tom kaulitz imagines

Ignoring him:

“She hates you Tom.” George placed his books on his desk beside Tom’s. Bill and Gustave were right behind them.

“I think he is right Tom, sorry.” Gustav said placing a comforting hand on his shoulders.

Tom simply was looking at you across the classroom. You were looking at the window, ignoring his silly loud behavior, the sound of the rain taking you slowly far away from there.

“No she doesn’t.” Tom turned around to face his life long friends. “She is simply intimidated by me.”

Bill immediately started to laugh, followed by the G’s.

“No Tom, she hates.” Bill said placing his hands on his now hurting stomach. “Oh no wait. I think you are right, she doesn’t hate you.”

“What?” Gustav frowned and looks at Bill, slapping his right arm.

“What the hell Bill?” Georg was absolutely sure you hated Tom.

“Thank you Bill.” Tom answered, thinking his brother was going to support him.

“No no, wait guys. She doesn’t hate Tom” he looked at you, still turning your back to all of them “I think she keeps ignoring him because she thinks you’re an idiot.”

Tom simply turned away, as his own brother and friends laughed at him. He felt his cheeks turning red with anger an embarrassment, as they punched him on the shoulders and messed his long hair.
He was a bit of an idiot actually. Always teasing the unpopular boys, trying to flirt with the girls and taking advantage of his strong personality to intimidate everyone in the classroom. But to admit this, that was the difficult part. And he was not going to admit such a thing, he had a reputation to keep.

Georg, Gustav and Bill kept teasing him, and he was about to get up and walk out of the classroom when the teacher walked in.

“Good morning everyone.” he said closing the door.

An other boy was looking at Tom, who was all red with anger and feeling frustrated. The boy had been watching as Bill and the G’s teased him. Tom noticed him staring and that didn’t pleased him. He stared bacck at him, with a strong and menacing look so the boy finally turned away. But as the lesson started, the boy kept looking back at him, maybe surprised of seeing him being teased and not the other way around.

You were copying what was on the borde when you heard a loud noice behind you.

“What the hell are you looking at David?!” You turned around and Tom was standing up, David had a scared look on his face.

“Calm down Tom. Sit down or I’ll have to ask you to leave.” The teacher was a bit a costumed to Tom always making a fuss during class. “Now!”

Tom waited a few seconds more, the whole class was now staring at him. He finally stopped looking at David and, as he was sitting back down, he turned his eyes to you. As he met yours, he winked at you and curved the corner of his mouth in a smile.
You hated this “bad boy” attitude. You rolled your eyes at him and turned to your notebook. Ignoring him was now becoming more difficult than ever. Even if he was an idiot, he was a sexy idiot.

The class continued but Tom was restless . He kept throwing paper balls at David, laughing with Georg. He pushed the chair of the girl in front of him with his feet, and kept interrupting the teacher saying “Sr, excuse me but i didn’t get that” or “I don’t understand”. He kept repeating that over and over again, just to interrupt the class, to annoy all his class mates and to drive the teacher crazy.

But what annoyed you the most was that, each time Tom did some of this stupid thing, you felt and saw from the corner of your eye, that he looked at you…every freaking time!

It had been very difficult to pay attention to the teacher, but strangely, Tom had remained calm for a few minutes now. They were short tho. Suddenly, after a blissful moment of silence, Andrea, the girl in front of him, screamed.
Everyone turned to look at her. As it was expected, Tom was laughing with a pair of scissors in his right hand. He had slighted them under the girls hair to scare her and in fact, she was.

“What…? Tom, I want you out of my classroom.” The teacher screamed

“Oh come on, I did nothing, she is exaggerating!” Tom tried to argue.

“Now Tom, now!”

Tom laughed and grabbed his things. He got out, slowly, surrounded by whispers and eyes glued to him. As he was about to close the door, he turned back and stared at you, his gaze interrupted only by the closing door.

The lesson finally ended and when you got out of the classroom, you noticed him waiting outside in the hallway. You quickly turned away and walked to your locker. He followed you.
You tried to quicken the pass, to leave him behind between the other students and all the fuss during lunch time. You finally got to your locker, grabbed the books for the next class and went to the library. There, you sat on a table well hidden between the literature books and as you opened your backpack, someone slammed his notebooks on your table. It was Tom.

“So Y/N, how are you?” He said sitting on the table, uninvited.

“What…what do you want Tom?” You said frowning and closing your backpack. What the hell?!

“Oh, why are you always so mean to me?” Tom leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs. He smiled.

“I’m not mean to you. I just want you to leave me alone.” He suddenly got up and approached you, intimidatingly.

“You know, I’m getting a bit tired of you not liking me Y/N.” you suddenly got up, feeling trapped between his imposing body and the chair.

As you got up, his hands landed on your waist, fitting perfectly. You stepped back until you bumped against the bookshelf and Tom pressed his body against yours.

“Please let me go.” You said nervously, feeling his breath bathing your lips.

“Not until you tell me why you dislike me.” Tom pulled your hips closer to his. You tried to make his let go of you but he only tightened his grip.

“I don’t dislike you.” Your heart was beating faster. You could feel your blood on your cheeks, your whole skin vibrating against his chest. A few locks of hair suddenly fell over his forehead. Damn!

“Then why don’t ever laugh at my jokes? Why do you always look away when I look at you?” His lips slowly got closer to yours, barely touching them. His nose brushing against your cheek.


“Why do you ignore me?”

“I don’t I…I just want you to let me go.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asked now looking straight into your eyes. His, dark brown and deep, were full with mystery. Now it was almost imposible to resist him. Yes he was childish, yes he could be an idiot but he was so sexy and was now definitely driving you crazy.

“You know Y/N, I think you ignoring me just makes me like you more…” his breath was now mixing with yours. His hands on your waist were now climbing through your torso until reaching your neck.

“You…you like me?” You asked, now feeling your cheeks absolutely blushed.

Tom smiled and looked to your lips. He rubbed his thumb on your lower lip.

“Yes, I like you.” He whispered.

Your palms were sweating as his body was pressing against yours. You could feel him breathing deeper as your hands locked behind his neck. “Fuck it” you thought and finally ate his lips with a kiss. You felt him holding you by the neck as his other hand caressed your lower back.
You bit his tongue, softly, and looked at him. His eyes were still closed.

“And I like you.” Tom simply gave you a naughty smile, lifting you and locking your legs around his waist.

“I knew it” he kept kissing your neck. “You’re crazy about me.”

He placed you on the table and started to kiss you, as he quickly unbuttoned your shirt. The bell rang and the library emptied, leaving you both completely alone. You leaned your head back, curving your back, as Tom started to kiss his way down your chest, licking your breast with the tip of his tongue and finally reaching your skirt; leaving love bites all over your trembling skin.

You were apparently going to miss your next class.

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My best friend

“Damn it!” You mumbled as you pulled over on the side of the road in your car. You had run out of gas and you was about a half an hour from your flat. You searched your purse for your phone. You didn’t know who to call. Mom was on a buisssnes trip and dad is probably doing the step monster right now. Wouldn’t want to interrupt that.

The thought suddenly came to mind that You could call Tom. He had been your best friend for forever. The problem was that his girlfriend HATED you. You didn’t know what her problem was. It’s not like he was interested in you anyways. You had liked him ever since you were little, You’ve always had a huge crush on him. And everyone sees it but him.

Whatever You need help and he’s your best friend, screw his girlfriend. She was a bitch anyways. So you called him.

“Hello?“ A groggy voice on the other end answered.

“Tom? Listen I really need some help, my car it ran out of gas and I’m about two towns over can you help?”

He laughed, “___ you really need to start remembering to get gas, I can’t keep running after you like this.”

You wish he was really running after you you thought. But you said, “I know, I’m sorry but just you can’t come just this once more??” You asked him pleadingly.

“That’s what you said last time, but yes I’ll come. Be there in 10 minutes" You could hear him smiling on the other side of the phone.

And then You heard her. “Tom!!!!“ She whined,” where are you going?! Don’t go stay and finished the movie-“ but she was cut off because he hung up the phone. Ugh You hated her.

When Tom got here he started laughing because You apparently looked desperate and tired and he thought that was just absolutely hysterical. ” Stop it!“ You joked hitting his arm playfully,” this is a serious matter!“

“The serious matter here is that you can’t remember to get gas!!” He announced as he pulled out a gas can from the trunk of his car.

After getting gas into the car again You told him he could come back to your place for the night if he wanted to. “Oh god thank you for the offer I just can’t go back to Ria’s. She’s been putting me over the edge lately.“

You were mentally forming an evil plot in your head to convince him to break up with her. You must have had a mischievous look on your face. “Well it looks like someone is forming some kind of destructive plot!” Tom told you and you drove back to your house. You drove in one car and left his in town because if Ria saw his car at my flat she would go ballistic. “Oh not at all.“

It suddenly got very quiet in the car and Tom turned and looked at you. You could tell he was getting serious because a s crease had formed between his eyebrows. ”___ I know you hate her.“

Damn. He figured it out, not that You were really trying to hide it, but still. His bright hazel eyes that had turned a darker shade than usual searched yours for some kind of signal he was right. ”___ ….“ He dragged your name out so it sounded like he was scolding you. You pulled into a parking spot in front of your flat and tried to get out of the car. Tom grabbed your wrist and pulled you back in.

“You are not leaving this car until you tell me what’s going on.”

You were getting angry. He knew exactly what was going on and he just wanted you to say it! “No.“ You told him. You knew you were acting childish but he was being a jerk!

“Yes! Admit it you’re jealous of her.”

That comment really got to you. “Damn it Tom! Yes I am jealous of her! There does that make you happy?! I admit it; I’ve always been in love with you! I’ve never loved anyone else! But you’ve been too stupid to see that!“ With that you stomped up to the door and went inside. He followed you with this disgusting smirk on his face like this was funny.

“God just look at you! You’re laughing at me while I’m having a break down! How could I ever stand you?! You don’t take anything seriously unless it’s to get your way!” you were crying now. Sobbing actually. He’d unintentionally hurt you for so long and now all this pain was coming out.

He walked over to you and pulled you in close so you were crying into his shoulder. “Shhhh,“ he whispered into your ear, “it’s okay. You’re going to be okay. I’ve know ___, I’ve always known.”

On shock you pulled away from him. Slightly scowling at him You quietly asked, “What?“

He put his hands on your cheeks and with his thumbs he wiped the tears away. “Of course I’ve always know you loved me. I just didn’t think you loved me like I loved you. For the longest time when we were young I thought you were the most beautiful person that ever lived, I still do! But you acted so cold for a while I didn’t know how to get your attention, so I got girlfriends to try and make you jealous. And apparently this time it really worked.” He tilted his head had half smiled at you.

You felt like was floating on cloud. He’d always loved you and all if his girlfriends were just to get your attention. He leaned close to you so your foreheads were touching and he kissed you. Just like that everything you had ever wanted was right here in front of you.

“Wait- what about Ria?“ As much as you hated her, you were not one to be the mistress in a relationship.

“I broke up with her before I left her house.”

You smiled and kissed him with all the passion of almost 12 years of being the best friends. “I love you"

“I love you too.“

Love me like you do

Eyes hazy. Heavy breathing. The temperature rises. He slams me to the wall not being able to wait any longer. Playing with my red lacy undergarments running his hands all over my skin. My legs pulling him closer. My heels digging into his leg. Releasing a raspy moan as he leaves kiss marks up and down my neck and all over my chest. Picking me up moving my hot sweaty body to the couch he slid on top of me. Purring as he grinds down hard on me. Grabbing my hands roughly pinning them above my head as he pulls my panties down then his pants. My eyes cloud as I let out a pleasure filled scream. I feel every nerve in my body fill with pleasure. But I couldn’t let him see that. “Submit to me” he growls out coming down to my neck. I bite back my moan as he goes rougher. He suddenly stops after a moment and flips me onto my hands and knees. He re-enters pounding harder than ever into me I grab onto my mouth holding in the pleasure erupting all over my body. “Submit to me” he barks out slapping my ass. I let out a moan not being able to hold it anymore. With that I sealed my deal. I was now his and only his. I could feel his smirk,” good girl” he purrs to me as he let’s me reach my end. My end bring a bright haze over me. Drifting off after he finished with his arms around he whispers,” Your mine. Only mine. I love you more then anyone. And forever will “.

Kaulitz? I'll take it twice!

