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Letters to my Darling- Loki x Reader |Part One|

Hey Darlings! I’m hella busy these days, no time to write at all. School right now is my top  priority. But, I found this little drabble in my notes today and I thought I’d post it :) Since it’s only drabbles, It’d be pretty easy for me to write a lot of, just to keep you guys happy while waiting for the other stuff to come :) And there’s a lot coming! New stuff too :) So, keep an eye out.

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Loki lays back on his cot, staring begrudgingly up at the ceiling of his miserable prison cell. When he had helped Thor rid the Midgardian girl of the Aether, he had his sights on his freedom, and he was so close too. Even though Thor pleaded his case, Odin’s judgement didn’t waver, he must remain in the dungeons and serve out his sentence for his crimes. Right now he wished he had died on Svartalfheim instead of simply being injured.
The most Odin could do is let him see her, but no, that was part of his punishment too. One of Odin’s biggest ‘You’re grounded’ statement since Thor’s banishment to Midgard. Another day down in the dungeons and Loki will surely lose his mind. He has thought of many ways to escape this foolish prison, but all attempts would be futile because he can’t get out unless Odin commands it so.
With another sigh, Loki gets up, walking over to the wooden table where parchment, a quill and ink bottle laid undisturbed. He had requested these items some time ago, figuring that books alone will not be able to quell his boredom, so writing would have to suffice. He sits down, unrolling the long piece of parchment, he tears it in half. Loki picks up the quill, twirling it between his thumb and forefinger as he tries to decide what to write. Without a doubt, she has heard of the things he’s done in the mortal world, the people he’s killed for his misguided ambitions. Once innocent hands stained crimson with blood. One can easily wash their hands of it, but to wash your mind? It can not be done, not with Lady Guilt gripping at your soul. He stares down at the parchment, apprehension creasing his brow. If he somehow manages to write this letter--and that’s one hell of an if– would she even bother to look at it? Much less read it?
Loki has his doubts, and he’s right to have them. He’s not sure the girl would want to hear a whisper of his name, not after what he’s done. He hadn’t seen her since before his fall off the Rainbow bridge, and that was a long time ago. They were close, best friends turned lovers. She was Loki’s partner in crime, when they were younger of course. She knew nothing of his schemes, he preferred to keep her clear of his plans as to keep her safe. She once made him feel accepted, she chose him over Thor, which was surprising, with Thor always being Odin’s champion.
Loki’s eyes focus on the feathered end of the quill between his fingers, he didn’t know where to start. What is he going to say anyways?
With another sigh, Loki closes his eyes for a moment, opening them again to dip the tip of the quill into the small bottle of black ink.

Hello, Darling.

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