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M/M Novel Tropes - City Meets Country AU

Tired of the city’s fast paced life and all the heartaches it had to offer, a marketing executive accepts a job offer to strategize a dying farming business.

“We’ll just know, I’m sure” said the voice at the other end of the line, when he had asked the owner of the farm how he was to recognize him while at the meeting point. He despised being without a plan. So he knew, from that moment on, that he would hate the man’s way of working with uncertainty. But, like shock to his system, just as he was told, he recognized him the moment their gazes locked. The man in the battered old truck was everything he was told to stay away from.

In time, his premature judgments begin to wear thin. The untarnished little world and the humble man it belonged to soon finds a way into his heart. The radiance of the kind and passionate soul shedding light on a path that he thought he had lost.


I’ve got nothing to lose’ said Jonahtan looking at the woman in front of him.

Are you sure?’ she said slowly walking to the table in the middle of the room her hand delicately sliding over the mahogany furniture. 

Of course’ he replied holding his hands behind his back. His old soldier habbits still on. 

Maybe you would like to look at this’ the woman said reaching for the brown envelope on the table. She held her hand up holding the object.

What is it?’ Jonthan asked reaching for it. Nothing was written on any side and it was still closed. 

Open it’ was the only reply he got. He furrowed his eyebrows sligthly ripping the envelope open. He took off the content and his heart seemed to stop.

And it staied this way when he kept looking through the photos.

So I’ll ask once again - are you sure?’ she asked leaning against the table.

Jonathan wasn’t able to answer when on every photo he saw your smile, your eyes, your hands. You.

Where did you get it from?’ he asked his voice strangled.

Our agents are professionals’ she answered ‘We have to know everything before we start our missions. We have to be preapered’ 

‘I don’t understand…’ Johathan shook his head looking at the photo of you in your house. ‘What does she have to do with all of it?’ 

‘She’s important to you’ the woman answered ‘Weak spot. Very easy to hit’ 

‘I haven’t seen her since…’

‘Since you got a proposition of joining this mission. Three months ago to be exact. You really think she’s safe right now?’ the woman sat at the table pouring herself coffee from the pot on the side. ‘Look at the last photo’ 

Jonathan said as he was told almost dropping the rest. 

If we know they’ll also find out’  

It was also you on this photography. But this time with him. You were walking down the street and talking, mugs in your hands. It was a chilly afternoon and you wore his scarf as you had forgoten yours. That evening he had got a call about this mission. His eyes stung at the thought what those people could do to you if they found out. 

What can I do?’ he asked desperate looking at the woman in front of him. 

Don’t screw this up’ she said standing up ‘Remember when you go down you take someone with you’ she grabbed her jacket and car keys walking towards front door. 

Promise me that if something will go wrong you’ll hide her’ he said stopping her.

We don’t have to promise you anything’ she said turning around. 

Please’ he begged ‘She…’ he looked down at the photos. The one that was first then portraited you in your favourite cafe. You were sitting and smiling, drinking something and Jonathan knew very well what was it. He knew a lot of this kind of things about you.  ‘Please’  he pursed his lips swallowing a lump in his throat. 

I can only say we’ll try. You’re getting in something so deep that one wrong move can cost you everything’ she said reassuming her walk. 

Before she left she turned for the last time  ‘You love her’ it wasn’t a question it was a statement. A statement which he could not fight with. 

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Look, I know they’re evil and I know they’re the bad guy but they’re too damn fine to not crush on and I still want one


Imagine Sir Thomas Sharpe’s ghost watching over you for eternity because his love for you will never die…
'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Taika Waititi to Portray Korg in Film
The character is out of the ‘Planet Hulk’ comic storyline that the film is adapting

As evidenced in the record-breaking trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be reunited with his old friend Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). But, during his layover on Sakaar, he’ll also make a new friend who just happens to be portrayed by Hemsworth’s boss.

Director Taika Waititi has made a habit of appearing in his films and even had a role in DC’s Green Lantern, so he always knew he would work his way into his upcoming superhero film. Yet, he didn’t originally plan on playing Korg, an 8-foot-tall rock creature straight out of Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” comic storyline.

