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SNL FACTS (Tom Hanks edition)

  • This is the 812th overall episode.
  • This will be Tom’s 9th time hosting.  He last hosted a decade ago, back in May 2006 (Season 31).
  • Tom now moves 5th all-time on the list of those who have hosted the most.  The people ahead of him are Alec Baldwin (16), Steve Martin (15), John Goodman (13), and Buck Henry (10).  Tom was tied with Chevy Chase at 8 but now he moves ahead of him.
  • The last time Tom appeared in an episode was during the 2012 season in Justin Timberlake’s five timers club monologue, which mirrored his own five timers club monologue from the 1990 season.
  • This episode will be the 4th consecutive episode this season.  The last time they aired 4 episodes in a row with no break to start the season was back during Season 35 (2009-10).
  • Lady Gaga will be the musical guest, it will be her 4th time on the show.  She last made an appearance when she the host and musical guest during the 2013 season.
Concept: a Hannah Hart/Lin-Manuel Miranda MDK

This is the only thing I want for Christmas.

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