Another boring day at your work. You actually always wanted to work at Starbucks, since the work was pretty relaxed and the working group were really nice. 
“So another Latté Machiatto for Lila!” cashier shouted with wide smile and you, together with Melissa, your co-worker, started doing the coffee. 
“It will be long day,” you’ve whispered and Melissa nodded with a laugh. 
After couple of another coffees you went for well-deserved break. You took your laptop and turned the internet on. Nothing much were actually happening, when your messenger started beeping.
“YOU.WON’T.BELIEVE!” it was your best friend.
“What’s up?!” you’ve answered quickly.
“Guess who’s in town?!" 
"Idk?!:D” you’ve replied and smiled for yourself.
“The guy you like. I don’t know his name. Bill? Or something like that! I just saw him, I swear!” you had to read the message for couple times. You picked up your phone and called her immediately.
“You gotta be kidding me, right?!” you’ve shouted to the phone. You were so excited. “Was he alone? With a girl? Or.. where have you seen him?!”  
“Calm down!” she laughed and continued. “He was with boy and I have to tell you - he was SO handsome! Even more handsome than the Bill guy,” it seemed weird. The only one who could possibly be more handsome is Tom. Oh right, it definitely was Tom. His twin brother.
“Yeah, well.. Where have you seen them? Babe, wait, they are calling me,” you quickly put down the phone and went back to the store. “What’s happe-,” your eyes halted on two boys coming into the café. It was too unbelievable to be true. “Am I dreaming?” you’ve squeaked out and tried to look as calm as possible for the outside. 
You went behind cashier’s desk and greeted them. It was Tom, who were taking the order.
“What would you please?” your wide smile wasn’t that fake this time.
“We’ll get Coffee Americano in grande and.. what you want, bro?” he turned to Bill. He was still choosing from the chalkboards above my head. 
“I don’t know,” he said with laugh. “What would you recommend me?” he putted off his sunglasses and gave me the deep stare. It was weird, but Tom really was the one who was the more handsome one. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.
“Uhm, sorry?” I’ve panicked a little. “Sure, well.. it depends on what you like! If you are more into the sweet coffee, I would recommend some kind of Machiatto or Frappuccino. If you’re craving for some boost, I would go for piccolo or espresso. We really have a great milled coffee so even that with milk and/or sugar will be the perfect choice!” you’ve smiled widely. You’ve had your speech perfectly learnt.
“Oh well,” he laughed, so did Tom. “I’ll have the Vanilla Frappuccino,” said Bill after while.
“Okay, so the Coffee Americano for..?” you’ve lifted your eyes and waited for Tom to say his name. You didn’t want to seem like you extremely know them. He was quiet and he really haven’t expected you, not knowing his name. He raised eyebrows and looked around. 
“What’s wrong?” he smiled.
“I need to know your name,” you’ve smiled nicely. Tom was clearly shocked.
“Oh yeah, uhm. Tom. And the other one for Bill,” he left the money on the desk and went sit to the sofa, where Bill was already. 
“So I suppose you wish it here? Not to go?” you’ve laughed and putted the money to the cashier box. It was funny how disconcerted he was, just because you ‘didn’t know’ his name. 
“Yes, yes,” he smiled and continued in the convo with his brother.  

There was just 30 minutes left of your shift and you couldn’t be more excited. It turned out pretty great, in the end. You only was there with Josh, your co-worker and as it was so close to closing, you always stayed there alone or with one of your mates. 
“Josh, I think I’ll go,” you wondered out loud.
“Well, why not. I bet nobody is coming anyway,” he smiled while doing the dishes.
“Fine, I’ll be right back!” you said with wide smile and went to change your clothes. You wore jeans shorts with top and some jewelry on, nothing too crazy but you always wanted how to look sexy even that. 

“So, I’m going!” you’ve hugged Josh and went behind the desk. “See you in two days. You having shift?” you were moving backwards the entrance door and looking at him.
“No, I think Maria will be here. Together with Martin and Jenna,” he raised shoulders and smiled. He knew how much I hated Jenna.
“Oh snap, maybe I’m gonna sick then!” you laughed. “Bye!” you turned front and bumped into tall man who shown from the middle of nowhere. “I’m so sorry!” you looked up and you’ve almost chocked yourself. 
“You leaving?” Tom said with smirk on his face.
“Uhm, yes actually. My shift is over,” you’ve smiled, tried to look not nervous.
“Great, I can ask you out then?” he raised his eyebrow and did step back. 
“I don’t know,” you laughed. “I’m not usually going out with strangers,” you played.
“Okay then. My name is Tom Kaulitz, I’m guitarist in world’s succesfull band called Tokio Hotel and I’m 24 years old. It is enough?” he laughed.
“As I didn’t know,” you said with silly tone and moved your hand to your forehead. As soon you realized you wanted to play you didn’t know them, it was too late. 
“So you know us. Even better,” something devilish cracked in Tom’s voice.

After few minutes of walk, you were standing in front of the Hilton Hotel. Tom held you by your wrist and led you inside. You weren’t really sure of what’s he excepting but you were clever enough to say 'no’ anytime. 
“After you,” he moved back and you stood into the lift first. He pushed the golden button, which led into the Presidential Suite. When the door opened, you stood in front of huge door. Tom opened then with card and went there. “Bro?” he shouted. You went slowly next to him and were adoring everything inside the room. It was actually the first time you saw something THAT majestic. The room was huge and you were almost scared to touch anything.
“Yeah?” Bill answered and went from bathroom only in towel. “Oh shoot, I didn’t know, we’re having visitor,” he laughed and tighten the towel more. “Nice to see you, again,” he smiled and gave you a small kiss on the cheek. You felt like dreaming because this couldn’t be real. You barely know them and they barely knew you. Something’s wrong here, you just didn’t know what yet.
“So,” Tom started speaking. “Have a seat and what would you like?” he raised eyebrow while he was putting his jacket off and opening the minibar. It was called minibar - in fact it was pretty huge bar. 
“Well, water for me,” you said and smiled. Bill gave Tom the weird look and Tom just nodded. “Listen, ____, we have an offer for you,” Tom started. And by this moment you knew, you weren’t there just because he likes you so much and he wants your babies. Tom handed you a glass of water and he, himself took sip of whiskey. “We are here last night and we thought…” you stopped him.
“Uhm, I’ll have whiskey too,” you smiled nervously. You wanted to be a bit mellow before hearing the 'special offer’. It could hurt you as well. 
“Okay,” he smiled and stood. But Bill came first and gave you the whiskey. 
“Thank you,” you’ve smiled a bit and were ready for what they wanted to tell you. You sat in the middle of them and you would lie if you said, it wasn’t comfortable. 
“How about some more shots,” Tom changed the topic and raised the glass bit higher. Bill laughed and you all clinked your glasses. 

You all were already in the drunk mood and the atmosphere was much more relaxed. “You know what I thought before?” you mumbled. 
“What?” Tom laughed and lighted a cig. 
“No.. you know what?” you’ve stood and tried to be stable. “Now I’m ready for the offer,” you pointed the last word out and shook head with smile.
“Are you?” Bill said and playfully licked his lips.
“Okay,” Tom said while staring at you intensively. He still sat in the armchair and smoked. He was so hot. “We are last night and we wanted to.. try something,” he was speaking slowly. You were listening him but the most of the attention took his lips moving.
“Try what?” you asked.
“We really like you.. Both,” Tom hoarse. It woke you up from dreaming of his lips and you took more attention.
“What do you mean - both?” you folded arms and were looking at both of them.
“That we’d like to have you, both, at the same time,” it was impressing how Tom was talking about such a things without even moving himself. He was still slowly and calmly smoking his cigarette while he was talking about fucking you together with his brother. How creepy it was?  But how hot at the same time. 
“Do you think I’m actually fucking stranger for an offer? I’m offended!” you laughed ironically. 
“Don’t be offended,” Bill started. “We didn’t mean it that way we just..” he bite his lip and you slowly moved your eye to his crotch which was pretty much bigger than the common size. He was so hard. You can’t say that it didn’t make you a bit curious too but you still wasn’t really sure about it. But as soon as you wanted to start think about you, you felt someone’s lips on your neck. It was Tom. You’ve gasped for air and smiled a bit. He was kissing you slowly, using his teeth and tongue properly. As you felt relaxed again and started to think it’s actually not that bad idea you felt Bill’s tongue on your neck as well. You moaned a little and dug your nails into both of theirs leg. 
“You will love it,” Tom whispered and you felt goosebumps all over your body. Tom lied you slowly and started kissing you. You kissed him right back and since the beginning it wasn’t any romantic, slow kissing. You were passionate about each other. He started undressing you, so did you. He was slowly putting your top of, while rubbing your belly and boobs through the bra. Bill was putting down your shorts and started kissing your lower belly. Touching your inner thighs and carefully putting your legs away. Tom putted off your bra and started kissing your breast and playing with your nipples. You was playing with his and Bill’s hair while Bill was gentle kissing your pussy through your panties. 
“Oh God,” you’ve moaned quietly because it was really care you did not expected. 
“May I?” Bill asked and you was utter surprised he’s even asking for your permission. You nodded, because it was all you could do and you felt Bill’s long fingers putting your panties away. He started touching you with his fingers but not long after you’ve shivered by his first touch on your clit with his tongue.
Tom wasn’t stopping kissing your boobs and playing with your nipples, the feeling of the cold piercing he had in his lips was indescribable. You’ve bite your lower lip and slowly bend with more intensity Bill was adding. You’ve found Tom’s hard member and started intensely rubbing him against your hand. He’s gasped for an air and moaned a little. It was harder and harder focusing on anything else than Bill’s tongue in your crotch but you’ve tried to make Tom as satisfied as possible. 
You opened your eyes, looked at Tom and started rubbing him bit gently. “I want you,” you’ve whispered and saw Tom’s glimpse of heaven in his eyes. 
“Get on all four,” he said and you did as he pleased. Bill went in front of you and you finally could compare a bit, both of those handsome twins. You could say that Tom indeed was a bit bigger. You’ve tilted above Bill’s dick and started licking him slowly. 
“I’ll return you the favor,” you’ve smiled and gently kissed the top of his pride.
“This is such a nice view,” you’ve heard Tom say while hearing rustling. You weren’t paying attention to it but you could bet it was, looking for or opening condoms. You took Bill’s penis slowly down to your mouth, while watching his reactions. He was so cute while this pleasured, you thought. 
In the moment of enjoying Bill himself you felt Tom hand on your loins. He started rubbing you and preparing you for him. You felt one or two fingers inside you suddenly and you moaned into Bill’s. You were passionately sucking him when Tom started slowly thrusting into you. You’ve pulled Bill out of your mouth and started moaning loud.
“Tom,” you’ve rasped and took Bill’s dick back, but in your hand instead. You were looking him straight into his eyes, with the pleasured, horny and sexual look  and were rubbing him slowly. You knew he wanted more. 
“Don’t do this,” he whispered and held the sheets tight. You couldn’t focus that much on what he was saying because Tom was obviously entertained and pleasured enough with you. “Suck it,” Bill said and you slowly licked his dick from to top to the bottom and back.
“Suck it!” you’ve heard Tom say loudly and strictly and you felt the intense energy going through your whole body. Tom’s authoritative attitude turned him into someone you didn’t want to be punished by. You’ve sucked Bill’s penis with the smile on, so Bill had. It wasn’t right, you knew it but it was game. And you all loved it too much to stop. 
Tom started thrusting even more like he wanted to show you that you deserve it for doing what is he saying.
You were sucking him real hard but gentle at the same time. You wanted him to be as pleasured as possible but you avoided to hurt him anyhow.
You felt that they both are close to cum, since Tom was moaning loudly, holding your hips really tight and Bill was thrusting into your mouth by his own direction. 
“I’ll do it differently,” Tom said from nothing and putted his dick out off you. You’ve took a breath and moaned. It was mean. He took your hand and pulled you to him, he started kissing you and pointed to Bill to come closer. “You’ll suck us both,” he whispered to your ear and you were to weak to refuse. Plus you wanted to come as well. They were both kneeling on the bed and you were in front of them, continuing sucking Bill and doing a handjob to Tom. You were switching between them really fast, without stopping looking at them.
As you felt they will both come, you moved back a bit and playfully opened your mouth for them. You started making them both with your hands and in few second you felt their both sperm in your mouth and around it. 
“You’re so hot,” they said synchronized and smiled. “And what about you making yourself for us?” Tom said and waited for you to swallow everything, even that what you’ve had around your mouth. After that he gave you a kiss but you’ve refused. 
“No, I want you to fuck me,” you’ve said. 
“Enjoy it then,” Bill said and gave you kiss as well. “You were good, we can repeat it sometime,” he winked at you and went to the bathroom.
“But I won’t put the condom on again, I’ll be careful and cum into your mouth again, you’re so hot when you swallow,” he smiled and lied you back at the bed. He licked his fingers and putted two slowly into you, right after he slowly putted him into you. You’ve moaned, wrapped legs around him and pulled him closer. You’ve also wrapped your hands around his neck and started kissing him and moaning into his mouth. You could say, that this sex was even better.  

