tom puts so much passion in show me love i might cry

A New Chapter | Domestic Life

Summary: You and Tom have had it rough these past two years, but once he’s back in London for a long period of time. It’s time for you both to start a new chapter in your lives.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,754

A/N: I’M EMO!! Anyways, hi, I haven’t written in ages, but I finished all my work for the week and I’m off school for Labor Day, so it was a perfect opportunity to write another imagine for the Domestic Life series. I hope you guys enjoy.

It had been two years since you and Tom started dating each other. You both were in love with each other, but it came with hard times. Tom was a world traveler, as he did promotion for movies and filmed abroad. You were a full-time student, making it a challenge to find free time for you to visit Tom. He was also in different parts of the world that had you both staying up late or waking up early, in hope of just get a few words in to each other. There were times you both wanted to call it quits, but you fought for the relationship because love conquers all.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you can do an au if the sleepover episode of svtfoe where instead of star lying about her crush, it's Marco lying about his feelings for Tom?

Of course I can! I loved that episode so much! I thought Star shared some great wisdom! And it was a time to include my new ship! Oskar x Jackie Lynn Thomas! I hope you enjoy! Sorry it sort of derails and trails off, but I had a great idea I wanted to write! Enjoy!

“MARCO!” Janna cried. “Tell it the truth!” She was getting whipped around the room in some sort of tornado that the machine had created. Marco gripped the side of the wall to try and stop himself from getting blow about.

“I already did! My crush is on Jackie!” Marco yelled back. Star got blown over and crashed into her best friend.

“You’re lying! I told the truth! My crush is one Janna!” Star cried. Despite the dire situation Star was still blushing at her confession.

“And I really like Star!” Janna called back, trying to grip the floor as to not get whirled around. “We all told the truth Marco! It has to be you!” She accused again.

“I like JACKIE!” Marco yelled again. The game seemed to get angrier and pulled and pushed the children about. Star was getting pushed between two walls while Janna kept flying up and then dropping to the floor.

“We’re going to die in here unless somebody tells the truth! Jackie?” Star called.

“It’s true! I like Oskar! I just didn’t want to say anything because I thought Str still liked him!” Jackie admitted, not wanting to hurt her friend. Star smiled at the sweetness.

“Oskar is a lot less appealing than he seems, Jackie, you can do better!” Star yelled.

“THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Janna screamed, getting thrashed around. She crashed into Star fan 13 who was almost crying. Afraid this would ruin her night with Star. “Marco! I know your tells! You’re lying can see it!” Janna screamed.

Marco put his arms up to sort of block himself from the harsh wind inside this cube. He shut his eyes tight and tried to block all of this out. He liked Jackie, that’s what they thought, and that’s what he would keep saying. The wind picked up and Marco began getting pulled forward, he looked up and saw a giant pile of fire that the game was pulling the human boy towards. Marco gasped and tried to run against it, but to no avail.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star! Help me!” He yelled.

“It won’t let you go until you tell the truth!” Ponyhead screamed at him. “We know you’re lying! If you weren’t the game wouldn’t be targeting you!” She explained. So tell the truth so we can get out of here!” She begged.

“FINE!” Marco cried. The wind stopped and everything seemed to hold still. Like time froze. Marco gulped as all eyes were on him. “I… guess I have… a bit of a crush on… Tom.” He whispered and bowed his head. “But it’s really nothing!” He assured. Star gasped and everything was still for another minute until the box lit up a bright red.

“SOMEONE IS LYING!” The box hissed. All the storm commotion started up again and the kids started yelling and getting tossed around.

“MARCO! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?!” Janna cried.

“Nothing! That’s the truth! It’s Tom!” Marco cried. The game seemed to get mad again and pushed them all around, swirling them in a rampage of commotion.

“Marco!” Star yelled. “Just tell us the truth!” She begged, about to get swallowed whole by this game meant to be “fun”. Marco bit his lip and put his head in his hands. He looked around at his friend and then up at the box.

