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Who is This Guy?

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Peter Parker x Reader

Written by Danielle

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1,713

A/N: Hello everyone! Here is just a little something I wrote and I hope you like it! It is not my favorite, but I love their conversation. :) For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a good holiday!
Christina and I are still open to taking any requests you guys may have (just as long as there is no smut involved) so feel free to message us suggestions you may have! Thank  you! :) 

You wake up to the sound of your alarm which is way too loud for your liking. Since the seasons have been changing and it’s becoming colder and colder, there is no way you want to get up from the warm cocoon you’ve made in your bed. You groan when you look outside and see it is pitch black. All of these factors add up to absolutely no motivation to get up. You didn’t get much sleep last night and don’t really want to go to your morning art class. You aren’t a huge fan of art, but you were taking it to get elective credits, and it was better than some of the other options. The only reason you really enjoyed the class was because it meant you got to see him.

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Fridays are for Facetimes (Tom Holland Drabble)

for all those college students who dream of having Tom Holland as a boyfriend….a.k.a i wrote this because i want tom holland to call me lovebug???

Surrounded by open books, your laptop, and disheveled notecards; you laid on your stomach on the floor by your bed. It was only a few days into the semester but your course load had grown quite large since you were finishing up your general education classes before moving on to ones for your specialized major. Even though it was a Friday night, you found that your apartment was quietest at this hour. Your three other roommates were out on the town, leaving you alone in the small apartment. You debated going out with them but a text from your boyfriend alerted you to the possibility of a facetime, so you decided to spend the night with your books.

Your clock read 12:34 when his picture flashed up on your laptop and phone, both chorusing your ringtone. Moving your mouse from your chemistry homework over to the answer button, you could feel yourself smile. 

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“I can’t have you get hurt!”

Written by Christina

Category: Just your typical unhealthy mix of fluff and angst.

Word Count: 2942 (don’t judge)

Request (This is our first formal request!) Made by @thecoffeestudyblr : hi can i have a peter parker request where this takes place during the Civil War and the reader is Tony’s niece who is super shy and anxious and has a cute crush on Peter and they are friends because of Tony and Peter gets really protective of The Reader during the Civil War when she accidentally gets in the way and Tony finally sees that Peter really likes her and lets them date? 

A/N: So, as usual, I just opened my laptop, cracked my knuckles, and just typed. I haven’t written a fanfic with Tony in it, so I hope I did justice to his witty sense of humor. As usual, if you guys have any feedback or critique, let us know! 

Being Tony Stark’s niece wasn’t easy. People thought that being related to the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist would automatically mean you had the luxurious life; massive popularity, spontaneous travels to London during the school year, dating the hottest male models, talking your way out of detention because your uncle made a quick threat about having his lawyers ‘bring all of hell’s fury’ with them, and being friends with the world famous Avengers. Well, unfortunately, only some of that was true. You rarely made spontaneous trips to London because your Uncle Tony was always too busy to join you. Yeah, he said you had the total privilege to take one of his jets anywhere, anytime, but going to a foreign country alone seemed like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. So, that was why you were sitting in the penthouse kitchen at Stark Tower, examining the wobbly trail of a banana while you beat it back and forth between your hands on the counter, bored out of your mind.

“Hey!” A voice exclaimed, causing you to scream and fling the banana at the person who yelled. The person dodged out of the way and flung their hand forward, stretching out their index and pinky fingers while the middle ones curved in. A sticky web-like substance covered your hand and stuck it to the counter. Only one person would do that.

“Peter!” You shrieked, feeling the blood rise to your cheeks as you realized it was your friendly neighborhood dork who startled you. You tried to get your hand unstuck by viciously moving it around, to no avail.

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My Marauders fan cast

Asa Butterfield - James Potter
Sophie Turner - Lily Evans
Isaac Hempstead Wright - Sirius Black
Chloe Grace Moretz - Marlene McKinnon
Tom Holland - Remus Lupin
Maisie Williams - Mary MacDonald

(Still haven’t found a good Peter or Severus yet)

“If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. You say it, you say it loud.” Part Two

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Written by Christina and Danielle 

Category: Angsty with a bit fluff

Word Count: 2160

A/N: Y’all are cray cray. You wanted a part two to “If You Love Someone, You Tell Them.” Here it is! Danielle and I both worked on it, so hopefully this satisfies your desires for a second part. Also, thank you for 100 followers!!! We love you all! :) 

Part One is here 

After a couple hours of studying, you realized that you and Peter had gradually moved closer to each other and were now sitting right next to each other. Now that you two finished studying, you were aware of how close you were to Peter. You are the first to break the awkward silence, “So….”

“So…” Peter says back to you. You rack up the courage to look at him and notice something is different.

“You put on your glasses,” you say more as a statement rather than a question. Peter rarely wore his glasses anymore. When he did wear them, it was when he was focused on schoolwork.

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