tom hardy's pinky

Tom Hardy fact: the pinky finger on his right hand is permanently bent-he once severed a tendon using a knife.
The bent finger is the best that three operations could do.
This doesn’t make him any less perfect. I think it’s unique BC we all know only him has this finger.

People out here are seriously mad out here that we’re telling you this isnt tom hardy’s ass

like let’s break this down for you, yeah? first of all – where the fuck are his tattoos? this guy clearly is not wearing makeup on his body like you’d be able to tell if he was.

second – and here’s the kicker – this is how you really tell it’s not tom hardy – his pinky finger on his right hand, the one against the mirror, is straight. not bent. straight. 

tom damaged his finger back in the early 2000s sometime? When he was in his early twenties is my guess.

this is not tom hardy.

sorry to ruin your dreams kids but i’m here to spill the truth tea