tom hopp



Love is in the air guys, and Valentine is near. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Here’s the first seven otps that I did as personal challenge

  • Jack+Rapunzel
  • Hiccup+Merida
  • Hiro+Riley
  • Jim+Mulan
  • Kit+Ella
  • Nick+Judy
  • Tom+Janna

All seven couples are in Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks/crossover Themes. I’ve planned to keep on this work as much as I can. T______T

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.


NM Hopp Lillehammer 2016

Random bonus stuff

The weather was not easy on the ski jumpers - a lot of snow and wind around 2.5 m/s. On the last gif you see Mats Sagbakken after his fall, which was the most nasty-looking one that day! He was fine, luckily! The same goes for all the guys that had problems or falls. But, all in all, it was a really fun competition! The guys from the A-team showed why they are indeed the guys in the A-team. Still, Norway has a really bright future in ski jumping, as many of the youngsters impressed as well! And if it wasn’t for the problem with his unlocked left shoe, Bjerkeengen would’ve had all chances to fight for the podium! :-)

It is also always a pleasure to listen to Anders Jacobsen’s sports analysis. He gets into the detail with the competence of a ski jumper! And that is extremely valuable when the other guy (or in this case - girl) cannot even get the names right. ;-)