Obviously, being made of rocks, we wanted somebody like The Rock to play him, but there wasn’t enough chicken or salmon in Australia to sustain he and Chris,” joked Waititi at a Monday press event at Marvel’s Los Angeles office. “I never thought I’d be playing the most lovable character in the film.”

Lovable is an interesting adjective for a literal mountain creature and part of the Kronan race, one of which Thor memorably took down in the opening of Thor: The Dark World. But Waititi set out to defy expectations and create a character who is the opposite of what he appears.

“We wanted to change the idea of what a hulking guy made of rocks could be,” he shared. “He’s huge and heavy, but with a light soul. We wanted to make him funny and a relatable entry point into this world. And Thor needs friends.”

As evidenced in a scene screened of Korg and Thor’s first meeting, Waititi’s character will be both an ally and a fan favorite. Also forced to fight in the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) gladiator duels, Korg reveals to his new friend why he’s a prisoner. “I tried to start a revolution, but I didn’t bring enough pamphlets,” he charmingly says.

Having already buddied up to Thor and given the Asgardian a fun nickname, will Watiti’s next move to start angling for Korg to find himself a place among the Avengers?

“I’ll lobby for anything,” he jokes. “My ego’s that big.”


“Healing tune” by @lasimo74allmyworld 

I’m slightly obsessed for music and musical, classical instruments, maybe. And from harpist Thranduil, it was understood. It will be because I love music and classical instruments, it will be that I wanted to learn how to play one, but I love it.
And even more I love to imagine my favorite characters playing something. The harp is by far my favorite for which Thrandy was very suitable…and the harp itself is very elven, in my opinion.

But i also love violin. In my mind, (together with piano) violin is for the wounded souls. I’ve always had the impression that violin could be a medication for tormented souls, for sadness, for bad thoughts.

So, who better than Loki, broken but indomitable, can play this beautiful instrument? 

I’m sorry to be always so talkative about my drawing, i’ve tried many times to put a pic and let it go, but i just can’t..because every drawing has a meaning for me, and it’s a very urge for me tell about was in my mind and why i’ve drawn this and not that. My ”art” is bit worsened this year, perhaps, but this is my path, now…i hope to get better and my “art” with me =))

PS: and yes, consider my horrible night, yesterday, this healing tune is for me too…

EDIT: sorry but i’m in love with the final scroll and peg box…so added one.


Tom Hiddleston TV series/ Movie timeline Part 2

Suburban Shootout (TV Series) - 2006-2007- Bill Hazeldine
Miss Austen Regrets (TV Movie) - 2008 - Mr.John Plumptre 
Cranford (TV mini series) - 2009 - William Buxton
Wallander (TV series) - 2008-2010 - Magnus Martinsson
Archipelago - 2010 - Edward 

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It’d been four years since the war started. Death took countless of lives on her cruel way. It’d been four years since you had got an information that your husband also had walked on her path. It’d been four years since the bells rang for the last time. 

Until today.

You were in your house reading when you heard them. Clear sound echoing in the autumn air. 

THE WAR ENDED! OUR BOYS ARE COMING BACK!the din outside your windows made you throw your book on the table and run on the street. 

People were cheering, running around and shouting. They were all going in the direction of the bridge that leaded to the city. 

Mrs. Bates!’ you shouted approaching old woman who lived in the house on the other side of the street. She was sitting in front of her house crying ‘Do you know why people are heading to the bridge?’ you asked crouching in front of her. Normally they should go in the direction of the main square.

Soldiers are coming here. They should be in town any minute. My Peter is with them’ she cried out but the huge smile was visible on her wrinkled face.

Already?’ you asked smiling. But your heart ached. You knew you wouldn’t see the face of the person you loved the most among them. Mrs. Bates noticed. She put her hand on your cheek.

I know you are hurting my child’ she said softly ‘But remember that your James gave his life for this cause. For this nightmare to end. And it finally did. He’s a hero and he wouldn’t want you to be sad in such a historical day. You know how much he loved your smile so give it to him’ you swallowed hard when she leaned down and pressed her chapped lips to your forehead. 

