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You’ve Only Just Arrived - Part 76

Previously in YOJA: Holidays are, without argument, one of the worst things to face in the aftermath of a bad breakup. Spending time with family would have made sense if some of them weren’t part of the reason for the heartbreak. Remaining abroad and spending a little time rebuilding yourself had been your plan for surviving Christmas and New Years, up until Matt had offered a trip to London to celebrate with his family. A solution to satisfy all parties involved; your father, Mark, Matt, et al. And it was a solution that was working, helping you to forget your heartache for a little while, up until spotting someone familiar in the crowd. 

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You’ve Only Just Arrived: Part 74.5

So here’s a first in the long and spiraling thing called YOJA. A half chapter - or an in-between chapter - that finally gives us the POV of our dear YOJA!Tom. Long overdue? Perhaps. Painful? A bit. Fun to write? Yes. Yes, indeed. 

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My Addiction

My addiction has no substance 
My addiction is a fairy tale that can’t come true.

pictures not mine I just played.

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Imagine having him greet you upon your arrival to the hotel. It is he that you’d talked to on the phone when you’d called to book the room. That voice, low enough over the line to give you chills, does more than that in person. Thank heavens for the desk, the perfect height to support you as your knees threaten to buckle beneath you. 

You watch as his fingers tap away at the keyboard with a practiced efficiency. And then he’s handing you a key - a proper key, not one of those plastic cards that always demagnetize in the depths of your purse - and as he places it in your palm he cups his other hand beneath yours, the warmth of his hands in stark contrast to the chill of yours. The winter’s night had done you no favors from car to door. 

There’s a dangerous sparkle to his eyes, and, perhaps, the promise of something more hidden within the smile upon his lips as he bids you goodnight. “We hope you will enjoy your stay.”

“I think there’s a certain kind of person who…just has an inclination to addiction. And some people say that’s genetic. And they live without a safety catch. I know that I have that safety catch, thank God. I feel very grateful. I know when to stop, and I’ve known many people in my life who don’t. And Hank was a binger. He binged on everything. He just couldn’t have one cocktail. He had to drink until he was unconscious. And trying to represent that aspect of him was interesting, because I think ‘where does that self-destructive instinct come from?’, Or ‘the instinct to… need to …escape, because the noise is too loud?’”

-Tom Hiddleston

Compilation of all the parts (thus far) to You've Only Just Arrived

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Imagine you work with the Avengers and over the course of a few months develop a crush and fall just a little bit in love with Loki. Stark finds out about your secret karaoke addiction and one night takes the team to your favorite spot to surprise you (because he’s an ass). You’re moderately tipsy by the time they arrive and under the influence of liquid courage you get up and sing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’. You can’t help but keep looking at Loki and meeting his eyes the whole time you’re on stage. When you leave the stage with tears in your eyes to return to your table you find Loki waiting on you.

The Journalist - Part 1

 Lord knows where this oneshot came from. I woke up one morning hearing him yelling in my head and wrote it down. He was angry about having to put on a show and I didn’t know why. It turned into this… 

[[[And now because I have an addiction to the written word: Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8, Part 9Part 10]]]

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