“It’s not nothing!” He called. The commotion stopped once again. “You-you think I’m lying because I didn’t… I wasn’t honest with HOW my crush on Tom is.” Marco decided. “I said it’s nothing but that’s a lie. I really, REALLY like Tom Lucitor.” He admitted. “It’s not a ‘bit of a crush’. I… I think I’m in love with him.” Marco sighed. The box lit up a light blue color and all the metal walls around them shrunk down and receded back into the box.

“TRUTH.” It stated. Marco felt a deep blush cover his face and he lifted the box up.

“Woah.” Marco spun around and saw the group of girls staring at him totally shocked. Janned had her mouth wide open. “That was deep.” She stated. Marco blushed furiously and made a bit of an angry face, looking away.

“Okay! Fine! You all know!” He hissed. “I’m in love with Tom! I’m a fifteen-year-old human boy, who was dumb and careless enough to fall in love with a reckless, annoying, hot-headed demon! You can laugh all you want but… I can’t help how I feel.” Marco sighed. He looked away and toyed with the metal box in his hands. He looked up fast when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Star smiling at him sweetly.

“Marco, we aren’t going to laugh at you.” She assured. Marco looked surprised. “Just because you fell in love young, and I might not see Tom as a suitable bachelor.” Star huffed this last part. “I’m happy you have somebody you care about. And if you really feel this strongly about him, we want to help you get him!” Star beamed.

“Really?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“I wanna help spark some demon-human passion.” Janna teased, she was making a joking face that made it sound like she was talking about something scandalous.

“Tom’s the three-eyed kid?” Jackie asked. She then beamed. “I think you two would be super cool together.” She smiled.

“Okay ladies, okay ladies.” Ponyhead interrupted. “We all think Marco and agro would be great together. You know what this means, girls?” She asked. Star jumped up excitedly and Ponyhead smiled smugly. “Mm-hm. Star knows. Marco, we gonna dress you up and make you over. Make you a human that fire-hazard can’t resist.” She offered.

“Marco-makeover!” Janna cheered. Jackie jumped up and down and they ran into the bathroom to get beauty supplies.

“I’m in!” Jackie smiled.

“If Star’s doing it I will too!” Star Fan 13 promised. All the girls grabbed makeup and hairbrushes and clips and jewelry and crowded around Marco. They started poking and prodding, causing the human to become annoyed.

“Guys, come on! I can do my own makeup!” He complained.

“That takes all the fun out of it!” Star reminded, and she scontinued styling Marco’s hair. When they were finished Marco looked like a made-up show pony. With far too much colorful makeup and his hair curled and puffed out. “You look… perfect! I’m going to call Tom!” Star declared. Before Marco could object the girls were already crowded around the mirror.

Star dialed and Tom picked up the phone. When he saw the girl he seemed upset. “Did you mean to call your mom again?” He asked, assuming the worst. Star made a face.

“Oh stop it. Can’t I just call you to talk?” Star asked. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“That’s… not like you.” He pointed out. “And also you are surrounded by a clique of strangers… and Ponyhead. How have yu been?” He asked the horse.

“Okay. St. O’s is a party school now.” She told him. Tom nodded.

“I heard… so… bye?” He tried to hang up, confused about what this friendly chat was all about. But Star stopped him.

“Tom wait!” Star creid. “Marco is here! Isn’t that a surprise?” She asked.

“No? Doesn’t he live there?” Tom asked.

“Shut your face you are surprised.” Star seethed. She pulled Marco into view of the mirror. He was a blushing mess and he was holding his breath. As soon as Tom saw Marco he burst out laughing.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you have your makeup done like a pageant clown?” Tom ridiculed. Marco huffed. “Are you a show pony? But with makeup and glitter?” Tom asked, laughing hysterically.

“Shut-up! Marco looks great!” Star defended.

“No, I don’t.” Marco assured her. “The girls did this.” Marco explained. Tom laughed again and shook his head.