Two Is Always Better

Lazily you shake your foot to the unknown rhythm as you try your best to focus on a movie you are watching but it’s so boring you can’t stop yawning.
“Tom I swear this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. They only keep killing each other. Is there any other plot?”
He doesn’t answer to you because his eyes are plastered on the screen and he is watching with full attention.
“Bill do something!” you call the younger twin name for help but in a response you only get silent snore.
Immediately you look at Bill just to find out that he is sleeping like a little baby. It seems like he also wasn’t interested in the movie.
So you only shrug and again do your best to watch this crap since you have nothing better to do. Every Thursday night you spend at twins place. You always watch movies together but usually it’s something interesting. You love spending your time with Bill and Tom. You met them when they moved to Los Angeles and ever since you became close friends.
Spending time with them usually means doing something crazy and unpredictable. Just having fun in every possible way.
“Oh don’t complain ____” suddenly Tom speaks and wraps his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him “It’s really good movie. Just look at all these special effects. It’s perfect.”
“It’s shitty. I have no idea how can you like it Tom. It’s just piece of crap and these actors…they are terrible. It hurts my eyes.”
“Hey!” he tries to sound offended “That wasn’t nice! It’s one of my favorite movies.”
“So it means your taste is kinda shitty”
You laugh and he crosses his arms on his chest.
“Yeah. Because those romantic movies you like are pieces of purest art.”
“I don’t like romantic movies” you giggle “So fail Tom.”
“Pfff” he moves away from you a bit “You crossed the line girl. My taste is perfect and now I’m offended.”
“Oh come on Tom. How old are you? Should I maybe say sorry now?”
“Just ‘sorry’ wouldn’t be enough.”
“’Sorry’ wouldn’t work. You hurt my deepest feelings.”
“And your ego?” you laugh again and you see it’s hard for him not to laugh with you but he controls himself.
“You have to try harder.”
“And do what?”
“I don’t know. Kiss me maybe?”
“Stupid. Forget it.” You shake your head.
“Then don’t talk to me and let me watch my perfect movie.”
“But it’s boring. And I’m bored” you complain like a little girl.
“Then ask Bill to entertain you.”
“He is sleeping.”
Immediately you two look at him and unintentionally you both laugh.
“He is sleeping? Hmmm” Tom moves close to you again.
“Because your favorite movie put him into sleep. You see? No one likes it.”
“You did this again! You offended me again!” he moves closer and closer and soon he almost sits on your lap “Now you have to kiss me because I’m hurt.”
“Bastard” you laugh but in a second crush your lips on him. He doesn’t waste the opportunity and soon your kiss turns into really deep and passionate one.
Before you can realize it he pulls you on his lap and wraps his arms tight around you but his lips never leaves you. You are breathless but you love it.
“What about your movie?” you ask with the sexiest voice possible when you breaks the kiss.
“Screw it. I saw it already.”
“Mhmm” he nods and moves his hands on your ass squeezing you through your pants.
“And you forced me to watch it anyway?”
“I was planning it” he giggles “I wanted you to get bored so you would pay your attention to me” he answers innocently before he starts kissing you again.
“You are really stupid Tom” you laugh aloud and with no warning you put your hands on his back. With one move you rip his tank top but he clearly doesn’t mind.  
“I like you better without it” you smirk when you remove his ripped tank top.
Now your hands roam all over his bare back and he puts his hands inside your pants. It’s all getting hotter with every second. You two forget about the rest of the world. Also about sleeping Bill.
“You have too many clothes on you.” He licks his lips and quickly takes off your shirt “It’s a shame to cover such a sexy body” he whispers before he starts kissing your neck.
It takes you two another few moments to get completely naked. You are sitting on his lap again and he almost eats you with his hungry eyes. The atmosphere is very sexual. You are both turned on and you can’t get enough of Tom. He is so damn sexy.
“Can you see how hard you made me?” he pokes you with his hard dick.
“Hmmm I love it” with no warning you put your hand between your heated bodies and wraps it around his cock. He moans too loud.
“Shhh. We don’t want to wake your little brother up, do we?”
“I don’t care” he hiss because right now you move your hand up and down his manhood.
“Yess” he licks your lips “Suck me. Get on your knees and suck me.” He almost begs you with demanding voice and immediately you love the idea.
Wasting no tame you get off his lap and kneel in front of him. He still sits on the couch and he spreads his legs to give you better access.
“So big” you smirk and with no hesitation you open your mouth for him. He lets out silent but sexy sounds of pleasure when you start sucking him nice and slow but soon you speed up. It’s not enough for him. He puts his hands on your head and controls the peace literally fucking your mouth senselessly.
“That’s good. Yeah. Do it harder. Good girl. Gott.” He speaks random words because he loves your job “You are so hot when you are on your knees sucking me so good” he arches his head back. “So perfect.”
Soon you feel his precum in your mouth. His cock is impossibly hard now and it’s throbbing. You are sure he can come in a second so again with no warning you stop.
“What the?” he doesn’t like it.
“Fuck me Tom” you smile and turn around to stick your ass perfectly to him.
He doesn’t waste it. In a second he kneels behind you and enters you wasting no time. You both moan because of the pleasure. He puts his hands on your hips and starts fucking you fast at once. He acts like animal and you love it. His thrusts are so deep and hard you can hardly take it but you enjoy every second of it.
You moan his name like a crazy. Every now and then he slaps your ass or bends down to lick your back. But when he moves one of his hands on your clit starts rubbing it mercilessly you scream so loud you are sure entire neighborhood can hear you. Not that you care.
He still pounds inside you like there’s no tomorrow and it brings you closer and closer to the edge but suddenly you can hear another moan. For sure it’s not coming from Tom.
It makes you move your head and what you see almost makes you laugh.
“Looks like we have a company” Tom laugh because he also notices it.
“You two look so hot” Bill pants because he is jerking himself off really intensively while he is watching how good Tom fucks you.
“Little brother wanna join?” you smirk because you can’t deny that Bill looks really sexy with his pants pulled down to his ankles and with his hard rock cock in his hand.
“How long have you been awake?” Tom pants and tries his best to speak.
“I don’t know. Your moans woke me up” Bill bites his lover lip but his hand never stops moving up and down his cock. It looks like he is also close.
“Come here Bill” you command with sharp voice and he nods.
On his way to you he gets rid of his pants. It’s all to hot. You know you won’t last to long.
But when Bill kneels in front of you, you take his cock to your mouth with no hesitation. Tom still fuck you hard from behind and you suck Bill the best you can. They both moan aloud and your sounds sends vibrations on Bill’s dick. He puts his hands on your head and pulls your hair trying to be dominant.
Meanwhile Tom moves become even more furious. He is desperate for release. He pounds inside you so hard you are sure he is ripping you. He digs his nails deep inside your skin and with no warning he comes hard inside you filling you with his warm load. But he doesn’t stop moving and it sends you over the edge. Few moments after him you also cum with a loud moan. It makes Bill pull out of you. He still holds your hair while you desperately try to ride out your orgasm. Tom is still roar like a dog. He pulls out of you and hit your ass with his cock few times.
You are really powerless now but Bill is still not done. His cock is throbbing and he also needs his release. And it looks like he is not ready to wait for his pleasure.
“I’m still here” he reminds you with a sexy voice before he pushes you on your back on the floor. Honestly seeing him so turned on and horny makes you ready to do everything he wants. So you let him sit on your face and you open your mouth for him again. He screams when he starts fucking your mouth with fast speed.
“So good. I love your hot mouth. Yeah. Suck me harder. That’s great.”
You do your best to give him the biggest pleasure possible. You suck him and stimulate him with your tongue. He is already leaking with precum so you work on him harder.
After another few moments he pulls out of your mouth and you give him slavery look. Meanwhile Tom sits close to you and he lazily jerks himself off. You are sure he wants another round.
“Finish me off. I wanna cum on your face” Bill demands still sitting on you.
With no hesitation you wrap your hand around his dripping cock and squeeze it hard few times. He howls and screams and you start stroking him fast. This way he starts coming hard all over your face while you are jerking him off. His whole body is shaking.
You help him ride it out and then he collapses on the floor next to you. He still pants heavily.
“Perfect” he licks his lips.
“Yeah” Tom says with a lustful voice because his cock is already hard again “How about second round?”
His ask makes you laugh but you only nod.
“This time I’m inside!” Bill informs you and the three off you laugh hard before you get to work again.
The end.

Just stay near me, ok?

Her phone kept ringing over and over again and, each time it did, I could see she felt uncomfortable, even a bit scared. She kept looking at her phone as if waiting for some bad news. What bordered me weren’t the constant calls and texts, but the fact that I knew something was troubling her and she wouldn’t tell me.

We were in my house, watching Netflix but that uninvited guest kept calling her, pulling her mind and heart away from my arms. No mater how tight I held her or how many kisses I gave her, she kept looking at the black screen of the phone. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Are you going to tell me now?” Tom asked, abruptly pulling you away from your thoughts.

“What?” You weren’t sure what he was talking about.

“The calls and texts you’ve been receiving all night.” He pulled you a bit away from his chest and look directly at you “Are you going to tell me who they are from and why they bother you?”

She finally was paying her whole attention to me. By the look in her eyes, I could see my question had taken her by surprise. She suddenly smiled and looked to the floor. She scratched the side of her neck, took her phone and gave it to me.

“It’s him. Again.” she said as I took the phone in my hands and felt a sudden burning feeling on my chest and throat; 20 missed calles and 12 text messages.

“That asshole, I’m going to kill him!” His voice sounded different, you could see and the anger quickly building up in him. “Why didn’t you tell me this idiot was bothering you again Y/N?!”

The calm and very intimate afternoon you were having with him suddenly changed completely. Tom got up from the couch and turned to you. Uh he was angry now.

“I told you to come to me if he ever talked to you again Y/N! Damn!” He grabbed your phone and started to look through the contacts. “I’m going to call this bastard and tell him that if he doesent stop this right now I’m going to have to kick his ass!”

“Hey hey, don’t do that Tom. Stop it!” You quickly got up and snatched your phone from his hands. “Don’t call him!”

“Wha…!” I couldn’t believe what she had just done. “Give that back Y/N!”

“No Tom, why are you going to call him? There is no need for you to do that.”

“Of course there is, you know there is!” What was happening, was she crazy? “You read those menacing texts he’s been sending you, he is dangerous! I’m serious about this.”

“Oh come on Tom. He is just my ex, not a serial killer.” She even managed to smile as she said those words.

I knew she was a smart girl so why was she so calm about this. Her ex was a crazy dude. They had broken up more that 11 months ago and he kept calling her and, not exactly to tell her pretty things. He called to threaten her that if she didn’t take him back he wound make her regret it. He even once threaten to kill her and then himself. This guy was seriously sick and crazy. So why couldn’t she see this?

“Y/N I’m going to ignore what you just said and ask you kindly to give me his number, right now!” I extended my hand to her. I know I said it in a very patronizing way but she needed to take this seriously.

“Don’t talk to me that way Tom.” Great, now she was the one getting angry.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you Y/N even getting in a fight with give me his phone number.” Her smile had faded and the gentleness in her face got replaced by an expression I had never seen before.

“I won’t give you his number Tom, and that’s final.” She stepped away from me. “You are overreacting. You always overreact with this.”

“Overreact?!” Tom steps closer to you and his tall manly figure suddenly scared you. He was standing right in front of you, and the way he was looking at you made you realize he was utterly displeased with your attitude. “You think I’m overreacting when he is the one who has threaten to kill you?! Is that it Y/N?”

“Yes you are! ” you managed to pull up the courage to say what you thought, even if Tom was very intimidating. “It’s true he has said those things but it’s also true he has never acted upon them! He has done nothing and he won’t! I know him, he is not capable. He is just crazy, but not a killer!”

What had started as an argument was now degenerating into an ugly fight. Neither of you would give in now because you both thought you were right and that the other one was wrong.

“Oh please don’t give me that ‘I know him’ bullshit!” Tom turned away from you abruptly and as he did, a few strands of hair came undone from his man bun. “I’m simply trying to protect you Y/N. I don’t want him to hurt you but you are so stubborn and won’t let me do my job! I have to protect you, always! ”

“Oh so I’m the one talking bullshit?” You looked away from him and started to pickup your things, determined to leave. “I can’t be with you right now. I’m leavening!”

“What? Oh no you can’t leave now! What if he finds you and…” Tom tried to stop you but your adrenaline was running fast through your body and you strongly pulled away from his protective arms.

“Stop it Tom, stop being so paranoid! Jesus!” You placed your handbag on your shoulder and walked passed him.

“Please Y/N. If you don’t want to talk to me that fine but at lease agree to stay here tonight. I have a bad feeling about this.” She opened the door but before stepping out she looked back at me.

“I love you Tom but I hate it when you act like this.” And then she left. She closed the door and simply left. Why wouldn’t she let me protect her. I felt so impotent that I grabbed a cushion and threw it across the living room, I screamed letting out all the anger she build it in me! “Damn!!”

I didn’t want her to leave but I couldn’t stop her; lock her away in my room and keep her safe there was not an option, oh but how I wish I could!

I let myself fall on the couch and saw she had forgotten her house keys. I hadn’t listened her car engine starting so I ran to the door, trying to get to her before she could drive away.

