione + Tom Riddle

what can I say, they have awesome fanfic.


Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??


hermione granger & tom riddle

mad. mad thoughts.
crazy, twisted, sinewy.
mad obsession.
you sicken me.
you’re so beautiful, love.
i grind you into a fine, soft
powder and inhale you…
and then lick you off of my fingers.

you love, answer me.
your face brings me death every day…
and every day I can’t wait to die.
bury me now, love.
bury me n o w.