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'Girls' Star Andrew Rannells on Elijah's Big Audition and Singing 'Smash'
Rannells chatted with Billboard about Elijah's big audition moment on HBO's 'Girls', how a song from 'Smash' made it on to the show, and his own audition horror stories.

I mean, it’s funny — particularly doing Falsettos on Broadway recently with Christian [Borle, who played Tom Levitt on Smash], it made me realize how often I quote that show. And then I became really self-conscious about doing it front of someone who was actually on the show. When we got into tech I said, “Dev, I’m in tech!” [Laughs.] I’m not sure if you recall, but when Karen gets proposed to, she says that.

A couple of weeks ago after we filmed the episode, I realized, “Oh shit – it’s actually going to be on television.” I was nervous about how my friends in musical theater would feel about me doing it. But so far the response has been good. I haven’t heard from Megan [Hilty, who sang the song as Ivy on Smash] actually, but I’ll reach out to her later today. I hope she was pleased and pleasantly honored by our tribute.

remember when Tom made out with that straight guy and then he broke the fourth wall

remember when Tom and Sam took care of Ivy when she was really out of it from taking those pills

remember when the plane didn’t show up

remember when Tom and Julia did that really cool low five

remember smash


- It’s Kyle! Leave a message.

- Hey! It’s Tom. Um, I thought we were gonna meet up last night but uh, I never heard from you. Listen, if you’re not interested, uh, I guess I’ll understand, but just… lemme know. Ugh, I feel like a teenager. Maybe because you’re a teenager! Oh my god, I am going to delete this.