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Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski, 2013).

Y’know, i still don’t know quite what the blood moon does, because although there are ideas thrown around….there hasn’t really been a clear answer on what it does exactly.

“It’s telling marco he’s supposed to be with star!!”

Well, no, because Marco and Jackie have kissed on multiple occasions and the moon only showed up once….and that was when Star was in danger.

“The Captain said it was “The Moon Of Lovers””

Yes, the random voice we don’t know the origins of said that, and until i understand who that was….i don’t really consider that a reliable source…

The Demons have this ball as a tradition, If anyone knows about how this works….it’s Tom and his people.

A random voice calling it that doesn’t mean it is, and as far as i know, it said that to make Marco wanna go in order to keep Star from getting back with Tom.

The demons there make it clear that it intertwines souls, but never quite states that it means the couple is destined for each other (Which is another cliche i hope this show diverts from).

It picks out a couple, yeah, but for what purpose? Intertwining their souls is crazy and all but i’m not exactly sure what that means per say? Or what exactly intertwining souls do?

This show never answers the questions i want XD

But anyway, if you were to say that it DOES mean that the couple is destined for each other….then uh..

What about Tom?

No, i’m serious, Tom was under the light for a few seconds and nobody has anything to say about this whatsoever?

He even acknowledges that he’s under the light BY LOOKING UP AT IT.

((Take note that star is suddenly far away from the light))

This scene is weird, because the light followed Marco and Star EVERYWHERE before…and stopped following when Tom showed up.

Why did it hold on Tom at all? Why not stop before he gets into the light?

And yeah yeah i know what you’re gonna say.. “Well, Tom doesn’t count because he didn’t dance under the light”

Well, that one demon announcer never actually said you had to dance under the light, you just had to be selected and under it.

Dancing is probably a tradition, but not a requirement.

And isn’t it a bit suspicious that Tom had to y’know…..oh so conveniently leave before the moon showed up, out of the Moon’s light range? And then when he IS in light range the Moon shines on him?

But here’s the weirder thing, when did Star back up out of the light ? Tom JUST pushed Marco when he and star were still in the light.

Which means the light…left Star…and diverted to he was pushing Marco.


Technically speaking Tom and Marco in this case, WERE the last ones under the light together…even if it was very brief.

Star and Marco may be bonded, but is anyone really doubting that Tom could also be bonded? Whether he was actually chosen, or that he forced himself into it?

If he’s bonded to anyone in that mess, it’s Marco, since the light left Star when Tom showed up…

But the prophecy at St. Olga’s!!

Yeah…its clearly about the bloodmoon bond…but take a close look at Marco’s symbol …

There’s an eye in the center of his symbol.

Why is there an EYE??!!

I would associate this with eclipsa or monsters except that this room has to do with the bloodmoon bond….so unless it has to do with Marco being evil or something.. (Which is a possibility)) , there isn’t much to associate it with.

But if this had to do with the bond… then would this be a sign that Tom was bound to Marco?

Not saying it has to be true but think about it…

What more of a clever twist it would be….if Tom had been bonded to Marco (And maybe technically Star) this entire time?

Good Cartoons tend to have pretty subtle hints and clever details hiding in plain sight, and between the eye, and Tom being oddly placed into the Moon’s light….I think they’re up to something… 

Dave Lucitor, Tom Lucitor, and scary realizations

ever since we got the sneak peek scene of the silver ball, and saw Tom’s family, everyone has had one burning question. What is Dave Lucitors race? Is he just the least scary looking demon imaginable? Or is he actually a mewman? If he is a Mewman that means he married outside of his race and Tom is actually biracial. People have been asking if Dave followed Eclipsa’s example when he started a relationship with Wraithmelior, and wondering what the difference between the two relationships are. I made a post earlier that the difference between demon’s and monsters seemed to be that the Lucitor’s were one of the Butterfly’s seven allied kingdoms, but the Aviarius’s were not. Safari confirms that on Mewni who is good and who is bad all goes back to who is in the alliance.

Here’s the thing though: that is the only difference, one treaty/contract. That means that if Dave is a mewman, and if the Demons and Mewmans had not had that signed piece of paper, then Dave would have been Crystalized just Like Eclipsa. Whatever happened to Eclipsa’s monster lover would have potentially happened to Wrathmelior. And Tom, poor Tom would have suffered whatever fate befell Meteora.

I wonder if this will be touched on in season two. Meteora so far has been a villain, and unlike her mom their is proof to what she has done. If during season 3 people still want to lock her up for what secretly went on in Saint O’s, then what if instead of going to Star (who is all about free thinking and individuality, and hated Miss Heinous threating it) Meteora, or maybe Eclipsa go to Tom. What if someone tells him about Mina and other people hating Meteora because of how she was born, and that if things had been different he would be just as hated. I wonder what kind of character arc that would make for him? I also worry that if the Lucitor’s are a interracial marriage, then with what is going on in mewni, and with how tense relations are now, the alliance between the kingdoms might be in trouble…

Because I’ve already read comments like “Hartwin is so gross because of the age gap” comments in the “The Golden Circle” tag … Okay, that’s your opinion and that’s fine. But half of those people who complain in the tag about the age gap, see movie/TV show romances with a similar age gap without batting an eye (because it’s heterosexual).

