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This has been brewing in the back of my mind for awhile. I know I wrote a different Jurassic!Tom thing - and I promise I’ll get back to it eventually. Actor!Tom getting to the island and getting to Jurassic World in all it’s bloody glory is definitely a thing that needs to happen.
But then there’s this, the story that pops into my head every time I try to rewatch any of the films in the Jurassic Park franchise. [If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know it’s a franchise I cannot escape.] 

Whatever happened to Tim and Lexi Murphy? 

It is a crossing of the streams because I face/name cast TWH in the story (and the more I thought about it the more I adopted Brie Larson as the face-cast for Lex). And I can’t elaborate further on the concept cause spoilers. Or, rather, I won’t… cause spoilers. 

Here’s the thing about being hunted by 150 kilogram, 2 meter tall (on average, meaning the ones that he remembers really could have been much much bigger) killing machines: you never really get over it. Especially when said incident occurs when you’ve yet to achieve years beyond your adolescence, and have what some might consider a ‘healthy’ imagination.

Therapy, bought with the best the family blood money can buy, can work wonders in terms of reducing the night terrors and – ahem – the bed wetting. (Not that we all don’t accidentally wet the bed when we’re younger!) By all accounts the little boy that went to that island never reappeared. He went to the island to ooh and aaah over the creatures he’d dreamt about, and ended up spending the rest of his youth and part of his adulthood wishing he could forget.

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Begrudgingly, he follows the script. All the while he’s keeping a tally of what the man sitting opposite is hearing, what this man is falling for. Aren’t they supposed to be on guard? Only hiring the best? 

“Dinosaurs have been a part of my life for a very long time.”


“I have worked hard to get to be here today, and would love to become part of your organization.”

Also true, in a roundabout way.

“This is a dream job, for me.”

Mostly true, if one overlooks the fact that sometimes the dreams are, in fact, nightmares.

“It is very nice to meet you, too. My name is Tom.”

Lie. But if he gave his real name he’d never have gotten in the door. 

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You’ve Only Just Arrived: Part 74.5

So here’s a first in the long and spiraling thing called YOJA. A half chapter - or an in-between chapter - that finally gives us the POV of our dear YOJA!Tom. Long overdue? Perhaps. Painful? A bit. Fun to write? Yes. Yes, indeed. 

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“I think there’s a certain kind of person who…just has an inclination to addiction. And some people say that’s genetic. And they live without a safety catch. I know that I have that safety catch, thank God. I feel very grateful. I know when to stop, and I’ve known many people in my life who don’t. And Hank was a binger. He binged on everything. He just couldn’t have one cocktail. He had to drink until he was unconscious. And trying to represent that aspect of him was interesting, because I think ‘where does that self-destructive instinct come from?’, Or ‘the instinct to… need to …escape, because the noise is too loud?’”

-Tom Hiddleston

Chocolate addiction

TITLE: Chocolate addiction


AUTHOR: Alilmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine living with Loki. One evening, you have dark chocolate after dinner, and let him taste it, as he has never tried it before. He instantly loves it and becomes completely addicted to it…

RATING: Mature (smut/nsfw)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Hope you enjoy :D sorry about the grammar mistakes you might find.

You were a skilled agent of SHIELD, having the privilege of working in Coulson’s team. He had seen in you the qualities of a top class agent : loyalty, secrecy, and above all, a strong and brave soul. Having high hopes for you, he had given you the opportunity to start working with the Avengers team, and you sometimes offered backup during important missions.

During the attack of New York, the tragedy that had united the team, you were not already working with them, but as any member of SHIELD, you had seen it all through the surveillance tapes and the TV recordings. You had heard, by the handful of your colleagues that had survived the attack of the desert’s compound, how Thor’s brother, Loki, had appeared from the void, and destroyed everything in his path. All that pain and bloodshed for one glorious purpose : ruling humanity. 

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Imagine having him greet you upon your arrival to the hotel. It is he that you’d talked to on the phone when you’d called to book the room. That voice, low enough over the line to give you chills, does more than that in person. Thank heavens for the desk, the perfect height to support you as your knees threaten to buckle beneath you. 

You watch as his fingers tap away at the keyboard with a practiced efficiency. And then he’s handing you a key - a proper key, not one of those plastic cards that always demagnetize in the depths of your purse - and as he places it in your palm he cups his other hand beneath yours, the warmth of his hands in stark contrast to the chill of yours. The winter’s night had done you no favors from car to door. 

There’s a dangerous sparkle to his eyes, and, perhaps, the promise of something more hidden within the smile upon his lips as he bids you goodnight. “We hope you will enjoy your stay.”

Imagine living with Loki. One evening, you have dark chocolate after dinner, and let him taste it, as he has never tried it before. He instantly loves it and becomes completely addicted to it, and asks for it everyday, until you have to hide it from him in the apartment. Getting home from work one evening, you see the apartment is a complete mess : he has turned it upside down to find the chocolate, and as there was not a piece left, you see he has, with magic, turned some of the furniture into chocolate. He is sitting on the chocolate sofa, eating a huge piece of the dining table, his hands and lips covered in chocolate.

He slowly licks his fingers, puts the chocolate down, and says, with mischievous green eyes :
“I’ve read about this Midgardian delicacy, to understand the nature of my addiction. Apparently, this stimulates the area of pleasure in your fragile mortal brains. Some even say it’s aphrodisiac. Should we give it a try, my pet?”

Compilation of all the parts (thus far) to You've Only Just Arrived

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