As I opened the door, I saw her car was still there, all the light were off and a cold scary feeling invaded me “Please God, let me be wrong and her be right.” Slowly, I walked to her car, trying not to expect for anything bad but a frightening hole opened up in my chest when I saw her purse on the floor; all her things shattered on the floor.

Tom dropped your knees on the floor and suddenly a sound behind him made him look back. Against the garden bushes, submerged in darkness he saw you.

Her eyes were full with tears and a thread of blood was coming down from her lower lip to her chin. And beside her, her ex, that bastard she claimed was ‘harmless’.

“I’m going to kill you.” Tom clenched strongly his fists and walked to you. The cold air of the falling night couldn’t compare with the coldness you were feeling inside. You were truly terrified right now.

“Don’t come any closer!” He said now grabbing her hair and pulling her to him. I could not bare this! He was hurting her, right in front of my eyes, my sweet girl was being hurt by that bastard! “If you do I’ll…”

“What? What will you do?!” I screamed feeling a beast of fury hammering against my chest, struggling to come out from me and eat him alive.

“Or. I’ll hit her again!”

“Ahh! Tom!” Her voice was full of fear, no, she was terrified! She was crying and my soul was breaking to see her like that! It was all my fault. I should have locked her up in my room.

“Step away Tom! She is mine and I’ll do what ever I like to her.” He screamed scarring her even more. Big tears were rolling out of her eyes down to her fragile neck. That was it, he was dead!

“Too late you idiot! ” Tom moved so fast you could barely see him. He was suddenly pressing your ex’s neck against the tree, his feet a few centimeters above the ground. You crawled away from him and hid behind Tom.

“Stay there.” Tom said to you with a gentle but rough voice. He then looked at your ex, choking in between his hands. Tom looked so different, as if he had transformed. You had this strange feeling that Tom was enjoying seeing him in pain, a pain he was inflicting. Was he the same Tom? But despite that, you self secure and reassured with him being there. As is a dark angel had come to save you.

“Do you feel this pain? Is it difficult to breath?” Tom tilted his head to a side and slowly approached the pale and terrified face of your ex. “Are you scared now? I think you are. And guess what? I’m glad you feel this way. You are but a piece of shit how needs to know it’s rightful place in the world, and that’s here, in between my hands, your life at my mercy.”

I could feel him trembling in my hands. He had no strength left to fight back, the fear had taken everything away. He was a pussy. A dirty little piece of shit who had hurt my Y/N and he now had to pay for it.

“I’ll tel you what I will do with you now. You better listen because I won’t repeat it, ok?” I squeezed his neck just a bit more, feeling his bones cranking to the simple touch of my grip. I smiled with satisfaction and finally threw him across the grass.

Tom threw him so strongly that all the musculs on his back showed for a quick second through his shirt. You were petrified, still scared and overwhelmed by the violent way your ex had treated you and astonished by Tom’s reaction. He suddenly turned to you and in silence and the gentlest way, cupped your face in his hands. He kissed your forehead and traced the blood coming from your lip with his thumb as he smiled sweetly. That smile comforted you and melted the fear around you. You finally felt safe.

He turned away and walked to your ex who was still laying on the grass, coughing.

“Now listen to me you little shit. I won’t kill you but believe me I would if I could.” I grabbed him by the collar of his dirty t-shirt and pulled him up close to me. “What I’ll do is call the police and I’ll make sure you rotten in prison. But first, I’ll make you feel the pain you made Y/N feel today. You’ll never forget me or this night!”

I clenched my fist as strong as I could and I hit him right in the face. I felt my knuckles cracking against his teeth and nose. I let him fall on the grass, he had fainted.

Tom grabbed a rope and drag him to the tree were he tied him down. He then called the police and explained the situation. After that quick call, he walked to you and as he embraced you tightly you let all your feeling out in a cry.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” I felt her shaking in my arms. All this was my fault. “I shouldn’t have let you walk away alone.”

“No Tom, please don’t…don’t apologize.” She finally looked at me, her eyes all red and her lip…her bleeding lip. I should be the one hurt, not her. “It’s my fault, I never thought this would happen but I should have listened to you. I called you paranoid and got mad at you for wanting to protect me but I should have…”

I couldn’t listen to this nonsense. It wasn’t her fault, I was the one responsable for her wellbeing and I had failed. I shouldn’t have cared how suborned she could get, I shouldn’t simply protect her.

His warm lips felt like a tender balm on your blessing lip. His kiss was sudden but gentle. His strong arms around you drew away all your fear and feeling of guilt. You slowly melted in them and sank in that blissful kiss.

He then caress your cheek and looked at you with utter tenderness.

“Just stay near me from now on, where I can take care of you, ok Y/N?” He smiled sweetly. “That’s all I need.” Tom lay his hand on the back of your head placing it against his chest, near his heart.

I hugged her as if trying to apologize with a gesture but, also promising her that I would always take care of her, no matter what.

For the anon who asked for a stalky ex and an angry protective Tom. Hope you liked it!

The Great Kaulitz


Part Nineteen

December, 2012, New York, Hotel Room

Regret. That is what I am feeling right now. I regret my actions and certain days. The day I let Tom win me over, the day I confessed my love to Bill, the day I came over to surprise them. I even regret the day I answered to the advert. If I never answered, I would never been caught in this. Or maybe I still would, Tom saw me and had his eye on me since day one… I still don’t understand why me, even though he did explain. I am an ordinary girl. I went to a great university, I was smart and had my eyes on the future… my whole life fell apart the day I met Bill.

The soft snoring behind me stops and the arms around my waist tighten their grip. “Are you awake, beautiful?” From his voice I can hear he is still half asleep. I take his hand and squeeze it softly. “I am.” “I want to cuddle.” He whispers in my ear. “Can you turn around?” I shake my head a little. “Please. I love you…” There is the heartache. It hurts me to hear it from him, because I can’t answer it… “Alright.” I whisper. I turn around in his arms and he snuggles against me. “You feel cold.” He mumbles. His hands start to rub my arms. I rest my head on his chest, while playing with a strand of his hair. “What is our next move?” I don’t want the couples talk with him. He shouldn’t get the wrong idea of this. I’m just lonely and he comforts me. “No business talk in bed.” Tom kisses my forehead and pinches me in my side. “Just cuddling.” He has his eyes closed and a bright smile on his face. “I missed this…” “What?” I ask him. “Being with you. Holding you. Feeling you…” another kiss ends on my forehead. “I know this probably feels different for you, but let me enjoy this for a moment.” He whispers when I try to move out of his arms. “Alright, ten minutes.”

Tom was satisfied with the ten minutes. He held me, planted soft kisses all over my shoulders, neck and face, but nothing more. He just wanted to cuddle. “Alright, the ten minutes are over.” I say after a look at the clock. Tom sighs. “Alright, what now?” “Get dressed, I’m taking a shower and we’ll go out for breakfast. We still have to come up with a new direction.” Tom nods. “Alright, boss.”

Half an hour later we’re back at the coffeeshop, getting the same as the other day. Tom wants to take my hand, but I shake my head. “We’re still not a couple, Tom.” I say to him. “Not even after the cuddle?” “No.” “But will I get more cuddles?” He gives me the puppy eyes. “Maybe.” I whisper and I look away from him. “But we really have to figure out what to do next. We still don’t know if Listing works for Schäfer or if he’s hiding, we don’t know Schäfer’s location and we don’t know if they know that you are alive.” Tom nods, while his eyes turn dark. “I knew where he was last.” “How did you find him anyway? I thought he was impossible to find, except if he wanted to be found.” Tom looks up. “I always found him. He has a secret phone number, yet I know it. Or knew it. I always found out where he stayed, where he was. But since everything happened… I lost track. I always had my servants to help me, now they are gone.” I sigh and speak the words I hate to admit. “You have me.” I mumble. “If you tell me how…” A grin appears on his face. “A beautiful lady like you always helps.” I roll my eyes, but Tom continues. “Schäfer only works with men. Men love beautiful ladies. You could get information  from them. They will tell you everything if you act well.” He takes a sip from his coffee and looks at me. “We could go to the place I saw Schäfer last.” “And where is that?” I ask Tom with a frown. The grin on his face grows even larger. “Vegas, baby.”

December, 2012, Las Vegas, center.

The lights are overwhelming. The flickering, the dancing, colorful and happy. “Wow.” I whisper. “I love Vegas.” Tom’s hand finds mine and he grabs it tightly. I turn my face to him, but he looks out of his window. “This is the first casino I ever went to. There I met Schäfer when I was eighteen.” I try to pull away my hand, but his grip is really tight. “I had just lost all my money. He came to me, told me he could lend me some…” The sadness in his eyes. “Of course I lost all of that money as well…” “Is that how you began to work for him?” I ask Tom. He turns his face to me and he nods. “He knew a way to repay the money.” My stomach turns and the cab stops. “By bringing him beautiful girls. Like you.” He whispers. The door opens and he moves out of the cab. “Are you coming with me, darling?” His fake accent is back. It cracks a smile on my face and I follow his lead. “Here we are.” He winks at me, grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. “Any bags, sir?” A young boy is standing next to the cab and he looks confused. “No, son. I am going to spoil my lady and buy her everything new.” His charming smile is back, the light in his eyes shines brighter than before and he winks. “Isn’t that right, my dear?” I smile and giggle a little. The boy just looks at Tom with wishful eyes and he nods. “Alright, sir. I’ll show you where you can check in…” “No need, son. Here.” Tom puts a hundred dollar bill in his hand and the boy walks off to another car. “I thought you were broke.” I whisper to him. “I am, the name Goldberg isn’t.” I frown. “Who’s Goldberg?’ “I have no clue, but the man gets a lot for free.” I stop in my tracks and look at Tom. “I’m kidding. Follow me and I will tell you.” It’s not as if I have a choice. He pulls me with him, waves at the receptionist and walks towards the elevator. “Don’t we…” “I have a room here.” It gets weirder with the second, but I follow him. We move up to the penthouse and when we get out, Tom types in a code. “Alright. We are safe now.” He says with a wink. “Do you want a drink? I bet there is still some champagne left in the fridge…” Tom walks off, but I grab his arm. “No, what the hell is going on here, Tom?” He turns around.  “How about sitting down in the living and I’ll join you within seconds.” “No, I want to hear it now. Who is Goldberg? Why the hell do you have a penthouse suite in Las Vegas?” Tom takes my hands and plants a soft kiss on them. “Alright. I lost all of my money, my brothers money and Schäfer’s money. I had to repay both my brother and Schäfer, so I accepted the job offer he gave me. He asked me to find six beautiful girls for him and within two hours, I had them. I brought them to him, he led them to another room and I never saw them again. At first it hurt, because I connected with the girls. Later, I didn’t mind who they were. I forgot their names seconds after I met them. But my reputation grew and girls recognized me. They went out of my way. I turned to my brother for help and he answered. That’s how we got in the business. After I repaid my brother and Schäfer, we bought the Mansion in Los Angeles. You already know that part.” Tom’s dark eyes are still sparkling. He’s telling the truth. “Who is Goldberg?” I whisper softly. Tom sighs. “We were known as one Mister Kaulitz in Los Angeles. In Las Vegas we are known as the Goldberg Twins. Goldberg is my real last name.”

My head spins. Who is this man that stands before me? It feels as if he lied to me the whole time. “It’s just a name.” he whispers when he sees my look. “The rest is real, I promise you.” His hands pull me back in his grip. He strokes my hear, my back, my hips. “Everything is real. Except for the name.” his soft lips touch my cheek, but I pull away again. “I want the whole story.” I whisper to him. He nods. “Alright. Let’s sit down in the living room.” He takes me by my hand and pulls me through the long, black hallway. At the end is a long wall with just windows and it looks over the entire city. Even though the view is beautiful, my mind is to blurry to appreciate it. Tom sits down on the white, leather couch and I sit down next to him. “I’ll start from the day we arrived in America.” 

