tom hiddleston comic con

Imagine Getting Lost At Comic Con And Stumbling In To Tom

It’s your worst nightmare, getting lost in a large crowd and you phone has just died. This year’s comic-con was a disaster. You walked through the crowd to the nearest free space that turned out to be a back corridor of one of the halls. “I am never going to leave this place.” You looked down to your phone and yes the battery was 0%. With no way to call anyone to see where your friend has gone, your stress levels were rising steadily. They were probably lost in the crowd trying to see if Tom Hiddleston is making a surprise entrance in hall H. You could not care much for it as the crowd was too big and there was another panel that was going ahead that was more important to you to see, as Tom Hiddleston was on a panel for sure later on that day.  The corridor seemed to be empty so you took a stroll along it to see it there was anyone to help with your current problem. There was a vending machine at the bottom of the corridor and you could do with something to eat. There were various posters around the corridor walls for upcoming films and the different panels/events that are happening at comic-con and you took your time looking at all of them.

It took ten minutes for you to walk down the corridor to the vending machine. There were many different types of chocolate and crisps and snacks in the machine but a bar of chocolate at the bottom of the machine that was the last in the machine caught your eye. You pulled out your purse and put the money into the slot then pressed the buttons to make the machine work. As you saw the spring turning to release the chocolate you began to feel immensely hungry. Just as half the chocolate was free the spring stopped turning and you hear the money click meaning the transaction was done. “What?” you mumbled under your breathe. There seemed to be a small group of staff walking quickly out of one of the door in the middle of the corridor, not wanting to draw attention as you don’t know if you were meant to be here. You kicked the machine and the chocolate fell into the slot at the bottom. You put your hand in the flap at the bottom and felt for the chocolate, once you had a grip on the chocolate you pulled your hand out. You heard a sound that sounded like something hitting metal. You looked at your wrist and your favourite bracelet was missing, it must have fallen off when you squashed your hand through the slot to get your hand and the chocolate back out of the machine. You mother hand given you that before you took your first test, it was your lucky charm. It meant so much to you.

Looking through your purse desperately trying to find enough money to get something out of the machine as you couldn’t get your bracelet back if you didn’t. There was no money left apart from any that was on your card and of course the machine does not take cards. Tears began to form in the corner of your eyes as you had lost the thing that helped you through everything. You saw a chair a few meters down the corridor and decided to sit there until you know what to do about everything that has happened.

Ten minutes later

You were sitting on the chair when you heard the same group of people from before rushing back towards the door they exited earlier. Only now they were all fussing over the person in the middle of the group, a tall man wearing sunglasses that even yourself can see doesn’t want all of the fuss. For half a second your eyes meet with the man’s shaded glasses and you realize the man behind the glasses was Tom Hiddleston. He took his glasses off and you saw him with a confused face for two seconds before he was tugged into the room by one of his crowd.

You decided that this was enough; you took your bag and walked up to the vending machine and used all the change you had in the bottom of your bag and as soon as all your change was used you looked around in every place in your bag that could hold money. Fortunately you found the money that you needed and you put it into the machine. You picked anything and waited until the door was free to open and grabbed your bracelet and the packet of biscuits that enabled you to open the trap door. You walked down the corridor looking at a leaflet you got handed by someone earlier when your bag handle got snagged on something and ripped meaning most of the contents of the bag was now on the floor. This was not your day at all.

You were picking up all that had landed on the floor and was muttering every bad word under the sun with different scaring quotes from all good films, including a lot of dialogue from Loki seen as you just saw the actor.  “Puny Midgardian bag strap…” You muttered. “If only you were from as strong as Thor, or cap he can rip a treet trunk in half. you get ripped on a handle” You looked up and saw Tom Hiddleston holding something of yours that had fallen out your bag, with a big grin on his face. “You…are him…him oh my gosh! Y/F/N will never believe this.” He knelt down next to you and handed you the thing that had fallen out your bag “Shh, I escaped. They are trying to tell me about everything I need to do, and frankly i couldn’t care less. Do you need help? I saw you earlier.” “Yes my name is Y/N by the way. Could I borrow your phone?” he nodded and placed his phone into your hand after unlocking it. “Use it as much as you want.” You were holding his phone. He allowed you to use his phone!

After calling your friend and telling her where you were and who you are with it was a constant five minutes of screaming before the call ended and she appeared at the end of the corridor. Many pictures were taken and when you handed back Tom his phone you said good bye and walked away while dragging your friend away. “Hey are you going to hall H later.” He shouted back at you. You both shook your head as with the queue now you would never get in. “Well come with me, I can get you in. Stay outside my door and wait for me to get changed.”  He closed the door as both as you looked at each other as excited as ever. A minute has passed when the door reopened and Tom put his head around the door. “You changed my password! How did you have time to…what is it?”  “I thought you like tricks?!” you said with a slight smirk on your face. He shook his head and slowly closed the door. As the door was about to close he tapped his phone on the edge of the door frame and said “Putting my stupid brother as the password is not intelligent, midguardian.” with that he winked and shut the door. “Damn you Hiddleston.” you muttered, giggling out of your mind.