tom hiddleston prince charming

Imagine Tom saving your life. You’re a journalist sent to a dangerous city when chemical warfare breaks out. You were miles from your hotel when it happened; you had no where to go and no way to breath when a man in a mask picks you up with one arm and carries you away.  In the midst of everything, he removes his mask for you to wear; your safety means more to him than his own.

“I think in Kenneth Branagh’s "Thor” Loki is very much the ‘Fallen Prince.’
In Joss Whedon’s ‘Avengers’, he is a kind of ‘charming psychopath.’
And in this film, in ‘The Dark World’, Loki is the ‘anti-hero’.”
—Tom Hiddleston

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Perfect Men

For those people who say that “Nobody is perfect”:

Let me introduce the band: 

-Tom Hiddleston. (Aka T-Hiddy. Aka The Prince Charming)

-Benedict Cumberbatch. (Aka Cheekbones.)

-Jensen Ackles. (Aka The Superheroe.)

-Misha Collins. (Aka The Angel.)

-Logan Lerman. (Aka The Cute One.)

-Jamie Campbell Bower. (Aka EGO.)

(There’s a LOT more…but well these are some of my favourites)

I’m tired of this “Tom is playing Prince Charming for PR”-trope.

I don’t see Tom playing a role for PR. I don’t see him being forced into something that he isn’t either. I don’t see the bad overlord Luke Windsor selling him as Prince Charming and punishing him whenever he slips. What I do see is a guy, who has matured and isn’t as unhibited or careless as at the start of his career.

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