New house

“This was the last one!” Tom said falling on the couch. 
“I’m done! I never though that we have so many things.” She said sitting next to him and kissing his cheek. 
“We should listen to mom and take Bill and Gordon with us, for help.”
“I think we did an amazing job alone too. I can’t believe that we are here.”
“Moving all our stuffs…”
“Into our brand new house!”
“I love you!”
“I love you too… Are you sure you won’t miss your family?”
“Oh… Don’t worry about that! As long as I have you by my side, I’m perfect. And after all I’m sure that Bill won’t even see that I’m missing.”
“And if he does I really don’t care. He has you for more than 20 years, now is my turn.”
“Haha! I’m here only for you, love… Ready to unpack all our things?”
“5 more minutes and after yes. My legs are still hurting.”
“We have so many boxes…”
“Isn’t my fault that you had to bring with you half of your guitars!”
“I can’t leave without them! And our apartment is big enough, I can make a room just for them.”
“That room is already taken for my clothes and shoes.”
“Tom… I though we already solve this problem.”
“But my guitars are more important. You really don’t need clothes. Now you can stay all day long naked, because nobody except me won’t see you.”
“And you will be busy with me and not with your guitars, so you don’t need the room.”
“So the room is mine!”
“I don’t think so.”
“But I do! So please do as I say!”
“Let’s make that room for us both. Your clothes and my guitar, living together till the end of time.”
“I’m sure this isn’t a good idea.”
“We can use it till we find something better.”
“Okay… Soon you will realize that you don’t need your guitars there and the whole room will be for me.”
“That only after you send back all your clothes.”
“And my underwear too?”
“Well… About this I think we can still talk more.”
“I’m sure you do. Haha!”
“God, I’m so happy! Only we… No Bill, no mom, no Bills dog, nothing!”
“You are mean.”
“I’m not. I’m happy. I love you…”
“I know that and you know that I love you too. Now let’s work!”
“Yes, mom!”

They spent one more minute on the couch kissing and after they start to unpack. The whole day they run all over the apartment, putting all the things at their place, playing and laughing. When the evening came, they still hadn’t finish, but as both were tired, they decided to order some pizza and continue tomorrow with the rest of things. 

The eat into silence and after they go to the big window, from where they could admire the whole city. They sit on some pillows, on the floor, drinking wine and hugging each other. 

“I can’t believe it’s real.” Tom said kissing her hair.
“It’s so beautiful… I can’t believe that we get here.”
“Me neither. I though that I will spend my whole life with Bill and mom and now everything changed. You made me to move on, to change. I love to be here with you… I love to know that here we are alone and we can make our life exactly how we want.”
“I love being with you too. And this place is gorgeous.”
“The lights of the city shining only for us..”
“This is one of your new songs lyrics?”
“Not really, but I love it. I love you.”
“I love you too, Tom. My big Tom." 
"I’m not fat. I’m a man, that’s all.”

She smile to him and when she wanted to kiss him, she get away in the next second.

"What happened?”
“Your beard prick me.”
“I though you like it.”
“Yes, but it’s too long and too prickly. Soon I won’t be able to kiss you anymore and this will be the end of me.”
“And end of me too. I need to kiss you all the time.”
“Me too. So it’s time to cut your beard.”
“Only for you… I love you.”
“I love you too." 

Family Meeting

“So where is you your lovely boy honey?” your father asks you as he is slowly sipping his wine “We are waiting for him 15 minutes already. I don’t want to sound rude or moody but it’s not politely from him”
“Oh dad” you do your best to sound casual “I bet he got an urgent call from his management or something and that’s the reason he makes us wait. You know he is about to release a new album with his band”
“I know I know honey” your father chuckles “He is a rockstar”
“Exactly” you giggle to hide that deep inside you are mad at Tom for acting this way. You invited your whole family to.announce your engagement and now Tom behaves like the worst jerk “I’ll better go upstairs and check on him”
“Sure honey” your father kisses your cheek “Bring him here”
You nod slightly. Then you excuse the rest of your guests and with a light speed you rush upstairs. On your way there you try about the worst words you are going to use while you’ll be yelling at Tom. You are almost ready to kill him even before you touch the knob of the door to the bedroom you share with him.
But when you open the door you are able to just stand frozen while looking at Tom with your eyes and mouth wide opened.
He is sitting on the bed with really strange face expression. He is dressed in a perfect suit like he’d be ready to come downstairs but instead of moving he just holds something in his hand and looks at it. You can’t clearly see what is that.
You blink few times but the view doesn’t change. It makes you madder then before.
“You have 5 seconds to explain me what the hell are you doing before I’ll kill you Tom Kaulitz” you hiss through you clenched teeth.
“I just…” you are sure he blushes but you don’t care. You cut him off.
“I don’t care what you just. My family is waiting downstairs and you just sit here like a fucking wise man! Move your ass now!”
“I can’t now. I need your help baby” he smiles to you “I accidentally found this” he opens his hand to show you what he is holding and when you see handcuffs you used during your last rough night you blush too.
“I found it and I remembered how was it when we used it last time and all those images that came to my head made me…” he hesitates “I’m just a simple man and when I remembered how I handcuffed you and…I got hard” he lowers him voice to whisper “I couldn’t help it. It just happened. And now I can’t show myself to your family with a hard on”
“It just happened?” you almost scream with a high voice “Just happened?”
“Basically yes” Tom nods and looks down on his crotch so your eyes follow him. Even though he is sitting you can clearly see his hard on.
“You shameless…” you hiss again as gou close the door and rush to Tom. “How old are you? Can’t you just control yourself?”
“Shut up!” you command as you push him down on the bed.
“Will you suck my problem away?” he asks in a hope but of course you are too angry to do that.
“I said shut up!” you repeat as you rapidly undo his belt and pants. Then you slid it all down a bit just to set his cock free. He gasps aloud but you don’t pay too much attention. Instead you grab his hard manhood in your hand and you tighten your fingers around it.
“I like when you are so rough with me baby” Tom moans like a crazy even though you haven’t started your proper job yet.
You give him dead look before you start stroking him fast up and down his shaft. He digs his nails into the bed making louder sounds. You want him to come as fast as possible but it seems like he wants as much pleasure as he can get.
“Touch my balls” he almost begs you rocking his hips up a bit but you ignore him. Instead you speed up your moves jerking him off furiously fast and smearing his precum all over his dick.
Tom starts repeating your name like his life would depend on it. His cock is throbbing in your hand and his whole body is shivering.“I’m so close baby” this time he whispers and closes his eyes. He is so helpless and he looks beautiful but you are still too angry to appreciate it. 

You work on him for another few moments before he gives you last loud howl of pleasure and he comes hard on your hand.
You give him time to ride it out. Then you let go of his dick and with no words rush to the bathroom to clean the mess from your hand.
When you come back Tom still lies on the bed with his pants down.
“Tom fucking Kaulitz!” you scream maybe even too loud “What is your problem now?”
“It was amazing” his voice is still drown in pleasure “But why are you so angry baby? Do you want me to pay you back now?” he makes an innocent face.
You are sure your own face is completely red and you come close to the bed and stand in front of me.
“My family is waiting downstairs” you hiss with a sharp silent voice “They are all waiting for you to come and all you can think about is sex? You know what Kaulitz? Few more words and there will be nothing to celebrate because I will throw your engagement through the window and pack your things and…”
“I’m sorry baby!” with a light speed you jumps off the bed, pulls up his trousers and comes to you steals quick kiss from your lips “It’s just you turn me on all the time”
“Bastard” you grab his hand and lead him downstairs.

For another few hours your family meeting is perfectly good. The atmosphere is casual and nice. Tom acts perfectly normal. He entertains your guests and makes everything laugh because of his joke. But everytime he looks at you and no one else sees it he smirks in a really strange way. You feel he has something on his mind and you just hope he won’t ruin everything.
But he does nothing wrong and until the last guests come out of your house you politely say goodbye to everyone at the door together with you.
When you close the door after your parents leave you already almost forgot how mad you were at Tom few hours ago.
“That was a really nice evening” you smile as you rest your back against the front door “I love sharing my joy with people I care for.”
“Yes me too” Tom smiles as he comes to you and wraps his hands around you “I’m so proud you will be my wife soon. And I think your father really likes me.”
“He likes you because he has no idea what kind of a little devil you really are Tom” you giggle.
“Me? Little devil? Someone is mistaken here” he chuckles before he buries his face on your neck licking your skin not so gently.
“Ouch” you gasp when he find your sweet spot “Yes little devil.”
“Nope. I’m not” he shamelessly bites your skin so hard and long you are sure he made a little love marks on your neck “But through the whole evening I couldn’t stop thinking how you helped me today. You are such a lovely girlfriend. I think I should pay you back.”
His touches on your body become more demanding.
“Not now Tom. We have to clean the house because…”
He cuts you off by kissing you hard. At the same time he lifts you up from the floor and automatically you wrap your legs around his body.
He carries you back to the living room and he stops walking when he stands in front of the big family table.
“And I know easier way of cleaning this mess” Tom smirks and he just throws almost everything from the table down on the floor. Of course glasses and plates break when they hit the floor but Tom doesn’t care at all.
“Tom! Are you crazy?”
“Nope. Just horny” he laughs as he lies you down on the now empty table. His lips find a way to yours again and his kisses make everything inside you melt.
You moan something into his mouth but he doesn’t pay attention. Instead his hands quickly take off your dress and underwear so in less than 10 seconds you are naked.
“I wonder how will patents would react if they’d only know what we do on the table where they sat few minutes ago. And where they will be sitting so many times in the future.”
“Shut up” you say these words again today because you don’t want to think about it.
“Of course I can use my mouth in a better way” he gives you lustful look before he kneels on the floor, spreads your legs and with no more words he places his lips on your clit. Then he starts kissing it with passion. You moan his name to heavens. It only encourages him. Teasing you and making slower moves he licks your entrance before he puts his tongue inside you. You let out a loud scream.
“I love your taste baby” he whispers before he puts his tongue inside you again.
He keeps on doing it for some time fucking you with his tongue faster and deeper before he changes his actions and starts eating you out in the best way possible. You almost explode and you put your hands on your breast squeezing them hard and playing with your nipples for some time.
He doesn’t stop giving you the best pleasure until your whole body is shaking and you can’t take it for too much longer. You breathe heavily and look at him in purest lust.
“I really love your taste” he licks his lips.
“Can you fuck me now?” you don’t care what you are saying.
“Your wish is my desire” he smirks before he quickly undresses himself and throws his clothes somewhere in that mess. Then he grabs your legs and pulls you on the edge of the table.
“Tom!” you try to make him hurry up. He laughs and with one hard thrust he pushes all of himself inside you. You both howl like animals.
Tom wastes no more time. He starts mowing inside you and quickly he finds your special spot. Everytime he hits it you scream. He puts his hands on your breast while he keeps on fucking you like there’s no tomorrow.
“Tom” you try to breathe but you almost faint because of the pleasure “Tom I’m gonna cum oh Tom”
“Yes baby” he leans down and kisses you while you come so hard you can’t deal with it. You arch your back and dig your nails into Tom’s shoulders. He still pounds inside you so it only multiplies your pleasure.
You are not done with ridding your orgasm out when Tom roars your name and comes hard inside you moving his hips furiously to shot all he has.
For a while you are both just drown in the purest pleasure. And when Tom pulls out of you he collapse on your body. You wrap your legs and arms around him and kiss him passionately. Then you both stay in silence trying to get back to reality.
The end.

Secretly in love:

It hadn’t been too long since you started working in the L.A studio of Tokio Hotel. You were not high up though. You were actually the assistant of the second assistant of another assistant, or something like that. To put it simple, you were the one person everyone asked to do their dirty work. No one actually remembered your name but they all asked small favores of you: go get coffee, buy biscuits, get this message, tell someone about about this thing, even clean up the conference room after everyone was gone, etcetera, etcetera.
In a normal situation, you wouldn’t have taken this much shit from everyone but, you really needed this job. You wanted to start earning your own money and that meant a lot to you. Work meant independence, your own money to spend as you pleased and that’s what you wanted. You were certainly not planing to stay very long doing that work in the studio but this was only the start, right?

But despite all the work everyone else imposed on you, there was one thing that made everything bearable, and that was Tom. You were sure he didn’t even know your name but, he always managed to give you a smile and a “good morning”, he did that every day he came to the studio. It didn’t matter if you were serving coffee, taking some photocopies to the second floor or even arranging things in the conference room, he was always, with no exceptions, genuinely polite and kind to you. He was the kindest of them all and you couldn’t help blushing each time you bumped into him. In the stairs, elevator or corridors, he always smiled at you and made a little joke with the sole purpose to cheering you up. How could you not fall in love with him? It was imposible! You knew this was just a one way feeling, that he would never feel the same for you but you were fine with it. As long as you could see him every day, witness and feel his kindness, you were ok with it.

After a long meeting, the whole band was very exited and they all decided to go to the nearest bar to celebrate their new contract with one of the most popular radio producers in L.A. You, of course were not invited. Your boss, a nobady really, asked you to stay and clean the conference room, put everything back into place and to close the studio after you were done and everyone else was gone. You had no choice but to stay behind.

When you walked into the conference room you sighted, trying to build up some patience. They had had lunch in there and the whole room was pretty messy. You started by picking up all the folders with documents and sheets of paper they left behind. When you got to Tom’s place, you noticed he had forgotten this one piece of paper he had been taking notes on during the meeting. You grabbed it and doubted for a moment if it was actually important because it was all crumpled. As if he had written something on it and then crumble it in his hand to make sure no one would read it.
You thought about putting it to a side and, after cleaning up the room, take it to Tom’s office and leave it on his desk but, a sudden curiosity invaded you. He seemed very concentrated while writing things down on that note. What was he writing? If it was so important, why would he leave it behind?

