tom horan

slow hands - tom holland

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: A night of complete heartbreak leads you to Tom’s apartment. He was the only one you needed to finally make you feel truly loved.

Inspired by the song ‘Slow Hands’ by Niall Horan. listen to it here

Requested: no

Warnings: slight angst and like kissing? lmao nothing

Words: 2155

a/n: tom is NOT FAMOUS in this imagine! it doesn’t really cover his background story so! this is so fluffy and SWEET i cry bc I wish Tom would love me like this wowwowwowwowwowwow!! ALSO GIF!! i love crying wow!  but n e way hope you enjoy!:D



The feeling of nothing but unbreakable remorse and heartache floods your veins as if you had just leaped into a pool, the sinking feeling clouding your demeanor slowly. Your Y/E/C eyes portrayed a sense of darkness as they scanned the small shops scattered along the downtown street of London. The darkness of the hectic Saturday night developed a sense of negativity around your figure. Your ears could faintly hear the whispers of broken promises rolling off pairs of lips, and the alcohol tinted breath lacing itself through the husky and selfish voices.

“There’s nothing more to say, Y/N! I don’t love you anymore, god dammit! Why do you think I was always with her? I was in love with her!”

The painful words stung your heart rapidly, your eyes shutting quickly as the past event flooded your brain in a pounding headache.

Tonight was the night you had been dreading for weeks to come. Falling out of love was never easy. But, that was the problem. Five weeks into the relationship, your heart was happier and more vivid than ever. Your smile was clear and bright as he would come over to your apartment, light seeping through the windows, radiating your heart. That was, until you found out about her.

You knew, though. How could you not? As you would attempt to crack a joke, or tell an amusing story as you sat cuddled together on the couch, his smile faded as soon as his cold eyes hit yours. His mind would signal him to laugh amusingly at the story he wasn’t paying any attention to. All his attention was focused on his phone, his fingers throwing themselves against his phone screen as he whipped up a sly reply to her.

But you didn’t want to question it. Starting drama was the last thing you ever wanted to do, especially in a relationship. Your mind would spark up different scenarios that you could be catching him in, but haven’t. Something as innocent as replying to a girl’s text whilst you told a story was nothing to worry about.

Or so you thought.

Two weeks later, you were where you are now. Huskily walking the crowded streets of downtown London, your eyes focused on the pavement beneath you, hoodie pulled over your head, and heart broken into pieces inside you.

The memory of his alcohol filled breath fanning your cold skin, his lips teased you with a sky smirk as he muttered the words you dared to listen to. The feeling of heartbreak was something you could relate to somehow.

But, that similar yet aged feeling of the addictive emotion was sitting quietly in his apartment building right now. Exactly where you were headed.

Tom’s place was the only safe-haven you could bring yourself to think of at this point in time. The warmth of his apartment and the feeling you got when his beautiful eyes would light up as he swung open the door to you.

Tom was someone you could vent to, when you felt as if your life was headed in the wrong direction. This emotion that was beginning to bottle itself up inside you was creating a wave of useless and awful memories you wanted gone forever.

He was the familiar feeling of heartache you let go of, and shouldn’t have. It was hard to explain, it had you so confused at times. To the way your heart would ignite your veins in a fiery sensation as his hands clutched onto the sides of you waist in a hug, your arms wrapping around his neck. The long years you spent befriend Tom were so special to your now broken heart, you would never dream of letting him go.

There was consistently a tenderness for the calm yet enjoyable and beautiful man you grew fond of. Once your eyes hit his, it was as if nothing else mattered in the world, but you getting the chance to show him just the slightest bit of love you held for him.

That warmth and love for him is always present and always was. Even when you thought for sure your heart was captured by someone else’s, your mind sneakily knew it was still overcome with emotion for him.

So, that’s where your feet were carrying you. You yearned for the feeling of him so close to you, even if he didn’t feel the same. Your skin needed to be ignited by that flame he left whenever his body would press against yours.

Truly being loved was something you never felt often.

You needed his love.


“Y/N? Are you okay?”

