tom mayer

celebs i hate for lots of reasons:

taylor swift
lena dunham
jennifer lawrence
amy schumer
miley cyrus
kendall jenner
scarlett johansson
julia roberts
azealia banks
gwynneth paltrow
justin bieber
jared leto
chris brown
johnny depp
tom cruise
tom hiddleston
john mayer
adam levine
sean penn
luke bryan

Let me tell you about a neighborhood. It’s not just a bunch of houses in the same place. It’s a community. It’s lives that are connected, people who care about each other. I know it sounds sappy, but damn it, it’s true. And these wonderful people I’ve lived beside they’re my family.

- Karen McCluskey 


Desperate Housewives: Season 3

Something awful happened on Lakeview Drive last year. To understand why, you need to know that when Alma Hodge awoke that morning, she had no idea this would be the day she’d leave her husband. Certainly, it began normally enough.


last night i went mini golfing with my friend from another town’s friend group and there was this aries boy named tommy and we hit it off it like right away and he is so CUTE, i got really cold but we were only at the 8th hole and he’s the one who drove us so he was like “we can go sit in my car while they finish if you want” and i was like “that would be nice” but mentally i was like HELL FUCKING YEAH, he was winning and he gave up the rest of the game to make me comfortable which was so endearing, anyway we went and sat in his car while everyone else finished playing and he has really nice music taste (arctic monkeys, tom petty, john mayer) and he let me sit on his lap and he had his arms around me and he was singing lyrics into my ear it felt like a DREAM he was so cute bless