“Shit!” I looked for it but I couldn’t find it. I stoped right in the middle of the sidewalk and remembered “I felt it on the table!”

A cold feeling went down my back and shoulders. Of all the thing I could forget, I had left the one thing I wished no one would ever read! She mustn’t find it! I have to go back, like NOW!

I turned around, trying to go unnoticed but Bill suddenly called my name.

“Tom, where are you going?” The guys and the producers, everyone looked back at me.

“I…I forgot something at the studio. Go on without me, I’ll catch up with you in sec.”

I heard Bill saying something else but I simply turned around and ran to the studio. Please don’t let her read it. I don’t want her to find out, at least not his way.
When I got there, everyone was already gone, but the light from the conference room was still on. I got nervous but I approached the door, slowly. Everything was silent, maybe she was already gone. Oh god I hope.

You tried to hold back your curiosity but you couldn’t. You placed all the other folders and papers on the table and slowly opened Tom’s crumbled note. At first you only noticed some notes about the meeting but then, on the right upper corner of the note, there was something that popped out from everything else. It appeared as if Tom had gone over the words with his pen, over and over again, making the letter thick and of a deep blue.

You hands stared to shake and your lips slightly parted in astonishment. “Y/N” it was written all over the corner, some letter were even under lapping. What was this? Why was your name written all over it?

“You found it.” You heard his voice cut into the silence of the studio as a sharp surprise.

“Oh my god!” You jumped, placing your hand on your chest while still holding the note. “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry.” Tom smiled and walked in, slowly approaching you. His eyes were full of that kindness you had fallen in love with. “I’m also sorry you had to find this silly note.”

He was finally beside you, he looked so perfect and tall. Your heart started to beat faster as he slightly brushed your fingers with his while taking the note from your hands.

“No, forgive me, I didn’t mean to read it I was just…I…” suddenly your head was a mess, just like your heart, he made you so nervous. What were you suppose to do? This was such a surreal experience.

“I’m glad you read it after all.” His eyes left the note and found yours, his smile would not disappear. You were nervous but as if in heaven. This was a dream, it had to be!

“Why?” You managed to say with a voice gone weaker by all the feelings mixed up in you.

“Because I don’t think I would have ever pulled up the courage to say it to you.” Almost imperceptibly, Tom had lean forward, just a little bit. His lips felt and seemed closer to you. You could almost feel the warmth of his body. His hair, pulled back in a bun, allowed you to admire his perfect face, for the first time, so up close. You instinctively lean forward towards him too. “I think that’s why I forgot it, on purpose you know.”

You could not look away from his eyes, his gentle gaze and smile were a spell from which you never wished to be free of. Tom stroke your blushed cheek with the back of his fingers, tracing your jawline with care and tenderness. His chest was now a few centimeters away from yours. You could sense an electric and wonderful feeling flowing from his body to yours and embracing you.
You found yourself without voice. His presence and what he said, was all too much to deal with. You could only smile and try to hold back the tears of happiness that were beginning to blur your sight.

Tom suddenly placed both of his hands on your shoulders and drag them, in a caress, slowly up your neck. He slightly bent over and in a magical second, in a silent and unearthly moment, he kissed you.

With your eyes closed and still submerged in absolute happiness, you heard Tom’s voice coming as if from your wildest dreams.

“Now you know how I feel Y/N.” he whispered.

The only thing was that this time, it was not a dream. His lips still against yours were real enough.



“___, are you home?” Tom, your boyfriend said as he heard how you shut the door. You laid down on your bed, looking tired.

“You’re tired, huh?” Sitting up, you saw Tom leaning against the doorframe, towel around his waist and toothbrush in his mouth.

“You could say that,” you groaned.

After talking for a few minutes, you let Tom finish up in the bathroom. You changed into one of his shirts and a pair of lace underwear. You returned to the bed and shoved your face into the pillow. Feeling a pair of hands wrap around your waist, You smiled and turned over to meet Tom’s eyes.

“Oh, today has been…” You began to tell him about your day.

Tom interrupted me by giving you a soft kiss on your lips. He pulled your legs around his waist and slid his hands under your back, holding you tight against his perfect body. Taking you with him, he rolled over so you were straddling him.

He sat up, holding you to him with one arm around your waist. His other hand slid behind him, propping him up.

He brought his face close to yours.

“I love it when you wear my clothes,” he mumbled into my lips, “but You know what I like more?” he said smiling agains your lips. “Hmm?” You said without even listening because you were too much turned on. He flipped you over so you layed under him. Smiling to himself, he unwrapped his towel and let it fall over the side of the bed.

He lowered himself above you once again, placing a few more kisses across your jawline and neck before positioning himself at your entrance.

“Are you stressed, ___?” He asked you, propping himself up on his elbows. Nodding, You felt your lower half heat up quickly at the thought of what was about to happen; you were barley alone and you needed it more than ever.

Leaning down, he brushed his lips across your ear lobe.

Without further hesitation, you felt his cock slowly start disappearing inside of you. Letting out a moan of relief, he lowered his head and breathed deeply before pushing deeper inside of you. The overwhelming sensation caused him to let out a deep, sexy growl.

Moving his hips back and forth slowly, he began sucking on your neck. you gripped onto his hair and pushed your hips forward begging for more

“F-faster,” you whispered breathlessly.

Looking up at you with hungry eyes, he pulled almost pulled completely out, locking his eyes with yours. He gave you a quick wink and thrusted into you hard, causing your hips to smack together. Letting out a soft scream, you ran my fingernails down his back. Your left hand found his ass and You pushed him harder into youe. His breath hitched as he began to move quickly and fiercely, pounding inside of you.

“Ah, god.” Pressing his forehead to yours, You felt the beads of sweat that had built along his hairline.

You put both hands on either side of his face and pulled him closer to you. You smashed your lips together, telling him without words how much You needed and loved him. Rolling you over, You slowly sat up and began to grind on his cock in circles. The tip of his length hit your G-spot over and over again, causing your sex to tingle. You let out a moan and threw your head back.

Putting your hands on his perfect, tanned chest, your weight bore down on him as You began to move myself up and down. With each bounce, You feet him go deeper inside me.

“Holy shit, ___”, he breathlessly groaned. He ran his hands up your thighs to your waist, helping you ride him.

Feeling the knot in your stomach grow, You rolled your hips faster and harder each time, wanting to feel as much of him as possible. “Mmmmh” You moaned.

“Let it go, baby”, Tom groaned. “Come for me.”

Letting out a loud moan, You screamed his name and collapsed on top of him breathlessly. Tom wrapped his arm around your waist and flipped you on your back. Your eyes met his and he smiled at you.

“Almost there.”

Wrapping your legs around his waist, Your pushed his body down into yours. He pounded into you harder and faster, finding himself on the verge of filling you.

“Fuck, ___” Tom gripped the pillow behind you head, releasing himself inside of you.

“Ahhh, holy fuck,” he moaned. Collapsing on you, he slowly pulled himself out and rolled off of you. He turned and laid on his side to face you and brushed your hair out of your face.

He gave you a kiss on the forehead, then moved his mouth to yours and planted another soft one on your lips. The air between you was perfectly silent until Tom broke it by saying, “I love you.”

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me...

Every single fucking inch of her was perfection. From the way that her dark hair blew in the evening breeze to the way that she would walk around my apartment with such attitude from the time I first took her home, she came into my life and fucked it up. It all started so simply and so innocently in comparison to later events, I fucked her half an hour after I met her, and she promised me that she would never enjoy being fucked by other guys because I was the best she was ever gonna have.
She was the best I was ever gonna have, but I didn’t know it yet.
We ended up fucking on the kitchen counter, drinking shots of gin and groping each other.
But I remember, weeks later, the first time I lit up a joint in front of her, she sat on my lap on the balcony, her lace-covered breasts inches from my face, and asked me in that little sexy breathy voice of hers, what I was doing.
And I told her after blowing the smoke in her face and sticking another joint in her mouth that it was okay to join in.
Everyone did weed from time to time.
Even Bill did, and unlike me, he was a saint.
In retrospect, I should have left it there, but everything seemed better when I was high, and she found that out pretty quickly. Things moved quickly with us, and although I never once called her my girlfriend, that’s what she was to me. Within weeks, she’d gone from graduating high school and being weeks away from getting a college education and starting her life to snorting cocaine with Tom Kaulitz off of a glass coffee table with rolled-up $100 notes. She was such a mess, and it was like every night, when the high and the chaos in my brain finally settled down a little, I would hold her head in my hands, listening to her sobs and cries, about how worthless she was, and how much of a disappointment to her parents she was. We would always end up having sex, but that’s just the way it was. We used to go out on a nightly basis, hitting up the new underground clubs in town and then more often than not, get arrested for public indecency, drink driving or aggressive behaviour before we bailed ourselves out, the alcohol and the pills still in our systems. We’d been to Vegas, partied like rockstars and partied with the best. I knew that I was showing her a good time, because she would always thank me for taking her in after she left her parents house and showing her what real life was supposed to be like, what fun really was.
And then came the downfall. We would arrive to places so strung out on heroin that we could barely walk, speak or move, and she would be pictures falling out of a cab by the paparazzi, and they always found those fucking zoom-ins to see the marks on her arm where she’d injected herself, finding her lack of underwear and various wardrobe malfunctions. Needless to say, she had to block her parents’ calls like crazy over the next couple days. All of the time in the limelight, in my limelight, was destroying her, and I didn’t see the signs of her wearing down.
Parties after parties after parties. Orgies with sluts, doing meth, smashing up hotel rooms, fucking all night, watching her take several negative pregnancy tests, fucking her again, and the cycle went on and on and on.
But it all changed that night.
I’d come home after a shitty day, and all I needed was a couple of hits to make it all better. She lay on the bed, passed out, and I woke her up, and she still seemed out of sorts, as usual. Lately, she’d been seriously out of it, and she’d been crying far more than usual, sleeping all day instead of going out and picking stuff up for me, but I didn’t really think much of it, as long as she kept her side of the bed warm at night, it was okay to me. But deep inside, whenever I looked at her, I felt something, and as cliche as it sounded, I I felt something that I’d never felt before. It was scary and a high in itself, and I vowed to stop for her. But for some reason, I forgot, and we sparked up joints on the balcony, looking out on the Los Angeles skyline together. I will never forget what I did to her.
“Just go back in the room and shoot up, I’ll be there soon.” I kissed her on the forehead and then heard the sliding doors close behind me.
I felt my chest tighten and my throat close up, and I closed my eyes, but all I could see was what happened next.
It had taken me ten minutes to finish my joint and compose myself before I opened the door, and found her laying on the floor, needle sticking out of her arm, her eyes closed and a half-smile on her face, saliva pooling on the carpet. She was blue, and stiff. Totally devoid of life. I was far too scared to run over to her, I instead reached for my cellphone and dialled 911, my heart pounding as I explained what had happened as best as I could. My voice was shaking, yet the weed had given me a feeling like I wasn’t alive, I was having an out of body experience when the paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene, simply ruled as a heroin overdose, and took her away in a black body bag.
I didn’t feel anything when I shot up anymore.
I showed up to her funeral sober as the day I was born, and my joints were frozen, the numbness that I usually had was worse than ever. I sat at her graveside overnight, praying to whatever god there was to wake me up from this fucked-up nightmare and bring back the girl that I loved so much back to me.
My probation and fines felt like nothing, being in possession of illegal drugs was just a burden, so I dropped it.
And I sat on the balcony, and in a few hours, it would be September, but my watch offered me no solace. So I climbed over the bannister, only holding onto the railings behind me, and looked down at the busy city below, the people were merely specks of dirt, and the cars simply ants scurrying around.
And all I could see was her, her face in my head.
She had so much to live for, and I didn’t.
So I let go and let myself fall.
And before I hit the bottom, I realised that it was the happiest I’d been since I last saw her face.

Lovers Dread pt 4

“You.. you bitch!”

Every one at the table goes silent and stare at me in awe. Bill looks like he might faint, but he is still loving the moment.

“You stupid fucking cunt! I hope you fucking die!”

She gives me a satisfied smile before anyone notices, then she changes her look to a more concerned feature.

She has me right where she wants me, she staged my rape and now she can look like the victim, all the while Tom sits glaring at me. He must hate me now.

Standing out of my chair I walk, rather quickly, over to her. And do something I have only ever fantasized about. I rake my hands in her fire red hair and yank her straight to the ground. I sit over on top of her and hit her in the face as many times as I can. Till I take a crushing blow to the side. I’m nocked off of her and I lay to the side and try to focus on my breathing. My heart stops when I realize that it was Tom who had kicked me.

I cry out and something isn’t right. I still cant breath. My body is screaming for air and I just cant seem to get it…


“Hey, how do you feel?”

My eyes flutter open and  see there faces. Bill, Gustav, Tom and Bitch.

She has bandages covering her face, and a few bruises here and there. Not enough.

