tom nooks

tom nook gave us 0 down payment 0% interest home loans in the worst housing recession in american history and people still call him a crook, i cannot abide by this 

Fishing in ACNL
  • fish shadow is tiny: probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge: probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge and has a shark fin: still probably a sea bass somehow
  • fish shadow is in a river: sea bass
  • fish shadow is in a pond: sea bass
  • new villager: sea bass
  • your character: sea bass
  • tom nook: sea bass in eyeliner
  • isabelle: sea bass in a cardigan
  • fish shadow is sea bass sized: moray eel

Since a lot of people commented on my last drawing that they want my Animal Crossing mug, I thought I’d post about it here!

I did it as my work mug but if anyone wants to have it too I have it up on my Society6!!☆彡