tom kitty

“Tom and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“Any idiot knows that this is the way you hold a cat while being shirtless.”

Tom Felton is one hell of an actor, because he is the sweetest person ever in real life. That’s why I had to paint him.

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[trying the fake IDs Deadpool gave Peter]

Wade: These are your aliases. You will use these aliases for the duration of our trip. Sound off. 

Harry: Harvey Wallbanger 

Ellie: Pina Colada 

Peter: Tom Collins 

Kamala: Brandy Alexander 

Mary Jane: Margarita Salt 

Kitty: Shirley Temple 

Harley: Rob Roy 

Tony: [Angry behind Peter with Bucky and Steve] And I’m your not-so-happy host Dr. Love.


Today was the day my little baby had a little trip to the vet, and now he doesn’t chase the other puppies anymore. In his honour I present you this post with hot guys and their kittens. Here’s to hoping that at least some of them got to keep their goodies intact…

“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

“Tom Cat” - Digital Oil Painting

Haven’t painted Tom in a while and when I saw these pics of him with an adorable tawny kitty, I had to go for it. Just look at that lucky kitty cat! So much cuteness in one painting, I love it!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

All these AUs where Chat Noir starts coming by the bakery at all hours of the night because he’s a hungry kitty and also might be in love with a certain baker’s daughter but where’s the AU where Chat Noir’s been out all night and just needs something to eat so he’s passing by Marinette’s bakery and thinks he’ll just grab some day-old bread and pay them back later but he forgets that bakers are up at four in the morning so instead of sneaking quietly into the bakery he gets caught - by TOM. But Tom gives him some cheese bread and is totally chill about it - no charge, not for one of the heroes of Paris, really, he insists - and so next time it happens, Chat figures, why not? Tom’s up rolling out dough when he hears a tap on the window and a tired but grinning Chat is crouched outside. And then one time it’s a little TOO middle of the night, and Tom is still asleep, so Chat curls up and falls asleep on the doorstep because it seems weird to try and sneak in through a window now that Tom knows he comes by. Tom shakes him awake when he finds him an hour later and he realizes with horror he’s got barely minutes left on his transformation and scampers off before Tom can get any food in the poor boy.

After that Tom takes to leaving out a little package for Chat each night of whatever didn’t sell in the bakery that day. Sometimes the packages are gone, sometimes they’re not, and sometimes Tom comes down in the morning to find Chat eagerly munching away on a leftover croissant. They’ll chat - about Paris, about video games, which they discover are a common interest (”You should see my daughter play,” Tom boasts, and Chat grins in his teasing fashion, but thinks fondly of a little good luck charm he keeps tucked in his pocket. “I bet she’s amazing,” he replies). One time Tom turns around from the oven to find Chat perched precariously on a counter and peering over his shoulder, and is happy to explain what he’s doing. He talks to Chat about dough and butter and baking and how to time everything just right. Chat talks about Ladybug and sighs over his amazing partner. Tom chuckles and smiles sympathetically and offers stories of setting the kitchen on fire trying to impress his new girlfriend Sabine, whose uncle is a world famous chef, and his miserable first attempts at learning Chinese when she already spoke four languages.

Whenever there’s been an especially vicious akuma attack, he’ll quietly set aside a couple macarons, or a little tart, as a special treat. In January there’s a cold snap and there’s news footage of the two superheroes battling their way against an icy akuma, shivering in their skintight suits. The next night, there’s an entire galette du roi waiting on the windowsill.

And this goes on for MONTHS. No one else knows. Chat’s never still there by the time Sabine and Marinette get up, and Tom never mentions it. Adrien has mysteriously developed a sudden interest in baking and Alya is going to MURDER Marinette if she doesn’t take advantage of it.

Until one night they’ve been battling an akuma since before dinner, transformations on again and off again with barely a few minutes of rest, and they’re both tired as can be but neither of them has really eaten in nearly fourteen hours and they are so HUNGRY. So Chat hesitantly says, hey Ladybug, I know a place, the guy’s really nice, he’s been leaving something out for me to eat for a while now. We’ve both still got enough time to swing by. Ladybug is too hungry to argue and too tired to think about explaining to her dad why she’s sneaking into the kitchen at four in the morning, so she just follows. Until she realizes that Chat is leading her RIGHT TO HER OWN BAKERY and Tom is opening the door to greet them with open arms, saying how he’d seen they’d only just defeated the akuma not half an hour ago and he thought Chat might be by, and he’s brought Ladybug too, this is an honor! Is she going to start coming along regularly now too? he asks with a sly grin in Chat’s direction. Marinette couldn’t possibly go redder in the face if Adrien were naked in front of her.