MZS: You’re the first actor I’ve met who finds his character by making sketches.

TH: One has to have a silhouette, you know? Say I’m playing Elton John. You know what he looks like. Playing Al Capone. You know what he looks like. But what about characters we’re making up from scratch, who you don’t know what they look like? You have to create a memorable
silhouette for them, too.
When I was at school I was told, “Tom, when you play the prince or the king, I want to fucking see a king walk onstage before you even open your mouth. What does that look like?” Do you do it literally, with a costume, or through physicality? How do you immediately see the king? Crown? Robes? I have to find an identifier, a silhouette which immediately radiates something for me. Remember, you won’t necessarily know by their clothes that they’re the king. You can walk on in a disheveled homeless man’s outfit, but there’s something about them that radiates a nobility, something that makes you go, “This person’s a king.”

@nymag | January 9-22 2017

Photo: Ryan Pfluger for New York Magazine
Interview: Matt Zoller Seitz
Styling: Nicole Schneider @nschneiderstyle ~


The Dark Knight trilogy - alternate posters! Available here

How y'all doin?! I’m not allowed to show anything I’m drawing, but I thought I’d share a fun little thing that I’m doing. I love this series called A Movie Poster a Day (google and check it out!). Anyways, it inspired me to do my own little series.

In the style of minimalist, retro/ vintage posters, I’ll find beautiful shots and imagery within the movie itself to showcase. 


Tom Hardy read a Bedtime Story on CBeebies and everyone wanted to know when he would be back for more

Tom Hardy went down an absolute storm on Saturday night after reading the nightly CBeebies bedtime story.

Joined by his super cute pup Woody, Tom narrated the children’s book You Must Bring a Hat, written by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley, which tells the tale of a boy going to a party.

Tom wore his own cap for the reading, as did Woody who sat lazing across Tom’s lap in a top hat, while at home it seemed everyone of all ages was tuning in for the 6.50pm reading, with some considering it worth the yearly licence fee alone.