“_____, what ever it is that made you lash out at me, im sorry. I thought we were friends..”

“Shut the fuck up you fake whore! Get away from me or I’ll-” I start to sit up but stop, my side is in much pain. and im already out of breath. Bill has me sit down and I look to my brother.

“____, stop this! She said sorry for something she didn’t even do!”

She begins to cry now and Tom hugs her close.

“Shut up and don’t talk to her Tom.” Gustav being so over protective.

“You want to know what she did? She was mad at me for kissing you so she had her brother rape me at that party!”

No one talks as Tom pulls away from her, “You had your brother rape her..?”

“N-No.. I don’t know what she’s talking about.” she’s getting nervous now. Finally.
“You even threatened me before I left!”

Tom grabs her buy the arm and takes her out of the room.

“You and Tom kissed?” my brother speaks up

“I’m sorry Gustav..”

“Don’t be, I’m sorry Bill. But I’m gong to kill your brother.”


He doesn’t kill him, but he does leave some good marks on his face. We’re all together in the living room and I cant stop looking at his face, covered in black and blue. Gustav wasn’t so nice.

“I want to go to bed.” I would walk myself, but the doctor says I’m not allowed. Tom broke a few of my ribs and one of them popped a lung. They had to do emergency surgery and I was nocked out for a few days.

My brother stands and carries me like a young child up the stares to my room. He lays me down and tucks me in.

“Good night, bubby.”
“Good night.” he kisses my forehead and leaves the room.

I get my phone and text Tom.

‘Can we talk?’ pushing send it doesn’t take long before I hear a gentle nock on my door.

“Come in.”

Tom comes in and closes the door behind him.

“I’m sorry I ruined your relationship.” Yes, its a lie but I don’t care.

“No your not.” He sits at the end of my bed and I lean forward to sit next to him.

“____, I’m the one who should be sorry. I’ve been nothing but a dick to you. I shouldn’t have kicked you..” His eyes get teary and I’m worried he might cry. I don’t want to see him cry.

“Tom, I don’t care. Hurt me all you want, I’ll let you. Just let me have you..”

I kiss him. He kisses me back. He lays over on top of me and we kiss till my lips are hurting, and swollen. But I want more. Need more. I take his hand in mine and push it up my shirt. But the moment is short lived and he pulls away.

“No, we cant.”

“and why not?” I cross my arms and glare at him playfully

“Because, the others are here. To easy to get caught.”

I glance over at my clock and smile.

“We have been making out for a bit over 40 minutes.”

He smiles too and I catch his lips one more time.

“If I let you go, promise this wont be the last time?”

Nodding he smiles bigger, this time it reaches his eyes.

“I don’t deserve you, but no. This will not be the last time. I promise.



I know, its rather short. But the good thing is that the next part is very DIRTY! Sexy time with Mr. Kaulitz!

Dear Diary...part2(final)

     If you think at something or it possible to dream about same.i thought it was just coincidence but last night proofed wrong.i was perfectly asleep when felt soft touches on my face.first time i didn’t pay attention on it.i was sleeping and thought it was my imagination till i didn’t feel touches on my neck.they were soft but i could sweat it wasn’t dream.slowly i open eyes and my heart skipped a beat.Maria was standing in front of me.she was smiling and looking at me with shining was like magic.she was dressed in red lingerie.nothing more.her long hair was spread on shoulders and chest.i swallow hard when saw her almost naked.she was so perfect.when i finally woke up from my thoughts sit up on bed

-Miss Maria how u ..what are u doing here?“

she only smiled and lift up blankets from my bed.leaved me all exposed.i can swear my cheeks were burning from this.slowly she went on bed and sat on my heart stop when i felt her skin on mine.i felt i was burning.she slowly bent down and pressed her lips on mine.i was confused as hell.i couldn’t think or do anything

-relax Tom.just relax”

i don’t know how but found myself nodding and softly kissed her back.she smiled and slowly pressed her chest on mine.she was so warm.her body was so perfect.slowly i placed hands on her buttocks and she smiled

-go on.don’t be so shy’’

i buried face in her neck when she started to lick my was so perfect.i never felt it before.i closed my eyes and slowly rub her skin in my hands.she moaned in my ear and it made me shivers.slowly she looked in my eyes and kissed my lips so passionately i almost faint.she caressed my arms and touched my chest .slid fingers on my abs and slowly moved her hips.that was too much for me .i never even kissed someone so much and all this was too much

-M-maria.please stop’’

she only smile on my neck and kissed it.slowly lift my hands on her waist and with her hand opened her bra.let it slide from her arms and threw on the eyes got big when she sat straight on my waist and moved her hair back.exposing her breast.i blink and she only smiled wide.moved up and kissed my lips.out chests were touching to perfectly and her hands were sliding on my night pants. With one move she took it off with my underwear and i was shocked.i was front of girl.and girl like her.she smiled when saw how shy i was and kissed my cheeks.slowly went down and down.kissed my jaw and collar bones .lick and suck my soft spots.gott it was so amazing feeling.i can’t even describe.i hold on bed frame when she started to lick my nipples.gott it burned my insides.i couldn’t do anything to myself and moaned softly.she smiled on my skin and sucked my nipples more.i was so lost in pleasure didn’t even guess how she slide second hand down on my body and touched my manhood.i almost scream from sudden one ever touched me there and now she…gott.even now my breaths are hard and fast.she only smiled and started to touching me more.i was moaning loud and loud .when she was satisfied from my nipples slowly kissed my abs.belly.and with huge grin kissed my lower thighs .i swallowed hard when understood what she would do next.i just closed eyes and hold on bed frame again.i could only moan when she kissed tip of my cock.i felt …i..i don’t even know what or how i felt.i don’t know.she licked me and i scream loud when she …oh gott.she..she took me in mouth.she squeezed lips and moved head.i was screaming from feelings.moaning loud.i felt on the heart was beating so hard it was visible on my chest.i felt unfamiliar feeling in my it was so strange and my body shacked slowly .that second she stopped and slowly took my out from mouth.moving so fast took off her underwear and moved up.hold my cock in her hand and slowly slid down on me.i closed eyes and screamed loud.she ..she felt so…gott she felt so perfect.i couldn’t stop screaming and moaning so loud.she bent and kissed my lips hard to shut me up.warped arms on my neck and pressed her chest in mine.kissed my lips more and moved her hips harder.i was moaning in her mouth and she moved more and was too much from what i could take on my first time.i don’t know what or how but suddenly i felt huge relece. i calmed and started to breath heavily.she moved hips slowly and smiled.kissed my sweaty forehead and rest her body on mine.i didn’t know what to do.and slowly pet her long hair.she smiled on my chest and kissed it

-you are perfect Tom’’

i only blush like little kid and kissed her forehead

-you are too’’

she smiled and we both fell asleep in each others arms…“

when she finished her eyes were full with tears and closed his diary.she felt so down.she felt so horrible.her fiance cheated on her.few weeks before their marriage.she felt so horrible.with red eyes she put diary on his table and turned to door.but this time he went in Rose”

he went to her and wanted to hug her but she pushed him away

-how you dare to touch me after you cheated on me’’

his face was white and his heart stop aster what he hear

-Rose ,you understood wrong.“

-wrong?what i understood wrong?yo cheated on me.with her.with both lied to me”

-no.Rose no.i swear i didn’’’

-then?what was that .in diary?“

he swallow hard.he couldn’t say truth

-its a story know im writing .this is my next story.i used same names to be east to write.this is just story Rose.look”

he showed her few papers where he really had stories

-i wrote them Rose.this is just a story too.its not real’’

she looked at him and hugged him tight.she believed it was story.she believed him.but he was reality.what happened last night.but he would never say it to his Rose.never.night with Marie was his secret.his life secret…

The End

Fancy Dinner

To celebrate your successful first week at college, you and your girlfriends desired to go out. But not just a regular night out with friend, you decided to go fancy. The best restaurant in town was a few block away from your best friend’s house, so you all got together there and walked to the restaurant. When you arrived, it was 10:00pm and the place was full.

“I’m sorry, the whole restaurant has been booked for a privet business meeting.” Said the garçon at the entrance.

“Oh no!!” All your friends muttered behind you.

“Please, isn’t there a chance we could get an empty table in a corner or something?” The garçons looked at you from head to toe, he was probably fed up with everyone asking the same thing. “It would mean a lot to us, please.”

“I’m sorry miss, but I’m afraid there is nothing I can do.” His voice was cold and his gaze indifferent.
He turned his back on you then, you saw a taller guy coming right up to him. He was dressed in a suit and had his name engraved on his jacket with small letter. The manager.

“Philippe, Mr. Kaulitz, the head of the company here today, just indicated me that there won’t be coming as much guest as they expected. So he allowed us to open the restaurant to the public.”

You and your friends cheered up and, to Philippe’s dislike, he had to open the doors for you and lead you to your table.

You sat and he left the menus with you.
“A waiter will come soon to take your order.”

Philippe left and all your friends started to talk about him. He was actually quite handsome after all. But you had found him rude and unpleasant.
You took the menu but your attention diverted to the beautiful and elegant decoration of the restaurant. Candles, expensive plates and table sets, silk napkins. You looked to the ceiling, surly an original fresco, and to your right, a large opaque mirror. You looked closely and noticed that the group that had booked the whole restaurante was beside your table. You turned to look at them and noticed they were only men.

They were elegantly dresses, all of them, some even in black tie. They had several wine bottles on the long table and they were all eating elegantly served plates. There were a bit more than 20 men. Suddenly you noticed that the one at the end of the table turned and looked at you.

You immediately felt your cheeks turning red. His eyes were nailed to yours. He was serious, very. The white shirt under the black jacket made his perfect featured pop out more. He had long hair pulled back on a messy bun but that messiness and the perfection of his face and suit, so elegant and made to measure for him, came all together to form a perfect human being. He was…perfect. That must be Mr. Kaulitz, you thought to yourself. The corner of his mouth curved in a smile and then looked away.

“Y/N, have you decid yet?” Your best friend Seyhan called you back to reality. You had gotten lost in that handsome business man.

“ I haven’t. What are you guys ordering?”

You and your girlfriends finally decided and the waiter took your order. The evening when by as expected…. awesome. You dank wine, ate the best food you had ever tried and had a wonderful time with your friends. You guys deserved it after all.
When you were waiting for the desert to be served, one of your friends started to talk about the men on the business meeting. You tried not to look back; you were nervous.

“But, he keeps looking back this way.” One of your friends said. Your heart started to beat faster.

“Yes I know. I noticed it since we started eating.” Oh no, well you were sure it was just a coincidence, right?

“I…I think he is looking at you Y/N…”

“What?!” You looked at your friends and they were all staring at you with wide eyes “No don’t be silly.” You tried to argue.

“No, I swear!” Seyhan leaned over to you. “Look. Look back at him. He is looking at you right now.”

The once noisy table of yours was now submerged in a tense silence. You felt your body heavy and paralyzed. With all your feelings mixed up, you looked back. He was already looking at you. You clenched your fists and felt your whole body turning cold, every part of it but your face. It must be the wine, after all you all had had a bit too much to drink.
You immediately looked away and as your friends talked, you sat there, paralizad. You soon realized it was 11:50pm and that the restaurant was almost empty now. Just you and your friends and some guys from the business meeting table were still there.

You suddenly felt a strange and strong urge to leave. You were about to get up when you realized all your friends were once again looking at you…well, more like at something or someone behind you. They all had a strange smile on their faces and were paralyzed in surprise.
You couldn’t move, the wine, the food and the thrill of having noticed that guy’s eyes on you at least twice, was all too much to deal with.
Suddenly your best friend started to talk to him. How?!!

“Hey, want to join us?” Just like that, really Seyhan? She didn’t even know him, how could she be so direct.

“Haha amm…sure, why not? But with one condition.” You heard his perfect voice behind you. Your back felt cold, very cold.

“Yeah, ok, which one?” All your friends started to giggle, looking at you then at him, then at you. Stop it you guys!!!

“On the condition that you’ll invite my friends too. They are just three.” Wow, his voice matched his perfect face. Ok, calme down Y/N. You have such bad luck with the guys that you were be sure noting would happen tonight…I hope!

“Oh of course. Tell them to join us.” Seyhan said with all the confidence in the world. “Oh, just one thing, what’s your name?”

“I’m Tom Kaulitz, CEO of the must important record company in Germany.” Yeah…a bit too much information for the simple answer your friend was looking for.

He waved at his friends and they all came to your table and sat down. One was blond and with glasses, he sat down beside a blond tall one, and beside that one sat a smiley brunet. They all seemed very friendly. Suddenly you felt someone dragging a chair beside you and siting very close to you. He placed his forearm on the table and turned his head to you, smiling. It was Tom.

“You seam a bit nervous.” He said with a cocky smile. “Don’t worry, I wanted to talk to you anyway, before leaving the restaurant.”