I’ll go and see if they’re here. And I’ll tell Peter to hurry up’ you smiled upon hearing mrs. Bates cheerful laughter. You stood up and joined the crowd. In mater of minutes you saw the bridge. You decided to not going closer, leaving room for people who actully had someone to welcome. You reached for the chain on your neck pulling it from behind the front of your dress and looked at it fondly. 

It was James’ wedding ring. It had been sent to you together with letter informing that he had died in action. The tears prickled your eyes when you pressed your lips to the object before blinking couple times to get rid of them. You looked up when people’s cheering intensified. 

They were here. Still their silhouettes were small but you could see that they picked up the pace when they saw their friends and families waiting on the bridge. Many of them started running and the next minute or so most of them walked on the bridge to be immediately caught up in the crowd of their loved ones. 

You waited in the back leaning against the nearest house smiling at the happiness all around you, tightly clutching the ring in your hand. You were looking for the ginger hair of your neighbour when you noticed something that you shouldn’t be able to. Not anymore.

Blonde hair.  A little bit ragged but still familiar uniform. And those blue eyes you would recognise everywhere. The eyes that were now looking around, looking for something. Someone.


But it was impossible wasn’t it? You had been told that he was dead. Years ago. And you hadn’t got any letter from him nor an information that he was alright. It couldn’t be him. But then who….

Your heart dropped and all the noises sounded as you were in the well. Your breath picked up and your hand closed on the ring so hard that you were sure there would be an imprint. You started walking. Step by small step. People were pushing you slightly but you didn’t pay any attention to them too focused on the tall figure in front of you. The figure who finally spotted you and smiled the brightest smile you had seen.

And then you knew that it was him. And then your pace quickened and your arms were clearing your way to him who was doing the same thing. 

James!’ you screamed running faster until you jumped in his arms. He raised you up kissing your head and holding you for dear life. You digged your fingers into his shoulders caging him and bringing him as close as it was possible. One of your hands slided to his hair. ‘You were d-dead…’ you sobbed into his neck.

I know I know I’m sorry’ he cried hugging you tighter. You started kissing his neck quickly before you kissed his cheek and finally mouth. You both were desperate in it after such a long time of being parted. Your tears were mixed and breaths ragged when your kiss was stopped after a while by a new wave of sobs. You pressed your forehead to his looking at him. He looked a little bit older and tired but still your memories didn’t give him justice. You almost forgot the structure of his jaw, how his long fingers felt when they gripped your body, how soft his hair were and how his eyes sparkled. This only made you cry harder.

I’m here. It’s all over. I’m here’ he said kissing the tears from your cheeks. But it didn’t work very well as his immediately fell on your skin. 

How?’ you whispered. ‘The letter…’

‘I know. It was all a mistake. The attack…’ he closed his eyes for a second ‘They thought all soldiers were dead. I almost was. But they found me and helped me. I woke up two weeks after it’ he kissed you once again.

Why didn’t you let me know?’ you gripped his jacket harder.

I wanted to. God…believe me I did. But I was so weak the first two months and I knew you already got the message’ he swallowed clenching his arms around you more tightly. ‘It was only a first battle and I knew I had to go back to fight. I didn’t want to give you false hope if something would happen. I didn’t want you to get a letter where I would explain everything and then another which would say I died. I didn’t know it was going to last this long. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry’ he reached on of his hand and brushed it through your hair. You stopped his further apologizing and kissed him hard. 

Shut up’ you said into the kiss before continuing it. ‘I have you back so shut up’ he obliged smiling. He set you down but immediately took your hands in his and started kissing your knuckles. He stopped when he saw a wedding ring you still wore. He looked at you suprised and with fondness. So many emotions swirled in his eyes.

Y-you’ he cleared his throat ‘still wear it…’ he added in the whisper. 

I vowed that I’ll love you longer that till death do us part’ you replied. A single tear escaped his eye. You took one of your hands and delicately remove it from his cheek.