“Well no wonder, you’re makeup never looks that bad.” He laughed. “You normally look nice, but this is like Dance Moms meet the circus.” He jabbed. Marco opened his mouth to back talk the demon for making fun of him., but stopped.

“Wait… you think I look nice normally?” Marco asked, blushing. Tom shrugged.

“Well yeah, you normally know how to put on makeup and you have a cute sense of style. But this is a little much.” He teased. Marco blushed and looked away.

“We um… it was just for fun.” He mumbled. Tom smiled.

“I can see that.” He grinned. “You guys have fun at your sleepover but… don’t go out of the house like that.” Tom grinned. He couldn’t hang up without getting in one last insult. Marco smiled and hung up after Tom, holding his hands to his heart. Tom thought Marco looked nice… most of the time at least.

Rebound (a fluffy Sebastian Stan drabble)

I really don’t know what I’m doing but here we are, this is my first attempt at writing Seb. I will be writing smut about this guy very soon but I needed to get this little thing out of my system first. Writing is therapeutic and all… ;)

This is written for all Hiddlestoners finding comfort in Seb these days (or for everyone finding comfort with a great guy when another guy fucks up.)

Story: Erin finds comfort in the arms of a friend after her boyfriend cheats on her.

Word count: 1717

No warning. This is pure fluff.


‘So, what did he do this time?’ Seb nudged her arm with his elbow to make her look at him.

They were both standing on the balcony of his flat, the background was filled with music, laughter and chatter from the party inside.

She shook her head in a little smile,’ who says this is about him?’

He looked at her and raised his eye brow,’ because I know that look and he is the only one that can make you so sad, this is about him.’

She looked back at him and the forced smile faded from her face.

‘What did he do?’ he asked again in a softer voice.

‘It’s nothing, just…the new blonde of the month, I guess. Tom was supposed to be here but he texted me that he’s stuck at work, except my friend saw him out in the bar with Emilie about an hour ago, so…’

Seb shook his head,’ why do you let him do this to you, Erin?’

‘I don’t know, I honestly don’t.’

He could hear her sadness in her voice as it started to break but there was also anger and frustration there.

‘I hate feeling like this,’ she continued,’ I know I should be angry and dump his ass…but…’

‘You love him,’ he sighed.

‘Despite everything, yes, how stupid is that? I’m a total idiot.’

‘You’re not an idiot, you’re in love.’

‘That’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it?’

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American Idol saved the best for last: La’Porsha Renae

I’ve never watched a full season of American Idol because for awhile it was just yell-singing trying to out-loud each other.  Then it was a lot of white boys who could walk and chew gum at the same time so let’s heap praise on them.  Then it was just a circus of who can squeeze out the most fake emotion on stage.  So I don’t watch the seasons, but I’m familiar with all of the winners.

La’Porsha Renae is going to be the most naturally gifted winner of American Idol ever and there is absolutely no way she’s going to lose this final season of American Idol.  Every time she opens her mouth I cry or get goosebumps.  Y’all need to see some of these performances.  She’s equal parts Leela James, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, and Fantasia.  Her runs just come out of nowhere and she already has some of the best ears in the business.

“No More Drama”

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Grant Gustin Looks Back On His First Year As A Superhero
By Jarett Wieselman

On May 15, 2014, Arrow star Stephen Amell took the stage at Manhattan’s New York City Center to reveal the first look at his show’s spinoff The Flash at The CW’s 2014-2015 upfront presentation. After the trailer rolled, the actor who would take on the eponymous role — Grant Gustin — stepped onto the stage in a suit and tie and waved to the crowd. Flanked by his co-stars Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, and Carlos Valdes, Gustin visibly vibrated with excitement — The Flash after all marked not only his first time as a series regular, but more significantly, his first time as the lead of a series.

On May 14, 2015, Gustin returned to the City Center stage for The CW’s 2015–2016 upfront presentation, this time standing beside Amell. And, in addition to his relaxed untucked button-down shirt and blazer, Gustin was wearing the confidence of a star whose show produced the network’s highest-rated premiere ever and became The CW’s most-watched show of all time.

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