Your head shifted itself from its previous position, you eyes leveled to meet Tom’s in an achingly sore gaze. Your Y/E/C eyes sparkled underneath the pitch black night sky as they tears dropping from them caused a radiance in them. Your hood secured tightly around your head as your lips thinned out into a line, slightly shaking underneath the pain you attempted to prevent from showing.

You dared to whisper, his worrisome brown eyes sunk deep into your saddened gaze, “I-uh. C-Can I come in?”

Tom’s arm that pressed up against the door extended to push the door open wider, making room for your figure to walk in, “Of course, of course. Come in.”

You walked in, your feet shuffling slightly against the carpeted floor beneath you. The air around the empty apartment felt heavy as you sat down on his soft couch, your mind seeping in everything that is about to roll off your chapped lips. You thought to yourself for several achingly slow seconds, your inner conscience whispering different scenarios you could possibly put yourself in within seconds.

Tom shuts the door, his eyebrows furrowed at your unusual sorrowful demeanor. His own heart ached when he witnessed you in such an unpleasant and bothered state, “So, let me guess. Nick?” Tom’s sweet, scratchy voice pierced through your ears, the concern laced through his words so heavily your veins pumped with warmth from his concern.

Should you explain?

That was the last thing you wanted to discuss right now. The familiar feeling was not welcomed back into your soul anytime soon. As your eyes looked up daringly into Tom’s, the fall of slightly curled brown hair laid perfectly against the soft skin of his forehead caused your need for the him to grow immensely.

Tom scooted closer to you, your hand limp against the top of your knee, the conflicting feelings pushing through your shaky body. Your eyes were focused on the floor beneath you, not paying attention to anything but your emotions right now.

Suddenly, you felt a familiar spark light the skin along your fingertips and knuckles and crawl all the way up your arm. You feel your breath catch in the back of your throat at the feeling, eyes immediately piercing themselves in the direction of it.

“You can tell me, Y/N. It’s okay, I promise,” the words roll off his small pink lips so quietly you almost didn’t hear them. As the words burned through your ears, Tom’s hand is now placed softly on yours, his structured fingers rubbing soothing circles along the back of your hand.

The air suddenly began to grow from heavy to heavenly as the beating of your heart against your rib cage grew louder, the closeness and developing butterflies in your stomach causing your tears to dry against your soft skin. The magical feeling of his skin soothingly casting itself against yours caused nothing else to make sense anymore. Your heartbreak, tears, ripped passion, and torn feelings whisked away with the chilled night wind as the heat between the two of your bodies grew, especially yours.

Your brain worked as your heart slowly began to sew itself back together. Your mind was now clarified with one thing and one thing only. You didn’t need the caring validation from Tom that everything was going to be okay in the end, or the soft circles he would rub along your back as your admitted all your sorrowful feelings to him with the horrid story of heartbreak you acted in just an hour earlier.

You needed him. None of his gestures or kind-hearted advice. No matter how much you adored all of those things from him, they didn’t matter.

What you wanted was all of him.

You clarified with yourself on what you planned on doing next. As you reached back behind yourself, pulling your hood off, and fully looking up toward the loving boy’s eyes, your heart knew exactly where home was.

Scooting your body as close next to his as possible, you moved your hand from under his push against his chest, the ignited feeling shooting throughout your body from your fingertips to your toes.

Tom’s heart slowly began to beat at a faster pace and his thin eyebrows furrowed once more, confused by your sudden change of state, “Y/N, what are you-”

Your hands slowly slid up from the heavy breathing of his chest to behind his neck, fingers gripping tightly yet softly onto the skin. Your thumbs rubbed soothingly against the veins carved beautifully into his neck, your eyes flushing from their darkened, saddened state to a much darker one, but void of all sadness. The sadness you once felt turned eagerly into emotion and lust all at once, your cheeks breaking with color.

“Please, Tom. No explanation. I need you, so, so badly,” your voice cracked slightly underneath the feeling of pure anxiety yet lust and need for the man in front of you.

