tom gaskins' cypress knee museum


Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee Museum (Palmdale, Florida)

ADDRESS: There isn't an exact address for this building, but if you travel along US-27 to Palmdale, Florida, the Museum is where the road curves above Moore Haven. 

COORDINATES: 26.926548, -81.314056

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is a knee museum, but not exactly what you’re thinking. Tom Gaskins was fascinated with the “knees” of cypress trees, or roots growths that would rise out of swampy waters. Gaskins opened the eccentric museum in 1951, where he would steam, peel, and core the knees, then polish them to a golden finish. 

Gaskins died in 1998 of Alzheimer’s disease, and the land he lived on, along with the museum, was sold to the state.