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How many times has Marco actually been sassy?

Probably a weird question but quite often they can seem insecure and stuff but then every now and again they end up acting sassy. I only count three occasions though;

1. With Pony Head at “St. O’s” when Marco says “Get on with your bad self, my wayward sister.”

2. With Tom during their duet of “Too little, too late”.

3. They came off a bit sassy/sarcastic during “Heinous” while filming the video.

Two of them occasions they were dressed a princess, the other time they were taking the female role in a duet (although admittedly Love Sentence is a boy band we have no idea if that song featured a female artist).

Probably me reaching still but Marco seems way more confident when presenting as Princess Marco. Also They seem way more confident around Tom in general in my opinion.

Enjoy my little rambling and tell me if I missed anything :)

Thoughts, ideas, etc always welcome.


Oblivion (2013)
Directed by Joseph Kosinski
Zip File with 277 Screen Caps HERE

Tom Cruise as Jack Harper
Morgan Freeman as Malcolm Beech
Olga Kurylenko as Julia Rusakova Harper
Andrea Riseborough as Victoria Olsen
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sergeant Sykes
Melissa Leo as Sally
Zoë Bell as Kara
Isabelle & Abigail Lowe as Julia’s Child

Tom and Marco Sitting in a Tree (Season 3 Plot Prediction)

I really don’t know why I come up with these post titles sometimes. I hope you enjoy them at least.

So anyway, last night @thebigcrunchone9 sent me a suggestion where while with the princesses at St. O’s in my plot prediction a prince is there, I mean St. O’s is a total party school now, why wouldn’t there be princes. The prince likes Marco but is disappointed to find out they have a girlfriend, Jackie but Marco assures the prince they are bi.

So okay, my plot prediction deals with Marco just realising they are trans and in the interest of being a realistic plot prediction, I think to gradually wade into the sea of controversy Disney will tackle one thing at a time. I do believe Marco will one day come out as bisexual but I feel if the trans Marco storyline is followed this will be tackled later.

Also Marco saying they are bisexual in this situation would feel like kinda a horrible move and hurt Jackie’s feelings. It comes of as, “Hey, I maybe taken right now but you never know what will happen in a few weeks.”

So yeah, I don’t like the idea as presented, however my brain did turn it into something that could potentially happen and would be interesting.

Who is our favourite prince who would possibly be looking for a princess to share his throne? Tom.

So yeah, my idea is Tom is at St. O’s having seemingly given up on any future relationship happening between him and Star. Marco spots Tom and approaches and they have a bit of an exchange where Tom seemingly gets jealous at the facts that;

1. Star has expressed her feelings for Marco.

2. And even weirder to Marco that Tom is seemingly jealous of Jackie.

Tom almost going aggro at these things but showing real progress by managing to maintain his cool.

Tom then mentioned how cute of a princess Marco is which kinda makes things awkward so Marco leaves to dance with their girl friends and Jackie follows. And Tom is left alone looking sad.

Also as some of you may recall last night I was looking for someone who accepts prompts for Jarco or trans Marco headcanons. Don’t worry, I’m not jumping ship, I’d just really like to see this entire St. O’s prediction written up properly as now I have it in my head I like love it. After this recent proposal though I think I now have enough to write it up myself. So look out for it today.

Hope you enjoy :)

EDIT: For those interested here is Part 1 of my Season 3 headcanon.