tom mccaffrey


This throwback is on the font page of FunnyOrDie all of a sudden. It’s from 2010 and was initially an exclusive, a site that no longer exists, and aired on Comedy Central’s Atom TV. My involvement is actually less minimal than it seems; I wrote/produced the music to this (with finishing touches, mix/master, by Andy Barlow) in addition to my singing of the hook.

It was cool to work with all these peeps (Rob Cantrell, Tom McCaffrey, Joe DeRosa, Hannibal Buress, Ted Alexandro, Dan Curry) since at the time I was but a year or so into stand up. I remember running out of work to film this during my lunch breaks. There’s definitely some embarrassing irony in me singing the “I’m a Headliner” part, but let’s just consider it foreshadowing?