tom please stop

  • [At the store]
  • Jinyoung: Excuse me? I lost my friend Yugyeom. Can I make an announcement?
  • Store Clerk: Of course.
  • Jinyoung: *leans into the mic*
  • Jinyoung: Goodbye, you little shit.

Like I see those imagines, prompts, drabbles, etc about Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and sometimes I’m like… You know he’s supposed to be 15 yo right?

Whenever I have a musician/ actor/ youtuber/ whatever as my phone background
  • Child: Who is that guy on your background? Your boyfriend?
  • Me: Oh, no, he's just a-
  • Me:
  • Me: Actually, yes. It's been a year since we started dating and we're very happy.

anonymous asked:

Okay, screaming anon here, from the last ask. I'm sorry for being pushy. But please Tom, I really mean it when I say that there's a possibility and there's a certain SOMEONE who's keeping me from spilling the beans and just please? There is no reason to not call him once more Tom, just call him and if he doesn't pick up, use it as a goodbye call and never call him ever again! Please. Once more.

Tom: p-please……. stop telling m-me he’s alive, i k-know you’re lying…

Edd: Tom…?

Tom: *hugs Edd*

Edd: ?!

Katie: ………


“I’ve just remembered that I was doing a small British independent film called Archipelago…”


We’ve all done things… that are hard to live with. So let this be your redemption, if it needs to be, because it might be mine.