tom like a 5 year old child

Niece: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Reader’s 5 year old niece comes to stay with her and Tom for a few weeks. Tom takes to her and it melts Readers heart. I already gave the niece a name but you can change it.

“Jade is coming.” You squealed, trying to clean the penthouse suite. Tom still wasn’t to sure about having a 5 year old running around his house. Sure he liked children but having one in this adult environment. “Is everything baby proof?” He asked placing his hands on his hips. 

“She’s five Tommy. I think she’ll be fine.” You hugged him. He was nervous because it was his first time meeting her, you would always Facetime her and he would say a few words to her but he never had a full conversation with her. She was your heart and soul, and you loved her very much like she was your own child. 

“I’m going to go pick her up from the airport and you try to make everything kid friendly for me please.” You smiled and kissed him. 

The flight attendant personally walked your niece off the plane. “JADE!” You ran to her and saw her smile. She ran to you, “Auntie!” She squealed and giggled when you picked her up. “I missed you baby girl.” You said kissing her. “I missed you too. Look what I drew you.” She handed you the drawing and you smiled. “Thank you so much. I love it.”

You put her stuff in the car and drove back to the house. “Are you excited to meet Tom?”

She shrugged and continued to play on your phone. “You’re gonna love him. You know he has a dog, right?”

She looked up at you and gasped, “Really?”, “Yeah, her name is Tessa but she’s in London.”

“Awe man.” She pouted. 

“Tom!” You called out for him. You let Jade in first and got her bags. “Sit right here sweetie.” You put her on the couch and called out for Tom again. “In here.”

You walked into the kitchen and smiled, “I thought Jade would be hungry.” He looked up at you and smiled. “Let me go get her.”

“Jade?”, “Yes?”

“Come here.” She got up and walked to you. You led her into the kitchen, “Jade this is Tom, Tom this is Jade.”

Tom smiled and bent down, “Hey princess. I’m Tom.”

She hid behind you, “He’s not going to bite J.” She looked at you and back at Tom. “Hi Tom.” She mumbled. “Do you want to help me cook?” He asked. She smiled and nodded. “Come here.” He picked her up and carried her back into the kitchen. 

You watched as they warmed up to each other. “I’m going to put her stuff up in the guest room.”

He nodded and continued to talk to her. After setting up her room to make her comfortable, you walked back in and almost died of the cuteness. 

Jade was on Tom’s back while he set the table. “Okay darling, where do you want to sit?”

She pointed to the chair, “Alright.” 

The rest of the night was spent with Jade and Tom goofing off. “Auntie he keeps saying he’s Spider-man! I don’t believe him.” She yelled running up to you. “He is, sort of.” You said. 

“Told you!” You heard Tom yelling down the hallway. “W-well prove it!” She challenged. “Show her the video Y/N!”

You showed her the trailer of Homecoming and she squinted, “I’m not stupid. I know that’s a movie.” She folded her arms and you could hear Tom laughing. He came back in the living room. “You got me. I’m not really Spider-man but I can do some of the cool stuff.”

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Moving On

So since i don’t currently have any big fic projects on for a little while, i’m gonna spend time instead doing one-shots with Tom and his parents because honestly why not?
I’ll also take ideas and stuff if you have any.
Here’s one dealing with Tom’s first break-up with Star, the one that got him to start anger management. Enjoy! 


Dave knocked on the door of his son’s room carefully, he could hear Tom’s sobs from the other side, even with the boy’s bed being as far from the door as possible in a dungeon type room. Tom was not exactly know to be very quite when he had his outbursts, this was no exception.

Tom hadn’t even left his room today, his dinner was brought to him, and he refused to attend any of his princely meetings that morning. Dave had every reason to be concerned, why was he the one who always had to reasonably talk to Tom? Probably because Wrathmeloir would have an awfully hard time entering Tom’s bedroom, not to mention between the both of them, Dave seemed to have an easier time communicating with the demon prince.

Today he had been sure Tom was just occupied hanging out with friends, or spending time with his girlfriend, and just lost track of time, leading to his absence all day. But Tom never missed dinner, and his absence was the last straw that something was wrong, and there was no way it was just a mistake on his part.

He was intentionally missing out on everything, and by the sounds of it, because of something personal too.

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Naming Baby (one shot)

TITLE:Naming Baby
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: actor!tom / Daddy!Tom / a bit of Loki!Tom in there too.
FIC SUMMARY: after finding out that Tom and his wife are going to have a baby boy, Tom wants to think up names for him, his wife however already has the perfect name, now all Tom has to do is get it out of her.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: my first time submitting anything here. i hope you all like it. as for the my little pony reference- i am a mlp fan- don’t judge me please. ;) Tom’s wife is suppose to be me in this story. so yeah. i’ll just shut up and let you read the story now.


I stood there, looking in the bathroom mirror, I sighed, I was four months pregnant with my second child, who we just found out was going to be a boy, my husband, Tom,  and I already had a wonderful 5 year old daughter named Abigail Rose, Abby Ro for short.

“Tom” I said to him from the Bathroom, before I knew it he was in the bathroom with me and standing behind me “ tell me the truth, sweetheart… I look like a whale, don’t I?”I asked him, I heard him giggle a little

“you’re the most beautiful whale I’ve ever laid my eyes on” he said to me, I smiled.  He definitely knows how to cheer me up. “ it’s only because of the pregnancy, darling”  Tom said  taking my hand and leading me to our bedroom, he got on the bed first and I followed after him. Tom looked at me.

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