tom hiddleston in a bath tub

Accidentally Married | Chapter One

Synopsis: Tom and OC wake up after a drunken night in Las Vegas to find themselves married. The problem is, the press already has the story, and an annulment might not be the best answer.

AN: I’m not entirely sure how far I can go with this so any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

AN2: Beta’d by the lovely evieplease

Chapter One

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Loki's Pet

TITLE: Loki’s Pet


AUTHOR: inotarobot

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being brought to Asgard and Odin gives you to Loki to keep as a pet Midgardian.



You awoke that morning startled. A loud horn blow out though the castle, and less then ten seconds later, the clink of metal, and screaming. You jump out of bed, fumbling for the weapons you had trained with Loki to use, sat at the table in the corner of your room. You secure them, and your armor on in record time, and glance around. Loki was nowhere to be seen. Your door bursts open with a bang, and you spin around, sword at the ready, but find yourself face to face with the man you’d been looking for, also in his armor and with a sword in hand.

“Pet, it is not safe here. I will get you to safety, and I then join the battle once more.”
“No.” You say, shaking your head “I have trained to defend myself, I can do it.” You protest, and Loki bites his lip.

“Only if you stay by my side Pet. Okay?” Loki says, and you nod furiously. Grabbing your hand, you feel the familiar twist, and your just outside the castle outer walls. You can see a group of people, with Blue skin trying to open the gates, and fighting some of the Asguardian guards.

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