tom mccraw

5 Day Art Challenge, Day 2
I have been nominated by artist/friend Sean Galloway for the ‪#‎5dayartchallenge‬ of original artwork. Each day I will post three works of original art and will also nominate another artist to do the same.
Next up, my big break at at DC Comics. After I worked for Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios, I moved on to score some work at DC Comics in 1997. I started with some small Legion of Superheroes projects. But all the while I was one of five artists considered for the new Young Justice series (originally titled Justice League Jr.)
I owe a huge thanks to my editor, Eddie Berganza, who took a chance on me over all the other artists considered to draw this series. It was an an honor working with Eddie, Peter David, Lary Stucker, Ken Lopez, Tom McCraw and so many others that contributed to our 5 year series. I loved working on this book and all the characters involved.
I nominate my fellow Impulse illustrator and friend, Carlo Barberi for the #5dayartchallenge!