So. Here’s a little list with age gap couple. Just remember: Hartwin is just a fan ship, the ship doesn’t exist as a couple in the movie. The rest of those actors played actual couples, affairs or something similar in the movie. The age is the current age of those actors.

  • Colin Firth (57) and Taron Egerton (27) in “Kingsman”
  • Javier Bardem (48) and Jennifer Lawrence (27) in “mother!”
  • Colin Firth (57) and Emma Stone (28) in “Magic in the Moonlight”
  • Jack Nicholson (80) and Amanda Peete (45) in “Something’s Gotta Give”
  • Sean Connery (87) and Catherin Zeta Jones (47) in “Entrapment“
  • Liam Neeson (65) and Olivia Wilde (33) in “Third Person”
  • Billy Bob Thornton (62) and Scarlett Johansson (32) in “The Man Who Wasn’t There”
  • Johnny Depp (54) and Amber Heard (31) in “The Rum Diary”
  • Harrison Ford (75) and Anne Heche (48) in “Six Days, Seven Nights”
  • Sean Penn (57) and Emma Stone (28) in “Gangster Squad”
  • Jack Nicholson (80) and Helen Hunt (54) in “As Good As It Gets”
  • Denzel Washington (62) and Lymari Nadal (39) in “American Gangster”
  • Bill Murray (67) and Scarlett Johansson (32) in “Lost In Translation”
  • Will Smith (48) and Margot Robbie (27) in “Focus”
  • Michael Keaton (66) and Andrea Riseborough (35) in “Birdman”
  • Tom Cruise (55) and Olga Kurylenko (37) in “Oblivion”
  • Ben Kingsley (73) and Penélope Cruz (43) in “Elegy”
  • Rene Russo (63) and Jake Gyllenhaal (36) in “Nightcrawler”
  • Kate Winslet (41) and David Kross (27) in “The Reader”

Just to name a few. Some of these movies are actually on my list of favorites (like “Lost In Translation”), so I kind of know what’s going on in some of these tags. And I can’t remember a single “Oh gosh, that’s so gross” comment. 

But to be honest: I think Hollywood has a huuuge age gap problem! Most of the time there’s an older man and a much younger woman. Which is sad because this leads to actresses who can’t cope with getting older, use Botox and so on. And - in my case - I love seeing an actress who ages (with grace) like Meryl Streep but it’s really rare. Hollywood only wants young women. (That’s another topic, so I’ll stop here.)

It’s just interesting how most of the people think those men/women age gap romances are okay but as soon as there might be a romance between an older man and a younger man, it’s a no-go. You can still be grossed out seeing a couple with an age gap but your reaction shouldn’t differ between man/woman and man/man or woman/woman.

Zodiac Signs and Hogwarts, by Mods Olga and Tory

((Note by Tory: The intent for this analysis was to examine how our  astrological signs’ traits are manifested in characters sorted into our houses – alas, our mods Jinxy and Abigail, noble representatives of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, have considerably less representation to work with, and so were not able to contribute this time around. Don’t worry, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw – we love you too!!))

Gryffindor - Aquarius [by Olga]

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- Arthur Weasley (February 6th 1950)

Like many who share this sign Arthur Weasley is an original and inventive person. He’ s fascinated with the world of muggles and is keen to get to know their innovations and inventions. His creative and observant nature allow him to come up with his own ideas to use muggle tools in the wizarding world.

Arthur and Molly Weasley, who are both friendly and optimistic people, sure do know how to keep up a good mood and how to care for their many children. Arthur himself is a caring and sociable man. The way he immediately includes and accepts Harry into his family and how he supports his children is also very typical of an Aquarius. They’re often liberal parents and like to be their children’s friends more than authorities who tell them what to do and what not.

Just like themselves they want others to be independent and objective when it comes to debates and views. They are willing to accept someone’s opinion as long as it’s based on facts. Nevertheless they sure have morals that they follow. Arthur Weasley, for example, who is working in the Ministry of Magic in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, is performing a rather humanitarian work. He is rather concerned about doing what he thinks is right and important than something that pays well. Working overtime and really loving his job, Arthur really is a great example of an enthusiastic Aquarius.

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- Lily Potter nee Evans (January 30th 1960)

She is another great example of an Aquarius in Gryffindor. Lily has always been described as a clever and quick-witted student and person in general. Her ambitious and interested mind is a typical trait of an Aquarius. Doing well at school is usually based on their actual interest in the subjects and being involved in what is being taught rather than just studying to be good at something just for the sake of it.

Another aspect is Lily’s non-judgemental personality. She accepts everyone the way he is and sees good in everyone. People are people to her. No matter what they do and who they are. Being accepting  and charismatic she’s always had quite a big circle of friends and cared about those who needed help even if they didn’t admit it.