“Oh really? ” you managed to say. “Well, I’m glad you did then.” He smiled at you and you smiled back. Suddenly all the nervousness was gone and his smile seemed very gentle and simple.

“You know, I’m at a disadvantage here.”


“You already know my name but I don’t know yours.” He said pouring the wine in his cup. He filled yours too.

“Oh, sorry. It’s Y/N.” you grabbed your cup and took it to your lips, he bit his.

“So, what are you and your friends celebrating here tonight?” Tom asked grabbing his cup, now giving you his whole attention.

Like so, you both started to talk and got detached from everyone else’s conversation at the table. From time to time you felt your friends and his, looking at you both and giggling. But at this point of the evening, with a few more drinks than usual, you didn’t cared too much what they might have been saying. In fact, you felt it was not just the wine working wonders on your shy personality, but it also was him. Tom had a sweetness in his voice and gentleness in his eyes and smile that calmed you down. He even felt familiar to you, as a friend, even if you just had met him. You had never felt so comfortable with anyone else until you talked to him that evening.
You laughed and joked about a lot of things. You found out that, even if you were a college student and him an important CEO, you both had a lot in common. You even ended up forgetting about eating your desert and you simply talked and talked.
At 1am the restaurant was closing so you all had to leave. Your friends had decided to go to a club with Tom’s friends but you were a bit tired and dizzy from the wine.

“I think I’ll just get a cab and go home.” You said, leaning a bit on Tom, feeling the side walk move, or was it your heard? You felt Tom’s arm wrapping around your waist and taking hold of you so you wound not fall. You were not drunk…well, maybe a bit, but stil conscious. And his touch woke you up a bit. His hands, they were so big and strong; his chest against your cheek felt like perfection.

“I think I better take you home. I don’t want anything happening to you Y/N.” he said tightening his grip and pulling you closer to him.

Your friends agreed and left with the other guys. Tom asked the valet to bring his car and he helped you get in side. He put your seatbelt on and wrote the address Seyhan had given him on his GPS.

The way home was a blur. But as you were getting closer to your apartment you started to feel less lightheaded. When you got home, you were feeling not as dizzy as before but a bit drunk still. You know, that perfect state between being drunk but also able to think about your actions, the drunkness simply taking away your absurd fears.
Tom asked for your keys and with a strong arm around your waist, he got in the elevator with you and walked you home. He even took you to your bedroom and there, a silence.
He had already said goodbye to you. He had said he would called you tomorrow. He had even helped you get your shoes off and made sure you got safe and sound to your place. But now, for some reason, he was standing on your bedroom doorstep. You looked at him and the effects of the wine faded away. You felt an unknown warmth in your chest and throat. You looked at him, his eyes and your could not look away from each other. He was not moving, he simply stared at you. And his gaze felt so unique, a shadow of doubled clouded his previous confidence but you also saw a bit of fear.

Finally he looked down to the ground and muttered a few fading words “Fuck it”.

You saw him walking towards you and stoping right in front of you.

“I’ve been wanting to do this the whole all evening.” He said leaning forward and wrapping your lips in a kiss and your body in his long arms. It was a strong and long kiss. Humid and perfect. He broke the kiss and as you were barely opening your eyes, still submerged in bliss, you saw him taking off his black silky jacket and leaning once again towards you to kiss you. Tom placed a hand on the back of your neck and the other on your back, pulling you to him, he climbed on the bed on top of you. His body slowly pushed you flat back on the bed as he placed himself on top, on his knees, you right in between them.

“I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist my self any longer.” A few strands of hair had come undo from his bun. His beard looked darker now. “If you don’t want this just tell me and I’ll stop.”

What, stop?! You simply locked your arms around his strong neck and pulled yourself up, reaching his red lips and kissing them passionately. He placed both of his hands on your back to support you and smiled as you licked his upper lips with the tip of your tongue.

“I don’t want you to stop Tom.” You said taking off your jacket and feeling protected under his body.

“Then I won’t.” he whispered as he placed you back on the bed and slipped his hands under your dress. His movements were rushed and he did all this without taking his eyes away from yours. He smiled taking off your panties. “I love pink underwear” he said now going down on you.

The air in your room was suddenly thick and scarce. You could feel his experienced tongue on your most sensitive part. You took his cravat off and pulled his shirt up with every lick he gave, and ended up taking it off in between sighs of pleasure.
He finally got up and lifted you, taking your dress off. The tip of his long fingers traveled along your body, stoped for a moment at your agitated breast and then continued down. He caressed your inner thighs and then leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands and knees. You unbuttoned his pants and rubbed your fingers on the edge of his boxers “Hugo Boss” it read.

“So…” he whispered not kissing but licking your lips and tip of nose. “I won’t stop, at least not before the sun comes up.”

With a sudden tenderness, Tom kissed your neck as he stroke your warm cheek and then placed his expensive cravat around your neck. “I’m so glad I met you Y/N.”

For @nykskaulitz


Before I start I wanna clean up one thing: I LOVE every one from Tokio Hotel and maye because Tom may look like a bad person in this story/imagine, it doesnt mean that I have something against him. This is my first imagine/story, I’ve never written before so sorry if it doesnt get that good.

- - - - - – - - – - - – - - - - – - - - – - -  – - - – - - – - – - – - – - - – 

Your POV:

I opened my eyes and yawned. Great. Another day. Its dark and cold outside, I can hear the other girls from my floor running around, giggling, having fun. And again; I Wish I just wouldn’t have woken up. But I can’t change it now. So I got up and start getting ready. What does even mean getting ready? I just showered and put some basic clothes on. I had long, brown hair and beautiful, big green eyes. And I was skinny. Actually too skinny. Im 17 years old. My parents brought me to a kinda orphanage when I was 12. Because they didnt know what to do with me. They were too busy with their social lives and also jobs so I was invisible for them, most of the time. I wasn’t a planned kid. And they gave me that feeling every day again. And now I’m here. Locked up already 5 years. I dont go out or anything. I have a private teacher, who’s my psychiatrist too. Because of my past and my shyness, Im not really the coolest kid here. I get bullied, a lot. And who wants to talk with someone who has nervous breakdowns and doesnt even eat? Right, no one does. 

I heard that today this Bill Kaulitz guy should come. With his twin brother. They wanted to visit this home. The girls were all going crazy. Yes he’s very beautiful and sympathic; well at least on the videos I saw. And I like their music also pretty much. But I’m not this kinda fangirl. And probably he wont even see me because Im never in the community rooms and spaces here. Im locked up in my room 24/7 and its better like this. They bring me food up sometimes but I dont want to eat. Im just not hungry. And if the twins would see me, they’d laugh. Probably directly into my face. Like all the other kids here..

Bill’s POV:

I was in the car, with Tom driving beside me. We were on the way to this orphan home or whatever that was. The kids there are in our age. We’re both 20. So I was pretty excited to meet them all and to talk with them. I love being under people. We arrived and I got out of my car. As we got into the small bulding, I looked around. Girls screaming. Nothing new for us. The director of the building welcame us. He shoved us the whole home for some hours and we get to know many kids from there. I was sad about their pasts but Im happy to know that they feel good here and can smile again.

“For the end, I have something.. Hmm let’s say special for you guys. There’s this girl. Her name is ____ and she’s very.. Unpopular here. She got bullied so from then on she’s only in her room. Always. She doesnt even come down to eat. She has a very bad past, got raped even once. She’s very shy and it’s probably a little bit dangerous to let you guys to her but.. I want her to.. Talk to someone finally. Just please be patient and.. Don’t get too near.” the director looked at us with a little worried face.

He showed us the room from this misterious girl and knocked, she let us in. She was sitting on her bed. She had long, dark brown hair. Open and straighten. She was playing with her fingers and I could tell that she was pretty nervous and scared when she saw us….

To be continued. How do you like it so far?

Hurricane- Chapter 7

______ POV
It had been a few days since the whole nude snapchat fiasco, and as soon as I got home that evening, I made sure that Tom was out of my house within 3 minutes.
And of course, he was.
It was becoming habit that when I had a late night, he would drop me off home, and to be honest, I quite liked the conversations we had on the long drive to my house. It was good that we were friends, but I had a feeling that he still just wanted me for sex. We hadn’t stopped flirting, that would pretty much never stop, but I couldn’t help but feel suspicious.
It was a Monday evening, and we were sitting around my kitchen table, talking about films.
“Frozen was amazing.” He spoke, taking another bite of his pizza, and I rolled my eyes.
“Frozen, what that kid’s movie?”
“Yeah, didn’t you hear? It won a Grammy. It even beat Pharrell, okay? That’s something in itself.” He grinned at me, and I shook my head.
“Come on. Disney, not old-school Disney, hit Hannah Montana Disney-”
“What about Finding Nemo?” Tom interrupted, and I took a sip of my beer, shuddering a bit at the bitter taste.
“That was Pixar. Anyway, Disney, magic, ooh, snow! Now every little girl wants to be an ice princess. There’s gonna be Ice Queens all over the fucking place. They’re gonna grow up to be bitches, just you watch.” I rambled, and he laughed.
“So you’re more concerned with the legacy, rather than the film itself. I loved it, and I’m not exactly a bitch, am I?” He smirked.
“What kind of 25 year old creep watches kid’s movies anyway?” I retorted.
“One that likes kid’s movies. You know what, I’m gonna watch it again Thursday night with a nice pizza and some beer, it’ll be the perfect first viewing for you. But trust me, it’s a great film, you’re missing out.” He said, and I nodded, before realising what he’d said.
“Wait, you’re inviting me to yours?” I raised an eyebrow, and then one major detail hit me. “What about Ria?”
He sighed, exasperated.
“What about her?”
“I thought that you two were dating?”
“Dating?! Ria and I? Whoa, that’s pretty fucking funny, ______.” Tom snorted, placing his bottle of beer down on the table, but u scowled.
“Funny? So you’re just leading her on, picking her up and dropping her whenever you feel like it?” I asked, slightly pissed off.
“Oh come on, that’s not the case. She knows that we aren’t an item, we just fool around together.” He rolled his eyes, taking a large gulp of his beer.
“That’s so fucked up, Tom.” I hissed at him. “She’s a woman! She probably wants a husband and babies, and she probably might think that she has a chance with you, but you’re just fucking her and taking her out to lunch when there’s nobody else to. She’s like your last resort, you’re treating her like shit! How would you like it if you were getting played by someone you liked, huh?” I rolled my eyes, and Tom tightened his grip on his beer.
“You’re making it sound all wrong. She knows that I’m not in love with her or anything-”
“Then what are you doing with her? Stop messing her around, it’s so fucking evil. Have you ever even had a serious girlfriend before, or have they all been friends with benefits or fuck buddies?” I snapped, and he sighed.
“They all ended badly. So yeah, I know how to treat a girl, I know how to make her feel special and shit. Ria’s just a bit of fun-”
“A bit of fun, like a fucking game? Is that what women are, a game? You learn how to master them and then get bored and move onto the next one?”
“What’s it to you anyway? Why do you care so much about this all?” He stood up, placing his beer on the table, making his way over to me.
“I just… Don’t want her to get hurt by some… Womaniser.” I snapped at him, and he moved closer to me.
“I’m not hurting her. She wants some company and I like to keep my dick in something hot, wet and tight. It’s the perfect arrangement. I’m not seeing anything wrong, apart from the fact that you suddenly care about what I do with Ria.” He whispered into my ear, tracing a finger down my spine.
“I don’t want to be hurt by you.” I tied my hair back and I heard him sigh from behind me.
“I won’t hurt you, you know that.” He walked back over to his seat and looked at me. “So I assume that you aren’t gonna come around?” He sighed.
“I can watch Frozen alone.”
And just like that, we were back at square one again.
“I’ll just invite Ria round.” He rolled his eyes, and I glared at him.
“Ria? I thought she was just a bit of fun?” I hissed.
“Fucking hell, we’re just gonna fuck, okay?” He picked up a piece of pizza and stood up.
“Where are you going?” I stood up too, smoothing down my blouse.
“Home. And I’m taking my pizza with me.” He picked up the box and I lunged for it.
“No fucking way, I paid for it myself, out of my own money. It’s mine.” I snapped, sounding like a child, but I didn’t care.
“You don’t even like pineapple on pizza, you freak.” He spun around, holding the box in the air, so I jumped on his back and tried to wrestle him onto the floor. “Jeez, ______, if you wanted to touch me, all you had to do was ask.”
“Fucking Asshole.” I got off of his back, and he smirked at me, walking to the door, and slamming it behind himself, still stinging from my rejection. I sighed and walked back into the kitchen, spotting his phone on the table.
He’d left his phone.
I picked it up and switched on the screen, seeing messages from Bill, his mom, Ria, and these other girls called Abigail and Portia.
All I needed to do was remember his password.
I could have sworn that it was 7294, so I entered it, and it was wrong.
7295 and 7925 were also wrong, so I tried 7259, and the screen unlocked.
He was so dead.