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Black Panther

Okay. Who has seen the new Black Panther teaser trailer? Honestly im like freaken screaming. This had made my day. Long live the king🤴🏾


If you don’t like slowpoke you must be that person who also doesn’t like babies because do you even have a soul? All kidding aside, I wish slowpokes were real so I could have a ranch of them and quit illustrating. This is definitely the coolest bandwagon I have ever hopped on. I might release these things as individual posts with fake Pokedex entries later. The story is, these are all Pokemans a slowpoke can be bred with in the game. We all know what happens in that day care, and I feel like I would be super pumped to bring home one of these babies. 

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo 

Special thanks to Anndorphin and Scook for artistic/emotional support also go check out their pages geeeze their art is so beautiful gogogogogo

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton have spoken many times about the strong bond they developed during the grueling months of training and filming they endured for “Warrior.”  Although they had to brutally beat each other during the film, Joel insists that “there was no real competition between Tom and I because we were both two scared guys turning up to a gym filled with real fighters hoping that we would somehow be able to fit in and not get hurt.”   

Perhaps the strongest evidence of the bond they formed can be seen in the last few moments of this short clip from Comic-Con 2011 when they simultaneously blurted out the exact same response to a journalist’s question….  :-)

And another year goes by in which i’m deadly jealous because i can’t go to comic con


Warrior (2011)
↳ “You listen to me. You take your have-a-heart bullshit and you run it down the road. Run it out on someone who doesn’t know you like I do.”

Can we take a minute to realize that when Chelsea brings up Tom Brady and Frank keeps interrupting Chris, Sebastian starts to agree with Chris and starts to call Brady an “Adonis” before he is also interrupted?

For those of you that don’t know the meaning behind “Adonis,” the name refers to a man in Greek mythology- but the modern use of his name is to describe a beautiful man. And we are talking fucking beautiful. Muscular, agile, righteous, fierce, caring, and intelligent. Overall, the perfect work of art in male form with upstanding morals. A hero.

If he thinks Tom Brady is an Adonis, then what do you think Seb sees Chris. fucking. Evans. as? Not to mention the fact that Chris plays Steve Rogers- the perfect example of an Adonis. Plus, Sebastian has said countless times how no one could pull off Cap like Chris pulls off Cap.

Like… no wonder Seb’s eyes light up every time he so much as talks about Chris!

I’m crying. I’m dying. I need some water. Send help.

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“There’s something really rich that happened in this film that doesn’t often get to happen. And I joked about movie stars turning up late and wondering where to stand; that didn’t happen on this movie and that actually finds its way onto the screen.”

“I think relationships forged early in the rehearsal process ahead of time from shooting, I think they seep into a movie, and I think that a lot of heady discussion and interest and experience, whatever that is surrounding the film, is really important, because otherwise it really is a bunch of people arriving late and wondering how to assemble themselves emotionally and physically, and that didn’t happen with this film.”

–  Joel Edgerton recalling the extraordinary camaraderie that developed amongst himself, Tom Hardy, and Frank Grillo during their weeks of training for “Warrior”