Her love for James Potter and his close friends also shows that she was able to befriend those who she might not have considered liking in the first place. Especially James really had to win her over before she fell for him. Again the Aquarius’ objective side of hers was showing. She managed to accept and love a boy so arrogant and so straight-forward despite his flaws.

He was the person she married and she had a son with for whom she died. The highest of the sacrifices one can make for another human being. Lily died to make someone else live and her selfless and brave nature (and of course her motherly love) allowed her to do so.

Slytherin - Capricorn [by Tory]

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- Tom Marvolo Riddle “Lord Voldemort” (December 31st, 1926)

Well, now, I’ve really stepped in it, haven’t I? Yep – I share both my house and my astrological sign with the worst villain in the Harry Potter universe. Old Moldyshorts is prooooobably not the best example of how to show off the values of your house that one can find in your horoscope, but even I must admit, of all the signs, Tom does definitely fit Capricorn’s traits the best.

The most “Slytherin” trait that Capricorns express is ambition. It is the one word that you notice right away in both category’s descriptions, and it’s something Tom has in spades. He doesn’t just want to be a talented wizard – he wants to be the best, the most powerful, and he won’t stop until he gets it. This also touches on another Slytherin-like trait of Capricorn’s, determination.

Capricorns can also be known for being conservative, which in the hands of a Slytherin can hint to a love of history. Tom in particular embraces this aspect of Slytherin in the pieces he chooses to turn into Horcruxes. Rather than choosing one lone rock on an abandoned beach or a grain of sand in the desert, Tom chooses objects of historical significance and personal significance to him – Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s diadem, Slytherin’s locket and ring, his diary, Nagini…all of these things mean something to him personally, and reflect his past.

Finally, both Slytherins and Capricorns are known for their leadership skills, and once again, Tom shows off the exact wrong way to use them. He is so talented at schmoozing and charming that he is able to bring together a band of deplorables and use them to terrorize and subjugate the Wizarding World. Truly, if you need more evidence of how dangerous of a combination this can be in the wrong person, you need look no further than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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- Severus Snape (January 9th, 1960)

The grayest and most controversial Harry Potter character of them all, without a doubt, is the Hogwarts Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin house, Severus Snape. Whether you love him or hate him, however, I think few can deny that he shows off both the good and the bad of Slytherin house, and therefore of the sign he was born under. Since we have already touched on the worst of Slytherin Capricorns through talking about Tommy, though, let’s see if we can delve into the best aspects of a Slytherin Capricorn through wittle Sev.

To start, Capricorns tend to have a very thick outer shell that hides a lot of their innermost feelings, to the extent that many see them as detached and unemotional. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s pretty much Snape to a tee, and very much Slytherin as well. Slytherins in general tend to put forward a very confident face that hides a lot of their insecurities. As much as Slytherins care about the impression they make, however, they frankly don’t care who dislikes it – and neither does Snape.

One Capricorn trait that is sometimes put at odds with Slytherin sensibilities is the sign’s fixed down-to-earthness. Slytherins are usually the sorts to adapt and contort to whatever situation they find themselves in, but Capricorns are resilient and never budge from what they are committed to. Snape shows off this apparent paradox perfectly in his commitment to Lily, Dumbledore, and the Order. Snape is flexible enough to work as an effective spy, but his inner code of morality never shifts. Once he decides he’s with you, he’s with you for the long haul and will use his inherent flexibility to fight for you.

Last but not least, let’s touch on Capricorn’s relationship with risk. Capricorns, like Slytherins, are not reckless sorts, but they are still willing to flirt with risk once they have thought it through and rehearsed all possible outcomes. They may be calculating, but they are brave – and is that not what set Snape apart from Karkaroff, upon Voldemort’s return? Snape saw the danger ahead, weighed all possible outcomes, and decided to fight with the Order anyway. This shows how Slytherin house, despite valuing self-preservation, can still choose fight over flight…as long as it is done consciously and thoughtfully.


Movies You Should See (And Maybe Haven’t) - Oblivion (2013)

[Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” plays]
You always loved this song.
I’m not him. I know I’m not. But I’ve loved you… for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how else to say it.
You know what you said to me once? You said when it was all over, you would build me a house on a lake. We would grow old and fat together. And we would fight. Maybe drink too much.
Real romantic.
And then we would die and be buried in s meadow by the lake. And the world would forget about us. But we would always have each other.
I remember.
Those memories are yours, Jack. They’re ours. They are you.

I’ve considered working on a theory about Tom’s ancestry to see if those demons on the ceiling mural in ST O’s has some significance.

But Tom’s ancestry is very hard to talk about since there is little that is known.

Although the wonder as to why Tom doesn’t have wings or a tail does make you wonder if his species did some evolving, or it’s some kind of magic reason.

Cause if these are supposed to be demon’s…..they’re either super old or another type of demon.

Or maybe Tom has a final form like the Butterflies and can grow a tail and wings during this formation.

Stories (Olga Lokisdottir x Female!Reader)

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Warnings: none

Pairing: Olga Lokisdottir (Marvel) x Fem!Reader 

Prompt: “Reader asks about stories from Olga’s childhood.”

Word Count: 778

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Casting: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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