tom fowlks


Expanding the Panama Canal was almost as Herculean a task as building it in the first place. It’s taken nine years, and photographer Tom Fowlks has followed it from the start.

Fowlks’ sweeping photographs take you right into the action. He puts you in muddy valleys overhung by cranes and in the vast concrete caverns where millions of gallons of water will fill and empty the new locks. You marvel at the enormity of the massive steel doors—each weighing three or four tons—that will let freighters as long as 1,200 feet pass through the canal.

WIRED talked to Fowlks about what it was like covering a project for nearly a decade, how he endured the sweltering heat, and about that crafty boat captain who tricked him. 



here’s 2 other shots of Chip that i really liked for the story.   don’t get me wrong, i love what they chose, but i still feel strong for these 2.  he just looks either so impossibly cool (up top), or like the most fun guy in hundreds of miles (down below).

that’s his work that he’s posing with in both photos.  don’t know about Chip Thomas and his work … . look that sucker up!!  he’s awesome!

shot for Men’s Journal - 8/2013