A once bright brown, now a seemingly needy and darkened brown hits your captivating orbs in a gaze filled with nothing but demand for the other. The beat of your heartbeats collided as his fingertips reach up and lay themselves against your tinted cheeks. His mind no longer focused on trying to make you feel better. All he needed to happen was happening right now.

Your voice crackled some more but portrayed more confidence and whispered a bit huskier once more before the two of you were pressed up against one another, “I’ve been thinking about it all day, and I hope, god, I hope you feel the same way. ‘Cause I want you, I want you so much more than you may think.

“Please, Tom. Please need me.”

 The next thing you knew, your noses were brushing up against one another’s, lips so achingly close you could practically feel the electricity crackle between the two of you. His eyes ere etched into yours , not once looking down at your kissable lips before staring a loving gaze into your eyes and capturing your lips with his.

Pure bliss.

You instantly responded, lips hungry for the feeling. His thin lips locked against yours in a searing kiss, filled with every emotion he could possible show you. Your mind was clouded with absolutely nothing. There was no more worrying. All you needed was happening right now.

Tom’s hands went from rubbing your soft cheeks to whisking themselves achingly slow down your neck, thumbs massages the sweet skin between your shoulder and neck, where his lisp would soon explore. Your fingers wrapped around the hair at the nape of his neck, your arms pulling him closer towards our wet, hot mouth.

The growing intensity was evident as you both began to lose breath. You felt yourself slightly gasping for air, but continuing to collide your lips with his, as you couldn’t let go of the wondrous feeling it ignited within you.

Tom decided to let you breath (lol), and trailed his lips from yours all the way along your chin, neck and collar bones. Your eyes shot open as you felt his wet lips press themselves against your collarbone, and sucking slightly. The feeling caused a gasp to escape from your lips, your stomach twisting into a knot.

Tom felt you shiver beneath his lust-filled touch and released, leaning down to softly kiss the area that caused your state of shock. You softened at his actions and brought your head back down to watch what he would do next.

Your breaths heavily mingled as you made eye contact, the energy and emotion bouncing off the walls, “C'mere,” Tom whispered against your neck, the contact against the sensitive skin was enough to cause your eyes to shut in sinful and needy thoughts.

Tom’s hands slowly ran down your arm, his hand grasping yours. His fingertips played with yours and his figure stood up from his previous position. Your eyes scaled his features and feel back into a deep state of love just by feeling of him being this close to you.

He tugs slightly on your arm, Let me truly show you how much I need you,“ Tom whispered, eyes softening at the sight of your flustered features.

Both your hearts were now laced together in more than one way you could describe. As Tom led you to his room, your passion for him was just as much as he had for you.

You finally knew where your heart belonged.

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Type of Kisses Prompts:

The idea goes out to the rightful owners/owner. I saw these on pinterest and thought it’d be fun to do. So go ahead and send me a number with a person!!. 

1.Post Break Up Kiss: 

The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken. 

2.Early Morning Kiss: 

A kiss that’s a wake up call, its barely even lips touching, more like they’re kissing your chin because they’re so tired in the early morning haze. 

3.Hesitant Kiss: 

The type of kiss where their lips touch a brush against each other’s a few times, breath fanning across each other’s faces as one waits for the other to make a move. 

4.In The Moment Kiss: 

Maybe it’ in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were not against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

5.Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss: 

The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick peaks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling back for one more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away. 

6.Empty Kiss: 

When one of you don’t kiss back, just the stoic feeling of their lips on yours, it’s empty, like no one even cares anymore

7.Unbreakable Kiss: 

The type of kiss that really shouldn’t be happening, it’s a mistake, but you just can’t find yourself able to pull away. 

8.Breathtaking Kiss: 

It’s the kiss that you can’t do anything for a few seconds after, you keep your eyes closed with mouth agape of you trying to let your mind process what happened. 

9.Distracting Kiss: 

When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees,ears,knucles,temple,just anywhere to distract them.

10.Quick Goodbye kiss: 

It’s the almost late for work kisses, when their lips just peck yours, like an unfinished goodbye 


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