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New Chapter (Evan Hansen x Fem!Reader)

Request:  evan x reader, you started dating in high school, stayed together through college, and just bought your first place together,,, au where yall are moving/unpacking boxes? leads to some slightly steamy things??

WC: 2,049

A/N: This is my first smut and it’s bad, I TRIED! I don’t know how I feel about this. I’M SORRY ANON IF THIS IS BAD (also under s read more because NSFW content)

Five years ago, you graduated high school. At the time, you didn’t know what the future would hold for you. All you know is that through it all, Evan Hansen would be by your side. He had been with you throughout all of high school. You two are a team, you’re always going to be there for each other. Now, you had both graduated college a few weeks ago. It was finally time for you to move into your first apartment together.

The process of finding an apartment was harder than you expected it would be. You and Evan were so indecisive about what you wanted. Every apartment was what the two of you wanted. Plus, your friends weren’t very helpful. Jared would make sex jokes, Alana would always point out every negative thing possible, Connor would agree with every statement you’d make, and you weren’t able to get Zoe’s help. She’s out of state for college. It seemed hopeless, like the two of you would never a place to call home.

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Netflix: Make a Netflix show based off the comic con short with Thor and Darryl.
As soon as I finished watching the short on YouTube, it brought a huge smile to me. I laughed throughout the entirety of the video. Soon after, I went into the comment section, and stumbled upon a comment that said "Can we start a petition for this to be a Netflix Series", and I thought to myself "I...
What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War ?

This is what happen to Thor when he’s not invited to the civil war!

Hooray of Team Thor and Darryl Jacobson!

Joe Morton News! #Scandal

Congratulations to Joe Morton who just joined the pilot of TNT’s “Proof” as the head of the hospital, Dr. Charles Russell. The NAACP Image Award winner will join the pilot and play the head of a hospital where Jennifer Beals’ character works. Scandal’s Joe Morton may have found a new full-time gig.

The actor, who has been recurring on the third season of ABC’s red-hot Scandal, has booked a series regular role on TNT’s drama pilot ProofThe Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Proof centers on a skeptical, hard-science, female surgeon, Katherine (The L Word's Jennifer Beals), who has been struggling with family issues, including a tragic death. She is persuaded to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings – all of it looking for verifiable proof to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something else beyond?

Morton will co-star as Dr. Charles Russell, the serious, dry and – naturally – intimidating head of Katherine’s hospital. He’s hard-pressed to control her but appreciates her abilities and commitment.

Rob Bragin (Murphy Brown, Greek) penned the script for Proof and will executive produce alongside Kyra SedgwickTom JacobsonJill Littman and Alex Graves, the latter of whom directed the pilot. Additionally, Sean Gleeson has boarded the pilot, playing Dr. Len Barliss, Katherine’s ex-husband who still works with her at the hospital. Len and Katherine currently share custody of Sophie, their rebellious teenage daughter.

For Morton, the casting in the pilot leaves the door open for the actor to return to Scandal, where he’s been a recurring guest star playing Rowan, the mysterious father to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope and the former head of black-ops group B613. The role earned him a NAACP Image Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama.

Washington Post: 3 Questions with Joe Morton

‘Scandal’s’ Joe Morton won’t be trading in Hollywood for Washington


March 13, 2014 5:45 PM EDT — Joe Morton may play one of the most powerful men in Washington on ABC’s ‘Scandal,’ but the role has not convinced him to trade his SAG card for a seat on Capitol Hill. (JulieAnn McKellogg / The Washington Post)