I love you so much’ he said nuzzling his cheek in your hand. 

If we’re in the subject of the rings then I have something that belongs to you’ you said reaching for your chain and pulling his ring out. James looked at it with awe and didn’t say a word when you took it off the chain, kissed it and took a hold of his left hand before gently putting the ring where it belonged like you had done five years ago. He looked at you with adoration before enveloping you in a hug once again.

Let’s go home’ you whispered. James nodded leaving one of his arms around your waist and leading you both to your house.

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I can’t believe it’s tommorrow. It seems like just yesterday they told me I have to marry him’ you said running your fingers down Loki’s arm.

He didn’t answer his eyes focused on you, his eyelashes casting shadows on his cheeks. The dim light from magic flames that illuminated the room made his skin look golden. 

You were both lying on the bed in his chamber, your bodies covered with droplets of sweat from previous passionate love making. And it truly what it was. Your bodies, hearts and souls belonged to each other and it couldn’t be any other way. You couldn’t imagine it differently. Yet you had to.

The murmurs of voices coming from downstairs from the people taking care of remaining details that were nedded to make your wedding perfect flooded through the open window. Wedding. That’s right - tommorow afternoon you were about to get married. Unfortunately not with the man you loved but his brother. Thor. 

You had been betrothed to him half a year ago. It had taken you and Loki two months of fighting before you had had to given up. Your fathers didn’t want to change their minds. 

Even though they had sentenced you like that they couldn’t stop you from loving each other. That’s why unbeknown to anyone you had been spending almost every night in Loki’s arms counting days untill you would have to part your ways. And the day was coming the following day.

I don’t want to let you go’ Loki whispered gently brushing his fingers up your neck and reaching your cheek. 

‘And I don’t want to let go’ you kissed his palm. 

Run away with me’ Loki whispered. You only looked at him and pursued your lips, your fingers drawing small circles on his bare chest. 

You both had talked about it before and you knew that it was impossible. You as a future queen of Asgard was watched the minute you put your feet outside the palace. You would be caught and you would never see each other again and this was a risk you couldn’t take. 

Loki brought you closer his lips locking with you in a slow and loving kiss that quickly changed into more desperate and needy one, his hands roamed over your arms before tangling in your hair. You both wanted to stop time, stay like this forever, you couldn’t have enough of yourself, both trying to take as much as you could, touch your skin and taste each other before your time was over.

The clock chimed 5 am. The hour when your maids were about to wake you up was approaching.

I have to go’ you pulled away closing your eyes to not let any tears out. Loki’s arms tightened around you.

You opened your eyes and saw that his was still closed but frown appeared on his face, his fingers in your hair pulled you closer once again until his forehead touched yours. When he finally opened his eyes you saw that they were also glazed. He kissed away tears that gathered on your cheeks. Obviously you weren’t very good at keeping them in. 

Promise you’ll come and see me before. Please’ you put your hands on his wrists trying to keep him even closer. Loki nodded unable to say a word. He kissed your forehead letting his lips linger there until you gently touched his jaw to guide him to your lips that he touched greedily pressing every part of his body to yours trying to make you one so he didin’t have to say goodbye. 

You started pulling away once again his lips chasing yours as you got up. Your hand gently sliding off from his hair and stopping on his cheek where he immediately leaned into it before falling down completly. You sat on the bed, reached for your bathrobe and covered your body. You looked at Loki one more time. He was now propped on his elbows looking at you desperately.

‘I love you’  you quickly pecked his lips one more time and before it could turn into something more you stood up and left the room. 

Loki followed your footsteps before he fell on pillows, his palms digging into his eyes to stop the tears that were still falling. ‘I love you’ left his mouth as a whisper.

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ARTE Documentary on Cheek by Jowl’s Cymbeline PART2

A documentary by ZADIG productions made for French TV station ARTE. The documentary features interviews with Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod and members of the Cymbeline cast including Gwendoline Christie, Ryan Ellsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Jodie McNee

Tom Hiddleston talking about his characters, singing and dancing like he’s in a boy band. This stuff is golden!

Part 1