A lot of people say that Tom Nook is just a money-grubbing business man, who doesn’t care about much else, and for awhile so did I.

But this shows that he thinks about people other than himself, and this isn’t all

He hired his 2 nephews and helped them grow their business to make their own company, they’ve said themselves he taught them everything they know.

He’s given houses (essentially) for free to random strangers, and yes he did ask for a lot, but he didn’t give you a time restraint or interest on it.

It may seem like he forces you to work to pay off your debts, but are you sure he isn’t just helping you get on your feet by giving you, an untrained newcomer, a part-time job?

Some people like to look at him with spite in their eyes, but I know he’s just trying to do his best.

Fishing in ACNL
  • fish shadow is tiny:probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge:probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge and has a shark fin:still probably a sea bass somehow
  • fish shadow is in a river:sea bass
  • fish shadow is in a pond:sea bass
  • new villager:sea bass
  • your character:sea bass
  • tom nook:sea bass in eyeliner
  • isabelle:sea bass in a cardigan
  • fish shadow is sea bass sized:moray eel